Tullian Tchividjian and Mark Driscoll are Baaaack

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Tullian Tchividjian and Mark Driscoll are Baaaack

Today was a really difficult day with the shootings in Las Vegas. As of this writing, 59 people have died, and over 500 injured. What a horrible, senseless tragedy, with so many people harmed. As I was reeling from that news, I learned that Tullian Tchividjian and Mark Driscoll are back: Tullian, with a new website here; and Mark Driscoll, with a new blog on Patheos, here.

As my head was spinning with the thought that many lost loved ones today, it dawned on me that there have also been casualties with the “ministries” of these two men, not physical deaths, but emotional and spiritual deaths. In both cases, I know of people who have abandoned their faith. And many are still suffering from the effects of spiritual abuse.

But here they are again, Mark Driscoll already started his new church, but he is now putting himself more in the spotlight with his new blog. And Tullian . . . starting a new website and blogging . . . so soon????  Unreal. I have no words. Continue reading

Opportunity to Participate in Research Study on Clergy Misconduct


I was just in contact with Julie Anne, and she asked me to post this notice on Spiritual Sounding Board. ~ Brad

I occasionally hear through the survivor community grapevine about academic-level research being done on issues related to survivors of spiritual abuse. When I do, I encourage people to participate. The resulting research data and descriptions have proven valuable to our communities. Here is an opportunity to respond to a doctoral research project on clergy misconduct.

This research focuses on clergy misconduct of a nonsexual nature. Case study participants are needed for a detailed online survey about what they experienced. It’s an anonymous survey using SurveyMonkey, and participants from any country worldwide are welcomed!

The requirements for participants:

  1. At least 20 years old.
  2. The person had something happen that reflects wrongdoing by a specific pastor (misuse of authority, breaking confidentiality, crossing boundaries, something financial, etc.).
  3. The wrongdoing was not sexual.
  4. It happened more than one year ago.
  5. The church where this happened was Protestant (Lutheran, Baptist, Alliance, United, Pentecostal, etc.).
  6. The person was a member of the church or a regular attender.
  7. The person was an adult when this happened.

The SurveyMonkey link for the study is:


The opening pages explain more about the survey, its purposes, and its length.

The study is being done by Marlis Krueger through California Southern University. Results will be accessible on the university website in approximately six months.

Thanks for considering participation in this important study!

~ brad/futuristguy

[UPDATE August 2, 2017: We’ve been in touch with Marlis and will be notified when the results are available, so we can link to them then. Thanks again for considering participating in the survey!]