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How is SSB moderated?

The blog is moderated, but you won’t see a lot of conversation about that.    When there is respectful tone, allowance for diverse opinions, open and honesty, people tend to moderate themselves pretty well without much involvement from a moderator.

JA is not a fan of removing posts because in our backgrounds of spiritual abuse, many of us didn’t have a voice.  Your voice is important here. I also highly value our right to free speech.

However, because of the nature of this blog, there are some who have been disruptive, and unfortunately acted like bullies in their poor choice of words. That creates an unsafe environment and can cause emotional “triggers” for some.  These strong personalities will be moderated first publicly, then put in time out in the “dog house” for careful moderation, and possibly banned from the blog if the disruptive and hurtful behavior continues.

Moderators do their best to ensure that SSB is a safe place to post; however, sometimes comments may be missed because there is no full-time moderator. SSB will not allow hijacking of threads to debate with or criticize the moderator about the moderation. This is also another blog disruption which shifts the topic away from the original conversation. If criticism/debating continues, a warning will be issued, and offender may be placed in moderation (after a warning).



SSB Dog House


Thanks for helping to make SSB a safe place for all!









Julie Anne (blog owner)

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