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I love reading your comments – they are the life of the blog.  From time to time, I have been asked to remove a comment a reader regrets posting.  The general policy is once a comment is published, it will not be removed – especially if it is part of a conversation in which others are responding.   If the decision is made to remove a comment, that does not guarantee that the comment will disappear from the internet record (via screenshot, etc).   If a comment is removed, I will indicate that it is removed at the same comment site.

When leaving a comment, you are asked to leave your e-mail address.  Your e-mail address can only be seen by moderators and is never given out to anyone.  Because many commenters come from abusive backgrounds, care is given to safeguard your e-mail address and privacy.  The general policy at SSB is to not contact anyone via the e-mail address that is left in the comments.

Q:  Why do you allow people to come to your blog who act like my former abuser to engage in the discussion?  Is this a safe place or not?

A:  That is such a good question!  A Mom responded in a great comment and I think I will let her speak for me:

There are many who have been deeply wounded and scarred by similar words and beliefs from fellow Christian brothers and sisters, like B4B. They are looking for answers, does the Bible really say that? They are looking for healing, & may be having a hard time finding it. They need to be loved.

While B4B’s words may hurt, it is very important to hear them. I would dare say, even in their unedited, unmoderated tone. Why?

Well, sitting around preaching to the choir is no good. This internet blog environment is a great medium to engage in discussion with people like B4B. And it’s important for those that have been wounded to be able to safely observe and heal. They need to know God’s will is that they are not to suffer alone but to have an abundant life. They are not stepchildren in the kingdom of God. It also strengthens my own faith.

This forum gives dear, precious people an opportunity to see that, while these types of damaging views may never go away, there are other Christian brothers & sisters who will stand up and say these view are damaging. We care. Because we believe what the whole counsel of the Bible says. By speaking up, and against these hurtful views, we defend the hurting. They may have experienced ambiguity, contradictions, unfair expectations. They may feel confused. They need us to be clear on where we stand. They are the ones I have in mind when I comment & I wish I could do better.

This forum is safe. Discussions are not face to face (which may be too painful) but at a safe distance. These discussions may help restore faith. They may long for another Christian to understand or accept them and are able to find that here. They watch and see and learn how to speak up and defend themselves. And learn what the Bible actually has to say. There are many wise, knowledgeable commenters here that understand the Bible quite well. Praise God.

I haven’t seen another blog like it. That’s a credit to Julie Anne & the commenters here.

7 thoughts on “FAQs / Blog Comments”

  1. Hi Julie Anne. I stumbled upon a conversation thread on the internet this evening in which you described a tweet conversation you had with Tony Miano, and I want to say I was encouraged by your willingness to challenge Tony and for your courage to stand firm in the truth of how Tony behaves with his ‘friends’ in the public arena.

    I attended one of Living Waters Ambassadors’ Alliance Academy’s which Tony was the director of, and I got to know Tony in 2009. After traveling home to Canada and getting on Facebook to keep in touch with all my new friends I began to see a public behavior on Facebook with Tony and his friends which was very much like what you described in your comments about his behavior with O’neal.

    Tony and his friends would rip the shreds out of people with sarcasm and cruelty, and then anyone who would disagree would risk being called a false convert by Tony. I tried to reason with Tony with some private messages after he had called Mark Cahill rotten things and spoke publicly poorly of him, but Tony was aggressive and unloving with me. I was very hurt. I love Tony the person who Christ died to save, but the Tony who could be the harshest Pharisee I’ve ever personally encountered… I had to retreat from.

    Shortly after our various private confrontations I deleted my Facebook profile and have happily opted out of social media and lost touch with Tony and all of my FB friends. Just a few months ago though I came across the new project that Tony is involved in, Babies Are Murdered Here. I contacted a friend at Living Waters and asked him to forward an email I wrote to Ray Comfort pleading with him to retract his affiliation and endorsement with that movie and its producers. My friend did forward the email to Ray, however I have not heard back from him at all.

    I tell you these things because it’s my guess that there have been times you might have questioned yourself, or heard the enemy do so, and I want to tell you that I know exactly what you’ve encountered and I believe you.

    God bless you and I hope you will rest in His grace, peace, truth and love.



  2. Tim,

    Thank you so much for stopping by and sharing your all-too-familiar experience with me. Thankfully most of the time I see this behavior and label it as it is: wicked behavior. There are some times, however, when I am weak that it does get to me. I am thankful to be in a place with wonderful support and people who truly get it (like you). Your kindness by reaching out to me has really touched my heart this evening. God bless you, Tim!


  3. Tim/Julie: My experience with people like Tony, when they cruel and not behaving like true Christian, they’re hiding something evil and sinister and it will all come out. Self-righteous, sanctimonious prideful, agenda Christians are one of the worst and those who see through rose-colored glasses and will defend the lie (cult) at any cost no matter who and what they destroy along the way. Thank you Julie for what you have done. Come out of an Assembly of God and Foursquare cult, we didn’t or don’t want to see it.

    Like a friend and I were talking the other day how much abuse do we allow and put up with until we leave? Unfortunately for Bethany Deaton it was to the Death ; murdered in church atmosphere. Google: (Tyler!, I thought I Knew; more on Cosmic Cathedral). Or, in Chapter 10 of The Church Tells Women by Grady, the woman also died at hands of husband at wrong advice by pastor who should be in prison for such advice. Don’t Call Me Brother by Austin Miles depicts the false churches and their leadership well. Thank you.

    P.S. Had my blogs removed also by a man by the name of glen/Glenn portraying himself on sites as someone who wants to expose wolf ministries, he convinces the truth to be removed. When find his name/site going to post.


  4. I was wondering because your former pastor seems to be spending time harassing women at abortion clinics. Does he get his kicks from harassing women or what? What help do they offer any woman that would change their mind about aborting their fetus?


  5. He would say he is offering the gospel to them. To him, it doesn’t matter how you present the gospel (that’s why he has been in the Portland news – because he comes across loudly and is disruptive in the neighborhood). I don’t know if he knows what compassion is.


  6. I notice that he rarely ever lets anyone talk and he will talk over them. Does he offer them any financial or material help if they do not abort?


  7. I suppose you forgot what the bible says about the correct process for people who have an ought against another believer. First you take it to that person, then you take it to the leaders, then they take it to the congregation… seems like there is some selective application going on here. The Word actually says not to go into a public arena because it would bring shame to the entire body and be a terrible witness.


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