How to Use Twitter to Alert Social Media

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Public outcry shifted the Penn State case to focus on the victims. That is what needs to happen in the church and for some reason, people look to their church leaders in how they respond. The church leaders have remained silent. The noise must come from people. I recently posted CJ’s speaking schedule and encouraged my blog readers to blow the horn on this nonsense by contacting people hosting the conferences. JeffB compiled all of the contact information and I sent it to Dee/Deb and it was included in their post. A funny thing happened. Now SGM has removed CJ’s public speaking schedule from the SGM website. They are watching. They are not talking about it, but they are surely watching the blogs.

Yesterday I tweeted and linked @TGC (The Gospel Coalition) on a tweet. Someone responded directly to me asking what this was all about. I responded back with key links exposing the SGM/lawsuit/survivors. He had no clue. People are being kept in the dark because these key leaders remain silent. Twitter is an excellent public platform to get the word out. My lawsuit went viral in hours partly due to Twitter.

If you’d like to give Twitter a try, here are some helps:

You are only allotted 140 characters per tweet. When you RT (retweet), it will include the person you are communicating with. You might need to use texting lingo to shorten your words: U R going 2 have 2B Cre8tive :)

Be sure to tag key names you are talking about so that they can see your tweet and all of their followers can see the tweet. Ie, when I’m talking about The Gospel Coalition remaining silent about abuse, I include The Gospel Coalition’s Twitter name in the tweet:  Why does @TGC give @CJMahaney a speaking platform while @Sovereign Grace churches are imploding?

If you have a link you want to include, shorten it first by going here: All you do is enter the long link and then click “makeTinyURL”. Copy this new shortened URL into your tweet. This will allow you to have more characters for your Twitter message.

BTW, Google also has an URL shortener. You may need have a Google account, but I prefer it over TinyURL because it keeps track of how many people click on your new shortened link. I find that interesting.

Follow and feel free to retweet our tweets:
@wartwatch (Dee)

@DefendTheSheep (Julie Anne)

Here are some names of people/groups who have remained silent:

Church Leaders, “Movers and Shakers”

  • @TGC (The Gospel Coalition)
  • @albertmohler
  • @MarkDever
  • @SovereignGrace
  • @LigonDuncan
  • @rayortlund
  • @SovereignGrace
  • @CJMahaney
  • @between2worlds (Justin Taylor)
  • @Challies (Tim Challies)

Calvary Chapel

  • @CalvaryChapel
  • @CalvaryPlace
  • @BobGrenier
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Statute of Limitations Grassroots Reform  – Marci Hamilton is an attorney who specializes in child sex abuse cases.  She has a website showing what states are doing across the country as far as getting statutes of limitations removed for sex crimes.  This is so important.  Many times victims repress memories and by the time they remember the incidences, it is too late to report and criminals are free to walk free.  We need to get rid of statutes of limitations so that regardless of when a crime took place, it can be dealt with in the criminal court system.
Hot to Take Screenshots

TAKE A SCREENSHOT. That way you have a permanent record of the response, in case someone chooses to delete it later.

If you don’t know how to, don’t worry. It’s easy:

* How to take a screenshot on a Mac:

* How to take a screenshot on a PC:

* Using Snipper tool on Windows 8.1:

7 thoughts on “How to Use Twitter to Alert Social Media”

  1. Thanks Julie Anne for your Spiritual Sounding Board site! And thank you for following PASA! I was sexually and spiritually abused by my predator pastor for 11 years. I found Baylor University’s Research on CSA and then The Hope of Survivors(THOS) who helped me get out of this nightmare in 2012. After exposing this horrible abuse, my church blamed, shamed, and shunned me – re – victimizing me again! And then there was the unbelievable cover up of this abuse! Now, after years of healing, I work as a peer counselor and advocate for THOS as well as at our local Crisis Line.
    I have been trying to get Legislation passed in AL against Counselor/Clergy sexual abuse for the last 2 years. So another survivor, my husband, and I started this PASA – partners against sexual abuse – web page to educate people in U.S. on current Laws in each State with a clickable map and have them connect and network together on FB to pass needed Laws in their State. I know very little about twitter or how to use it so I appreciate your site explaining some of that.
    Thanks again for all of your support – we are all in this fight together for truth and justice !


  2. Oh great, Tammy, I’m glad it was helpful for you! And good for you on working on clergy sex abuse laws. Have you told your story publicly? I’d be interested in sharing it on the blog. I’m so sorry to hear that you have been harmed in the church. Ugh – it’s insidious.


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