Sticks and Stones: Fans and Foe of JA

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Here is a list of names I have been called in the past. I will try to include source links in the future. The following words/names I found in tweets and articles by my former pastor, Chuck O’Neal, who sued me and 4 others for defamation (and lost):

Screen shot 2013-06-22 at 10.22.45 AM

The following colorful words about me are from my former pastor, Chuck O’Neal

  • Woman of Mass Destruction
  • Jezebel
  • Egalitarian Antinomian Slander Blogger (from business Chuck O’Neal’s Twitter profile pictured above)
  • Julie Anne Smith’s Destructive Cyberbully Slander-blogging Movement
  • Julie Anne Smith was sued for abuse slander meant to destroy a church, a family, a pastor, his wife, & his children.
  • Julie Anne Smith provides a prime example of slander-blogging as she brings further pain and suffering to a family
  • slanderous, reviling, pastor-hating, egalitarian, self appointed prophetess, rebel
  • “Julie Anne Smith has emerged as the chief prophetess, voice, and visionary of the cyberbullying group. She is charting out a grassroots plan to unleash destruction everywhere.” – taken from my former pastor’s blog he has published to expose Meaghan and me.
  • You are a liar, a slanderer, & a pervert who delights in “corrupting” children. 8/26/13

From others – just a sampling because it’s hard to keep up with it all:

  • From Paul Dohse, “the blogosphere diva who continually makes the lives of New Calvinists miserable”
  • Tonya O’Neal (Chuck O’Neal’s wife) “assaulted me and my children for 5 yrs”
  • Tonya O’Neal:  “vile liar
  • Tonya O’Neal:  buy children pornographic donuts and roar with laughter at corrupting them.  
  • Tonya O’Neal:  “You mean the devil is in your heart doing disgusting, perverted things like assaulting Christ’s church & corrupting children”
  • Tonya O’Neal:  “No woman who loves the Lord would EVER call herself Jezebel like JA Smith does She prefers Jezzy” 8/26/13
  • Fred Butler:  Hypocritical disconnect: Survivor blogger & SGM critic confesses to corrupting youth with sexually explicit doughnuts
  • Jeff Isaiah:    Your slander & hatred reveal the condition of your heart. You R a liar, but God shows mercy to the repentant.  9/5/13
  • Jeff Isaiah:  Woody, this is a destructive and manly woman. She is a slander-blogger who like the sea is never at rest.   9/5/13
  • Tony Miano:  Lee. You are wasting your time with Julie Smith. She is a wolf seeking to devour Christians. But thank you. 9/5/13
  • Tony Miano:  Jon, you follow me on Twitter. That’s how I found u. And Julie Smith is lost, looking 4 Christian to devour. 9/4/13


10/31/13 got this comment from this blog post: 

Screen Shot 2013-10-31 at 1.43.35 PM

20 thoughts on “Sticks and Stones: Fans and Foe of JA”

  1. Sometimes what Person A says about Person B tells us more about Person A than about Person B. And these people are really off the beam. I suspect that there is enough said about you by your former pastor and his family to sustain a slander suit against him. Not because he is negligent, but because he is willfully and intentionally making false statements about you. But I would not waste any more space or time on him. He is clearly in need of psychiatric help, as is his wife. They are the ones who started it all in the first place.


  2. “buy children pornographic donuts and roar with laughter at corrupting them.”

    Sorry to be curious, but what is the pornographic donut story?


  3. Retha – that’s a crazy story. He pulled it out of some comments on a very old thread and then twisted it to make me sound like a pedophile. Funny thing, though, he refuses to turn me in like I’ve told him to. I have nothing to hide.

    I am an accompanist with the local high school and was also chaperone on a trip to Portland where they have a famous donut place: Voodoo Doughnuts. If you go to the site, you will see that they have oddly or even crudely named donuts and crudely shaped donuts. The kids had been wanting to go there just to say they went to VooDoo and since the bus couldn’t go easily, I took their orders and drove in my vehicle to pick them up (this was discussed well in advance with choir director who was also present).

    CON is very crafty. He takes partial quotes and then exaggerates and contrives a story that sounds pretty believable. Most of the kids are Mormon, but in order for me to get the order correct, they needed to say the crude donut names (some names sound similar). So I told them not to worry about saying the crude name – that I just wanted to make sure I got their order right. So, basically CON in his article said that I encouraged teens to say pornographic words. He also links to said article on Twitter on conversations where he wants to discredit me. Funny thing, I never took any pictures of the donuts, but he lifted pictures (without giving credit) and posted them on his article to help his story along. Oh, another thing, he took a sarcastic comment from a reader and attributed her words to me, all in an effort to make me look like a pedophile. I think the school district would pull the plug on allowing me to volunteer if this was legitimate. It’s just not. He’s a fool who likes to divert attention to me rather than the fact that his minister’s license was revoked.

    Keep in mind, CON preaches from the pulpit that showing skin above the knees is evil. So obviously, he’d have “issues” with donuts named after certain body parts and call it “pornography.”


  4. Miano wrote:

    “Josh, my brother. Don’t waste your time trying to reason from Scripture with a woman who is lost.”

    Well then he’s wasting his time when he goes on his yelling sprees at the abortion clinics and no one should send him any more money that would allow him to continue. Reasoning with lost women from the scriptures is what he is trying to do there, at least with the few that may stop to have a conversation with him instead of walking/jogging away like many do in the videos I have watched.

    A woman who is lost. Gosh JA- I bet that was news to you. I am going to have to pull out his article…. AGAIN. I wish he would make up his mind—can we declare someone saved or lost, or can’t we. What does he say:

    “God alone is sovereign and omniscient. And, in the end, only God knows with 100% certainty who is saved and who is not.”

    “Again, salvation is not based on what a person says and does. Salvation is of the Lord, according to His sovereign and gracious work in a person’s life”

    “At the same time, no person has the right or authority to declare another person saved or unsaved, simply because of what the other person says or does.”

    “Should we give those we see as our brothers and sisters in Christ the benefit of the doubt regarding the genuineness of their profession of faith in Christ? Yes.”

    “That being said, we should not set out arbitrarily or with malice in our heart to separate the weeds from the wheat, because in doing so we may injure the wheat–we may hurt those who are truly saved by causing them to doubt their salvation.”

    “In the end, Gary, what we as Christians should be doing when we see a professing follower of Christ in willful and habitual sin, or when we hear a professing follower of Christ spouting false doctrines or affirming a false gospel; we should speak the truth in love to them. We should lovingly encourage them to examine themselves and test themselves to see whether or not they are in the faith.”

    “Again, we do not have the right or authority to declare someone saved or unsaved.”


  5. As Diane has already pointed out in her comment; Miano penned an article in which he states ““Again, we do not have the right or authority to declare someone saved or unsaved.” So, we see he overrides his OWN teaching and declares someone not saved, based on what? Because a WOMAN disagrees with him and DARES to call him into question! Once again, I point to the inconsistencies of the teachings of Tony Miano.
    It’s all good though, because he has the ‘backing’ of men like Chuck O’Neal, Phil Johnson, and Bjorn Storm. All you have to do is read books like Berkhof’s systematic theology {and be SURE to take a pic of you doing so and tweet it!}, pattern yourself after men like Washer, JMac, and other celebrity preachers, and ride their coat-tails. It’s all about men following men and exalting man. My Bible teaches we are to follow Christ.
    This ‘head knowledge’ type of religion has a HUGE problem, there’s NO heart connection. If someone disagrees or calls you into question, they simply rip that person to shreds. Where is the biblical support for treating others with such hate?

    I recommend a good and thorough study of 1 Corinthians 13 for Miano. If the heart isn’t connected with the head, what you have is worthless. Pride ALWAYS leads to a horrific fall…always.

    God have mercy on what calls itself Christian in this nation. Men treating others with disdain; using their tongues as a weapon to cut a person to ribbons with insults and accusations. If Miano has so much time on his hands to tweet and accuse, why doesn’t he get a job and give his wife a break? Shame on him, quitting his job and putting that strain on his wife and daughters while he fights with women on twitter. God must be so very pleased!


  6. Tony Miano @TonyMiano
    @JeniferJoHorst Julie Smith is not a Christian. She is best ignored. I blocked her some time ago.

    So, IF Miano has a ‘heart for the lost’, and IF he believes Julie Anne is lost, is THIS how he deals with it?!? By blocking her on twitter? I would think he would attempt to ‘reach out’ to her, that is, IF he really believes she is lost. Not reaching out to her says a LOT about Miano’s ‘heart’ doesn’t it? The fruit he displays is NOT lookin’ too good.


  7. It’s more than interesting…here’s a man claiming to be a ‘preacher’, an ‘evangelist’ – what is the PRIMARY function of such a man? To reach out to the lost!!! He has deemed you lost, not a Christian. Isn’t that part of his ministry to persuade you to be reconciled to Christ?!?! For Pete’s sake; this man should NOT be in a ministry AT ALL!!! Shame on Miano and ALL who support him! He is using God and His word as a means of gaining recognition and financial support. MIANO DETERMINES who needs the Gospel…very, very telling. And Phil Johnson calls this humility? Wow, just wow. Do ANY of these men actually study God’s word, or do they just read books written by men, post pics of it, and high-five each other? This is what outward religion looks like folks…avoid it like the plague.


  8. I found it very strange when I read this bit from Miano’s post concerning his arrest…

    “Although it is alleged that I told a woman who claimed her son is a homosexual that all homosexuals are of the devil and going to hell, and that I told her she is a bad mother because her son is a homosexual”.

    I remember watching a video of him outside an abortion clinic; in this video he tells a young man he is a bad father! I know others who comment here saw this same video, one even commented stating this guy’s young daughter was in the back seat when Miano accused her dad. With that said, why should we believe Miano DIDN’T tell this woman she’s a bad mom? This seems to be part of his ‘evangelistic outreach’; not only that, but others saw the same video I saw. Too bad he pulled the video down. In that same video, Miano NEVER gave the Gospel to that man – I guess that sinner wasn’t worthy.

    How can one call themselves a ‘street preacher’ when they prove by their words and actions they could care less if those they deem sinners hear about Christ or not? These actions prove there is no love in Miano’s heart for those who may be perishing, like the’ horrible’ dad at the abortion clinic. He was upset because this guy dropped his wife off at work, at the clinic. He judged this man based on his wife’s place of employment! He’s pretty good at thinking he has a right to determine who gets the privilege of hearing his ‘gospel’ presentation – which is nothing more than a scripted holdover from his days at WOTM. God looks not only at the heart of man, but also at the motive….


  9. I remember seeing that video, lyn, and found it disturbing. It doesn’t make sense to me to go out evangelizing, representing Christ, and treating people like that.


  10. Exactly Julie Anne; it makes even less sense for Phil Johnson to embrace Miano and gush how ‘humble’ he is. Would Christ block people, belittle them, work them into a fit of rage and then ignore them? Absolutely not, but then again, it isn’t about Christ with these types. It’s men exalting men, and it’s both sinful and shameful. The ‘religion’ Miano and his comrades follow is NOT from the Bible. It’s taking God’s word and twisting it, which is what Satan does. It’s using God’s word to one’s advantage; for power, money, notoriety, and control as they seek to oppress women and take over the world with their brand of thinking… it’s not really much different that radical Islam is it?


  11. Concerning Miano, O’Neal, and Storm, I think this describes them to a ‘T’…

    “Some people diagnosed with a narcissistic personality disorder are characterized by unwarranted feelings of self-importance. They have a sense of entitlement and demonstrate grandiosity in their beliefs and behavior. They have a strong need for admiration, but lack feelings of empathy.[4]

    Symptoms of this disorder, as defined by the DSM-IV-TR include:[1]
    Expects to be recognized as superior and special, without superior accomplishments
    Expects constant attention, admiration and positive reinforcement from others
    Envies others and believes others envy him/her
    Is preoccupied with thoughts and fantasies of great success, enormous attractiveness, power, intelligence
    Lacks the ability to empathize with the feelings or desires of others
    Is arrogant in attitudes and behavior
    Has expectations of special treatment that are unrealistic” –


  12. Like

  13. Ken Unruh you’re wrong. We need more women like Julie Anne and men like, that holds false church and it’s leadership accountable; not to mention more Blogs like this. Also, would consider Julie Anne a type of Deborah and or a Jael which the church as a whole doesn’t recognize and instead calls them names like Jezebel or the list of names these false legalistic leaders have projected on her. How much of 10 Lies the Church Tells Women and 10 Lies Men Believe; 25 Tough Question About Women and the Church Answers from God’s Word that will Set You Free, The Truth Sets Women Free etc. by J. Lee Grady is about yourself, Tony Miano, Chuck O’Neal etc.? When Women Were Priests by Karen Jo Torjesen, do you believe?

    James Lloyd wrote a book and internet radio broadcast exposing corruption and lies of Calvary Chapel (which have heard over 30 years of abuse stories by women hatred of women and lack of accountability regarding child molestation and NOT helping men/women/children regarding endeavors and that they wanted wives to be punching bags and nothing done and NO accountability or helps to single parents and their children; not to mention read over sixty hours of internet stories regarding). Not to mention Subtle Power of Spiritual Abuse by Johnson/Van Vonderan, Churches That Abuse by Enroth, Toxic Faith by Arterburn, Pagan Christianity by Viola, Don’t Call Me Brother by Miles, Breaking Christian Curses by Cramer, and how many more are written about you and men mentioned? Would be interesting to see how many of you good old ‘ boys really live the gospel you preach? Wonder what your congregation and exiters would say about you and how much of Lord, Save Us From Your Followers by Dan Merchant and film crew could be said about you and men mentioned? How much money/food/housing goes to the fatherless, widows, orphans, homeless, alien, stranger and poor in your community? Do you have a job in secular world or do you live off gifts, alms, tithes and offerings; house provided etc? Will send you a survey like the others. David Wilkerson wrote Troublemakers in the Church June 2007 based on one woman, obviously you don’t understand Bible and women’s roles and there are women John the Baptist types and Elijah types; have met many of them. Would you and Miano and O’Neal recognize them? I doubt it! We need more rebuker’s like Leonard Ravenhill confronting wolves, hirelings and false shepherds etc, where are they?


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