Negative Responses

Sometimes when we speak out in truth, we encounter negative responses. After getting blocked on Twitter for the umpteenth time, I decided it’s high time to make a record of it along with names I have been called.

Here is an example of what I did which prompted Pastor Matt Chandler to block me on Twitter today. Take note of the black notice at the top of the tweet:

Screen shot 2013-04-25 at 9.04.56 AM

Here is what the tweet looks like without the black notification at the top:

Screen shot 2013-04-25 at 9.15.54 AM

Below is my new running list of people who have blocked me on Twitter for speaking the truth about abuse. There are plenty of others, I will be adding their names as they come to mind.

  • CJ Mahaney @CJMahaney
  • Tim Challies @Challies
  • Mahaney Sports @MahaneySports
  • Steve Whitaker (SGM)
  • The Gospel Coalition ‏ @TGC
  • Matt Chandler  @MattChandler74 – blocked after this tweet
  • Prestonwood Baptist @Prestonwood
  • Fred Butler
  • Frank Turk
  • Justin Taylor @BetweenTwoWorlds
  • JD Hall @PulpitAndPen, blocked after this post Indoctrinating Your Children with Doctrine
  • Jared Mellinger @JMellinger, here is the post related to the distasteful tweet (7/7/13)
  • Tony Miano (8/8/13)
  • James MacDonald, pastor of Harvest Bible Chapel, blocked 9/19/13
  • Brian Thornton @fivesolasguy – noticed on 9/23/13
  • Voddie Baucham (noticed 3/6/14)
  • Owen Strachan, Executive Director of CBMW, @OStrachan, blocked 3/25/14 (response to this article)
  • @CBMWorg, blocked 3/25/14 after articles and media storm on this

Screen shot 2013-09-19 at 11.02.50 AM

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16 thoughts on “Negative Responses”

  1. The word “Truth” is loosely interpretted by these “Reformed” guys. They emphasize certain “Truths” in an unbalanced “Method” over other “Truths” in scriptures.

    Whereas they embrace their “Method” more than they embrace the “Message”.

    When I hear the word “Truth” which is emphasized more by the “Reformed”, more than likely they didn’t have 1 Corinthians 13:13 on their mind. If this is the case in they in fact embrace a reckless interpretation of scriptures.


  2. I know several people in the Flower Mound/Highland Village/Lewisville area that have been thrown under the bus by Chandler’s church. They make it a point to publicly announce to the congregations the reasons for kicking out people and shunning them, even when the reasons they claim are lies. The fact that he’s the new president of Mark Driscoll’s Acts 29 movement should be a red flag for anyone.


  3. I believe that there is truth to what Eric is saying. Matt Chandler is very much connected to Mark Driscoll and Acts 29, and his church does the membership covenant thing:

    Brother Silva focuses on a particular aspect of their membership covenant, but I believe he misses the wider significance of Chandler’s church even having such a “covenant” at all. TWW and FBCJAX Watchdog have discussed the dangerous nature of these “membership covenants.”


  4. Well done, Julie Anne! Matthew 5:11 “Blessed are you when people insult you, persecute you and falsely say all kinds of evil against you because of me.” You are speaking up for the spiritually abused, people Jesus loves. Your blog provides a safe place for people to speak and also lets them know they are not alone. The abusers, who are used to silencing people, are angry about it. They have lost control. But every bit of nastiness from them is a “blessed are you” for you.


  5. How about a list of people YOU have blocked on Twitter, like myself. And only for asking you direct, straightforward questions.


  6. I don’t regard this as a negative response, but I couldn’t find anywhere else here to post it.Julie Ann,

    I was truly saddened to read about the abuse you suffered at the hands of those you trusted. I was saddened even more to read about your response to that abuse. Whether you believe it our not, the God Calvin worshipped, the God who has revealed himself in the Word of God, hates the abuse you suffered even more than you do. That God has ordained all that occurs in our lives does not mean that he has caused it to occur or that he calls it good.

    It appears to me, you have not understood the choices you have if you are going to believe in God at all. The God you seem to have rejected already is a God who controls all things for the good of his people and who is able to bring ultimate good to his people out of the most horrendous and painful circumstances of life. Your other choice is also a god who was behind the curtain watching the abuse you suffered but who was powerless to do anything about it because it was out of his control. Additionally, this god will not bring any good, whether temporal or eternal, out of evil since he has no control over it. As well-meaning as he may be, he is an impotent bystander whose heart grieves over the fallen creation, but one who has no ability to save believing sinners or damn abusers like those who abused you. This god of yours wanted to help you, but he just couldn’t intervene because he has no control in the universe. In his universe, all is controlled by free will. The God Calvin worshipped is one who has promised to bring judgment on oppressors. I am not even sure how the god you seem to prefer can bring sinners to justice since he doesn’t control anything.


  7. gracewriterrandy: Thanks for stopping by. I am copying your comment and putting it in the Calvinist thread so it can be freely discussed. I try to keep other threads free from Calvinism debate. Please join there if you like. ~Julie Anne


  8. Julie-Anne: Makes you wonder if they are child abusers (pedophophiles), homosexual, total control freaks (Jezebel Spirit best teaching tape in by John Paul Jackson) and or what secret sin they’re hiding. Amazing how you post the truth and it gets removed (amazing how brainwashed people want to be). Good Ol’ Boy Network does not want their dynasty’s going public. Reveals who and what they are. It would be interesting, what gets exposed on them up the road. Also, what are they hiding? Appreciate what you do and Thanks!
    P.S. So many of them are mentality ill; don’t live in truth or reality (it’s protect their dynasty at any cost no matter what and who destroy on the way). Majority of the Leader’s are SO UNHEALED THEMSELVES and will use the Pulpit for bashing when that’s not what it’s meant for, so very sad. Boy, does Tony Miano have major issues; my one friend say’s so many Pastor’s are spiritually constipated. The worst ones, think they’re spiritual, know God (which god?) or say they “know the Word better than anyone else when they do not live it and the crux of the matter and where the “rubber meets the road”, TALKING AND LIVING ARE TWO VERY DIFFERENT ITEMS! Seeing/hearing so many pastors forgot Love, Grace, Mercy and Compassion and is there any fruit in what they’re doing.?


  9. Being blocked by Tony Miano is actually a blessing. He and all those crazy hard core Calvinist types are nothing but bad news.

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