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The Clanging Cymbal Tweet of Pastor Jared Mellinger

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I saw a disturbing tweet come through my Twitter feed by Jared Mellinger, senior pastor at Covenant Fellowship Church.  Please note that I typed “senior pastor.”  Covenant Fellowship Church is part of Sovereign Grace Ministries, the same family of churches in which there is a large civil action lawsuit alleging sex abuse cover-up, failure to report, preventing parents from contacting authorities, a sex ring, etc.   This lawsuit (* * *extreme trigger warning if you read the link to the lawsuit * * *)  is horrific and dwarfs the Penn State case in numbers of victims and perpetrators, crossing multiple state lines, etc.

Here was the tweet:


*    *    *

Pastors of all people should use discretion and care in their public words.  This was an epic fail as my teens would say.  At the very least, he should know that there are a whole lot of hurting people in his family of churches as scores and scores have shared their stories on the now closed blog, the current blog, and many other personal blogs.  I have been covering the stories for at least a year.   Regardless of where his allegiance stands, where is the sensitivity and love?  Sometimes it’s better to not say anything.  

Others joined in on the conversation, too, airing their disapproval:

*     *     *

Screen shot 2013-07-07 at 5.40.46 PM

*     *     *

After responses to the initial tweet, I wondered if Pastor Mellinger would remedy the situation.  He could have responded any number of ways:   replied to us, taken the tweet down, publicly apologized.  The only response I saw was him blocking me.  Notice the message with black background at the top of the tweet.  I can no longer see his tweets on my Twitter feed.

*     *     *


*     *     *

However, being blocked does not prevent tagging, so I tagged him on this tweet:

*     *     *

Screen shot 2013-07-07 at 5.37.19 PM

*     *     *

More people responded to the tweet:

*     *     *

Screen shot 2013-07-07 at 5.42.04 PM

*     *     *

As if he didn’t get the message yet, Pastor Mellinger posted this tweet to announce this morning’s message:

*     *     *


*     *     *

To that I say:  

*     *     *


Hi-hat cymbals

If I speak in the tongues of men and of angels,

but have not love,

I am a noisy gong

or a clanging cymbal.  1 Cor. 13:1

*     *     *

120 thoughts on “The Clanging Cymbal Tweet of Pastor Jared Mellinger”

  1. Oh…

    And I forgot to add two more “Titles” only found in…
    Organized Religion – The Religious System – The Local Church…

    And NOT found in the Bible.

    21 – Clergy
    22 – Laity

    And – IMO – The reason the “Titles” are so desired today is they come with
    Power – Profit – Prestige – Glory – Honor – Reputation – Recognition…

    Job 32:21-22
    Let me not, I pray you, accept any man’s person,
    neither let me give *flattering titles* unto man.
    For I know not to give *flattering titles;*
    in so doing my maker would soon take me away.


  2. “And He Himself gave some to be apostles, some prophets, some evangelists, and some pastors and teachers.” Ephesians 4:11

    Tell me again that there are no ‘human’ offices in the church?

    Define traditional concept of the church? I would say it’s probably the church birthed at Pentecost, whose growth, including appointing leadership, etc. With that definition, ‘tradtional’ church might be what we are striving for.


  3. clergy

    Those ordained in church: the body of people ordained for religious service, especially in the Christian church


    All those not part of the clergy

    Both are reasonable ‘terms’ describing a group/set of people.

    For anyone interested, I thought a short grammar lesson might be in order.


  4. CongenitallyPredisposed2Conflict,

    Re: Your post of 12:11, a couple of points:

    1. Serving as a prophet, evangelist or pastor doesn’t any more mean that the servant holds an office than does, say, a janitor, mechanic or farmer.

    2. If you can tell me what the Greek word for office is, I will review the matter further. Until then, I will assume that any Greek word for office simply does not appear in the New Testament.

    3. Since I recall your having made this particular point before, I am grateful for the opportunity to resubmit an additional entry for possible inclusion in the Glossary of Manipulative Rhetorical Gambits and Code Words. I’m not saying the definition applies to you in its entirety, but maybe you will get my point:

    Domination by Reiteration ad Eternum:

    A rhetorical device whereby a perpetrator attempts to impose their views on an unsuspecting victim by endless repetition of unsubstantiated, unexplained and typically groundless opinions or conclusory statements—all while adamantly refusing to answer questions, respond to challenges, or even engage in discussion. Alternatively, may involve endless repetition of non-factual, often manipulative, characterizations of opinions or conclusory statements, such as where it is endlessly repeated concerning a false view or position that “It is Biblical. . . It is Biblical. . . It is Biblical! ! ! ! ,” Ad eternum, ad infinitum, ad nauseam. C.f entries for “Ad nauseam” here and for “Argumentum ad nauseam” here Being an attempt to overcome the victim’s freedom of thought, is inherently abusive. An extension into the arena of rhetorical manipulation of the coercive principal whereby an abusive parent will undertake to impose their will on even the youngest of children, whether by means of an extended regimen of painful violence (i.e. corporal punishment) or otherwise, the parent’s strategy being to just wear them out.


  5. Recovering Pharisee

    I love your name …
    Even though it reminds me of how much Pharisee is still in me. Ouch!!! 😦
    Yup – I’m still in recovery… 😉

    And I’ve enjoying, and convicted,
    by your very considerate comments and writing style.

    Peaceful – Gracious – Fruitful – Levelheaded – Christlike… I am awed…

    Praying for you and your friends – And that you would be a comfort.


    I have some 8 X 10 posters in PDF – with just – the Word of God.

    In Color – and – Black and White

    Made to print out and put on hospital room walls and windows.

    Any place where folks are in recovery – and did I say – Just the Word of God…


    I’ll ask Julie Anne to post a few…

    If you would like to see them…


  6. I will be praying for you and your friend and the family members that you both are concerned about Recovering Pharisee.


  7. All,

    Even a cursory study of the biblical structure of the church will reveal that the aforementioned ‘gifts’ to the church are commonly referred to as ‘either ‘offices’ or ‘roles’. The chief office/role is of course the Head, Jesus Christ.

    The terms ‘office’ and ‘role’ are also used quite frequently in the structure of organizations, businesses, etc., as we all know. We also should already know that offices/roles are necessary for any organization to run smoothly, else we have everyone doing what is ‘right in his own eyes’, a phrase found several times in the Bible (OT), referring to God’s chosen people, just prior to God raining down judgment upon them.


  8. Jared Mellinger !! When little boys like you talk out loud, you keep making my point that Calvinism (and all its variations) is the single most disastrous, single most corrupting body of thought ever perpetrated on man. And with your help I will soon be able to persuade everyone of that truth.

    Good job! All Hail SGM! Viva la Reformation!!!


  9. Thanks Julie Anne… i’m sure glad you are keeping up with the SGM insanity. It turns my stomach to much.

    Keep doing the good work!


  10. Thank you, John – – with the SGM stuff, I hope the noise from my blog is blasting like a freakin’ bullhorn. It upsets me greatly, too.


  11. Loveingkindness

    Seems to be a notable miracle. 😉

    You’ve written something we agree on @ JULY 10, 2013 @ 12:48 PM…

    Yes – We have something in common… Go figure…
    You can NOT name, one of His Disciples, In the scriptures, in the Bible
    Who had the “Title” – Clergy – either…

    Or was called – Clergy…
    Or had a license plate, or window sticker, with Clergy on it.
    Or anyone called Laity or Laypeople… Very Cool. 😉

    Then you demonstrate for us how
    Organized Religion – Today’s Local Church – Todays Religious System
    Comes to the conclusion it’s okay to use “Clergy and Laity”

    They go to – the Anointed Word of Webster…
    And get a Dictionarys definition of Clergy and Laity…

    So, In this case it’s okay for
    Organized Religion – Today’s Local Church – Todays Religious System
    To use the Dictionary for their “Doctrine,” their “Titles.”

    And NOT the Bible.

    You bet – the Anointed Word of Webster…


  12. Gary W

    Here is something else I’ve noticed a lot of in – Organized Religion – Todays Religious System – Todays Local Church – That I see a little differently – Since leaving the 501 (c) 3, non-profit, Tax $ Deductible, Religious $ Corporation, that the IRS calls church.

    I’ve often heard, in theses organizations – “Bloom where you’re planted.”

    Even when it is uncomfortable – When you’re NOT getting along with folks…
    It’s God’s way of pruning you, Causing this Christ-like growth…

    Just do NOT leave – Do NOT be a Church Hopper – Do NOT be a Lone Ranger.
    And many similar statements to get you to – Stay – Pray – Pay – and – Obey…

    And I used to say these things myself – Until I searched the Bible for myself.
    Amos 3:3 Can two walk together, except they be agreed?

    That ALL sounds so good and wholesome and “Biblical.”
    But, they leave out a few verses – A few principles…

    ***John 3:8
    The wind bloweth where it listeth, and thou hearest the sound thereof,
    but canst not tell whence it cometh, and whither it goeth:
    so is every one that is born of the Spirit.

    Seems here, When you are “Born of the Spirit?” You’ll be moving like the wind…
    And folks will NOT know where you are coming from, or where you are going…
    Because – You are being “Led” by the Spirit.

    ***Rom 8:14 For as many as are “led by the Spirit of God,” they are the sons of God.

    And you are Following Jesus…

    ***John 10:27 My sheep hear MY voice, and I know them, and they Follow Me:

    And you are NOT being “Led” by a “Mere Fallible Humans” like most folks in
    Organized Religion – Todays Religious System – Todays Local Church –

    Who tell you to – Follow – God Ordained Auuthority – Church Leaders – pastors…
    “Mere Fallible Humans” who think they are a “Special” class of Christian…
    Clergy Class and separate themselves from the Body with “Titles” NOT in the Bible.

    No Thanks – I’d rather Follow Jesus.

    Mt 4:19 …*Follow me,* and I will make you fishers of men.
    Mt 8:22 …*Follow me;* and let the dead bury their dead.
    John 12:26 If any man serve me, let him *Follow me*…

    Seems Jesus always asked His Disciples to Follow Him – Jesus… 😉

    But – Organized Religion – Todays Religious System – Todays Local Church
    want you to Follow their rules, their leaders – And come between you and Jesus…


  13. You hypocrite! First remove the beam out of your own eye, and then you can see clearly to remove the speck out of your brother’s eye. Matt 7:5 Many do-nothings in the corrupt churches forget the second half of this verse that requires action on their part. Once you “SEE CLEARLY” you are to confront your brother or sister! Otherwise there is no change in the church!


  14. A while back I questioned Covenant Fellowship’s lack of women leadership in their church. Not one woman was given recognition for leadership on their web page….now I notice that the pastors are all photographed standing behind their wives. This is so typical when a sexual abuse scandal erupts in these institutions and families. the men hide behind the skirts of their women…..


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