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Why is there an admission charge for people who want to attend ERLC’s Caring Well Conference?

The Ethics and Religious Liberties Commission (ERLC) is hosting their 2019 conference in Dallas, October 3-5, 2019, called the Caring Well Conference.

Join us in Dallas on October 3-5, 2019. The American church is facing an abuse crisis. Is your church doing all it can to be safe for survivors and safe from abuse? Churches should be a refuge for those who have experienced abuse. But, too often, survivors haven’t found the protection they deserve and the care they need from the church. Are you ready to join us in changing that?


I sent out the following tweet this morning because I was bothered by the sales tactics of “hurry and buy now, before the price goes up.” It screams business and $$, not what a responsible Christian organization would want to do to protect the vulnerable from sexual harm.

It looks like I erred about the rate doubling in the above tweet . . . but still.


Yes, I understand venues are expensive. But this makes no sense to me. Put donation boxes at the doors, but I have a problem with charging money to support an issue the SBC created by not having safeguards in place and holding abusers accountable, including cover-ups. This should be a gift to the Body of Christ – especially considering the complacency that we’ve seen for decades, and the harm already done.

Edited to add:

4 thoughts on “Why is there an admission charge for people who want to attend ERLC’s Caring Well Conference?”

  1. Well at least neither of the Gibbs are featured speakers !
    That being said, this screams of greed driven marketing, ” act now or the price goes up ” . People HATE that amateur marketing move that doesn’t even work.

    Next it will be: ” if two or more of your children have been molested by a perv in our network you qualify for the meet & great with the speakers for only an extra $39. Out of network $89 “.

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  2. Hmm sounds eerily like a presentation I heard on the Equifax fiasco. Their initial plan was to offer 2 years of free credit monitoring, then they were going to send out letters to all the people who signed up saying, “well, really, hackers like to sit on the data until people let down their guard, then they steal their identity.” So, their incompetence and deceit then turned into a way of making profit.

    I feel the same about the SBC. Now that everyone is thinking about dealing with abuse, why not put on an expensive conference with all the big names.

    I’m thankful, at a minimum, that people like Rachael D. and Boz T., aren’t going to pull their punches about what has happened in the SBC. In a sense, I pray one of two things happens – the most hopeful being that the SBC wakes up about its abusive culture, and the less hopeful, that a bunch of people realize that the SBC is about keeping the outside of the plate clean, while justifying an abusive culture and walk out the door.


  3. Seriously, what is wrong with the SBC. Where were these speakers at this event before the SBC was forced to at least appear they care about sexual abuse? With all the money the SBC has, this event should be free in every way-including hotels, food, etc. I am sorry to say this but I think the SBC leaders are hoping this major issue will go away because they are accountable for ignoring and enabling sexual abuse.

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  4. With all the money the SBC has, this event should be free in every way-including hotels, food, etc.

    Furtick Mansions and Private Jets (for the Ministry) are expensive.


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