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Ravi Zacharias: Reports of Sexual Predation and Sexual Abuse at Health Spas

Ravi Zacharias, Serial Sexual Predator, Clergy Sexual Misconduct, RZIM

Ravi Zacharias’ spa business (screenshot from Steve Baughman’s video)

Attorney Steve Baughman has done it again. He has uncovered more about Ravi Zacharias that has not come to light before.

Yes, Ravi is dead, but his name is still highly respected in Christendom. Furthermore, his most notable victim, Lori Anne Thompson, has never received any kind of apology from the ministry Ravi founded, RZIM (please note: isn’t it “interesting” when a “humble” man names a ministry after themself? HMMMMM, maybe not so humble after all, eh?)

They (RZIM) continue to ignore the clergy sexual misconduct allegations, probably hoping Lori Anne Thompson will just drop off. Ravi was in the position of power and influence, just as a counselor, teacher, doctor is in a position of trust, and must never violate that relationship. He violated that relationship of trust and used it to fulfill his own sexual gratification.

And now, Steve Baughman has uncovered more of the same . . . Ravi has a history of seeking sexual gratification for himself, using his position of power and trust to obtain those “favors.” This is clergy sexual misconduct and spiritual abuse! Blech! Can we be done with this already?

When will the Evangelical Church at large deal with this honestly and do the right thing? I’m waiting. I’m sure Lori Anne Thompson is waiting. And you know what . . . . every survivor of clergy sexual misconduct is waiting to see someone do the right thing. Because when the rubber hits the road, that is what it’s going to take for true healing to occur. Until that happens, we will continue to see this scenario play out again and again and again. I’m so over it, people! So over the stupid facade of Evangelical Christianity with supposed integrity and upstanding character. Because as far as I am concerned, there is very little of it.

DO BETTER, CHURCH! For crying out loud, why is this so freaking difficult? I better hit publish before my panties get in a wad.

There is a good possibility that YouTube will yank this video, so be sure to take a look at it.

Screenshot from Steve Baughman’s video

33 thoughts on “Ravi Zacharias: Reports of Sexual Predation and Sexual Abuse at Health Spas”

  1. i must be getting used to it…after the Falwells, nothing surprises me at this point. I just wish people would develop more discernment so that they could sense when spiritual leaders are in trouble, and that spiritual leaders would be truer to the God they say they serve. I’ve never been a big Ravi fan, but I have friends who think he had a direct line to heaven for every word he ever said.


  2. Please note, the three witnesses I interviewed 1. Do not want money and have no legal claim to money, 2. Do not want publicity and are actually very shy of it, especially the two women. 3. In addition to sharing their testimony with me, they each spoke directly with a “Christian leader“ with whom I was working, and who does not want their name disclosed. 4. Each witness confirmed that Ravi engaged and sexually improper conduct. 5. It is beyond dispute that Ravi invested in the health spa/massage business. 6. His partner told me that they brought women in from India and Thailand to the spa. Johnny Hunt, former president of the Southern Baptist convention, also told me that they brought women in from India.

    Those are the facts. this is the tip of the iceberg.


  3. Like

  4. Someone from Georgia told me yesterday that The first and second spa were at the same address. But the First one was in Alpharetta and in 2006 Johns Creek was incorporated, so the second one could be said to be in John’s Creek.

    I have no idea if Ravi Z was involved in a third spa.


  5. But as coverage of this over at Wartburg Watch has pointed out, Steve Baughman blogs under the handle “Friendly Banjo ATHEIST”. Who will Real True CHRISTIANS believe — a Great ManaGAWD or an ATHEIST?

    — mob scene in Inherit the Wind


  6. 6. His partner told me that they brought women in from India and Thailand to the spa.

    Thailand as in “One Night in Bang Cock”?

    Bringing them over to staff a “Health Spa”/”Massage” business?


  7. Ick. I’m on my church’s pulpit committee as we look for a new pastor, and what a timely reminder that a church or ministry really needs to know a little about the financial dealings of its leaders. I would at least hope that I’d be interested if someone told me a candidate was investing in a massage parlor, given how often that’s a cover for “brothel”.


  8. Unfortunately this stuff seems horribly plausible.
    I ran into this video where he makes a claim that will likely turn on him in the near future:

    At 1mn, he criticizes “mass marketing spirituality”:
    Talks about a guy with “millions of followers all over the world, and now they are finding out under the carpet all that was messed up personally, privately, and the money has been squabbled over, bank accounts have been frozen, and everyone’s laying claim to the money. That’s all it’s become about. It’s not spirituality, it’s the mass marketing of spirituality”



  9. And the evangelical c’hurch complex calls Ravi’s “kind of behavior” annointed?

    And would our LORD and eternal Savior, Jesus Christ, sit under Ravi’s m’inistry, calling him out as one of His sheep, or would He call out RZ as a ravenous wolf and say ” depart from Me, I never knew you (Jesus’ Words).”


  10. Dear Steve,

    Just wanted to express my gratitude for your hard work, and my admiration for dealing with all the sanctimonious trolls on YouTube. The amount of grief you’ve been given from Christians, just over the past 24 hours, just boggles my mind. I’m amazed to see the patience and poise you’ve shown, especially in the face of all the logical fallacies and wilful, self-satisfied ignorance.

    Thank you. And if you’re in touch with them, please thank your sources for me, too.

    Liked by 1 person

  11. Wow, SKIJ, I had to see what you were talking about! Good grief!

    Steve…nice job responding to the whackadoos…and I cracked up at the comment about cutting your hair. But I disagree…long hair is easier – just put it in a ponytail if it’s in your way. 😆


  12. My girlfriend is a school teacher. She says I must NEVER use the word “moron.” But the vast majority of the folks defending Ravi in the social media trenches are just freaking morons. No way around that. “Nobody’s perfect.” “Let God decide.” My evil motives and making money on all this. And the stuff about the women wanting money.


    I consider it my daily Buddhist meditation practice to respond with kindness to their comments. It ain’t easy. 😂

    Pony tail was easy, but I did not like washing and especially combing after a shower. Made me Cranky. Nothing as bad as Ravi defenders, though.


  13. @ HUG
    Mark Knopfler’s guitar licks are hard to beat.
    I remember Dire Straits vividly from my long commute days into LA from the Inland Empire.


  14. @SKIJ, I wonder if this is some sort of new-Gnosticism. The Gnostics believed that Jesus couldn’t be God because God was perfect and matter was evil, therefore God could not be polluted by matter. It seems they held multiple planes of holiness with each plane less material and more spiritual.

    It seems it crept into the Catholic church where there was the priest, Mary, Jesus and the Father. But, I’m wondering if, in Evangelicalism, God the Father is portrayed as so holy, distant and unapproachable that people “need” someone super-spiritual like Ravi as a go-between. Problem is, if Ravi ends up being in the same spiritual plane as everyone else and not actually enlightened, then all who worshiped the ground he walked on are without hope.

    I would normally say that this is run-of-the-mill authoritarianism, but people seem so intent on dismissing any possible wrongdoing, I wonder if there is more to it.


  15. I’m sure others here have seen this already, but many of the texts from the earlier scandal with the Thompsons in Ontario have been released by Julie Roys, as the original accuser is now working with Boz Tchividjian, who appears to be seeing the earlier NDA as non-operative in light of the CT interview Zacharias had.


  16. I’m sure others here have seen this already, but many of the texts from the earlier scandal with the Thompsons in Ontario have been released by Julie Roys…

    I’ve seen it, all right. And I thought Steve Baughman’s latest contribution had brought out the blind devotees.

    Boy, oh boy, oh boy. The comment threads on Julie Roys’ Facebook page have simply ex-PLOH-ded! Ravi acolytes are practically coming out of the woodwork, saying things like, “How dare you say this after he’s dead!” and “He can’t defend himself!” They’re even bringing up the lawsuit that Lori Anne and her husband filed years ago, to get relief from the pastor that defrauded them — accepting Ravi’s rationale that they must be nothing but grifters.

    I’ve tried to set the record straight and encourage critical thinking there, as my time allows. It’s just too much to keep up with. Just what kind of hold did Zacharias have over some people?


  17. I appreciate that this article calls it what it is. I’ve seen several other articles that focus on his “sexual immorality” and “sexting” and breeze right past the fact this was abuse. Even when they do the bare minimum of holding someone accountable, they still do it wrong.


  18. Who knows the truth? GOD does. He has stood before him as we all will. Live right die right receive a reward. Live wrong die wrong receive damnation.


  19. This is a good, related article: https://jay-stringer.com/ravi-zacharias-and-the-sexual-binge-purge-cycle-of-evangelical-men/

    The point, which is beautifully stated, is that our (men’s) psychological defense mechanisms for our sexual sins involve externalizing them rather than doing the hard work of repentance and restoration. The nature of these defense mechanisms repeatedly victimizes women, even in such ways as the “Billy Graham rule” – where women are pushed away because they might cause men to stumble.


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