Pastor Kevin Swanson’s Blame Game When it Comes to the Dr. Larry Nassar Child Sex Abuse Cases

Kevin Swanson; Larry Nassar; Child Sex Abuse; Rachael Denhollander

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-by Kathi with editorial comments by Julie Anne

Kevin Swanson’s February 9, 2018 broadcast on Generations covered the recent gymnastics and sexual abuse case by now-convicted sexual predator, Dr. Larry Nassar. Right Wing Watch picked up his broadcast and noted that he blames immodesty in the sport of gymnastics for Dr. Larry Nassar’s behavior.

Julie Anne texted me at work and asked if I would be willing to write a snarky post about Swanson [JA here = is it possible to do a Kevin Swanson post sans snark? Serious question.] As much I can’t stand to listen to him speak, I decided to listen to the whole broadcast. Kathi is a glutton for punishment. I only asked if she would be willing to write about the modesty part that Right Wing Watch reported on. In fact, here is where she tells me on Messenger:

My (unfortunate) experience with listening to Swanson over the years has brought me to the understanding that he is never sympathetic to victims of sexual abuse, so I wanted to see if this broadcast would be any different. My snarky side turned to my angry side as I realized that he hasn’t changed one bit. Continue reading

Is there a correlation between sexual abuse as an adult and homeschooling?


Kevin Swanson attempts to tie together child abuse statistics from the Gen 2 Survey, a University of Oregon campus sexual assault survey, and stay-at-home daughters.

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Second-Generation Homeschoolers: Will They Be Homeschool Dropouts?


Will Second Generation homeschoolers continue with the vision given to them by their first-generation parents, or will they stagnate and decay?


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Second-Generation Homeschoolers:  Will They Be Homeschool Dropouts?

by Kathi

Homeschool Dropouts is a documentary which features the children (Anna, Benjamin, David, Elizabeth and Isaac) of Geoffrey and Victoria Botkin. The Botkins have been long time leaders in the U.S. Homeschool Movement. This film was made in 2009 and the description of the film by the Western Conservatory of the Arts and Sciences says:

Five years ago, the Botkin siblings produced this documentary about the homeschooling movement after talking to their peers around the United States. In discussing the future of this movement, the film raised a number of controversial questions, examining the history of the movement and the character that would be required to sustain it into the second generation.

Today, many of the problems addressed in this film are even more apparent.

If you have 57 minutes of your precious time available, please watch. If not, I’ve done the work for you. Allow me to present my thoughts below.


Please know that even though I homeschooled my kids for 10 years, I am still fairly new to people within the Christian Homeschool Movement. Julie Anne (and if Hester is so kind to offer assistance) would be able to answer specific questions about the Botkins. I still feel like I’m a bit of an outsider on the Christian Homeschool Movement.

The Botkin children open this documentary by lamenting about how they are hard pressed to find anyone within their circle of friends who is willing to follow their parents’ example of Biblical homeschooling. As a result, the Homeschool Movement is in a crisis. According to the Botkin clan, the young adults of today lack direction, lack vision, are moving away from their parents’ principles, and are abandoning what their parents sacrificed so much for. Young adults need to stop blaming, take stock of their own sin and take action.

In other words, this is nothing more than a propaganda film for the parents and the soon-to-be-fading leaders of the Christian Homeschool Movement. The entire focus of this video is how young adults are abandoning their parents’ views, which leads me to wonder (and wander off topic for a minute) if any of the parents’ parents homeschooled them?

I would guess that the First Generation parents were not homeschooled. Wouldn’t that mean that the homeschooling parents rejected and abandoned their parents’ views of education? Why was it alright for them to move away from what their parents thought about education, but it’s not alright for their children to educate differently? When I think about our family, my children were not educated the same way I was. Was I rejecting what my parents thought was important for education? Absolutely not. My husband and I are not my parents and we have different life circumstances and decisions to make. I don’t expect that my kids will homeschool their kids. They need to make their own life decisions based upon what is best for them and their family.

Since this video is more about the parents, it is not surprising that the problem with the impending doom of the Christian Homeschool Movement is the Second Generation: it is the sins of the Second Generation, not the weaknesses of the families or leaders, that are the problem.

These sins are:

  • The Second Generation doesn’t seek God for ourselves. The First Generation had a desperate need for God because they came out of non-Christian homes. The Second Generation doesn’t have this desperation and displays false piety and are not truly saved.
  • Second Generation Adults don’t take their sins seriously. They are careless, lukewarm, and hostile to God.
  • SGAs are proud. Kevin Swanson enters the fray here (Yay!) by stating that homeschoolers talk all the time about higher test scores, admittance into good colleges, etc. However, God isn’t interested in achievements, but is interested in how kids honor their mother and honor God. The problem with this line of thought is that K. Swan and other homeschool leaders are constantly bragging about how much better homeschooling is to public school or Christian private school. At the end of this, one Botkin child says that pride is the silent killer of the Homeschool Movement.
  • Second Generation Adults don’t engage the world. They are called to take dominion of the world (judge it, disciple it, overcome it) and Second Generation Adults are not contending for the faith.
  • Second Generation Adults are defined by laziness and complacency. The First Generation knew that life is a battleground and that they were fighting a battle. The Second Generation doesn’t care about the war. There is no room for being laid back or pursuing one’s own interests.
  • Second Generation Adults are bitter instead of grateful. Ugh! – my least favorite word ever – bitter. SGAs who were homeschooled need to stop blaming and despising their Christian parents’ homeschooling because they are despising the plan of God. The right response is to be grateful for everything done for them. My favorite line is, “Some of us were not given a very big vision, but we can take whatever we have and grow it. Even if we don’t have perfect parents.”


What will become of the Christian Homeschool Movement if the Second Generation Adults don’t follow in their parents’ footsteps? Of course, the freedom to homeschool will be lost. Statism will take over every aspect of our lives. And, if Second Gens are not homeschooling, they are not honoring their parents. I do not agree with this at all, especially since we are seeing a rise in homeschooling across the United States, as more parents are displeased with the school environment or curriculum choices. Where I work, I talk to parents all the time who are thinking about, or are new to homeschooling. Homeschooling is not going away any time soon.

I think the Botkin’s concern is that if the Second Generation Adults who were homeschooled don’t homeschool exactly like they did, the chance of Christian dominion over the world fades. And, as the First Generation homeschool parents and leaders age, their influence over the second and third generation begins to fade. Growing old stinks, doesn’t it?

K. Swan offers these words at the end, “I am very optimistic of the future.” He’s only optimistic if you Second Gens follow in your parent’s footsteps though. You better get busy – leading your own lives and making your own decisions!

Pastor and Homeschool Leader Scott Brown Empathizes with Turkish President who says Birth Control is Treason

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The Family-Integrated Church Movement is Getting Some Much-Needed Heat from Critics


The Family-Integrated Church movement is getting some heat by critic, Pastor Shawn Mathis. Pastor Kevin Swanson is forced to make a choice: OPC or National Center for Family-Integrated Churches (NCFIC)

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Patriarchy: Doug Phillips, Bill Gothard, Doug Wilson and Damage Control


Media and blogosphere are abuzz with sex abuse stories coming from Patriarchy proponents, Bill Gothard and Doug Phillips. Gothard releases a statement, other Christian leaders defend Patriarchy.

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Kevin Swanson Defends Bill Gothard’s Sexual Harassment Charges While Publicly Trash Talks Blogs

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Kevin Swanson defends his friend, Bill Gothard against accusations of sexual harassment, while accusing Spiritual Sounding Board and blogs of dancing on the grave of Christian fundamentalism and Biblical Christianity.

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Kevin Swanson Continues a Year Later with Same Womb Tomb Rhetoric

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Popular homeschool leader Pastor Kevin Swanson continues to give unsubstantiated claims about birth control pills being “womb tombs” despite apologizing for misunderstanding in the media storm he created last year. Continue reading

The Blogging Community Takes on the Destructive Subculture of the Homeschool Movement

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Bloggers are taking on the destructive subculture of the Homeschool Movement and calling homeschool leaders out for their extra-Biblical practices and abusive patriarchy.

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Doug Phillips: Question about Pastoral Position, Timeline of Events, and Understanding True Repentance

*      *      *

Doug Phillips:  a timeline of events, understanding true repentance and question about Phillips’ teaching elder position at Boerne Christian Assembly

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What Does a Sheikh and a Homeschool Leader and Pastor Have in Common?

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 Just how close is the homeschool fundamental version of Patriarchy to Islam? Continue reading

Council for Biblical Manhood and Womanhood: When Did “Roles” Become a Primary Doctrinal Issue?

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One of the more troubling trends I see in Christiandom is making what I understand to be secondary issues as primary doctrinal issues.  Sometimes church leaders will say certain issues are “gospel” issues, that the whole gospel message depends on adhering to whatever bandwagon said church leader is on.  This is what I believe is happening with the folks at the Council for Biblical Manhood and Womanhood (CBMW).  They are making the complementarian issue to be of primary importance.

A side issue, but one that continually presses on my mind as I deal with people who have been harmed by abuse in church, is while the leaders of this group are putting so much emphasis on pushing their complementarian ideas, they are notably silent and ignoring the abuse issues with one of their own.   Both fellow CBMW council member, C.J. Mahaney, President of Sovereign Grace Ministries and “Sovereign Grace Ministries” are named on the church abuse lawsuit, the largest evangelical case we’ve seen.   (Please be sure to see recent articles on the SGM lawsuit at the bottom of this post).  Do the CBMW folks not realize what kind of gospel witness they are when they fail to address this issue?  The world is watching their silence and you can be sure this is not helping to convince the world of the gospel-saving message of Christ.  Who wants to be part of a group who fails to protect defenseless children?

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CBMW: Christian Feminists, Complementarians, and Are Men Protecting Their Position of Privilege?

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photo credit: deflam via photopin cc

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Last year when I started blogging and connecting with other blogs/bloggers, there were two big words that meant nothing to me:  complementarian and egalitarian.   In fact, at first the words just plain annoyed me and I didn’t bother to look them up.  Pardon the brief break:   It is bugging me like crazy that each and every time I type that “c” word, a squiggly underline appears telling me that I have misspelled it.  Because those words were new to me last year, I’m not going to assume that everybody knows the meaning of those “c” and “e” words.  Now I know the “c” word it’s a made-up word.  That’s why my computer does not like it.

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My Response to Kevin Swanson’s Non-Response about Embedded Dead Babies and Damage Control

I asked a favor of one of my sleuth readers and while searching he came across some interesting information.  Coming from a place where there was a no-talk rule and where things were not fully disclosed, I have a different policy here.  This is a place where I fully disclose, especially when there are unsuspecting loyal followers who might be harmed.I understand what it’s like to be a loyal follower. I once was one.  Blindly following a wolf caused a lot of problems for me and my family.  We are still paying the consequences.

Are you tired of reading about Swanson?  I’m sorry, I just can’t let his comment go yet.  You see, when people follow someone blindly, they take the things they say to heart.  I had a friend and neighbor who lost her baby about 4 months into her pregnancy.  Her doctor was not able to get her scheduled for a D&C for about a week.  That week was emotional hell for her.  It nearly did her in.  She was inconsolable.  She had a very hard time fathoming the idea of a dead fetus inside her.

Guess what Kevin did?  He told women that they very well could have dead fetuses embedded in their wombs if they took birth control pills.  This is the kind of stuff that messes with a woman’s head.  Can you imagine the idea of dead babies in your womb – – -babies that you cannot get rid of?  Dead fetuses stuck in your womb for years and years and you can’t get rid of them?  This is crazy-making stuff this guy made up.  Put this information in the head of an emotionally unstable or vulnerable person, and it could lead to dire consequences.

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Kevin Swanson Issues Response to Dead Embedded Babies Comment

Kevin Swanson has updated his blog with a response regarding the womb being a graveyard for dead babies for women who have taken birth control pills – – – – or something along those lines.

Here is a part of his response:

In a recent program, the matter of the abortifacient effects of the birth control pill on the womb was introduced and discussed (which resulted in a fair amount of controversy on the internet).  In the interview with the men who had researched the matter, it was stated that there was no persuasive scientific evidence for or against (identifying the remains or “impressions” of aborted fertilized eggs in the wombs of women on the contraceptive pill.)  Our goal is to be as accurate as possible with the information that we distribute.  In a 30 minute extemporaneous program, it is hard to include all of the issues and the findings that should be considered.

From what I can tell based on the recent interaction concerning our broadcast on birth control, this question plays heavily on the conscience of a nation: Is the womb a graveyard or a place of safe nurture for babies in the 21st century?


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Kevin Swanson Fails to Provide Sources for Ignorant, Unsettling Statement

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Those of you who follow me on Twitter (DefendtheSheep), know that I have been trying to get to the bottom of the quote by Pastor Kevin Swanson, the popular homeschool leader who reported he had heard from certain scientists and doctors that:  “there are these little tiny fetuses, these little babies, that are embedded into the womb. They’re just like dead babies. They’re on the inside of the womb. And these wombs of women who have been on the birth control pill effectively have become graveyards for lots and lots of little babies.


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Kevin Swanson Spews Nonsense from His Mouth to Further His Birth Control Agenda

* * *

Kevin Swanson spews rhetoric:  Dead embedded fetuses in wombs for women on birth control pills!

I get slightly annoyed, no, actually royally peeved when people use their position of leadership and influence to push their agenda. I’ve been on the inside of the homeschool movement and seen how this works. The Christian “homeschool movement” is staunchly pro-life. It is normal for Christian homeschoolers to participate in pro-life rallies, walks, etc.

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