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Caution: Children and Predestination

Predestination and Children My friend, Ryan Stollar, posted this on his Facebook wall, and I was struck at how damaging Predestination can be to children, especially vulnerable children. Shoot, I think it could scare adults, too! Special thanks to Ryan for writing about this and giving me permission to share it.  ~ja First off, what… Continue reading Caution: Children and Predestination

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The Fallout of Spiritual Abuse on Our Children

Children Harmed by Spiritual Abuse   Yesterday, I was talking with my programming language tutor and mentioned that I had a blog. He asked what my blog was about and I told him the long story. He was absolutely dumbfounded by what he was hearing and kept shaking his head, not wanting to believe it, even… Continue reading The Fallout of Spiritual Abuse on Our Children

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In the Wake of the Doug Phillips Affair, a Mother Grieves and Seeks Our Prayers

*     *     * The Doug Phillips affair has touched many lives.  Read as a mother cries out for prayer as she "fostered some pretty difficult beliefs" on her children by adhering to teachings in the Homeschool Movement and Doug Phillips and Vision Forum. *     *     *  Hear… Continue reading In the Wake of the Doug Phillips Affair, a Mother Grieves and Seeks Our Prayers