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Hey, Who Stuck the Header Between Ephesians 5 Verse 21 and Verse 22? That Shouldn’t be There!!

One of the key passages used to justify male hierarchy is Eph 5:22 (to the neglect of 5:21 which ironically states that we are to submit to each other!!). Which one is it?? Women submit to men, or we all submit to each other? Why is this so confusing?

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What’s Going on with JA?

But what I missed in listening to the stories is that sometimes those stories resonated personally for me. Sometimes after listening to or reading someone's personal story, their story elicited a personal response for me. It reminded me of my own journey. My own unfinished business.

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Cissie Graham Lynch – Publicly Criticizing Pastors or Ministries Destroys the Gospel

If we do not publicly call out abusive or neglectful church leaders or ministries then abuse thrives. Silence and privacy is not an option.

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As a New Christian and Missionary Alliance Minister, Ravi Zacharias Pressured His Brother’s 16-yr old Girlfriend to Have Illegal Abortion

"Ramesh explained briefly the situation to Ravi. I remember Ravi was very angry. More at Ramesh than me it seemed. He was not speaking in kind terms. Only pointing out that this news would ‘kill our parents’ and ‘end your future as a doctor.'"

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Book Review Series – “The Excellent Wife” by Martha Peace – Chapter Eight – Home: The Major Biblical Emphasis of the Wife

If the "major biblical emphasis" of a wife's ministry is to be the keeper of the home, I would think that it would be discussed more in the Bible.


WARNING: Tullian Tchividjian Attempts a Ministry Comeback by Faking True Restoration and Repentance with His Victims; AND He’s Starting a New Church???

Everybody wants to believe a transformation story. But you are believing a lie if you are allowing Tullian Tchividjian to convince you that he is transformed. I have done the due-diligence work to find out. I have asked the questions to his victims.

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Well Done, Church Leaders: Grace Family Baptist Church Pastors Handle Sex Abuse Case of Alleged Pedophile Pastor Stephen Bratton Appropriately

"The elders have called upon Stephen Bratton to accept the full responsibility for his actions and to place himself at the mercy of the criminal justice system."

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Book Review Series – “The Excellent Wife” by Martha Peace – Chapter Seven – False Idols and Faking Joy

I honestly don't understand how a wife expecting her husband to treat her with respect, kindness, and love is an idol.


Washington Post Article on Investigative Bloggers and Advocates: Wartburg Watch, Spiritual Sounding Board, Ashley Easter, Jules Woodson, Kelly Haines, etc.

But what it means is that we are being taken seriously. I think that gives us a bit more credibility. When we reach out to church leaders and ask questions, they will know we mean business.

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Learn to Discern: Pastor from Harvest Bible Chapel Speaks at Church Meeting – What Do His Words Really Say?

"No ONE should tell EVERYONE anything. That's the role of your leaders. We are entrusted, and we're going to give an account."

SSB Sunday Gathering

SSB Sunday Gathering – May 26, 2019

Spiritual Sounding Board - This is your place to gather and share in an open format. Image courtesy of Nanea Hoffman at Sweatpants and Coffee -by Kathi This will not be the typical Sunday post. These last two days have been a roller coaster of emotions and I don't have it in me to do… Continue reading SSB Sunday Gathering – May 26, 2019