My Personal Mental Health Journey

So..right now I am living life to the fullest....camping with my kiddo and friends. Bike Bubba made a comment regarding getting off my meds and it reminded me that I forgot to give an update on that part of my life, too. I posted about it on my Facebook page and on Twitter, and once… Continue reading My Personal Mental Health Journey

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John Piper Questions Whether Wives Should Share Their Wisdom with Their Husbands

John Piper could have stopped with "I don't know" in his response to a listener about wife submission. Instead, he gives a round about answer which ultimately adds an extra emotional and spiritual toll on the wife.

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A personal update from Julie Anne:

Today is my birthday. This morning I woke up happy, smiling, and very excited to be alive and well with a great home, a great job, and great family and friends. But I’d like to give you a window into what it was like this time last year. I was not well.

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What is in a Name: When Your Spouse Refuses to Call You By Name

...Yet into the third decade of our marriage, he chose to call me by a name I despised, yet forgot my given name. Or did he really forget?


Blog Update

I indulged in this bouquet from my local farmer's market yesterday. Admin note: well, if it weren't for Kathi posting her Sunday posts, this blog would probably be officially dead. THANK YOU, Kathi!!!! I didn't plan for the silence from me. It just happened. I'll explain more later (sooner, rather than later). It will all… Continue reading Blog Update

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Ravi Zacharias Dies; More Lies Uncovered

The two former Ravi-colleagues both clearly remember that Ravi did not preach at the graduation. That was a role reserved for the college president. So they checked the program from that day and then shared it with me.

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Before Evangelicals Canonize Ravi Zacharias, will they learn from Jean Vanier and L’Arche?

The evidence against Ravi Zacharias is, after all, serious and compelling. If evangelicals ignore it they will show the world that they do not take their Holy Bible seriously (1 Timothy 5:20).