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Is J.D. Greear’s Welcome to Beth Moore Intended for the Home or Pulpit?

Is J.D. opening up his home if Beth Moore is in the area and needs a place to stay, or is he opening the pulpit to her?

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In Which “Dr.” John MacArthur Shows His True Colors about Beth Moore

There's nothing wrong with having babies and sex, but to reduce women to only those functions is devaluing and depersonalizing women. Women were given gifts by God to be used for His glory.

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Women and Ministry: What Have You Been Taught?

  ***   Does this 7-minute video match up with what you've been taught about women and ministry? In my church background, when the topic of women came up, it was about what they were supposed to do at home, raising children, and how to treat their husband.   When it came to ministry work, there… Continue reading Women and Ministry: What Have You Been Taught?

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Anyone with a Burning Desire to Go to PyroCon?

  Thoughts about the Reformed Baptist bloggers known as the Pyromaniacs, a Pyro-Conference, and opining about the pain. At least third-degree burns don't hurt.   A post by Cindy Kunsman Long, long ago in internet time in a cyber place far, far away, a fellow started a blog. His name was Phil Johnson. I first… Continue reading Anyone with a Burning Desire to Go to PyroCon?