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To Mark Gungor: There is Nothing Inspiring about using “Humor” to Publicly Degrade Women; and Please Do Better on Sex Abuse Cases

There should be no place in Christian evangelicalism for Mark Gungor's behavior which devalues, disrespects, and demoralizes women. If Gungor is allowed to continue having platforms, then it is a clear picture that Christian evangelicalism is not, and probably has never been, a safe place for women.

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John Piper Questions Whether Wives Should Share Their Wisdom with Their Husbands

John Piper could have stopped with "I don't know" in his response to a listener about wife submission. Instead, he gives a round about answer which ultimately adds an extra emotional and spiritual toll on the wife.

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Greg Morse at Desiring God Laments Strong Women

To end, I would like to suggest to Mr. Morse that he stop using language such as "our women" and "their women" in his writing. Women are not property of men.

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Jordan “J.D.” Hall Grumps about Women Who Shouldn’t Attend Shepherds’ Conference

Shepherds' Conference, J.D. Hall, Women, Church #ShepCon #ShepCon2016, John Mac Arthur, Pulpit and Pen, Bunker   *** This week quite a few pastors and men have been at the Shepherds' Conference at John Mac Arthur's digs in California. Traditionally, women are not allowed to attend, yet evidently, women did attend at least one day per Pastor J.D.… Continue reading Jordan “J.D.” Hall Grumps about Women Who Shouldn’t Attend Shepherds’ Conference