Who Will Take Care of Your Beloved Pets after the Rapture?


Who Will Take Care of Your Beloved Pets after the Rapture?


I’m sure this has been a great concern to my readers, so having you, my dear friends in mind, I am passing along this helpful information.  ~ja

Here is a brief excerpt from After the Rapture Pet Care, the great folks who will look after your pets after you have gone on.

I agreed – it’s a real concern, and a legitimate concern. Our pets are given to us by God for us to care for. We are stewards of their lives. Should we simply forget them at the Rapture, allow them to starve or worse?

While planning our system, we thought about the stories of pet rescues in New Orleans after Katrina. Imagine how many more pets would have been saved if there had been a database of pets and volunteers activated immediately. This is something we could do for Christian owned pets.

Carol began recruiting other non-Christian animal lovers nationwide to volunteer to take care of left-behind pets if the Rapture occurs. As a Christian, my role has been to put together a program that is Biblically appropriate and provides true value to Christians. I believe we’ve come up with a plan that is affordable, unique, Biblical and practical.


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Twitter Add-a-Word-Ruin-a-Christian-Book Bandwagon and Christian Unity

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Ok,  a really cool Twitter hashtag was the top Twitter trend over the last couple of days and Tweeters were keeping it going strong:   #AddaWordRuinaChristianBook

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Smashing Patriarchy and Their Twisted Translations of the Bible

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“Smash Patriarchy” by Designs by Tori

This blog post is going to require some active participation.  The other day, some blogger friends and I were e-mailing back and forth on the topic of Patriarchy.   I jokingly said I wondered if there was a Patriarchal version of the Bible that we weren’t aware of.  It must exist – – well, we know it does exist in at least some people’s minds. Continue reading

New Milestone and News Article


Wow – a milestone – over 200,000 blog hits.  That’s awesome and sad at the same time.  It’s always sad that there is a need for this kind of blog, but it’s great that people are reading and hopefully learning, praying, and spreading the word about this real issue happening in so many churches.  



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Speaking of blog hits . . . . I have to share a little bit of background info on the next part of this post. 

The media brought a lot of new people to the blog.  One person was Pastor Craig Vick who came via the MSNBC article.  He has been a regular reader and I have loved his presence here.  

Privately, I have “used” Craig.  I’ve asked him for prayer, discussed some situations behind the scenes where I needed some guidance, and he has shown care for my soul.  I’ve gained a friend.  

Craig told me he resurrected his old blog this week.   He’s been noticing my blog hits and poking a little fun with me regarding my growing number of hits compared with his lack of blog hits (did I mention his blog was dead. . I mean dormant?).  I told him I have ideas to help get more hits and also have access to reporters whose e-mail addresses I still have buried in my e-mail.  🙂

He wrote a new article for his blog and told me that if I go check out his blog, it would double his daily hit average.  haha  Always happy to help a friend, I did check it out.  It’s not a spiritual abuse blog, but Craig’s musings.   When you read someone’s writing – it’s like getting in their head and connecting with them.  Craig writes well and he did not disappoint.   His article made me think, and I couldn’t stop thinking about it on the drive to praise and worship practice the other night.   

So anyway, I suppose in response to my 200K hit milestone,  I got this little gem in my e-mail from Craig yesterday.  The e-mail title was, “Did you catch this in the news?”   After reading it, I begged and said “pretty please” to get permission to post this.   He agreed.  I wanted you all to see this side of our faithful friend who has such a tender heart towards the spiritually abused.  Enjoy!

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Washington Pastor Sues Himself Over Blog For $700,000.00

In an unprecedented move this morning, Pastor Craig Vick of Bellevue filed a $700,000.00 lawsuit against himself for defamation. He’s suing himself because he doesn’t like the way he’s represented himself on his blog.
“I’ve taken my queue from the example of a pastor in Oregon who sued former members of his church”, says Pastor Vick. “Those of us who serve the church in Washington will not be outdone by our brothers in Oregon. If they can sue church members, we’ll sue ourselves.”
Pastor Vick launched his blog in 2009. He wanted to start a virtual community, but was never satisfied with the way he portrayed himself. 
“I’ve not brought this suit in haste.”, Pastor Vick said in a statement released at his press conference this morning. “For three years I’ve been misrepresented on my blog. I’m much better looking than any of the pictures there. Also, I’m not an addict of the show ‘Alfred Hitchcock Presents’ as my last post would seem to imply. I consulted my Alma Mater, Covenant Theological Seminary, and I was assured by somebody there that a pastor has every right to sue himself.” No one at Covenant Theological Seminary would confirm this claim. 
In reaction to his lawsuit, Pastor Vick also filed an anti-SLAPP motion against himself. “I have the right to express unflattering views about myself on my blog”, Pastor Vick insisted. 
Pastors will now need to be far more careful when writing to their blogs. If they don’t like what they say they may end up suing themselves.

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And if you feel so inclined to check out Pastor Craig’s blog (and indulge his carnal desire for hits), here it is:  Craig Vick’s Scattered Thoughts (the link is also included in my sidebar).