Creative Exegesis on Social Media

There’s a bit of fun “exegesis” happening on Twitter.  What is exegesis?


It started when my East Coast gal pal blogger, Dee, posted a link to an article on John Piper:

And then what Tim and David added really cracked me up!

I copied those 2 tweets together in an image so people could be sure to read them in order, and tweeted it. And then more came in:


7 thoughts on “Creative Exegesis on Social Media”

  1. Oh my (chuckling)
    Part of that answer’s clearly going to depend on what kind of gesis we’re dealing with here . . . .
    If this gesis, for example, is calling her to engage in abusive acts willingly – group sex, or something really weird, bizarre, harmful, that clearly would be sin. Then the way she submits – and I really think this is possible, it’s kind of paradoxical. She’s not going to go there. I’m saying no, she’s not going to do what Jesus would disapprove, even though the gesis is asking her to do it.


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