27 thoughts on “*Must see*** New Online Christian Dating Site”

  1. Wait . . .wait . . . wait! Your phone sends an alert if it goes from portrait to landscape?
    Big Brother is watching!


  2. I was thinking WTF? Until they got to the app. Then I lost it.

    Watch at the end of the video, and they show a link to Part 2. Be sure to click on that, too!

    Thanks, Julie Ann. I needed this laugh — both as a very tired person and as a single of 15+ years!


  3. Communion on the way in, communion on the way out, no bar at the reception….so basically more communion 🙂


  4. OK, I knew something was up when her name was Rebecca Sara Esther Bathsheba. But I still didn’t realize it was completely a spoof until the smart phone app that alerts you when it goes to landscape. How funny!


  5. This is too good. Christian Tingle 2 is even better. It’s sad that I had to check the URL to make sure it wasn’t a parody because it just hits too close to home.


  6. Very funny. Part 2 is really good, too. Unfortunately, it pretty much describes the marriage of a friend’s daughter, so I won’t be sharing it with my friend any time soon! 😛


  7. Right, except you left out Loyal Cromwell Bradrick, which, for many, really takes the cake.

    I agree with you that Geneva Constance isn’t bad at all, though I had to laugh when someone on a comment thread referred to her as “Geneva Convention.”


  8. It’s a good thing these kids aren’t going to public school. That’s all I can say. God help them if they do.

    Hey, if you name your kid “Remember,” they should be able to remember their name.

    “Resolve” could get a job with the company that makes the stain remover, and you could be sure that the evil Procter and Gamble wouldn’t hire them because of the rival brand name. Resolve which I can only imagine being a name for a boy would have a home with clean carpets and no clothing stains. (Anyone old enough to remember the controversy over the P&G logo being a reference to Baal?)



  9. (Seriously.) Is it sinful to call them by a shorter name, or must you go to all the trouble of saying “Rebbeca” instead of “Becky”? Or do you have to rattle off the whole “Rebecca Esther Sarah Bathsheeba” every time?


  10. Is it a sin to call you Serge? I don’t know if you have room to talk. What’s the deep epistemological significance of your novel handle there?


  11. I told you where I got the name from — it was Diarmuid McCullough’s history of the Christian church. I just saw the three names together and thought it looked and sounded cool–vaguely British yet nebulously ethnic–plus I liked the idea of hyphenating the last two names. I’m sure Doug Phillips would have a field day with all that.


  12. So you’re admitting that you only have partially epistemologically proper name, and you’re guilty of the sin of a cool-sounding name instead of something that sounds like excrement or suffering. Because suffering and humiliation makes you holy.


  13. I just removed a comment from this thread. We’re not going to be discussing negative physical traits of specific children here. We are all made in the image of God.


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