57 thoughts on “Chuck O’Neal, My Ex-Pastor Who Sued 5 Former Church Members, Tweets His Most Honest Tweet Ever”

  1. I think. ” you all ” have the wrong attitude. If he is serious and truly repenting than we need to allow the church discipline process to work.

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  2. Another fine example of why people should not tweet.

    Scott, he is not repentant. He hurt people and took advantage of his position. He has made no attempt to make amends, whatsoever.

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  3. I find the “by Chuck O’Neal part bizarre. Does he really have to announce who is preaching the sermon? Does he allow anyone else to preach at his church?

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  4. Good point, Diane. When I first saw the tweet without really reading it, I wondered why he put his name in the tweet. I was thinking exactly what you were: he rarely shares the podium. I recall once or twice a year and only if he was gone. I don’t remember him sitting in the pews listening to another man preach.

    These kinds of control-happy pastors are full of themselves and love to see their names in the spotlight.


  5. Perhaps the man suffered a transient comment comma coma? Maybe not so transient.

    If there is such a thing as a pregnant pause, could the omission of a comma not constitute a pregnant un-pause, however subconsciously indulged?


  6. He had over 50 character spaces left to be able to make it more clear if he wanted. Maybe when he saw all that he had created, the sermon and the tweet, he thought it was good.

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  7. “These kinds of control-happy pastors are full of themselves and love to see their names in the spotlight.”

    I agree, Julie Anne, as evidence by their upcoming conference on “The Soul Winner.”

    CON to Miano: Let’s have a conference and make it all about us (the really and truly saved since we win souls and you don’t) and charge $$ for it! Even though our supposed “calling” came freely as a gift from God, what say we charge for sharing this knowledge?

    smh and lol


  8. I wonder if he will post the sermon online. There are some here whose experience would qualify them to serve as, say, hypocrisy detectors. And really, if this actually turns out to have been an acknowledgment of fault, he ought to get credit for that.

    Nah, ain’t gonna happen. And if it does, I will voluntarily eat crow. Not literally of course.


  9. Julie Anne

    Too funny!!! Good catch. Yes – A Nice Anniversary Gift.

    Nu 22:28
    And the LORD opened the mouth of the ass… 😉

    Pro 18:7
    A fool’s mouth is his destruction,
    and his lips are the snare of his soul.

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  10. JA, Oh my, I’m sure I’m not at all interested in listening. Reading a transcript, maybe. Actually listening, no. Only reason I’d even be tempted to listen is to see if I’m not correct in suspecting you may have been his primary example of (supposed) deception in action. Maybe he’s moved on, but if memory serves, the man was absolutely obsessed with doing you damage–and I’m not just talking about the lawsuit. A prime example of somebody drinking the poison of vengefulness and waiting for their target (that’s you) to die.


  11. I think he’s trying to distance himself from me these days. He can’t appear to look like a bully among his new-found street preacher friends. Remember, he’s hosting a conference as Diane noted above. People in those groups only know him for street preaching and they haven’t seen the side we’ve seen. I don’t think they’d like it. Most people are against him suing former members, but brush that aside because they like the rest of the package that they see (that’s cuz they don’t have to sit in his pews and be under his control).

    This is his old Twitter profile:

    https://spiritualsoundingboard.files.wordpress.com/2013/06/screen-shot-2013-06-22-at-10-22-45-am.pngchuck o'neal

    Current profile pic:

    picturePastor Chuck O'Neal


  12. @Diane:

    I find the “by Chuck O’Neal part bizarre. Does he really have to announce who is preaching the sermon?

    Did Al Bundy of Married with Children really have to announce to everyone he met how “I Was A Football Star in High School”?


  13. @GaryW:

    If there is such a thing as a pregnant pause, could the omission of a comma not constitute a pregnant un-pause, however subconsciously indulged?

    How about “aborted pause”?


  14. In other news– Real headline seen recently:
    (disgraced coach) “Boeheim taunted by fans, mum after game”
    I thought: It’s bad enough the fans taunted him, but dear old Mum as well?
    One more thing– the Herald Society Soul Winner conference blurb http://jeremiahcry.com/herald-society-portland-or/
    has pics of 2 old-time preachers. One is, of course, Whitefield. (Non-Calvinists John and Charles Welsley, though open-air preachers fully in on the Great Awakening with Whitefield, need not apply.)
    But who’s the preacher on the left, hunched over as if he’s about to fall off a cotton bale? (A riverboat is in the background, so apparently somewhere along the Mississippi). Can’t figure him out.
    Do they expect the Soul Winners Conference audience to resemble his or Whitefield’s in any way?


  15. They cannot be serious, charging all of that money for a lame conference. We have a missions conference every year and there is no charge. It is probably more of a blessing than this will ever be.

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  16. Tim, Now that was funny. So true too. I’m always harping on my nieces and nephews to be careful what that post on social Media . Facebook is scaryBOOK.

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  17. Another potential candidate for the “let’s eat grandma: punctuation saves lives” FB page. 😉

    Seriously, on the whole distancing thing- it might have been wise to do so instead of suing you for defamation, JA. Maybe he could have taken the critique on the chin and changed some things in his life. Maybe he could have proved himself humble rather than the bully you experienced.

    Having read what you said on google and what he said, I’m just shocked he hasn’t been distanced from by all “godly” guys who call themselves Christians. Love hopes all things- even for him- but associating with unrepentant bullies sure isn’t “godly”.

    Bullying is never holy or pure, regardless of who your friends are, and those who participate with him without rebuking him and distancing if there is no repentance (an apology and extravagant restitution to all those he sued would be a start) will, in fact, answer to God someday. I’m learning to be more sad for these guys for their blindness than angry at them for their lack of discernment.


  18. Well, I listened to his entire sermon and have to say it was a good sermon. The deception he was talking about was the deception of false christs coming before the end and the deception to the masses in the world. He was right on in his sermon. I do not understand how he can preach like that and be so wrong in areas that are so clear, like suing a brother or sister in the Lord.


  19. Isn’t it amazing how he posts appropriate sermons online, yet he doesn’t post the ones about shunning (mark and avoid), how long shorts should be, how men should have control of their wives. Those happen on Wednesday nights or Sunday school.

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  20. He couldn’t preach about those things on a Sunday morning in case he turned away a visitor. That may make CON a seeker-sensitive preacher. Wonder what Miano would have to say about that.

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  21. Brenda, I assure you I was being sarcastic when I said ” if he has repented….

    I was poking funny at Chucky as church discipline is his favoriate thing after suing women ( especially firey Redheads, not necessarily from Ireland just RED) over social media issues. I have NO doubt he is unrepentant, as I believe he is a socialpath with small penis syndrome ( SPS) that has been left untreated too long and metamorphosised into Fundamentalist Toxic syndrome. My guess is he met Tough Tony Miano at a 12 step program for men with S.P.S.


  22. I forgot one thing a socialpath is the same as a sociopath, with the single exception of a history of pursuing litigation over social media. Probably just sympathetic of SPS.


  23. Scott,
    Thank you for pointing out your sarcasm. I guess I read things far too seriously. I do like the SPS acronym. In the business that I work in, SPS is an investment vessel. It has a whole new meaning now. I hope I don’t laugh too loud during a meeting where SPS is mentioned.

    Is Right Reverend actually a title that they are using? Love you tweet. I believe if I walked in to a church and a minister introduced himself as Right Reverend, I would have to laugh or snort, whichever came out first.

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  24. Barbara R yes Right Reverend is an official title. I got this from a wiki page: In Presbyterian churches, a Reverend is any ordained minister, the “Right Reverend” is the current Moderator of their General Assembly, and a “Very Reverend” is either a past Moderator, or the minister of St. Giles Cathedral in Edinburgh.
    So maybe it is only Presbyterian minister’s who are always ‘right’. I wish I had known that before I made a complaint against a whole heap of them.
    Actually I think the Anglican Church also have ‘Right Reverends’ and probably other denominations do too. 🙂


  25. Rhonda

    Great comment… Tweet…
    “‘Having the **title** Right Reverend before your name does not mean that you are always ‘right”.”

    And, what is “right” about anyone calling themselves…
    Reverend? Right Reverend?

    When that **title** is NOT in the Bible?

    Why do these “Reverends” just make stuff up, make up Titles…

    Maybe, Because…
    Titles Separate… Titles Elevate… Titles are used to control and manipulate…

    And WE, His Sheep, His Ekklesia, do NOT question it. WE, His Servants, just go along with the crowd and continue to perpetrate the myth, that some how, this special Clergy Class, “Reverends,” are a little more special then the rest of God’s Kids. 😦

    Yeah – ALL these phoney “Titles” are a HOT button for me… 😉

    Seems, in the Bible…
    The only “ONE” I can find referred to in some way as “Reverend”

    Is Jesus/God…

    Psalms 111:9 KJV
    He sent redemption unto his people:
    He hath commanded his covenant for ever:
    **holy and reverend is his name.**

    Are ALL these “Reverends” “Right Reverends”???
    Taking the name of the Lord thy God?
    And taking that Name in Vain?
    And the Lord will NOT hold them guiltless?
    That take His Name in Vain?
    Exodus 20:7 KJV

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  26. rhondajeannie – My husband spent $25 to get an ordination certificate so he could marry friends of ours. We call him The Most High Holy Reverend. I think it’s gone to his head. 😉

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  27. Kathi

    I like your husbands Title… 😉

    And, today, often, when someone introduces themselves to me…
    Using a “Title” NOT found in the bible, for one of His Disciples…

    Hi, I’m Pastor Joe. Or, Hi, I’m Reverend Thomas. Or, Hi, I’m Bishop Taylor.

    When I’m i my “wise-guy” mood, I’ll respond with… Well, You can call me…
    “His Holiness, The Most Holy Right Reverend, Father Amos.” 😉

    Yes – I get into some interesting conversations. 😉

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  28. I love all your comments, a great start to the morning. When someone tries to lord over me I tell them they can address me as Saint Rhonda. Makes me sound very pure. Phil. 4:21 ‘Greet every saint in Christ Jesus. The brethren who are with me greet you’.

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  29. Retha, That says it all doesn’t it? I’m amazed the church was so forthcoming with the information.


  30. Julie Anne,

    I noticed your former Pastor emphasized his teachings as more Law Centered,,,as he put it “Preaching the Law and Gospel to the world”

    I don’t have a problem knowing the Law, but in the Gospel,,,, Christ freed us from the bondage of the Law.

    Many Heavy Handed preachers embrace and focus their ministry in a Law and Sin Ministry more than Christ Centered.

    I think they spend more time embracing the Law than Christ,,,,when they (or we) do that they are less focused on Christ and more focused on themselves.


  31. Mark, that is definitely one of the key problems many of us had with him. I remember one grace-filled message after his friend committed suicide. I was so surprised by the message that I thanked him.


  32. Julie Anne,

    Why did you thank him,,,was it because he exposed a side of him that you needed to see, that ultimately helped you realize the Doctrine and Methodology he embraced and the way he retaliated against those that disagree,,,was toxic?


  33. Mark, I knew that grace had been lacking and so I genuinely appreciated hearing it for once (this from a man who preached I think it was 5 very long sermons on Hell at a family camp).


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