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The Who’s Who and What’s What of Poisonous Patriarchy in Contemporary Christianity

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Patriarchy – – the kind that minimizes, marginalizes, depersonalizes, and sexually objectifies women is alive and well, sadly. There are quite a few so-called pastors who use Twitter and other social media as a platform to endorse this abuse. Yes, I truly believe Patriarchy is abusive. I’ve lived it. My emotional, spiritual, and physical health suffered because of it. I am free now, thank God.

I’ve decided to document pastors and individuals who promote patriarchy here on my blog. I will post screenshots of their tweets or social media posts, and name them and their churches as a public record.

I am hoping that in doing so, some smart and inquisitive women might do a Google search on her pastor’s name or church, and come to discover the freeing news that we have to offer here: women are made in the image of God and should never be “ruled over” by their husbands or their pastors.

So, this will be a placeholder post listing all of the links to (future) posts on pastors who promote and practice patriarchy.

Stay tuned!!!

If you have names to contribute, have online evidence (Twitter handles), please be sure to comment below or send me an email: spiritualsb@gmail.com. Thanks 🙂

Listing of Pastors and Church Leaders Who Unashamedly Promote Patriarchy

5 thoughts on “The Who’s Who and What’s What of Poisonous Patriarchy in Contemporary Christianity”

  1. Fabulous idea ! Unfortunately, even after the very public collapse of Vipers Forum ministries (Vision Forum ) due to predatory sexual behavior, this FALSE doctrine continues to be promoted. Since then a few more vision forum affiliated patriarchs have fallen hard due to sexual sin and in at least one case a sex crime resulting in a 10 year prison sentence. That’s before even mentioning Sovereign Graceless Miniseries.

    It’s enough for me to buy all my nieces firearms, when they are old enough. Not very many armed women are batteries women. In the case of emotional abuse you have to leave. Maybe permanently. In cases of physical abuse I’m all for good old frontier justice Mary Winkler style.


  2. Scott, who are you referring to (sex crime with 10-yr prison sentence)?

    Emotional abuse is horrid. It is crippling. I was physically abused as a child. I’d rather be physically abused than deal with emotional abuse because of the games your head plays with you – constantly questioning yourself, minimizing, etc.

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