Doug Phillips: “Disowns” Former Vision Forum Executive Assistant to President, Peter Bradrick, Calls Him “Destroyer” When Confronted about Sins

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Peter Bradrick, former intern, former Executive Assistant to the President at Vision Forum Shares Publicly That He is “Disowned” and Declared as “Destroyer” by Doug Phillips of Vision Forum

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Peter Bradrick, a man closely connected with Doug Phillips and Vision Forum for nearly one-third of his life recently opened his Facebook page for public viewing.  Take a look at Bradrick’s employment history to see how involved he was with Phillips and ventures with which Phillips was closely affiliated:


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Those who are familiar with Phillips and his teachings can easily see that Bradrick has learned the lingo very well.  Here is Bradrick in action:

*     *     *

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Peter Bradrick was an intern and poster child for Phillips and Vision Forum.  He was groomed for the business ministry.  He married Scott Brown’s daughter, Kelly in a very public wedding.  Scott Brown has been a long-time friend of Doug Phillips.

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Who is Scott Brown and What are His Connections with Doug Phillips?

Scott Brown is on both the board of the National Center for Family Integrated Churches (NCFIC) and Vision Forum Ministries.  NCFIC was originally part of Vision Forum ministries and later became an independent ministry in 2004, under the directorship of Brown.   There is no doubt how influential Phillips was to Brown when reading the Brown’s bio at the NCFIC site.

“Over the years, my sensitivity to these problems has only heightened, until several years ago, I set about to align with men who were sounding the alarm of truth and offering Biblical answers to the problems we are facing. Doug Phillips was one of those men, and Vision Forum was one of those ministries which the Lord has providentially raised up at this time in history to rebuild our Christ honoring foundations, one family at a time.

“The work of the NCFIC is about family reformation, and this dovetails perfectly with where the Lord has placed my own life and the life of my family. I am so thankful for Doug Phillips, Jim Zes and Don Hart who are courageous enough to pour out their lives for the truths that we must stand on. —Scott Brown (Source)

Brown was one of the board members during the time Vision Forum Ministries board announced that Vision Forum Ministries was closing.  Months earlier, possibly around the same time Phillips either stepped down or was removed from his teaching elder position at Boerne Christian Assembly, Brown posted an article, “What Does True Repentance Look Like?.”   What did he know and when?

*     *     *

Peter Bradrick Breaks His Silence

On November 26, 2013, Peter posted a comment that he was going to go offline and focus on his family:  “after a long and weary season of business failure and more recently significant shock and disappointment regarding a very tender matter close to me.”

*  *

Bradrick shares more in his next Facebook entry dated November 27, 2013.  This comment is worth reading.  The first paragraph describes his relationship with Phillips as his mentor and spiritual father and Bradrick’s commitment to the Phillips family, work, mission.

He then wrote about the intention of a group of men who were “bosom brothers,” close friends, to lovingly confront Phillips to plea for true repentance and restoration.

 What for us was a tender, emotional, mission of mercy and plea for true repentance was met with something, and by someone I never could have imagined. Instead of being received as the “wounds of a friend” (Proverbs 27:6), I was formally disowned and declared to be a “destroyer” to my face.

*     *     *

This following screenshot is a comment that came in from Joe Morecraft beneath Bradrick’s Facebook note.  Pastor Joe Morecraft was on the September 20-29, 2013 Vision Forum Ancient Greece Tour with Phillips as a teacher.   I’ve read that Morecraft unexpectedly took over Phillips’ teaching responsibilities during the trip.  Joe Morecraft responded to Bradrick via his wife, Becky’s Facebook account:

*     *     *

Screen Shot 2013-11-29 at 9.23.42 PM

*     *     *

Bradrick’s account completely discounts the words of repentance we read from Phillips’ public statement and it sure looks like Morecraft concurs with Bradrick in the Facebook comment.

*     *     *

Does this the first public acknowledgement that Phillips was not showing the fruit of repentance as Phillips suggested?

*     *     *

If Phillips were showing signs of repentance, surely these two men would have acknowledged it.  Yet, instead what we see from Bradrick and Morecraft is profound sadness.  This sure seems to indicate that the public statements of Phillips professing his heartfelt repentance have been fraudulent.

*     *     *

So what else is new under the sun for spiritual abusers?

*     *     *

Those who have followed this blog for a while can see this pattern fits completely with so many other signs of abuse of power:  shunning, lawsuits, threats of lawsuits, different public personality than in private, etc.

*     *     *

This is a very sad situation for those who have followed Phillips and Vision Forum Ministries.  My prayer is that they will not only see Phillips for who he truly is, as a spiritual wolf and abuser, but will also see the fruit of the rigid and legalistic Patriarchy practices that this group has promoted and influenced throughout the years affecting multitudes of families.

Those who have been following Phillips and Vision Forum must understand that in order for Phillips to yield this much authority, he had to twist scripture to elevate his presumed position of authority as husband, as business owner, as teaching/elder (or pastor).  This presumed authority was taught to families across the Nation and now there is a whole generation of young adults and families reaping the rotten fruit of his bad teachings.

While some are saying, “Don’t throw out the baby with the bath water. Just because Phillips sinned, that doesn’t mean his view of Patriarchy and Biblical family is bad.”  I am strongly challenging that notion.  As a long-time homeschool mom, I have personally witnessed the destruction and am in contact with many who share their sad stories (here’s one:  In the Wake of the Doug Phillips Affair, a Mother Grieves and Seeks Our Prayers and be sure to read the comments).  It is time to call this movement what it is:


*      *      *

EDITORIAL NOTE: The last paragraph above was edited November 30 to remove a double negative that made the meaning confusing.

194 comments on “Doug Phillips: “Disowns” Former Vision Forum Executive Assistant to President, Peter Bradrick, Calls Him “Destroyer” When Confronted about Sins

  1. I like the Seattle Seahawks example except usually a team member is chosen to be on the team (or traded in ). The scout looks at the available players and says “You are on this team” . (mind you -I am in no way a sports fan)

    So my example of the gift in an outstretched arm of God is the only way I can see it.
    The gift is extended and we have to still take it.

    I agree with the word differences.
    If you do a word search on “election” it is really hard to dispute that we are called.
    Although some of it pertains to the disciples, which the church has always extended to us all. The 12 were called…no doubt about that. They did not choose Jesus-He called them. So I am not sure those verses always carry over to us.


  2. Hannah,
    haha!! Well, usually, money talks, so the scout isn’t empty handed when he states, “You are on this team.” “Show me the money”!!

    Well, as far as the word, “called”, I believe that we all (Christians, or, should I say, the already saved) have a calling. What that calling is can only be defined by you and God alone, and your passion for whatever gifts that has bestowed upon you for “his goodwill and pleasure”. I put that in quotation marks, because that is an abused quote that Calvinists love to twist. But when used properly, what you do in loving others is a reflection of his goodwill and pleasure.

    In regards to the gift, I think you described it well. Gifts are to be received, not forced. In the KJV, the word “received” is used in many different ways, but means the same. It is an acceptance…i.e., received the word of the Lord, etc. Received the gift. So, there is another argument against the Calvinists.

    Well, as you can see, I am certainly not a fan of the so-called “church fathers” who dictated to future generations as to what they are to believe. They put on their pants the same way that I do…one leg at a time.



  3. Hannah quotes:
    John 6:44
    No one can come to me unless the Father who sent me draws them,

    My response:
    How does the Father draw them?

    Answer: Through other people. You tell two people, and they tell two people and they tell two people, etc.

    That is how the Father draws them. YOU Plant the seed. Another waters the seed, but God gives the increase. It still takes YOU to start the process by either planting, or watering.

    1 Cor Chapter 3



  4. Hmmmm….well if there is no one there to preach the Word says they are without excuse… Romans 1 says he will reveal Himself to them…I know this discussion can go round and round and isn’t the topic, but it is an interesting one…and I wonder how much this plays into the entire VF discussion since the Patriarchal system seems to contradict their Calvanist beliefs as far as His sovereignty in all things.
    Ex: Keep daughters at home lest they fall into sin (who is in control?) Dad in control vs God in control…

    I bought into the “keep the kids in church lest the devil destroy them in public school”
    “no secular music” (of which my son listened to rap on his ipod), etc etc.

    The only comfort I have ( “Was I a godly enough parent, etc…”) in Christianity is that God is ultimately in control of things and I am not.


  5. I have a few comments.

    The first about the value of college and especially for women. With this group’s focus on home schooling children, do you really want someone homeschooling your children that only has a high school (or homeschool equivalent) of an education? It would be one thing if homeschooling was pushed so much to argue about not thinking women that will later be homemakers not go to college but with this emphasis it is baffling.

    I believe in college for both men and women for most but not all. Just find this baffling.

    I wrestled a long time with the doctrine of election (which some equate with Calvanism) because there are clearly too many verses where election is supported, going all the way back to the OT where God called Israel.

    Calvinism and the doctrine of election (that someone has no choice with regard to salvation) are one in the same from all that I have read.

    It is pretty easy find vs. supporting election/predestination and also easy to find verses that don’t support it. Some vs. that don’t support election/predestination include where it says

    18 being darkened in their understanding, [a]excluded from the life of God because of the ignorance that is in them, because of the hardness of their heart; (Eph 4:18)

    This vs. basically says that some men are ignorant and excluded because of their hardness.

    There is another vs. that says that God desires all men to be saved and come to the knowledge of Christ.

    If you choose to believe in Calvinism make sure you understand all that it stands for:

    – God decides who will and won’t be saved. Those who God doesn’t give an “irresistible grace” to have no chance of ever being saved. Thus for parents no matter how you raise your kids if God doesn’t give them this “grace” then they won’t be saved.

    – God says he “calls all men to repentance” but only gives some men what they need to be able to repent. It is almost like God is taunting some individuals.

    I am sure the debate over Calvinism vs. free will will continue till Christ returns. Just realize that there are scriptures to support both viewpoints.


  6. Oldguy (1, 8:08pm) wrote: “Postmillennialism drives their idea that things are getting better and better and the church has all authority and Jesus is waiting at the right hand of the Father for the Church to take dominion in order to usher in the return of Christ.”

    Is this why I get a strange sense of placidity from some of the leaders? No working hard for clarity and openness to those outside-but-next to them, as if it doesn’t matter all that much. A language meant for each other rather than for everyone. A lack of mission to broader culture (except as sermons of judgment), something that I’ve not met before in quite that way. ??

    If this is so, maybe it also partially explains the peculiar spiteful condescension among some of the supporters. Sometimes their comments are drive-by shooting practice, just to let off some steam.


  7. Steve240,

    We can take this over to the other thread, but I will say based on your last sentence, God does not talk out of both sides of his mouth, so to say that both sides are supported would not be an accurate statement.




  8. Maybe someone mentioned it already, but “TW” and Jen have let the next shoe fall– a Mistress Jezi was roaming BCA stalking sons, interns, and elders-in-training, and good parishioners who complained to Doug were church-disciplined, and those who left were excommunicated. Jen and “TW” are today getting a little sweet, well-deserved revenge, perhaps– served cold. When Doug first resigned, I perused the BCA website — the website for a supposed CHURCH and found it mostly filled with vitriol against the Epsteins– 6 years or more later.


  9. Ed
    We are binary individuals created with an “either or” mentality. We are bound by a three dimensional world and God is not. God is huge and not limited by time or place.

    I would not be surprised if there are other options that are outside the ability of our binary minds to comprehend. It is entirely possible there is a third way. Humility in our ability to comprehend such a God is often the best approach.

    BTW-Both sides of the mouth work only for binary creatures.


  10. Dee, I sort of disagree with that assessment. Let us reason together, God states. Jesus said time and time again, “Have you not read?” And, to be carnally minded is not a good thing. Ye need not that any man teach you, if you need wisdom, ask God, seek knowledge, and much more. Paul understood mysteries, and wants us to be like minded in figuring things out, lest we be ignorant.


  11. “We can take this over to the other thread, but I will say based on your last sentence, God does not talk out of both sides of his mouth, so to say that both sides are supported would not be an accurate statement. ”

    Bingo. More of the “making God a chaotic confusion”. The problem lies in the interepretation of what “election”/predestination means. Corporate or individual? Isreal was “elect” but not all Isrealites saved, for example.

    I do not for one minute believe God makes His truth some mystery we cannot know. In fact, *I think that was a big reason He came as a human! I think folks take the “see through a glass darkly” metaphor way too far….just as they take the sheep metaphor way too far. If we cannot know the indwelling God then what on earth was it all for? There are options we cannot know? Seriously? The appeal to mystery makes for a good way to dismiss the uncomfortable but it also props up many tyrants, too.


  12. Lydia, I have a response for you, but JA is setting up a new thread, closing out the old thread of the Calvinism free-for-all. Once completed, I will respond over there. I loved your response! I just feel the need to expound on your response.




  13. I posted my comment about Calvinism before looking at your link about new revelation about Doug Phillips. I wouldn’t have posted the comment about Calvinism if I had read that first. How utterly shocking but really not surprising. At least some of the truth is coming out.


  14. On Peter Bradrick’s wall, someone has posted this in his message:

    “I still stand by every word that he taught, because they were truth straight from scripture.”


  15. “Ah well, these Patriarchal Dominionists ARE “globalists” in the genuine sense of the term.

    They seek One World Religion, One World Culture, and One World Government.”

    Now there’s a statement to scare the liver out of a person!
    Especially since it’s so true.


  16. I have been following this thread and have not replied. But I am really bothered about some of the homeschool insinuations so can’t hold it in any longer. But first I would like to say that Doug is getting exactly what he deserves by deceiving so many. I pray for true repentance but nothing I have heard so far indicates any sort of sorrow for his many sins.

    I have homeschooled all five of our children. My husband and both graduated from high school and neither of us attended college. I started homeschooling, to be honest, because the public school we went to made learning BORING. So boring, we both dreaded ever stepping in a school again. We were athletic and popular so were handed decent grades because of it, but really learned almost nothing. We decided, before homeschooling was ever popular and before any leaders like Doug started speaking, that our kids deserved to have an excited learning environment.

    Our oldest is now in an engineering program at a very hard to get in public university. Actually, he made it into Honors College (1% of the college is in Honors) He has travelled the world and served as president in Robotic Competitions as a 10th to 12th grade. He competed against colleges such as MIT and won. As a sophomore he started a robotic division at the University he now attends and now they compete nationally. He is VERY outgoing and friendly The professors have recommended him to intern for many opportunities and have invited him to amazing events. He has won over 30K in scholarship money in 2 years.

    My daughters both are very talented and attended Running Start at our local college. They qualified to get into college in 11th grade. One is very talented musically and one artistic. I don’t know where it will lead them but know we are behind them 100 % no matter where God takes them.

    I am still homeschooling the youngest two.

    Don’t imagine any of them anti social nerds. They are actually so outgoing and friendly they have gotten comments from doctors and public school teachers about their dedication and wonderful personalities. My daughters drivers-ed teacher (public school teacher as she took it at our local high school) told me in his 30 years of teaching high school my daughter was in the top 5 % of intelligent and enjoyable kids.

    Okay, I am not trying to brag but just point out that some of the comments above are absolutely wrong. And I am not alone. Most homeschooled kids I know are very sweet and smart. That does not mean public school kids are not. I know many who are just as cool as my kids.

    We have always opened our home to all neighborhood kids. Actually, we have always been the fun house, with a trampoline, tree houses, and fun activities. Yes, we are careful where our kids go, but one of our kids best friends is not from a Christian family, actually they are very liberal. And we love them and feel totally comfortable having our kids play at their house anytime.

    Okay. So I am getting off my soapbox but couldn’t stand by the negative comments anymore. Don’t lump all homeschoolers together. The Doug followers are very few in my neck of the woods. Just as I wouldn’t say all public school teachers molest their kids just because some do. This is about Doug and his totally deceiving ways. Not about homeschooling. if people want to homeschool, home birth (I never would but hey, it works for some) make bread, whatever, how does that hurt others?


  17. Juie,

    I know that I have made a few comments here in regards to the negative. Yours is the positive. As I said in another comment here, whether parents decide to home school, or public school, it’s their decision, not the decision of another. Freedom. I really enjoyed reading your words. My opposition is certainly not based on examples of experiences such as yours. My opposition is based on phoney religious agenda’s, which includes the “indoctrination”, included in “education”. These are phoney religious battles, which are planted in people’s minds to make them fear the outside world of those “in the world”.

    Your story doesn’t seem to be related. Your story is beautiful.



  18. Thank you Ed 🙂 I have been following the Doug thing since the beginning. I used to listen to some of his stuff but threw it all away years ago when he kept asking for money as it just didn’t make sense that he needed money with all his trips and fancy clothing. But, never would I have believed someone could preach so much about family and all the while do stuff like this. It is disgusting and I feel dirty just listening to him and exposing his teachings to our kids for a short while. I would have never believed his tyrannical cult like hold on other believers. I feel sorry for them and hopefully this is enough to wake them up that Jesus is the only one we should uphold, follow and worship.


  19. Julie, Your last line is spot on! We must humble ourselves daily unto the Lord and not put our trust in men but in God and God alone. God will forgive Doug if he truly desires it and repents but that trust that you can only build over time with earthly brothers & sisters is all but lost forever. There are earthly consequences to our sin and it appears DP is in the reaping season of his sin. It’s easy for me to sit behind my keyboard and preach but we’re all sinners saved only by grace. Although I haven’t committed this same sin DP has I’m still a sinner and my best is filthy rags. Jesus presents me to the Father and without HIm I’m lost forever.


  20. Julie: I agree with Ed – what you’ve been able to achieve homeschooling your family is beautiful. I think most people generally have the understanding that homeschooling is absolutely fine. The Doug Phillips brand of homeschooling is fringe stuff and many Christian homeschoolers don’t even know it exists!

    I’m glad you’ve shared your family’s story here.


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  23. I agree both Ed and Julie Anne. The bad thing is how many people were for a short time (us) or long time (others) have had at least some damage to alot done through teachers like this and the Pearls and others. The only good thing, I hope, is people will stop looking to men but instead God and the bible to find out what it says and be supported of others whether they homeschool, public school or private school. There is alot of pride in the homeschool movement and we need to let go of that and be like Jesus.


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  25. Since Phillips promoted the view that Jesus was resurrected we can now push this aside as well. Praising we are free from biblical oppression. I wonder if others are held to the same standard, ehh probably not.


  26. Jimmy, Just because someone promotes something and they are deceiving does not mean that the truth is wrong. Jesus was resurrected. Surely you can understand this ideain your own realm of life? Example might be a teacher promotes learning is good and then does not teach. That does not mean learning is not true. It is logic.


  27. Dear Julie Anne,

    I’m not in the US, so I am probably oblivious to all the details surrounding Doug Phillips. I have written to say that I think there’s a bit of slander and gossip happening on this website. It seems that the people who are posting these things need to stop and think about their own actions in light of scripture.

    I’m not one of these followers of DP or VF, so please do not think I am a fierce defender of the movement. I just think that in all your disgust and anger that you’ve actually gone off track yourselves. You talk about abuse and the victim, yet there is nothing you can give to substantiate your claims. This type of talk simply is gossip.

    Personally, I don’t want to know anymore than what Doug and VF have publicly announced because really, what does it matter that I know the details or not? The bottom line is that guy sinned, he has publicly repented and apologised, and he has resigned from any teaching/pastoral positions. Whether he has truly repented or not is between God and Doug. What happened, and is happening, is between him, the Lord, and the people he has directly offended and hurt.

    I don’t see any scriptural support for how people are behaving here. Actually, I see a bit of pride coming out in the posts, a bit of looking down the nose. Here’s the thing – I have not read any confession from Doug or the woman about any details, so everything you allude to is mere speculation……gossip! You also refer to a comment by Bradrick and from there and then suggest that Phillip’s public repentance was fraudulent. Tell me, do you know the workings of his heart?

    So, let’s evaluate what you have done here. You’ve taken “he said/she said” snippets and used them to try and condemn another person. God’s Word makes it clear that we should not bear false witness, nor be a troublesome meddler, or one who gossips.

    If you have a beef about the VF/patriarchal movement, then focus on that and that alone. One person’s sin does not negate a teaching anymore than a person’s good deed does not confirm a teaching. Only the Word of God can reveal the truth or error in what is being taught.

    Kind regards,


  28. Lyn, Thank you for your post!!! I’ve read all of this with a true ache in my heart. Not just for what DP’s sin has done to vision forum supporters and readers, but for the sinful, hypocritical comments by the self-proclaiming Christians that have written here. Each and every one of you who has judged DP and VF is guilty of trying to remove a speck from his eye while you have a plank in your own. You are all sinners. You have all fallen short of the glory of God. You are saved (if you are) ONLY by the GRACE of our Lord, not by your own self-righteousness. All I’ve seen on here is self-righteousness. He has repented publicly and asked for forgiveness. Whether it’s true repentance can only be known by God. However, we are obligated to forgive him just as Christ has forgiven a multitude of our sins. His sins, no matter how great or how many, are no worse than any sin you or I have committed. That is not my opinion, that is in the Bible. And, although I was ex-communicated by the Presbyterian Church for not believing every doctrine they teach, I absolutely stand by much of VF’s teachings as they are Scriptural and not “created by Doug Phillips”. The biggest sin here (to me, not God) is that the disappointment and anger shown by most of you proves that you hold mankind to a standard they are not worthy of. If you recognized the sinful nature of man – every man – then you would not be so angry with DP for what he has done. You would feel sympathy for the fact that he is a sinner, just like all of you, and he needs Christ just as all of you. On another note, I have yet to see how this “woman” is a victim of DP. Was she under age? If not, then she is responsible for her actions and the choices she made to step in on a family. She shares the blame with DP. Since he has not been arrested, I will take that to mean she is of legal age and therefore, unless he tied her up in his basement, she is not a victim. She is an adulteress, just as he is an adulterer. I think, instead of pointing fingers and judging our brother, we should be encouraging him to seek the Lord in changing his heart about this matter and reconciling with his family. We should also look to his wife and children, who appear to be supporting and forgiving him, as an example to all of us of what Christ teaches. Love, do not judge lest ye be judged. Thank you again, Lyn, for being the only one bold enough to speak the truth.


  29. Lynette, I added the 2 to your name because we have another regular reader by the name Lynette and I didn’t want people to get confused.

    I could not disagree with your comment more. Please read the more post which was information shared to me by people very close to the situation. I’m not sure how you have come to your conclusions, but applying pat religious expressions of: judge not, about removing the plank, we’re all sinners, are just trite responses that avoid looking at the reality of what really was going on. I encourage you to keep reading the information here. On this blog, we protect victims of abuse. This young lady was underage when she knew Phillips who then later used his position of authority and trust over her. She bears no responsibility! I beg of you to learn about spiritual abuse so that you can understand these issues more clearly. thanks, Julie Anne


  30. “And, although I was ex-communicated by the Presbyterian Church for not believing every doctrine they teach, I absolutely stand by much of VF’s teachings as they are Scriptural and not “created by Doug Phillips”. ”

    There is the “clue”. “Shaving daddy is scriptural”. Oooookaaaaay.


  31. Lynette’s comment is almost comical if you didn’t think she(assume this person is a woman) was serious.

    Especially with her being a woman you would think she would understand the dynamics of an older man sexually harassing a younger woman and how vulnerable this woman (Doug Phillip’s victim) was especially due to the teaching on female submission promoted in this group not to mention the power dynamics.

    I would certainly hope that most people commenting and critiquing Doug Phillips don’t have “planks” in their eyes with Phillips only having “specks.” If that were the case, the people critiquing Phillips would be sexually harassing more women or something like that.

    There is no question Doug Phillips should be forgiven like everyone needs. There should be consequences for his actions Also when one behaves like this one should rightly so question his teachings.


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  34. Poking aroung your BLOG: The video of Bradrick shows a lot of black and white/all or nothing thinking. To me that is a sign of emotional immaturity. And a sign of a Pastor that is not emotionally healthy, And an emotionally unhealthy will be a Pastor that is likely to fall into inappropriate relationships at some point.

    We often find grace, mercy, and love, as we process gray areas of life with other sinners and sufferers. Does this mean we embrace sin and sufferering…. no. But it means grace, mercy, and love is a part of our language we do life side by side with each other.


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