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Facebook Comments Removed from Tony Miano’s Facebook Page When Commenter Asks About Donation $$

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Tony Miano put out a plea for donations on his Facebook page,  however, Tony’s admin guy, Chris H. deleted comments made by someone questioning about the money.  The commenter was accused of slander, defamation, and threatened to ban from posting on the Facebook page.  Bully, much?

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I got into the blog business because my former pastor didn’t like what I wrote about him and his church on Google reviews.  He was somehow able to the reviews removed and so then I started my first blog telling my story there.  After he realized he couldn’t remove my blog, he thought he could control me and my right to free speech by suing me and 4 others for defamation to the tune of $500,000.

So, earlier, when someone alerted me to comments being removed on Miano’s Facebook page, I fully admit, it got my dander up.   It triggered all of those old feelings for me.

You know what they say – birds of a feather – it just so happens that Tony and my former pastor, Chuck O’Neal are good buddies.  Chuck O’Neal wrote the foreword in Tony’s new book.  Maybe Chuck should inform Tony and his admin helper that suing didn’t fare well for him in case Tony has any funny ideas.  I’ll even offer to send the court documents.  After all, Tony’s probably not in the financial position to be paying $100K in attorney fees, not after the post pleading for donations.

So here’s the scoop.  Reader, lyn, posted a comment on an earlier article noticing that Tony Miano was giving a plea for money for his ministry.   But lyn also noticed that there was obviously a missing comment because Miano’s admin person, Chris H, responded to “Branden,” but Branden’s comment was no longer there.

Later, Branden posted another question.  I was able to get the screen shot below.  Branden’s 2nd comment is circled in red.

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Brendan's Deleted Comment

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Let’s  look at the first comment listed as “Tony Miano” which is really Chris H., the admin guy.  Remember, this is in response to Branden’s first comment which was apparently removed:

Branden, there is no lack of faith here, nor is it an effort to get folks to “sow a seed” in televangelist style. Making one’s needs known and asking folks to prayerfully consider assisting the ministry is perfectly biblical. Such an accusation is unnecessary and slanderous. Please refrain from such on this page. Thank you. – Chris H, admin.

Chris really needs to bone up on the word slander before tossing it around like that.  It wasn’t long before Brenden’s second comment was also removed.  Take a look at the response from admin guy Chris H.   You can see at this point, Branden’s comment was already removed:

*     *     *

Miano Admin

*     *     *

Open letter addressed to Chris H.

Dear Chris H. 

I watched a bit of the action on the Tony’s Facebook page today.  Please, Chris, stop throwing around legal terms when you do not know the definitions – first slander and secondly, defamatory.  There is nothing defamatory in Branden’s statement whatsoever.  There’s no statement of fact showing malicious intent.  Just because you may feel uncomfortable answering tough questions does not mean you start throwing big legal terms back at someone.  And then to threaten to ban them from the Facebook p age is very weak.

Listen – – if you have a ministry and you want people donate and someone asks you a public question, answer it to the best of your ability, openly, honestly with graciousness   There’s no need to get all defensive.  People have a right to know about the financial situation and where their money is going.   

Yours truly,

Julie Anne 

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The sad thing about this whole deal is that many people experience this same kind of behavior at their own churches.  I don’t know anything about Chris H., but if he were a pastor, I’d find his behavior extremely troubling.  In some spiritually abusive churches, you cannot ask anything about the financial statements.  In James MacDonald’s church, Harvest Bible Chapel, he withholds financial information from his congregants, including his salary.  

Many of my readers have had the experience of asking the wrong question and then suffering dire consequences.  Does the threat of Branden being prohibited from posting sound familiar?  What would that look like in a church situation?  

What Branden experienced publicly on the Facebook page is really a microcosm of what goes on in many abusive churches:

  • church member suffers retaliation when asks tough questions of the pastor or church leadership
  • church leaders fail to be open and forthright about financials
  • church leader uses legal terms like “defamatory, slander” inappropriately to shame and keep member quiet
  • church leader uses threats:  “if you continue to talk, you will get banned, excommunicated, church discipline.”

This behavior is ridiculous.   It needs to stop.  No one should be supporting ministries churches that behave like this.   Maybe Chris didn’t read Tony’s latest post:    Honoring Christ as Holy in My Heart.

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Updated 12/4/13 to add new conversation from Admin, Chris H. as someone asks directly why comments are removed:

Screen Shot 2013-12-04 at 3.14.23 PM

about an hour ago

65 thoughts on “Facebook Comments Removed from Tony Miano’s Facebook Page When Commenter Asks About Donation $$”

  1. Maybe because they are lying about why they need the money? And that whole ‘don’t write anything in the memo section of the check” thing s very disturbing. They could turn around and write anything they want in there. If you can’t even meet payroll, you shouldn’t run a ministry. Paying your employees should come first, all other ministry second.


  2. Would love to know the names of Miano’s employees that work for him in and are paid by him…. and more about the payroll he needs to make in 7 days.


  3. Another question….why can’t Miano speak for himself on his own FB page? We know he has a mouth…and fingers…yet this Chris H. speaks for him. Odd.


  4. On a related note, talking about televangelists and money, the Trinity Broadcasting Network founder, Paul Crouch passed away on November 30. There are still pending lawsuits brought by his own granddaughter who worked in the finance department of TBN in regards to massive illegal use of funds. This lawsuit tore apart the family, as the granddaughter was the daughter of Paul Crouch Jr., so, he was fired from TBN, and left TBN abruptly.


  5. Diane, he recently turned over his twitter account and Facebook accounts to his volunteers. It seems I remember someone called him out on his behavior at a conference he attended and he got convicted to lay back on social media.

    The original plea for funds was posted by Miano because we read his initials at the end of the note.


  6. @JA~

    “Diane, he recently turned over his twitter account and Facebook accounts to his volunteers. It seems I remember someone called him out on his behavior at a conference he attended and he got convicted to lay back on social media.”

    Yes, I remember that. So, instead of potential interaction by Miano and possibly getting clarification, we have Chris H. who shuts things down. Convenient.

    “The original plea for funds was posted by Miano because we read his initials at the end of the note.”

    Right. And people just believe he has a payroll to meet….why? Because he says so and oa preachers are always transparent and never play with words?
    (BTW- I am starting a ministry…don’t know the name of it yet or what it will be about, but I need a thousand dollars to pay my assistant that I don’t have yet. Can ya help?) 🙂


  7. I have experience – it happened last year and earlier this year – with a pastor shunning me and deleting things and apparently preventing some members of the church from speaking to his people, and I described the story on my mother tongue blog. (A link would be useless, as none of you speak Afrikaans.)

    First, I openly disagreed with an extreme complementarian sermon this pastor taught. At the time I was the only Children’s Sunday school teacher not in his class for children’s ministry. (Not by choice, he got the congregation to pay for training 3 people. There were 4 of us, and I assumed he asked the other 3 and not me because I already have other training in children’s ministry.) One woman who attended that class left the congregation shortly after the day I disagreed with him. He chose to fill the vacancy. With me? No – with someone who never taught Sunday school in her life. When there were 4 Sunday school teachers and he had room for 3 in class, I did not feel he discriminated to leave me out. When there were 3 teachers and he chose someone else for class – that was discrimination. (I think, but cannot prove, that he left me out because I disagreed with his position on the role of women.)
    Other factors heaped up – including the pastor saying, from the pulpit “nobody ever told me of anything I did wrong” which is a form of ignoring me (what I said about the hard comp sermon) and the lead elder and several other congregational members who indeed told him of things he (allegedly) did wrong.

    I – like about 10% of the congregation’s members, most of them the most active members – chose to leave at that time. (A few were apparently not choosing, but made to resign from what they did at church.)

    When I chose to leave there was one Sunday school lesson of the School term left. Like any decent, more or less dutiful person would do, I told the Sunday school secretary I am going away soon, but I will still finish the term, giving her about a month to find a replacement teacher – not 5 days. The pastor phoned me and told me not to be back at Sunday school if I don’t approve of everything happening in the congregation, he will get someone that same Sunday. So I did not say goodbye to my class. I think he did that because he worried that at church, before or after Sunday school, I may tell people why I am leaving.

    I published a set of blog entries about why I go away, as the pastor was telling things about the people leaving that did not represent the facts. I went to the facebook page of my congregation, and told my fellow church members thanks for everything, but I am going, with a link to my blog with the entries. Just after that the whole facebook group of the congregation was shut down. I don’t have evidence who shut it down and why, but I do know it was shut down at the time when congregational members started coming to my blog from facebook, and were discussing those entries.

    But the strangest story comes from after I left. The guy allegedly had a coffin in the church, and a paper (papers?) with the names of all the members who left (that would have included my name). He, from what I heard, threw the paper into the coffin and allegedly said something about burying the past and looking ahead. I sometimes, at the time, met members of that church who previously greeted me in town with them not greeting me this time. At about the time a church symbolically declared me dead (and me not knowing of the coffin scene at the time), I was having a bigger crisis of faith that I’ve had in my life. Coincidence, or something to do with declarations in the spirit world? My friend with a Word of Faith background believes she knows. Even I give some credence to the idea that a church declaring me dead to them – without me knowing it – caused some reaction in the spirit world that was not good for me.


  8. This was yesterday….from CE Newsletter December 2, 2013 / Volume 2, Issue 38:

    “Immediate Need

    Dear friends: We presently have $400 in our ministry account. We need to raise another $2,800 in the next week to ten days to make payroll on December 15.

    Another way you can support us is through the donation of Walmart gift cards. Simply go to your local Walmart, purchase a gift card of any amount, and mail it to:

    P.O. Box 220087
    Newhall, CA 91322

    Your support, however you choose to give, is greatly appreciated and an answer to prayer. Thank you.”

    It was $2400 on FB and now it is $2800?
    And from CE Newsletter November 25, 2013 / Volume 2, Issue 37:

    “With the Holidays Approaching

    As the holidays approach and many Christians are focused on buying gifts for friends and loved ones, family meals, and traveling to see relatives, small ministries like ours often feel the pinch. Added to our own situation, the company for which Mahria works (she serves as an accounting clerk at a local, private swim club) closes for the last two weeks of the year. Mahria’s income provides about 1/6 of our monthly financial needs. Giving has already slowed as we begin the last two months of the year. It looks like things could be pretty tight, financially.

    Without diverting attention from your church or those whom you plan to bless during the Christmas season, we humbly ask that you would consider supporting us, too.

    On way you can support us is through the donation of Walmart gift cards. Simply go to your local Walmart, purchase a gift card of any amount, and mail it to:

    P.O. Box 220087
    Newhall, CA 91322”


  9. Thanks for sharing your experience, Retha. Can you imagine if you were standing in front of people and your pastor shut you down – did not allow you to talk, removed you from the church in front of everyone for asking questions. That is essentially what these guys are doing publicly with comments. It’s absolutely rude.

    I truly think the online bully behavior is indicative of the way they think they get to control people in general.


  10. “For more than a year, now, Richard Story has served as my right-hand man in this fledgling ministry. Together, we hit the ground running and haven’t stopped or looked back once. Overt time, Rich began to assume more responsibilities and fulfill more roles. Over the last few months, especially as we’ve worked together in the publication of my second book, Should She Preach? – Biblical Evangelism for Women, I started to realize that Rich was serving as more than an assistant. He was taking initiative, not waiting to be asked to do things, and making good suggestions about improving, adapting, streamlining aspects of ministry.

    While Rich isn’t looking for a title, I think it’s important to recognize his sacrificial, exceptional, and godly service by giving him one. Henceforth, Richard Story is the new (and first) Manager of Cross Encounters Ministries. Rich has volunteered all of his time and energy these last 14 months. So, I think it is fitting that I double his salary from the standard pay of a volunteer to a manager who doesn’t get paid.”

    This was from “Richard Story: Manager of Cross Encounters Ministries” Thursday, September 19, 2013 Cross Encounters blog. It would appear Story isn’t on the payroll Miano has to make…. according to this post.


  11. Well, I used to be a payroll clerk. Payroll certainly did not include gift cards. Payroll did, however, include employer matched FICA taxes. The employee, of course, deductions for state/local/federal taxes, and other misc deductions. So, I wonder who their payroll clerk is, and who really is receiving/using those gift cards.



  12. JA, when I was on the Elder board we went through a very public budget process every year. Committee chairs submitted their requests, staff came up with suggestions, and the finance director (a completely volunteer position) put it all together for the board to consider. The board then adopted or modified as seemed appropriate, and published a detailed proposed budget three weeks ahead of the annual meeting where it would be put to an up or down vote of the membership. Staff salaries were in a category of their own, so if anyone wanted to know the percentage of the budget spent on paid staff it was right there to see along with all the other line items such as missions, music, children’s ministry, insurance, etc.

    At the annual meeting we then presented the budget and described the process. Any and all questions were answered to the best of our abilities. No one was accused of anything for asking questions about the budget or any other agenda item at the meeting.

    It seemed like a good way to run things to me.


  13. It could be that Branden was a troll and was just stirring up trouble. Or, wanting to argue. Sadly, there are many of those types on Facebook. Branden’s comments and accusations are troubling (i.e. frivolously comparing Benny Hinn to Tony Miano just for asking for support). Facebook comments can be quite hurtful, especially to a ministry who is truly doing work for God’s kingdom. Personally, I take offense to Branden’s comments and like Tony, I too have had to delete comments that are argumentative and hurtful. I don’t see anything wrong with what Tony Miano (i.e. Chris H) has done. In fact, I see more wrong with Branden stirring up trouble by his comments.


  14. Looks to me that “payroll” just might be his paycheck. $2800 + $400 looks like that would figure out to be an annual pay of $38000 a year. $3200 for him and $0 for his support staff.


  15. I’m guessing he didn’t get enough Walmart gift cards to cover his home expenses. And, I’m guessing that his “payroll” means his pay. Really, if the guy can’t cover his own expenses through the giving that is already coming in, then he needs to get a side job. Something that the rest of the us manage to accomplish but seems to be above him.

    Also, he should be petitioning the churches that support him as a “missionary.” I’m sure CON’s church has lots of extra money to spare.


  16. “Cross Encounters”? Oh my, appropriate name considering the way he encounters people makes them cross.


  17. “Thanks for sharing your experience, Retha. Can you imagine if you were standing in front of people and your pastor shut you down – did not allow you to talk, removed you from the church in front of everyone for asking questions. ” – Julie Anne

    It happened the day when, as written here “I openly disagreed with an extreme complementarian sermon this pastor taught.” He threatened to get elders to carry me out of church if I don’t stop opposing him. (I was not saying a word, but standing up in church with folded arms and a frown. The idea was that the hearers could, if this message is bad for them, know someone in church believe different – and ask me for another message if they need it.)

    But I would never criticize Tony M., or anyone else, for the simple fact that they delete comments from their facebook page.
    I criticize Tony in this case for what he is deleting.
    To defend why I don’t criticize deletion or non-publishing, magazines or newspapers do not publish all the letters they receive either. Why should, for example, a celeb gossip magazine publish letters that has nothing to do with doings of the rich and (in)famous? Why should a newspaper publish an insult to the editor?
    I believe in freedom of speech, but that don’t mean I have to host your press conference in my living room or on my blog. Nor does it mean that I have to borrow someone a podium or a microphone, or my Facebook page. To give an example, the blog The Wartburg Watch deletes comments which are hard-hearted towards victims of abuse. Those comments are unhelpful to the site goal. Another example is that either this blog or Jensgems recently refused to take a comment out of moderation with the name of the woman Doug Phillips had “an emotional affair” with. (The blogger said: “[Name], your comment won’t be published”.)
    As for why we can criticize him for what he is deleting, this case is about honesty and transparency to me.


  18. @ JA~

    From http://tmiano dot com/caa-team/

    “Chris Hohnholz

    Chris Hohnholz is a 14-year veteran of the Nevada Division of Parole and Probation. He graduated in 1996 from the University of Nevada, Reno with a BA in Criminal Justice. He also served as an officer in the Nevada Army National Guard from 1996 to 2004. In September of 2000, Chris was confronted with his sin in light of the holiness of God. Subsequently, Chris received eternal life in Christ and now attends Calvary Chapel of Reno-Sparks with his wife and two sons. In August of 2009, he completed the Living Waters Ambassador’s Academy program and has actively been engaged in evangelism. He is currently the head administrator of the blog Defending Contending and is the co-hosts Cross Encounters Radio with Tony.”

    It appears he works as a parole/probation officer or in some other capacity for the Nevada Division of Parole and Probation? His twitter describes his function at Cross Encounters as:

    Born again believer in Jesus Christ • Co-Host, Producer, All Around Gofer Monkey at Cross Encounters Radio”

    ….. so do not know if that means he is on a payroll or if he volunteers his time, as Story does. If Miano does not pay Story, it would seem odd for him to pay Hohnholz, wouldn’t it, since Story is the manager of it all?


  19. I question the whole thing because, as Diane pointed out, he now has employees? Where did they come from, who are they, and why has the donation amount now increased? Notice on the FB page, Chris H. states it’s for the ministry, but, Miano is asking for donations because of payroll…so which is it? Aren’t these flighty ministries accountable? Don’t people have a right to question such frequent demands? Why can’t Mr. Miano get a job, work with his hands, and street preach on his free time? There is WAY too much wrong with this man’s ministry for me to be comfortable with, including the constant promotion of himself, his cronies coming to his defense and attacking others, and not allowing anybody to question what they’re doing. This is not a ministry, this is a scam. This man needs to repent, get a job, and fade from the limelight.


  20. Here’s another question, does he pay these so-called employees {even though they volunteer} with Wal-Mart gift cards? Why is he asking for gift cards in one breath, and money for payroll in another? What does he plan on doing with people’s hard earned money? He is able to work, so why doesn’t he? Enough of this scam already.
    People need to NOT give to this man, he is no better than Benny Hinn, or any other WOF huckster that only seeks to fleece folks!


  21. Branden’s comments and accusations are troubling (i.e. frivolously comparing Benny Hinn to Tony Miano just for asking for support). Facebook comments can be quite hurtful, especially to a ministry who is truly doing work for God’s kingdom. Personally, I take offense to Branden’s comments and like Tony, I too have had to delete comments that are argumentative and hurtful. I don’t see anything wrong with what Tony Miano (i.e. Chris H) has done. In fact, I see more wrong with Branden stirring up trouble by his comments.

    Greg D. – Hey now – – are you coming to my blog speaking against my post and being divisive and argumentative? Are you stirring trouble on MY BLOG?

    If I were to follow suit the same way Chris H. has, I’d be calling you a slanderer and saying your words were defamatory and you wouldn’t still see your comment above. That is a lot of my beef. That behavior is so inappropriate.

    I hope you get the point I’m trying to make. I don’t care if you challenge me. It doesn’t threaten me in the least. I’ve had to eat crow before. No biggie. It’s humbling and good for me.

    But I don’t think there’s anything wrong with Branden’s comments. If you follow Miano long enough, you know how often he begs for money and some of the things he’s wanting are extravagant as far as I’m concerned. Why should he *get* to go overseas trips all the time and beg people for $$ to support that? Why is Tony so special more than someone else who is already in that country? What about this decked out van that he wants to get – – brand spankin’ new? He doesn’t “need” a brand new van. He wants a brand new van. Sure, it may not be the level of Benny Hinn’s extravagance, but Branden’s point is well taken, especially by those who have watched this ministry from any length of time. And let’s keep in mind Miano’s behavior that we have seen publicly for a long time. It’s really not very good. He’s been arrogant and completely rude to so many people and he does it publicly. There’s no denying it once you see it.


  22. The financial impact on churches and non-profits correlates to the fact that more and more people are struggling to make ends meet today. I would hope that people are really thinking about where their money goes. If the organization that they are giving to is upfront about how the funds are being used, then I think more people will be willing to give to it.

    I can only draw conclusions from my own experience and by talking to some friends about theirs. We have dramatically changed the way we think about giving. We want to know that the little that we are able to give is going to be used to directly help people and not just line the pockets of those running the organization. Considering the fact that I find Miano’s approach to evangelism repulsive, I would never give to someone like him knowing that the money is only going to help him to meet personal expenses.


  23. And money isn’t the only thing for which Tony might pray, and trust God for the results. One of his friends has said that if he were to go out in a field and preach to prairie dogs, God would providentially break people’s cars down, so they might hear. So if Tony were to just go into his back yard and preach to the squirrels, might he not trust God to providentially send his audience? A man hiding in a tree once heard Spurgeon preach, and was converted, after all. Plus– this plan would cut down on ministry expenses. OK– sorry for the levity– I’ve been gleeful and chortling on the Phillips thread, and am finished now. I’d weep over some of this stuff, but that would be unmanly for an effeminate male reader of this blog.


  24. Actually, Dave AA, there was a rumor floating around that the real reason for Miano’s big trip to Norway was so he could preach to the musk oxen up in Lapland, and that he had to hurry to get there because the sun was about to set and wouldn’t rise again for 3 months. That’s what I heard, anyway.


  25. Maybe Chris H., the admin guy, is grouchy cuz he is not getting paid by Tony! Thus, he has a reason to be irritable with people who clog the system by asking questions about $$.


  26. “It could be that Branden was a troll and was just stirring up trouble. Or, wanting to argue. Sadly, there are many of those types on Facebook.”

    Yes, sure could be all those things. Or, it could have really hit close to home and that’s why it was removed. But, sadly, we will never know. You know why? Because it’s gone and we are left with Chris H.’s interpretation of its content. It looks rather idiotic to reply on FB to a missing comment. Now there are two missing comments, although we have evidence of the second one. We are left with…well, he could have said that…or, he could have been argumentative (subjective)… or, he could have been insulting…etc. We don’t know what was written in Brendan’s first comment.

    “(i.e. frivolously comparing Benny Hinn to Tony Miano just for asking for support).”

    Tell me please, Greg D., why is that a frivolous comparison? Isn’t that what Hinn does…”just for asking for support”? He asks for money, Miano asks for money. I have listened to Benny Hinn, to whom I would never give. He is sometimes quite sincere appearing in his requests for money-iow, no seed faith or give and you will get conditions put to it. Just requests for this or that…nothing way out there.

    “Facebook comments can be quite hurtful, especially to a ministry who is truly doing work for God’s kingdom.”

    I assume the ministry to which you refer is Miano’s? Could you tell us how you know his ministry is “truly” doing work for God’s kingdom? I would like to know how you know, if you wouldn’t mind sharing.

    “In fact, I see more wrong with Branden stirring up trouble by his comments.”

    Well, it is my opinion that you are assuming Branden “stirred up trouble.” Could it be he was upset, troubled and saw similarities and inconsistencies instead of stirring up trouble, as you put it?


  27. Thank you for sharing your experience, chaya1957. Do you remember how long ago that was?

    BTW, if you are a woman who supports Tony’s doctrinal beliefs or give Tony lots of atta-boys, you will get airtime.


  28. SMG ” the real reason for Miano’s big trip to Norway was so he could preach to the musk oxen up in Lapland”
    and God *might* cause a laplander’s reindeer to break down so he (laplander, not reindeer) could hear the gospel!
    Seriously, I believe there was a fellow named Mueller who built a bunch of orphanages and went on a bunch of missions trips, all supported by donations for which he never asked anyone but God. Supposedly, one morning the orphanage was totally out of food, but Mueller thanked God for their breakfast anyway. A baker then knocked on the door with bread, and a milk-man’s cart broke down out front so he gave them his milk. Mueller *forgot* to make his needs known, to man, on facebook, in the *biblical* manner.


  29. “Greg D on December 3, 2013 at 8:56 AM
    It could be that Branden was a troll and was just stirring up trouble. Or, wanting to argue. Sadly, there are many of those types on Facebook. Branden’s comments and accusations are troubling (i.e. frivolously comparing Benny Hinn to Tony Miano just for asking for support). Facebook comments can be quite hurtful, especially to a ministry who is truly doing work for God’s kingdom. Personally, I take offense to Branden’s comments and like Tony, I too have had to delete comments that are argumentative and hurtful. I don’t see anything wrong with what Tony Miano (i.e. Chris H) has done. In fact, I see more wrong with Branden stirring up trouble by his comments.”

    Twice you use the term “stir up trouble” and once, “troubling.” Coincidentally, these were the words with which the corrupt King Ahab greeted Elijah: “Is that you? You are always stirring up trouble in Israel.” It always fascinates me how the accusation of “stirring up trouble” is often lodged by certain church leaders against those asking uncomfortable questions — as though the act of asking a troubling question equals “stirring up trouble” equals something inherently wrong. It is never wrong to “stir up trouble” by asking direct questions about integrity and so forth. Just ask Elijah. “I haven’t made trouble,” was his reply to Ahab. “You have.”

    It may be that Mr. Miano has a good answer to Branden’s question, I don’t know. Asking for monetary donations inherently opens one up to questions about what the donate money is being used for, and to explain any inconsistencies. Many reputable Christian churches and nonprofits understand the need for accountability in this area. Even if Branden was trying to be “hurtful” to a “ministry,” answering Branden with integrity and a reasonable explanation would turn the whole situation into an opportunity to strengthen the ministry and encourage folks to donate by demonstrating that donations will be used wisely in God’s service.

    As you suggest, Mr. Miano isn’t obligated to host anybody’s comments, but he does come off looking silly if he deletes them and attacks the questioner with what seems to be a manufactured, overly-defensive reason for removal. After all, he’s not obligated to give any reason at all for taking the comment down.

    That being said, I don’t know who you are, Gary D, but when leaders squelch “arguing” and “argumentative” folks simply for “arguing” (as your comment suggests you regularly do) instead of answering them with love, those leaders are inherently requiring blind, unquestioning, unreasoning obedience. They are not doing their part to defend the gospel, help lost people find the truth, or assist their fellow Christians in establishing the foundation of their faith on knowledge of Jesus Christ, his character, and his Word — as opposed to establishing their faith in the leader, his personality, and his ipse dixit. Such “leaders” are not serving God and His ministry when they do this; they are serving themselves and “their” ministry.

    I hope you will examine what you wrote and what it says about your leadership and ministry. I will pray that God will give you courage, strength, and wisdom to have an answer for anyone who asks/argues/questions the basis of your faith and ministry instead of silencing those people.

    Don’t be an Ahab. Be A Paul or a Timothy– or better yet be like Jesus, who acknowledged and answered a lot of hard questions, even from people who really were seeking to hurt his ministry with their questions. And God didn’t delete the Pharisees’ questions to from his Book, either;
    he included them, along with Jesus’ answers, for our benefit.


  30. DaveAA,

    George Mueller is an excellent example of a man who lived by faith and trusted his God to provide his needs. He NEVER told a soul what he needed, instead, he prayed, and God provided. Sometimes it was down to the wire, but Mueller trusted God and God was/is faithful. I HIGHLY recommend reading about Mueller.

    Greg D,

    It sounds like you think it’s perfectly acceptable to ask for money and NOT be held accountable, then have someone get mad when questions are raised…how is that any different than Benny Hinn? I too wonder how you know God is using Miano to bring sinners to Christ. I watched a video of him outside an abortion clinic; he belittled a young married man who had his young daughter in the back seat. Miano accused this man of being a bad father, now you tell me, how is that bringing sinners to Christ? Someone put a bug in Miano’s ear, he removed just about every video that exposes his attacks on sinners. That is NOT how we are to evangelize the lost! We are not called to attack them, badger them, and slander them {take note Chris H., slander is a verbal attack, like Miano did to that poor young father who dropped his wife off at her job at the abortion clinic}. That poor young dad NEVER heard the gospel that day, did you catch that Greg D? He left that clinic so furious, he wanted to beat Miano into the ground, but he showed better restraint and discernment than Miano did. If that is Christianity, you can keep it. I will take the Jesus of the Bible, who bids us to follow Him, who was meek and lowly, not arrogant and insulting.
    Miano is hiding behind what he labels a ‘ministry’ and fleecing people out of money. He is deceptive, as his tweet clearly shows. He now claims to need money to make ‘payroll’, then does not even bother going into detail. He expects people to take him at his word; God gave us a brain to USE.
    He also continues to lie about his time spent as a ‘deputy sheriff’, stating he retired after twenty years service. He quit after thirteen years, then stayed on for seven more on a voluntary basis. Is this a big deal? Yes! He gets no pension…why? Because he quit. So why, oh why, does he continue to tell folks he retired after 20 years? Probably for the same reason he now, all of a sudden, has payroll to make. Too bad he hasn’t learned, it isn’t about him.
    Miano paints a picture of himself and of his ministry that isn’t based on truth. He’s ever-changing, claiming now he won’t use a ‘lawman’ approach, in other words, he’s not going to get in people’s faces and bring them to a point of wanting to pulverize him. So, he’s relying on his own ‘method’ to ‘win souls’. He follows some script from his WOTM days, again, man’s method for ‘engaging’ the lost. Isn’t it the preaching of the Gospel what God uses, or is Romans 1:16 missing from his Bible? If God were empowering his ministry, Miano would not be begging for money every time you turn around. If Christians would study their Bibles and quit following and defending mortal men, we might see the power of God unleashed. Until that happens, we’ll continue to see men like Miano use his own method of what he labels a ‘ministry’. God doesn’t need Tony Miano, God doesn’t need any of us.

    P.S. – – Diane,
    I’ll mail you a rubber check for your ‘ministry’, leaving the memo blank….of course. Get yourself something nice!!


  31. Diane,
    Any day now I’m expecting an unbelievably big check from a Nigerian prince. He didn’t want to be troubled with a lot of argumentative questions about the financial details, but that’s understandable as he is a prince and all and he’s busy selflessly running a country or something.

    Anyway, as soon as it arrives I’ll send you enough for a van. I just hope you can find a car dealership that takes Walmart gift cards.


  32. So this is Christianity in America, this is what a ‘ministry’ looks like; men who refuse to be engaged, questioned, challenged, brought into accountability. If you DARE use your brain and investigate, you are belittled, deleted, blocked. If you are a woman, you are labeled as being ‘manly’. How dare you come out of the kitchen{or bedroom} and speak!! How dare you usurp the authority of ‘godly men’! Yea, right. How dare they bring shame and reproach upon the name of Jesus Christ for the sake of financial gain, or sensual pleasures, or both. How dare them abuse whatever authority they think they have and seek to oppress.

    When someone refuses to ‘fess up’, obviously, they have something to hide. There is a HUGE cover-up in Evangelical Christianity, and it isn’t limited to just Miano; he’s a small fish in a big pond. We all would do well to follow Christ and Him alone, we all do well to pray to the Holy Spirit to teach and guide.

    Free at Last,

    I think I’m having a ministry too, yea, I am. I would like a donation of any amount so I can buy ‘stuff’ too, can you help me out as well? Send it to ‘fleece the flock, 1313 hypocrite drive, Gimme Gimme, USA…and thanks!!! P.S. don’t you DARE ask me any questions about what I do with YOUR money, or I’ll threaten you….


  33. Lyn

    ” Gimme Gimme, USA…and thanks!!! P.S. don’t you DARE ask me any questions about what I do with YOUR money, or I’ll threaten you….”

    Funny, that’a what the Nigerian prince said!

    I am alternately saying “amen” and cracking up to your comments. Thanks.


  34. @ Free At Last~

    Thanking you for your generosity!! This will enable me to do some kind of unknown ministry in a yet to be determined part of the country to evangelize the lost (since there are no proper evangelists in the yet to be determined part of the country I may or may not go to in my new van). Please make sure it’s enough $$/gift cards for a 2014 van, as only the best will do for my no name yet to be started ministry. And remember if sending a check, leave the you know what blank, pretty please with sugar on top.


  35. Diane on December 3, 2013 at 4:20 PM


    Also, by “evangelizing” I hope you mean “screaming abusively at people you disagree with in front of their children” “blocking argumentative questions” and “giving air time to people who adorably parrot your views back to you” because that is what “ministry” looks like!

    That’s the kind of ministry i plan to support!


  36. WOW Free at Last, I feel just like the Beverly Hillbillies!! I am going to move out to Caly and head for Beverly…hills that is. Swimmin’ pools, movie stars! I’ll be sure and ‘keek’ short videos of me eating Chinese, or shopping for bubble wrap, or walking down some Palm tree filled street sharing with ya’ll how my morning prayer walk went! PLEASE, don’t give more to Diane’s ministry than you do mine! Cat fights can get so ugly…

    On a more ‘serious’ note, here’s a review of Miano’s book –


  37. I do have some parting thoughts to share, why should we consider Miano’s ministry legit? He keeks videos of himself eating Chinese with his daughter, or fish and chips with his wife, or shopping, things of that nature. IF he has time to ‘goof off’ all day long, why isn’t he working? Why should anybody send their hard earned money to someone who has time to work but won’t? Why defines a ministry in our day? Apparently, anything does. Just because he takes it upon himself to travel all over and proclaim what he defines to be the Gospel, although what I have seen is anything but, does not automatically mean this man should be supported by believers. God has Godly men in every part of the globe, He does NOT need Miano to travel far and wide. Why doesn’t Miano go to Iran, or Iraq, or any Muslim- dominated country with his dog and pony show?

    He acts out of his own flesh, his continual self promotion and blogging of constant ‘changes’ proves such. He gets in people’s faces, he insults, he falsely accuses, he blocks, deletes, ignores, etc. This is NOT biblical evangelism. Hucksters who seek to fleece people are not limited to the WOF folks; they are found in the Reformed camp as well. Just because somebody gives a good outward appearance doesn’t make them legit, do some research people! Ask questions, and if they refuse to answer, don’t give a DIME to men who refuse to give accountability for what they do with YOUR money. Don’t give money to men who use man-made methods to evangelize the lost, who follow some script, who have an ‘answer’ for hecklers, doubters, etc. Avoid men such as this, for they are acting out of their flesh, and NOT under the power of God the Spirit. Enough of this garbage! May God have mercy on America, the pulpits are filled with men-pleasers, and street preachers who use their own means of ‘trying to save’. The name of Christ is reproached and shamed because of lukewarm, shallow Christianity; men pretending to be something they aren’t. May God truly save, may He bring sinners to repentance, starting with the ministries of most men in this country.


  38. JA,
    If they respond and take it down, it will only continue to prove {not that we need more evidence} they are divisive, mean-spirited, and have accusing, wicked, evil tongues. Miano and Chris H. attack others, falsely accuse, and act in ways that are defined as sin. Pride keeps us from seeing our own sins.


  39. JA –

    This was part of a comment by Nicholas at TWW:

    “Another recent example of caving to pressure that comes to mind is Ken Silva of Apprising Ministries who deleted the posts on his blog about Chuck O’Neal.”

    Are you aware of this and/or do you have any insight into why this was done?

    I would have emailed this, but couldn’t find your email address.


  40. Re; Topic at hand-pleas for cash….
    Have you heard the new Chinese dish?

    Sum Dum Sheep

    (my heathen (yet saved weeks before death PTL) dad used to use another word that rhymed with “luck”)


  41. Bridget: Yes, I have been aware of it for quite some time. I was a wreck the day I heard about it and then it made me realize that what we have going on behind the scenes among Christian leaders is so, so corrupt. Someone obviously decided to pressure Ken Silva. Keep in mind, Ken has been very ill all last year and was hospitalized quite a bit. I do know that he partners with someone and so it could be that the partner took it down. I think you can still find the original article on the Wayback Machine and Brad has it document in the lawsuit archives.

    I tried to contact Ken via e-mail when I discovered this and he never responded back to me. I guess that’s not surprising. However, prior to this, Ken and I communicated by e-mail from time to time, and although we don’t agree on everything theologically, he obviously had a respect for me and linked and quoted at at least one of my articles (on how pastors twist scripture to abuse).

    The truth is that Chuck O’Neal had his licensed revoked by the same group who issued the license to him. This can be verified by contacting Grace Brethren folks. I can provide the websites of the key pastors involved in this.

    While it was nice to have a respected man, Ken Silva, vouch for my credibility in saying that his license was revoked, obviously, someone behind the scenes does not want that information spread. I have my suspicions as to who was involved and it has to do with mutual connections of Tony Miano (go figure). In fact, I have seen a tweet from Tony Miano trying to connect with Ken Silva to see if they could talk regarding Ken’s post about Chuck. I should look that up before it vanishes.


  42. Julie Anne
    DECEMBER 4, 2013 @ 12:14 PM

    Thanks for the clarification. I wasn’t aware that he had taken down his content on Chuck O’Neal. I’m sure it was difficult for you. His being ill may well have played into the decision, or not. It’s hard to know what is going on behind the scenes.


  43. A comment posted by Chris H:

    “I’d like establish something here. There are many who clearly feel that for a ministry or an evangelist to make their financial needs known, that somehow they are acting sinfully or are lacking faith in God. That is their prerogative, they are welcome to believe as they wish. However, if your desire is to come to the page and make these accusations without basis, the comments will not be posted. The reason is simple, this page is for the edification of the saints and to update folks on what is going on with the Cross Encounters ministry. It is not for people to start fights and squabbles or to pick their own personal nits. If you are not satisfied with this, please feel free to email us at Thank you. – Chris H, admin.”

    about an hour ago”

    Tony Miano FB page


  44. It really is, Bridget. What it did was make me even more upset about the politics behind things. And now we have this Driscoll/Mefferd thing breaking out and my gut tells me that some big names are behind that as well. The same thing with the SGM/CJ Mahaney issue. I just do not trust Christian “leaders” anymore. That’s probably a healthier place to be, actually. My trust should be in Christ.


  45. Why is it so hard to respond biblically to the comments issued to Miano? Chris H. is continuing to use the ‘lawman approach’ when confronted, he shuts the argument down by making threats, false accusations, and ignorant rants. It only makes the situation look worse, if that’s possible.
    Why does Tony Miano need over 2500.00? Why can’t you just answer the question honestly, humbly and in the spirit of love Chris H.? Those who seek after dishonest gain will not engage anybody who dares to question their requests for money. It’s way past time to stop supporting 99.9% of what labels itself as a ‘ministry’ in this country.

    There are so many similarities between these requests for money from Miano and Chris H.’s responses, both resemble the WOF hucksters who insist on you donating, then attack you if you dare question them.
    As for K. Silva, how sad he too has lost any ‘backbone’ he may have had. Sadly, I think it will get much, much worse before it gets better.


  46. ‘My trust should be in Christ.”

    How can you trust someone in whose name all this crap gets done to you?


  47. ” Gimme Gimme, USA…and thanks!!! P.S. don’t you DARE ask me any questions about what I do with YOUR money, or I’ll threaten you….”

    Funny, that’a what the Nigerian prince said!

    “I go chop you dollar,
    I make your money disappear;
    Four-one-nine just a game;
    You be de mugu,
    I be de Masta!”
    — Nigerian pop song about 419 scams


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