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Tony Miano’s Public Behavior and Relationship with Chuck O’Neal

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I recently discovered Storify, a cool way to enable one to compile tweets/articles into one quick and easy “story.”    Here is one example of storify.  It is a public Twitter conversation showing how popular street evangelist, Tony Miano, interacted with me.

This is a great way to document tweets and articles in one place (click below):

View the story “Tony Miano’s Public Behavior and Relationship with Chuck O’Neal” on Storify

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45 thoughts on “Tony Miano’s Public Behavior and Relationship with Chuck O’Neal”

  1. Excellent Storify JA. It sounds to me like he is declaring you an unbeliever. Didn’t he also say you were a wolf in one tweet, iirc? A wolf or a false something or other desiring sordid gain? The sordid gain was puzzling. I do not see a donate button on your blog, but I sure do on his website.

    From your Storify~

    “Tony Miano @TonyMiano
    @DefendTheSheep @ABereanOne @Richardst5 @ChuckONeal_ You are a liar, Julie. Repent and believe the gospel while God has given you time.
    11:06 PM – 24 Aug 2013”


    “Tony Miano @TonyMiano
    @DefendTheSheep @ABereanOne @Richardst5 @ChuckONeal_ Julie, you are a liar and neither the love nor truth of God is in you.
    11:46 PM – 24 Aug 2013”

    These seem to me to be declaring you not a Christian, not a believer, someone who needs to believe the gospel as if you had not already done so. He certainly wasted no time deciding you were someone who did not believe the gospel and tweeted it. It may be helpful to him to revisit an article he wrote in 2011 regarding whether or not Christian should question the salvation of other professing Christians. I think he owes you an apology. Here are a few quotes from the article:

    “At the same time, no person has the right or authority to declare another person saved or unsaved, simply because of what the other person says or does.”

    “That being said, we should not set out arbitrarily or with malice in our heart to separate the weeds from the wheat, because in doing so we may injure the wheat–we may hurt those who are truly saved by causing them to doubt their salvation.”

    “Again, we do not have the right or authority to declare someone saved or unsaved.”

    (On The Box Thursday, April 21, 2011 Should Christians Question the Salvation of Others? This article was revised, edited, and expanded (04-21-11, 1530 hrs).)


  2. “These two Kings said one to another:
    ‘King unto King o’er the world is Brother’?”

    Or just some mutual a**-kissing?


  3. ‘Julie I am not intimidated by unrepentant women who assert themselves like men. Repent.’

    So what he is saying is he will believe you if you have a man tell him the same thing right? (giggles) The insecurity of these fellows is amazing! Where does it say in the bible that women shouldn’t be assertive?

    Your old pastor is sure to burn old Mr. Tony in time. Two big egos in the same room don’t do so well in the long run. Ya know – human nature and all!


  4. This man is a HUGE mass of contradictions. He doesn’t even hold to his own teachings. From his blogpost,- http://www.crossencounters.us/2013/11/the-bait-switch-of-friendship-evangelism.html – he says “Please, initiate relationships with lost people. Please, befriend those who do not know Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. But do so in a way that brings glory to Jesus Christ and not to yourself. Begin your friendships with the gospel. Love people, regardless of their response. Be a true friend–one of whom the Lord can one-day say, “Well done, good and faithful servant.”

    I posted a video of his where he was outside an abortion clinic and he got into it with a young man who’d dropped his wife off at the clinic; she worked there. Miano badgered this man and proceeded to tell him he was a bad father, based on nothing more than Miano’s own opinion; no loving presentation of the Gospel, no reaching out to the lost, no doing things in a way that brings glory to Christ. This man got so angry with Miano he got out of his car and was very close to physical contact with Miano. Sadly, this video was removed by Miano, along with a ton of others where he was abusive. I have seen other videos where Miano works sinners into a frenzy because he badgers them, he insults them, and he belittles them. Someone put a bug in his ear and advised him to remove those videos. No true regenerated man of God should speak the way this man spoke to lost sinners. No true brother in Christ should insult other Christians the way this many does. He constantly promotes himself, his books, his personal life, his appearances. He has forgotten that he MUST decrease and that Christ must increase. He has no right to tell anybody they are or are not saved. He is going way beyond what is written and he needs to be gently rebuked. He is in need of repentance himself, yet, he cannot see it. How sad is it when those who profess Christ attempt to pull splinters out of the eyes of others and fail to see the huge redwood protruding from their own eye. We are called to love one another, to be merciful and compassionate, and to see others as better than ourselves. There is so much in God’s word that is NOT being lived out in the lives of many who profess Christ.


  5. Blame shifting is always the easiest attack. And when the other person starts spewing blame-attacks, it is also most often the clearest easy of knowing that you’ve hit a nerve with the truth.


  6. He says, “I am not intimidated by unrepentant women who assert themselves like men. Repent.” What does he mean? Are you supposed to repent being a woman? No!! Keep doing what you are doing, speaking the truth with boldness.


  7. The sad thing is this is only one conversation. This was similar to the first Twitter conversation I had with him. I could look it up. The point being this was not a one-time thing, but a pattern-and not only with me, but a lot of people. This is unacceptable behavior for a Christian.


  8. Blame shifting – it goes along with Miano’s presuppositional style of how he ministers as a street preacher. Everything is scripted, when you go outside the boundaries of what he adheres to, he already has an answer, a comeback. It’s all laid out for him, from his days at WOTM. Scripted,short, canned answers that don’t require engaging in meaningful conversations, nor does it require listening to others with genuine care and concern for their eternal state. It’s a constant barrage of quick comebacks, but is that biblical? No! We are called to ‘reason’ with sinners, as the Apostle Paul reasoned with the men of Athens and their ‘unknown god’. That requires studying God’s word, not some scripted man-made method of ‘how to street preach’. Most of all, it requires dying to self, not caring if you are offended, mocked, attacked, etc. When he is attacked, he returns the favor. Right there, he has blown it. The power of God is NOT on a ministry that is empowered by man-made methods along with huge egos.

    He turns on Christians, accuses, attacks, and passes judgment. This man is on very, very dangerous ground.


  9. !!! This makes my blood boil! I know you are a tough chick with incredible tolerance, but I hate the constant backlash and abuse that you get from these dishonest and nonsensical bozos and sociopaths, Julie Anne. You are right, this is not acceptable.


  10. Well, first Tonya O’Neal started the Twitter retaliation and now Chuck O’Neal is going at it, both tagging Janet Mefferd as if she has anything to do with this – lol.

    Oasis – – I can’t be bothered by these men. But it absolutely infuriates me that people listen to the words of these men sometimes more than their own Bibles.


  11. lyn @ 606,
    I saw the same video and need to add there was a child in that car!!! Not compassionate at all!!! Very rude, antagonistic and attention seeking….all for what? Interesting it has been taken down, damage control?


  12. Julie Anne, quit picking on former marines and ex-cops, LOL. All these two can do is parrot the same tired, worn out lines: liar, liar you are a liar nanny naan boo boo

    Besides they need all the time they can get to prove just how big, bad and Hairy they are. Tony actually has a rather lengthy write up on his site about what a big , bad law enforcment guy he was. I bet the females on that department could tell some great stories about ole Tough guy Tony. These two boobs deserve each other for best buds. You should have said you aren’t intimidated by ” men” that assert themselves like boobs and bully women. Wheather it’s outside an abortion clinic, in a house of worship or at a local mall, it’s punky and uncalled for. Really kind of embarrassing to watch these two. O’neal’s site doesn’t allow doesn’t allow comments presenting a different view, yours does. Any intelligent person should be able to see through these two on that alone.

    If these jerks really think you’re an unsaved woman they should be using any discussions to win you over with the gospel. Instead they use God’s word like a weapon to slice and dice. No wonder one of them has to preach on the street and the other is “pastoring” a relatively unsuccessful church that is shrinking.


  13. Scott wrote~
    “No wonder one of them has to preach on the street and the other is “pastoring” a relatively unsuccessful church that is shrinking.”

    To add to that, the one preaching on the street has the women in his family( wife-daughters) working to help support the family financially (although not entirely. Miano made it VERY clear on his show that his wife does not “support” the family. She provides, according to him, 1/6th of the necessary income, I imagine the daughters help out since they live at home, and the rest comes from donors) while he does not work, but asks for money online to support his yelling and trips around the world.

    On his show last Sunday, he said something that really disturbed me. He said the HE was the only man in his daughters’ lives until a godly man comes to court…and that would be a long hard row to hoe. IOW,…it’s bad news for his daughters because there are no masculine Christian men. They are getting feminized by the moment wearing skinny jeans and the prospects are bleak. How controlling can one get?

    He also mentioned Christmas and related a story of a pastor who gave the exact same amount to church/ministries as he spent on his own family and friends for Christmas. HIINT HINT. If you would like to bless the Miano family, blah blah blah.


  14. We have done something similar with Christmas spending. We figure out how much we can afford to spend for Christmas, divide it in half. One-half we give to charities, ministries, and/or people we know are in need. The other half we use for gifts that will have a continuing utility to the recipients, given their particular interests and circumstances.


  15. Julie Anne, I couldn’t see dates on that twitter feed you posted. I would have like to have heard the sermon he referenced (about you?) to Janet Mefferd. When he accuses you of perverting children, and more, is that a legally actionable offense? Can you get a restraining order against him?


  16. Storify is an interesting concept. I can see, now, how people who do a lot of blogging will spend even more time writing. I’m not implying that’s bad – it’s just another outlet.

    A question out of curiosity for you – At what point does all of the writing you do (blogging, Storify, Twitter, FB, etc.) become too much for you? Do you find it difficult to “keep it all together?” I can imagine that if I were writing on multiple sites I would have a hard time tracking all that I do.

    I know that my blog is more personal. I would love to take it further, but find that I have a difficult time really thinking of anything useful to say/convey. And, by the time I want to give my two-cents about a situation there’s already so many people who have written about a subject. So, it sits idle for many days at a time.


  17. I have no problem with a laborer in the ministry being “worthy of his hire.” In other words, that it does take time to preach/share the gospel. While street preaching may not be my sort of thing, I do not doubt that God may call and empower some to share that gospel that way.

    I think it comes down to how much time is spent in this ministry, as to whether or not one could work and preach. We don’t support Sunday School teachers, nor do we pay them. That work can be done aside one’s job, usually. Pastors are most often too busy with their congregations needs to work and be effective in their ministry, which is why we support them. Missionaries are often too busy between ministry and life survival to be able to work. The question I have is how much time is actually needed for Miano’s ministry? How does his traveling help his street preaching in Portland? Valid questions, I think.

    If Tony’s time is well spent, then I’d ask why he’s devoting time to rebuking Julie Anne? Why is he publicly touting his own horn through twitter?


  18. Kathi, Storify is a time saver. I can easily store conversations rather than have to wade through them. I will also be able to easily compile other links there and keep them private in draft mode which will help with blogging. At this point, I know what to save and what is general Twitter chatter. Btw, Twitter is very fast. It comes on my phone as texts and so it only takes a couple of seconds to reply.

    I am able to use Hootsuite to post links to Twitter and Facebook simultaneously. People send me links sometimes (which I love).


  19. This verse keeps coming to me about Miano and his ilk: “Whoever does not love does not know God, because God is love.”

    And there are other verses that say what love is which do not fit in with what they’re doing.


  20. @HannahThomas:

    Your old pastor is sure to burn old Mr. Tony in time. Two big egos in the same room don’t do so well in the long run.

    The Universe Cannot Have Two Centers.
    There Can Be Only One God.
    or (with Ponies)


  21. I’m singing a song with our church choir which frequently gets me teary-eyed, “God so Loved the World.” There is a line in the song that comes from John 3:17:

    “For God sent not his Son into the world to condemn the world; but that the world through him might be saved.”

    So in other words, this says to me that the world does not get saved through condemnation, but through Christ. This is the example we must follow- Jesus’ example. I don’t believe Jesus would be telling pure strangers to repent and condemn them.


  22. Since I am not a Twitter follower, I find your Twitter exchanges to be interesting. I like that you can use Storify to lay it out in an essay.


  23. Miano’s latest tweet is very disturbing…


    Since when does he have workers to pay? Why is no one calling this man out for accountability for making such a demand? So people are supposed to ‘give’ without questioning accountability? How is this any different than the WOF prosperity wolves that prostitute God’s word?

    Notice the reply from one of Miano’s ‘cronies’, who ALWAYS feel the need to defend Miano {from FB, btw, branden’s comment was apparently removed}…

    Branden, there is no lack of faith here, nor is it an effort to get folks to “sow a seed” in televangelist style. Making one’s needs known and asking folks to prayerfully consider assisting the ministry is perfectly biblical. Such an accusation is unnecessary and slanderous. Please refrain from such on this page. Thank you. – Chris H, admin.

    Now it’s ‘assisting the ministry’, and of course, it’s perfectly biblical. Oh really? Is it? And do ‘refrain’, in other words, don’t question WHY Miano is making this request, just give.
    People who give to ministries like this, ministries that refuse to be called into question, that insist everything they do is biblical; people who give to such a ministry might as well toss your money into the trash. God does NOT command us to give to men who refuse to work with their hands.


  24. I think this is worth sharing…


    Payroll expenses are costs incurred by an enterprise in employing workers, including compensation paid out to employees, plus all taxes and other costs of employment for which an employer is liable. In the United States, these expenses generally consist of the employee’s gross earnings, plus the employer’s share of Medicare and FICA (Social Security) taxes, other statutory federal or state taxes, and the costs of any other fringe benefits provided relative to employment with the enterprise.
    Payroll and payroll expenses, then, are not the same. An employer’s payroll is the gross amount of compensation paid to all employees, but payroll expenses in the United States are generally at least 10% – 15% higher, due to the inclusion of payroll taxes and other statutory fringe benefits, such as unemployment insurance and disability insurance. Statutory fringes are counted as payroll expenses only when they’re paid by the employer, and not deducted from the employee’s compensation.

    Since when has he acquired paid ‘workers’?


  25. Thanks JA. You are not alone in wondering why the memo area must remain blank. This man needs to be brought into accountability for his constant asking for money. Trying to justify it by claiming to have a ministry is not justifiable at all. Even the WOF wolves do that!


  26. When did Miano get a payroll to “make”? Does he have employees he pays? Wow-I would love to know more about this payroll.
    I thought Chris H. and Rich were volunteers?…at least I know Miano wrote they were.
    And someone (Branden) dares question on FB only to be deleted and erroneously called slanderous. Why did Miano use the word payroll? I have never seen him use this word before when requesting other people’s money.


  27. Ok, I think I’m going to make a comment on the Facebook page. Did anyone get a screenshot of Brendan’s comment? I’m curious as to what was slanderous. I will screenshot my question and let them know I will be getting a screenshot for full disclosure. There is nothing wrong with asking a nonprofit to look at their financials and ask these kinds of questions.


  28. Well, if anyone would like to link to my tweets or to this blog post and ask if he’d be willing to respond, let me know. It would be good to get a screen shot of it because we know the typical response to negative questions/challenges is to label it as slanderous and then delete the comment. I’d like to see what he labels as slanderous.


  29. He blocks and deletes so he can purposely avoid anybody challenging him and calling him into account, he’s a coward. Only thinking Christians would dare to raise concerns over his continual pleas for money, and we aren’t talking small amounts of money either. He needs to get a job and support his family with his hands. If God were behind his ministry, he wouldn’t have to beg for money to pay his bills every month.
    May God be gracious to Tony Miano, may repentance and humility be worked in his ever-boastful heart; his constant tweeting, keeking, blogging, and you-tubing his every move, and all his self-promotion SHOULD be a dead give-away as to who he really worships… the god of ‘self’. Miano is NOT the only professing Christian who is guilty of way too much self promotion, he just isn’t as good at it as others are, nor is he as ‘popular’.


  30. @ JA~

    Someone named Brendan made a comment on Miano’s FB, but not sure if it is the same Brendan that was deleted earlier.

    “Branden Freeland So what is the difference in Benny Hinn asking for 2.5 million dollars to continue the “ministry” and you asking for $2400? The price? The scripture says “make your request known unto God”.”

    6 minutes ago via mobile


  31. So why the constant deleting and re-appearing of comments? He does the SAME thing with his blog posts, remember the four part series on women street preaching that he posted, then removed right before the release of his book, then he re-posted, then he removed it again? These has the appearance of some sort of cover-up, or some way of avoiding any confrontation of accountability. Everything about this man screams of inconsistency. It bears repeating, the Bible does not command us to support men who refuse to work with their hands, regardless of what they may claim. This is no different than Benny Hinn, or Creflo Dollar. If you want to financially support advancing the kingdom of God, giving to some flighty ministry is NOT the way to do so.


  32. Diane,

    Chris H,. Miano’s ‘right hand man’ states Brendan slandered. However, slander can only be done verbally, NOT in written form. Besides, nothing Brendan stated is defined as a vicious attack on Miano. It would appear Chris H. is not educated on what the definition of slander actually is, nor the form in which it comes.
    Brendan pointed out that Miano should make his requests known unto God, instead, Miano posts publicly asking for money {again}. Is there any scriptural support for this and how does it differ from the WOF wolves?
    Now take note, Miano’s tweet says he needs it for ‘payroll’, yet Chris H responds to Branden and claims it’s for ministerial purposes…so which is it? Miano has already made it known those who work with him do so on a voluntary basis, so how can he justify claiming he needs it for payroll?


  33. So here’s what once was on Miano’s fb—

    Branden Freeland So what is the difference in Benny Hinn asking for 2.5 million dollars to continue the “ministry” and you asking for $2400? The price? The scripture says “make your request known unto God”.
    27 minutes ago via mobile

    and, of course, the ‘threat’ from Miano’s right hand man, Chris H. —-

    Tony Miano Branden – I’ll ask again that you make not make defamatory statements on this page. If this continues, you will be prohibited from making future postings. – Chris H, admin.

    As you may of guessed, Brendan’s comment has disappeared!
    JA, I’ve e-mailed you the saved images of the original comments.


  34. you’ll see Chris H. latest response on Miano’s fb page. It’s amazing how anyone who dares to confront or engage Miano must first go through Chris H., then they are falsely accused and finally, banned. It’s the same pattern over and over…as you well know.


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