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Pastor Doug Wilson, A Serial Pedophile, and the Real Victims

Pastor Doug Wilson and Ed Iverson encourage marriage of Pedophile Steven Sitler, Christ Church

Sins are like grapes; they come in bunches. ~Doug Wilson

Doug Wilson, Steven Sitler, Pedophile

I read a disturbing article yesterday that sent me reeling. I think we always want to hope for the best in people, but after having seen this pattern taken place so many times, those who were familiar with the story could see the inevitable train wreck before it took place. Our fears were in fact confirmed this week, and I am heartbroken.

Many times when we hear of breaking scandalous stories, the focus is on the perpetrator and those who enabled the abuse. The background to this story can be broken down into several important topics, and I hope other bloggers will cover some of the other aspects to this story. (A little bird told me that The Wartburg Watch will also be covering part of this story later today.) But for this initial post, the victims will be the primary focus, as they should be. They are the ones we need to protect and defend.

Background Information

In Fall of 2003, Steven Sitler moved from Moscow, Idaho to attend New Saint Andrews College (NSA). Sitler attended Christ Church, pastored by Doug Wilson. When he came to Moscow, ”No one knew at the time, however, that Steven Sitler was also a serial pædophile who preyed upon boys and girls, ages 2–12, and who left a trail of victims in at least two other states prior to his arrival in Moscow” (Source).

In March of 2005, the parents of one victimized child notified Doug Wilson, who advised them to retain the Christ Church’s attorney to accompany them as they notified legal authorities of the crime. This marks the beginning of Sitler’s legal issues.

About this time, Doug Wilson began counseling with Steven Sitler. To make a very long story short, Sitler was convicted, served time, took a plea deal, and will have supervised parole for the rest of his life.

A note of interest is the letter that Doug Wilson sent to the judge essentially defending Sitler and asking for leniency. Yes, you read that correctly – leniency for a serial pedophile! Doug Wilson told the Judge Stegner he had been providing counseling to Steven Sitler for only SIX times, gave him some books to read, and assignments to do between sessions. He stated that at the beginning of their counseling sessions, Sitler didn’t know the nature of his problem, but was later convinced that Sitler was open and honest when he confessed his thought life and behavior.  The final paragraph of Wilson’s letter reads:

I am grateful Steven was caught, and am grateful he has been brought to account for these actions so early in his life. . . . At the same time, I would urge that the civil penalties applied would be measured and limited. I have good hope that Steve has genuinely repented, and that he will continue to deal with this to become a productive and contributing member of society.

Ed Iverson and Doug Wilson Encourage Courtship and Marriage of Steven Sitler

Fast forward a few years and time served, and now a young lady is on the scene. Let me introduce you to Katie Travis. Katie had posted her personal story online, but it has since been taken down. But it is possible to piece together her story from others who have quoted the words from her online journal.

Katie moved to Idaho to attend New Saint Andrews College from Fallon, Nevada. She lived with the family of Ed Iverson whom she had known several years before arriving at NSA. Mr. Iverson was NSA’s librarian and also an elder at Doug Wilson’s church, Christ Church.  Reports are conflicting as to their relationship, whether he was her grandfather by blood or acted as a father figure, but it is clear that she looked to him as a respected father figure, and he readily assumed that trusted role in her personal life.

At the age of 23, Katie was at the prime of life, single, and ready to find a husband and start a family like all young ladies who are brought up in Patriarchy. In Christian Patriarchy circles, women are encouraged to marry young, so 23 years was pushing it. Several reports indicated that Katie felt the pressure to find a husband in short order because most of her friends were courting or married. She asked Mr. Iverson to assist her in finding a spouse, and he eagerly agreed.

Are you picking up on this culture? Katie asked a family friend to find someone to court. He was to choose for her, not the other way around. And this was normal and what Katie wanted.

On August 18, 2010, Mr. and Mrs. Iverson invited Steven Sitler to come to their home for dinner. This dinner was set up for the express purpose of introducing Steven and Katie for the possibility of a future courtship. “Ed Iverson’s description of Katie was that, though NSA was tough for her, she persevered through and she was, “pretty good looking, too” (Source).

While Doug Wilson and Ed Iverson were obviously fine with this possible courtship and marriage, it’s important to note that the Department of Corrections did not support the idea of marriage for Steven Sitler at all.

Steven posted his account of their joyous meeting on the internet:

“We met on August 18th, 2010 at the insistence of Mr. and Mrs. Iverson. One week later we were writing emails like it was going out of style. On Katie’s first visit back to Moscow in October, we had our first date, after which I asked her father if I could start courting her. I got the pleasure of spending Christmas break with Katie’s awesome family and decided on a whim to ask her to “merry” (misspelling intentional, more on that later) me on our second date. Of course it wasn’t really a whim, I had been meticulously planning it for months. She was shocked… and speechless, but finally she said yes, and the rest, as they say, is history. I love you., Katie” (The Real Doug Wilson Encouraged & Presided Over the Marriage of a Serial Pedophile).

Katie and Steven wed on June 11, 2011.  At one time, there was a video of the wedding posted online. It has since been removed, but here is a screenshot of the video. [Note: I was asked to remove the screenshot here.]

Breaking News for the Sitler Case

Yesterday, reported (my bolding):

“A Latah County 2nd District Court judge ordered Tuesday that a convicted sex offender, Steven Sitler, must continue to have an approved chaperone present, within his direct line of sight, at all times he is around his infant child in the wake of new disclosures of “contact resulting in actual sexual stimulation.”

This was the train wreck we feared. The article stated that Katie was now disqualified as a chaperone “for failure to report disclosures related directly to the couple’s son and Sitler was required to move out of their home” (Source).

Ok, this is just sad for all involved.  I have a lot to say about Doug Wilson but I’m biting my tongue for the moment. What I’d like to discuss is Katie.

Katie’s World as Wife and Mom

Katie and her infant son are victims of her husband’s criminal behavior. Imagine Katie being in a town away from parents and her own pastor and trusted father figure selected a serial pedophile for a husband. They had to convince her that Steven had repented. Who was she to second guess Mr. Iverson and Pastor Wilson?  They wouldn’t do anything to harm her, right?

In these circles, Katie would be expected to serve and submit to her husband and bear his children. But how does that work when the State says he can’t be around children? Doug Wilson knew this before he married them. Professionals warned that marriage was not a wise idea, but the State had no laws to prevent it from happening.

The article states that “the Idaho Department of Corrections would try to remove his wife and parents as chaperones.” This suggests to me that Katie and parents were not responsible in guarding the baby. Do you see this never-ending conflict? Katie of course wants her husband to have a relationship with his son, but yet she also has to police him? How does this work in a home where she is to obey her husband as head of the home? What an awkward position to put grandparents in, watching Steven like a hawk. There is no relaxing in this home, there is always a threat if Steven is in the premises.

but whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in me to sin,
it would be better for him to have a great millstone fastened around his neck and to be drowned in the depth of the sea.  
Matthew 18:6


Life Sentence

When Ed Iverson and Katie’s parents agreed to the courtship of Katie and Steven, and then Doug Wilson agreed to officiate in this fiasco of a wedding, they pronounced a life sentence on Katie and her child, and extended family.  She will never be able to live as a normal wife and mother. This infant has already been sexually violated. Imagine the emotional stress in the home, always looking, trying to be vigilant, yet also trying to find a sense normal. There is no good thing in this situation, and Doug Wilson as pastor failed this young woman and her child. This is shameful behavior for a pastor who is supposed to be shepherding and protecting. What kind of shepherd intentionally puts sheep in harm’s way?  One who is arrogant to think he can determine whether a serial pedophile is repentant or not.

The actions by Doug Wilson, I believe, also constitute as spiritual abuse. Katie put her trust in her spiritual leader to guide her and protect her. He asked for leniency for Steven – that is not protecting her. Wilson married them. That was also not protecting her. How might this affect how she trusts spiritual authority? If her pastor told her this, will she be upset at God for allowing it to happen? There are so ways this could lead to a real crisis of faith. I pray it doesn’t.

I sure hope Doug Wilson apologizes to this family for the harm he has caused them. What a disgrace not only to this family, but to the world as they once again see how Christian leaders mess up so badly.
photo credit: Grapes via photopin (license)

341 thoughts on “Pastor Doug Wilson, A Serial Pedophile, and the Real Victims”

  1. @gm370

    “I got lucky, my husband has been patient with me on all my ups & downs with my messed up sexuality, he respects my feelings and has never cheated on me because I shut down and cannot bear his touch. He is kind & understanding & his tenderness pays off in time. He didn’t by into all the crap Mr. Love & Respect taught from the pulpit.”

    Your husband sounds amazing and very respectable. He is basically what every smart woman wants. Please tell him someone he doesn’t even know thinks he is a true hero and a REAL MAN.

    Much Love GM370, you are a sweetie;)

    Liked by 2 people

  2. refugee,
    There is never going to be a foolproof system. People are falsely accused as sad as that is. When a 2 or 3 year old says someone touched them inappropriately, one needs to be listening closely. In the case of this pedophile there is evidence, his own admission and I believe I remember many failed polygraphs. It would also depend on the state’s laws also. I’m not an attorney or in law enforcement so I’m not the person to ask how this would all work out in the case or the 3 convicted of a murder they did not commit. There is DNA testing and polygraphs available for them as well I would think.

    Sexual predators of any form are suppose to be tracked and listed permanently. Even someone caught peeing on the ground because they were too drunk is considered a sex offender. I think that is a bit extreme, but on the other hand what 5 year old was the audience of that??

    I don’t want an innocent person to be convicted, but the people who have been spoken of on this blog and others have already been proven guilty. Their parents, pastors, church members all enabling them without any regard for the victims. That is what I want to see stopped. Victims may or may not come to a point where they no longer consider themselves victims. My prayer is that many more victims will allow the yoke to come off and the burden become lighter.

    Records that are sealed for minors are easily opened back up. A letter opener will take care of that.


  3. 100 Pinkapples, Much love back to you, I hate what you have lived, but you have a way with words when you take on the creeps. I will be sure to have him read your compliment. He is a great husband. My best to you.


  4. “you are not the only one to be sexually abused. I was sexually abused by an older child in front of his pals. You’re not gonna like the answer to getting over it. You gotta get rid of the bitterness. It is the chain around your soul. I don’t wake up in internalized rages anymore. You will never have peace as long as you are bitter.” – R. Lloyd

    You know, R. Lloyd, you missed the boat. I was thinking last night when I was praying for those here wounded by abuse about four friends who carried their friend to be healed by Jesus, lowered their friend through a roof top to be healed by Jesus.
    Friends carry a wounded friend to see Jesus. Friends don’t say *do it yourself*.

    By the way, if you have healed what attracted you to a rigid, authoritarian church that lacks basic, adult healthy boundaries?

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  5. I really, really, really get angry when people say you have to “get over” being bitter. And that being bitter about something means that you aren’t validated because you are bitter. They need to get over their hypocritical selves. And maybe experience being bitter and what it really means.

    “I was tweeting with a SBC pastor yesterday and he defending Doug Wilson. He was saying it would be better for Steven to be married. Why? To help his sexual urges. I immediately thought of Katie – that these men are using Katie as an object to help reduce his sexual tension. The effort is to defend a perpetrator and put extra burden on Katie, as if she can help fix a pedophile. Where is she as an individual being valued? This sure does sound like the conquer and surrender/accept scenario that Doug Wilson used to describe marital sex.”

    JulieAnn, they make sexual surrogates for this sort of thing. It’s a psychological profession. Guess they just wanted to give the poor little dear pedophile a permanent one – one without professional training and one who gets to live with the repercussions from her husband’s former and CONTINUING sin for all her life that she remains with him. Unlike professional sexual surrogates who get paid for their work and then get to go home, she has to live the nightmare. Excellent job, gentlemen. Just bloody excellent!


  6. “If R. Lloyd truly was sexually abused, ”

    This is hard to believe and weird but none of the women in my family that have been sexually abused have compassion for sexual abuse victims.

    My great grandmother suffered such chronic sexual abuse as a little girl she ended up in and out of mental homes her whole life. When one of her brother-in-laws died that was known to be a serial little girl rapist, one of my cousins that he raped refused to go to his funeral, my great grandmother was furious and told her off. A grandmother wanting her grand daughter to go to the funeral of the man that raped her as a child?

    My mother was sexually abused as a little girl by another uncle and a boy at her church. I told my mother about my sexual abuse nine years after it stopped, I was nineteen, my mother got furious with me and told me to get over it and not to mention again.

    The women in my family, all women that were raised in church are cut throat brutal about their contempt for sexual abuse victims.

    I have met men and woman that say they have never been sexually abused, and they hate sexual abuse and have much compassion for sexual abuse victims.


  7. R. Lloyd,

    I don’t buy your story. It has all the marks of someone who is making up scenes to score points. And dismissing the psychological damage that stems from profound abuse as “bitterness” demonstrates that you are absolutely ignorant of neurology and the known science of brain development.

    You’re obviously here to score points on Doug Wilson’s behalf, and you’re reduced to telling lies in order to do it. Again, I cannot use obscenities in this context, but I am certainly thinking them in your direction. Your words show you to be a sick, sociopathic person. You’re not worth the air you’re breathing.

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  8. Hi 100pinkapples,

    Here is part of Dash’s post (since he’s posted several in the past couple of days):
    “I speak as a victim of sexual abuse who, in my mid-40’s, has never once woken up in the morning not wanting to blow my brains out. I haul my sorry ass out of bed and I grit my teeth and I plow through my day and I do the best I can, but I am alone and I have no one and I cannot establish a healthy love relationship with a woman because of what a family member did to me when I was a child.

    You are flippant and dismissive of the victims because you are immersed in a culture which says “Oh, well you were a victim once but now you’re not anymore. Just pray real hard and you’ll be fine. And submit yourself to your patriarchs, don’t question us, do as we say or else you’re sinning and then everything will just be your fault anyway.” It’s the vilest sort of continuous abuse.”

    I thought Julie Anne had posted Dash’s story a couple of months ago.


  9. Pinkapples,

    Those who have survived abuse often deal with the damage by living in denial. Denial turns a person into a compassionless drone. My abuser was herself abused. She chose denial, and as a result did ten times the damage to me and my siblings that had been done to her.

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  10. R. Lloyd, Dash is not bitter. I know this because he has compassion and love for others. He has demonstrated that here in responding to other abuse victims.

    Don’t make that accusation to an abuse victim again. It is victim blaming and we do not tolerate it here.

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  11. “Those collages helped her get through the pain of not having a “real” dad. I wish I had thought to make my own with her. I can see where this would be right up there with journaling our feelings. In fact, better when you are looking at what you want life to become in a good way.” – Brenda R.

    I am going to go buy a poster board and get some magazines and start making a Visions Collage of what I would like in my life. Some people make a Goals List, and I have done that. But there’s something about doing it with pictures (and I cut out words as well). It’s very creative and healing.

    I once had a birthday party potluck. I bought the poster boards (various sizes…small to large), glue sticks, and I asked my friends to bring: extra magazines, scissors, and a pot luck dish. We all made collages! It was so fun!!!

    At the end of the party, when we were having cake and ice cream, we went around the room and everybody – all different ages of folks were there – held up their Visions Collage and talked briefly about what it meant to them.


  12. BeenThereDoneThat,

    I am glad you found my post helpful about the frequent connection behind unresolved childhood abuse issues and debting and underearning. I have referred many people over the years to Debtors Anonymous. DA isn’t just about the money but learning to take care of the whole person. (Putting lotion on skin, medical and dental care, new underwear, a decent bed to sleep in, nice sheets, nice pillows, saving for and taking vacations, eating right and on and on.) Many people become scared…when life gets better and it scares them to death. Because they are so used to deprivation of one kind or another.

    I am always grateful for your posts, insights, and so relieved that you and your husband made it out of a bad church. Kudos!


  13. Just read: The Jamin C. Wight Story: The Other Child Molester In Doug Wilson’s Closet/ Homeschoolers Anonymous. I want to throw up or beat him up. ( ;

    What in God’s name is wrong with this man? He sat on the side of the abuser Jamin C. Wight and treated the victim of Jamin’s crimes with contempt & shunning. How ungodly is that?!

    I pray for the people he has bewitched, may they wake up and return to their first love, JESUS.

    They might be wise to consider and understand that who better to be deceived by than man of gawd, no Christian is going to fall for a Christ hater, nah, it is going to be men who have a form of Godliness. “For false Christs and false prophets will arise and will show great signs and wonders, so as to mislead, if possible, even the elect. 25″Behold, I have told you in advance.

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  14. Julie Anne, there is no rest for the weary. You have been in my prayers a lot lately, I don’t know how you keep up. I tweeted this:

    Gail Marie ‏@0301479341 4m4 minutes ago
    I can just imagine how @douglaswils will pontificate this atrocity! He is one pompous wolf.


  15. Julie Anne, there is no rest for the weary. You have been in my prayers a lot lately, I don’t know how you keep up.

    I feel the same, Gail. I dedicate this song to the gal pal bloggers. (It won’t be up for long. The Flashlight song is copyrighted, and YouTube keeps removing videos that include it.) The video quality isn’t the best at the beginning, but it has Flashlight.


  16. Thank you, Gail and BTDT. After getting my kids off to school, I napped off and on until past noon! Whoa. I feel much better now. But you’re right, this stuff does wear on me. I’m trying to keep the balance.

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  17. Wow BTDT, “Thunder & Light they have been my flashlight.”

    Well, that just gave me goosebumps, what a perfect song to dedicate to our hostess and the other gal bloggers.

    J.A. Good to hear that you were able to nap. Have classes started again for you?


  18. Julie Anne, I forgot to respond to your kind comment to me yesterday. Thank you for keeping this blog as a forum for people like me to have a voice. I am sorry if my anger occasionally overcomes my ability to articulate and I really appreciate your patience in letting me post here.

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  19. “And dismissing the psychological damage that stems from profound abuse as “bitterness” demonstrates that you are absolutely ignorant of neurology and the known science of brain development.”

    Yep. I just figured any mention of the ACTUAL physical damages in brain function and/or development would be lost on him. It is so much easier to accuse someone of the most tired accusation of bitterness. Cultic Christian groups love that word because saying it makes them feel spiritually superior.

    The irony is that the healing process is aided by calling evil what it is. EVIL And protecting molesters or thinking confession is repentance is —aiding evil.

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  20. @100PinkApples (to R Lloyd, Doug Wilson Fanboy):

    Your cavalier attitude about baby sexual abuse and your outrage about Doug Wilson being criticized. Doug Wilson sure is teaching you people what matters to HIM.

    If only people would just take pity on poor Doug Wilson and forget all about those wretched little sexually abused children.

    Isn’t one of the surest signs of a sociopath the ability to manipulate others into taking pity on poor poor pitiful him?

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  21. Reblogged this on GiveMe Chocolate and commented:
    Many churches continue to fail victims and the innocent by giving child abusers, molesters, and pedophiles the benefit of the doubt. Pedophilic offenders are a segment of the population who will never reverse their desires and will not stop acting upon those desires of their own free will.

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  22. I’d like to know why Wilson’s supporters claim that judge and counselors both agreed marriage would be the best option for Sitler. Can this be shown as a lie?


  23. Hi SarahS,
    I asked Rose Huskey if she could respond to this as she has been following this case closely for many years. Here is her response:


    I’d like to know why Wilson’s supporters claim that judge and counselors both agreed marriage would be the best option for Sitler. Can this be shown as a lie?

    Thank you for asking this question, Sara. I’ll use the following documents to explain how this unfolded, and, frankly, it is convoluted. The courtroom discussion of Steven Sitler’s pending marriage occurred on June 1, 2011. Steven Sitler was not in the courtroom. If you listen to the audio tape or read the transcription below you will learn that Judge Stegner expressed the thought that a marriage with an age appropriate woman might be the best thing that has happened to Steven Sitler.

    “Judge Stegner’s entire statement: “Well, I think Mr. Wullenwaber has accurately stated the current restrictions on Mr. Sitler. So if nothing were to change and his bride — assuming he gets married — conceives and has a baby, if they end up in the same house and she falls asleep, he would be obliged to leave. I’m going to let this wedding proceed. One of the reasons is that there’s a lot of water under the bridge. That wedding is ten days from today and the invitations have gone out and plans have been made based on reliance that I think was reasonable. But I think more importantly is that an age-appropriate relationship with a member of the opposite sex for Mr. Sitler is one of the best things that can happen to him and to society. I’m no expert on these testing devices; but I am familiar enough with them to know that a two-year relationship with a member of the opposite sex who is age appropriate reduces his likelihood to recidivate, at least on a statistical basis. So here we have a young man who has committed heinous crimes and wants to engage in what I think everyone in the room would consider to be a prosocial relationship. So I’m going to let the wedding proceed. If and when Mr. Sitler and Miss Travis have children we will cross that bridge when we get to it. Or, if we need to address it sooner than that, I am happy to address it sooner than that. But I . . . I think it’s a reasonable restriction that he not reside with his wife and child, in the future, if in fact they have children. Would you like to submit an order to that effect, Mr. Wullenwaber? I have specifically authorized Mr. Sitler’s wedding to proceed.” (Judge Stegner, @49:46–52:48)

    It might have given Judge Stegner pause for thought had he been aware of the role that Christ Church officers had played in the Sitler / Travis two date engagement, courtship , and subsequent marriage, but apparently he wasn’t told. However, ultimately, it wouldn’t have mattered. The State of Idaho, to my knowledge, does not the forbid the marriage of pedophiles. Had Judge Stegner refused consent, no doubt Mr. Wullenwaber would have been appealed his decision and, in my opinion (as a layperson) it would have been overturned. Further, Mr. Wullenwaber asserted the claim (I have not seen documentation, but it is my hope that he didn’t rely on Mr. Sitler’s word) that:

    “Steven Lindsey [psycho-sexual evaluator] was verbal quite happy about the probationer getting married. ..”

    “Dr. Nystrom [treatment provider who does not have a PhD and does not deserve to be addressed as “Dr.”] was happy about the probationer getting married. “

    “Dr. Greg Wilson . . . was happy about this particular probationer getting married” @4:30–4:58

    It is important to consider the glowing letters submitted by Valley Treatment Specialties and Dr. Greg Wilson in July and August of 2015 when the court considered whether or not Steven Sitler should remain in the home with his infant son. According to the state approved treatment providers, Valley Treatment Specialties:
    July 20, 2015 -Page 2
    “. . .Steven has steadily worked in the VTS Sex Offender program for almost ten years. Additionally, Mr. Sitler’s wife has completed chaperone training with Valley Treatment Specialties. Dr. Wert’s report and Dr. Wilson’ affidavit are consistent with our impressions regarding Steven Sitler. In our opinion Mr .Stiler should at present continue to parent his son in his home as he has done for the last four months. “

    Dr. Wilson describes Steven Sitler as: “a positive candidate for successfully parenting his son.” Dr. Wilson’s letter is dated July 15, 2015. We do not know when he learned of the “heinous behavior” but I found no public record of Sitler’s disclosure to him.

    Apparently, these “experts” who write so eloquently of Steven and his wife had no idea, (or did not reveal to law enforcement) despite years of training, clinical experience and long-term interaction with Steven and Katy that they were withholding critical information, i.e., the sexual arousal Steven experienced regarding his son.

    Please listen to Latah County Prosecuting Attorney Bill Thompson as he addresses this problem.
    He says in part:
    “I can sympathize and appreciate the situation that Mr. Sitler’s parents find themselves in; that his wife finds herself in; that their family and friends and supporters find themselves in; because everybody would love for Mr. Sitler to become a normal person. The fact of the matter is, Your Honor, he is not. He is a serial child sexual abuser, to the point where Your Honor has imposed a life sentence and required that he be under supervision for the rest of his natural life. He has multiple victims, all of them young — some so young that they would not be in any position to protect themselves. The risk to society is substantial here. The risk to his own child, despite the best wishes and hopes of everybody in this courtroom, is substantial. The actions that he has engaged in that he has disclosed to this point are a compelling basis that he cannot have anything close to a normal parental relationship with this child — certainly at this point in time.”
    The Judge’s hands were tied, and the treatment provider’s (in my opinion) are either easily fooled by a charming façade, or they just don’t understand what the in the hell (I mean that literally) they are doing.
    Rose Huskey


  24. ^And why doesn’t the Idaho legislature toughen up their lives so pedophiles like Steven Sitler are actually sitting in prison where they belong????


  25. I am thoroughly disgusted, wretchedly disgusted by the whole affair that I have just now learned about from reading these blogs. These people give way to evil and sinful people instead of protecting their flock.All thlis attention should have gone to restoring the sanctity of the community, kicking out the evil one. Instead the perp gets all this attention, drama around ruining person after person’s life. My guess would be that he enjoys the attention that he gets from it. “Oh he’s repentant”….. whatever! I am a traditional, bible following Christian see the differrent roles that God has designed and the mutual llove in the home… whatever this is is a counterfeit. this partriarchal movement is off the deepend. yuck yuck yuck!


  26. Narcissistic personality disorder is alive and well within the pseudo “office” of the pastorate, which incidentally is NOT mentioned in the original Scriptures. A “pastor” is a function, NOT an office – which is a man made hierarchal authoritarian system designed to preach and teach “worm theology” where the lower laity are the “sinners” and the leadership system are the epitome of biblical perfection.

    And if the Real Jesus of the Scriptures were to visit, and preach and teach in each of these “theological p’astor’s” churches/religious systems, I do believe with everything that is in me, including the Holy Spirit and lives and is alive within me soul, that these religious men and women, would be the first to yell, “Crucify Him (Jesus), Crucify Him!” For Jesus, the One of the Original Scriptures, not the mistranslated jesus of patriarchal minions, would indeed, call out the misapplied authoritarian structures of the home/family and the institutional c’hurch system, which loves the Gentile lord it over system.

    Oh yes, Jesus condemned that system, did He not?


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