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Important Blog Articles Related to Doug Wilson, Christ Church, and Convicted Pedophiles: Steven Sitler and Jamin Wight


Doug Wilson, Christ Church, Moscow, Pedophile, Steven Sitler, Jamin Wight, Sex Abuse


Note:  This article is a community work in progress.  I’d greatly appreciate your help.

There is a website currently online which has posted the key primary source documentation of sex abuse cases in which Pastor Doug Wilson of Christ Church in Moscow, Idaho has been involved. (  It’s good to have these key documents in one place.

I’d like to compile some of the recent key blog articles which have come out recently. If there is an important comment posted on the blog article, I’d also like to get a copy of that.

If anyone is interested in helping me compile this, please feel free to post the link to the article, and quote the comment (and time stamp) This could be time consuming, but I think it’s important for people searching these cases to have access to important information, especially from those involved in the case, witnesses, whose voices are typically squelched in high-controlling church environments. 

I have started below so you can get the idea of the information important to gather.  Thank you in advance for your help!  ~Julie Anne

Doug Wilson, sex abuse, pedophile, Jamin Wight, Christ Church, Steven Sitler


June 14, 2006

Two Child Molestation Scandals Break Over Moscow’s Christ Church: – This is a very old news article done by a local reporter. She discusses why other media outlets minimized the story as a scandal, but not criminal. Be sure to read the comments from locals who share more added info.

September 4, 2015

[Updated 2] Pedophile Supported by Doug Wilson ‘Allegedly Sexually Abused** a Baby. Christians: There Is No Excuse. This Must Stop! – The Wartburg Watch: Gives background information on the Sitler case and recent developments, including court updates involving quotes from Latah County Prosecuting Attorney Bill Thompson:

“shows (Sitler) has had contact with his child that resulted in actual sexual stimulation”


“In some extent the state’s worst fears appeared to be realized by some of the recent disclosures in the polygraphs” Thompson said.

Pastor Doug Wilson, A Serial Pedophile, and the Real Victims – Spiritual Sounding Board: History of Sitler case, recent court updates, and a look at Katie Sitler’s (Steven’s wife) perspective as a victim who asked trusted a church leader to find an appropriate husband for her. Discusses the life sentence Katie was given when she married Sitler, the betrayal of trust by her church leaders, etc.

September 8, 2015

THE JAMIN C. WIGHT STORY: THE OTHER CHILD MOLESTER IN DOUG WILSON’S CLOSET – Homeschoolers Anonymous: This article gives the history of the Jamin Wight sex abuse case and recent comments by Natalie Rose Greenfield.

September 10, 2015

When Doug Wrote To My Father – Natalie Rose Greenfield – Sex abuse victim, Natalie Rose Greenfield publishes note sent to her father from Doug Wilson on Christ Church letterhead.

The letter on Christ Church stationery – Katie Botkin:  In this article, Katie posts a copy of the letter written by Doug Wilson wrote to Gary, the father of Jamin Wight’s abuse victim 10 years ago. In this letter, Wilson puts responsibility on Katie’s father for her abuse.

September 11, 2015

Doug Wilson’s Failure to Safeguard Children – Mike Sloan and Beth Sloan Hart:  This article takes a look at Doug Wilson’s inappropriate responses the Sitler case both directly with those involved and public responses. The article then gives a plea for pastors to have a better understanding of what to do and how to respond appropriately to sex abuse cases.

Dealing with sexual predators: objections answered… – Bayly Blog

Notable comments:

by Doug Wilson

Joseph, you have changed my mind on at least one point — I was laboring at not interacting with you guys directly because I did not want to give more fodder to our mutual adversaries, and I did not want anyone to think that a fight had broken out between us. But I appreciate how you all have sought to express your love for us and for our work in the midst of this disagreement, as we love you all. And I also realize that you don’t believe that you are undercutting us in the long run. Even if we are initially unhappy with what you say, in the long run you hope that we will see the point of it.

But here is the problem — first in a comment above, and then with what I think is the source confusion for all such comments in your post. Somebody said in the thread above that Steven Sitler re-offended. But there is no reason for saying this. He has not re-offended. That is a factual error that is now in wide circulation, and it is a factual error that is doing real damage to real people in real time. The disagreement before the judge is over whether certain possible indicators are worrisome enough to more strictly define or restrict the terms of Steven’s probation. It is not whether he should go to prison again for a re-offense. A large problem is created when many people are talking about a particular case like this and they don’t have the facts.

Now here is why I think this error is grounded in the reasoning of your post. You write as though we have the definition of sex offender on an on/off switch when what we really have is a very big dimmer switch. There is a category of offender out there that would cause me to amen everything you say above. The fifty-year old creeper hanging around playgrounds for thirty years is an easy case. There are cases where I would absolutely refuse to perform a wedding. But there is also a thirteen-year-old boy who got his sister to lift her shirt for him three times. Let us postulate that this is all that happened, no more than that. Now can this boy marry? His sin was serial. It was incestuous in spirit. It was definitely sexual. It was truly sinful.

The problem is that when you use words like predator, grooming, serial, and the like, you have to define your terms and establish the line between those definitions and cases which are similar, but not the same.

Now let us agree — as I assume we would — on two cases on either end of this dimmer switch. Nobody on your session or ours would perform a wedding on one end, and everybody would on the other. Factors to include would be age at the time of the offense, the number of victims, the heinousness of the sexual violation, time clean since repentance, etc. There is a line somewhere in between where we would all have to make a judgment call, and we might differ about that call. But when we differed, we would all agree on where the line was precisely, and we would know the nature of our disagreement. We would likely be able to come to that agreement because we would be talking about a hypothetical case, with the stipulated facts equally understood by both sides of the question.

But in the Steven Sitler case, I don’t think you all have your facts right. I believe that you all, if you were confronted with an identical case, would do something very much like what we have done. You are saying you wouldn’t, but I don’t think that is true.

When you say you wouldn’t perform a wedding that had 7x troublesome factors in it, one kind of disagreement would be if we said that we would totally do a 7x wedding. But a different kind of disagreement — the kind we are currently in — is a difference where you say you couldn’t see doing a 7x wedding, and we say that we couldn’t either, but that this is a 4x case.

When Bayly Blog first published a very nice statement of support for us, that was great. You weren’t saying that you knew the case, or the details of the case. You were saying you knew us. Such deference is an orderly and biblical way of proceeding. But when you reversed course and differed with our handling of this particular case, this can no longer be a matter of deference. Now you have to be in possession of the facts. You say this was a 7x, we were on the scene and say it was a 4x. When that kind of situation arises, it is the facts that matter. When we are discussing a hypothetical, it is the reasoning that matters, and we have no advantage over you. When we come to a particular case, the facts matter very much, and we have a great advantage over you. Why? We have the facts. We were there. We lived through it. We are up to speed.

So then, I would want to start asking you questions. What is the name of the judge, and was it the same judge who first sentenced Steven? Why didn’t the other victims testify? After he was first busted, how many of the victims were revealed by Steven, and how many came forward themselves? Under the terms of his probation, how often does Steven have to take a polygraph test? What are the terms of his probation? When did his offenses first begin and under what conditions? Did Steven in fact re-offend? What do these periodic uproars do to the victims and their families? I could go on for quite a while, but you get the drift. Now let us assume the possibility that these and other such questions could move the 7x in your mind down to a 5x. Is that possible? Could we conceivably find ourselves in a 5x/4x disagreement?

If that is possible, and I think that it manifestly is, then I would question the wisdom of publicly reversing course the way you did. As Keith pointed out above, it has provided a goodly amount of ammo for use against us. We are now seeing people praise Bayly Blog to the skies, people who would ordinarily rather be dead in a ditch than do that. Why? Because it harms us.

So there it is. We wouldn’t mind a necessary rebuke, even in the midst of battle, if we had erred grievously and were about to commit a disastrous mistake. And I know that you thought that this is what you were doing. But it wasn’t. And that means that we have to say something to you all about it, even in the midst of battle.

We love you guys. But because we all care about such things, I say this in the manliest spirit possible.

The Wittenburg door – By Katie Botkin: Katie questions if Doug Wilson has ever publicly apologized for anything as he expects others to do.

Key paragraph:

So, given all of this: is Wilson the kind of demigod who actually never does anything wrong, or is he the kind of demigod who deflects his wrongdoing, bad decisions and poor pastoral choices onto other people and other situations?

September 12, 2015

On Rape – Articles points out the glaring discrepancies on the word rape. Public response on the case on Twitter has claimed Sitler raped his victim. Wilson claims this is untrue, yet using his own definition from 2012, it’s very clear that Sitler did indeed rape his victim.

An Open Letter To Doug Wilson Who Is Yet Again Seeking To Impose Harm Upon The Innocent – joypeacehope: Written by Gary Greenfield, father of sex abuse victim, Natalie Rose Greenfield, discussing how the church harmed his marriage:

Meeting with Doug and Peter which I did solely to pacify my wife to try to mend what was quickly falling apart was a last ditch effort out of desperation to try to win my wife back and fix the brokenness. Ultimately meeting with Doug and Peter did just the opposite in that they securely hammered the final nails into the coffin suffocating what life was left in our marriage.


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