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Lourdes Torres, Alleged Victim in the Doug Phillips (Vision Forum) Sex Abuse Scandals Files Lawsuit



Lourdes Torres, alleged victim in sex abuse scandal with Douglas Phillips of Vision Forum, has filed a lawsuit against Douglas Phillips


The victim in the Doug Phillips sex abuse case has filed a lawsuit and in doing so, has chosen to publicly reveal her identity:  Lourdes Torres. She is one brave woman.  Go, Lourdes!


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 UPDATE April 16, 2014. At the end of this post, we’ve added key facts and links to select news reports and blog articles. We plan to continue to grow these lists as opportunity allows.

World Net Daily has the full story and it is a long one with photos and lots of details.  In the first link below is the legal complaint:

In the complaint filed in Kendall County District Court in Texas Tuesday morning, Phillips is accused of using a woman named Lourdes Torres, now 29, as “a personal sex object” over a period of five years.

I was alerted on Sunday of another development – that Lourdes Torres (aka Victim) was married Friday evening to a former Boerne Christian Assembly member, Nolan Manteufel.

We first got a glimpse that something was up with this Facebook profile picture which was updated over the weekend:


vision forum, Doug Phillips, Lourdes Torres, Lourdes Manteufel, Sex scandal



The lawsuit gets into graphic detail.

***********Trigger alert – Sexual Content************


Here are graphic details in the complaint. Phillips claimed he didn’t know her Biblically.  The following paragraph shows that he knew her pretty darn well.  Scroll down to the line of asterisks to get beyond the graphic part.





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My thoughts and prayers go to the Manteufels as they start their new life together and also as their private life will become very public. This is a very sad situation for all.


UPDATE:   I had someone ask where they can send support or gift cards. I would be happy to try to organize this. Nolan or Lourdes or David Gibbs, if you are reading this and can contact me, I think there may be a lot of people who would like to offer support in a more tangible way.  ~Julie Anne (spiritualsb@gmail dot com)

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Links on the Lourdes Torres-Manteufel Lawsuit

Against Doug Phillips, Vision Forum, Inc., & Vision Forum Ministries

NOTE: This section has been moved to its own post.

NOTE: The extensive information that was on this page has been transferred to it’s own post. You will find it at Lourdes Torres-Manteufel vs. Doug Phillips Lawsuit Informational Resource Page. That post already expands what was previously here by at least a third, and will be updated daily for at least the next 7 to 10 days. It includes the following sections:

  • Preface
  • Key Facts
  • Official Court Documents and Other Statements
  • Plaintiff, Defendants, and Their Legal Counsels
  • Key Individuals in the Unfolding Story
  • Relevant Background Issues
  • Select Links to News Reports and Blog Posts
  • Historical Overview Posts
  • Potentially Relevant Legal Information
  • Other Research and Resource Pieces

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422 thoughts on “Lourdes Torres, Alleged Victim in the Doug Phillips (Vision Forum) Sex Abuse Scandals Files Lawsuit”

  1. “I have a theory on the fever-pitch frenzy for some of the commentors on this site and other sites to see Phillips swing on the gallows.”

    A bit of an exaggeration, don’t you think? Holding someone accountable isn’t even close to wishing them dead.”

    I know, BTDT. There is nothing like being accused of thinking something that never entered your mind. It is not worth defending it is so hyperbolic and so silly considering the issue at hand.

    I call it the “no accountability Christianity” that so many are stuck in.


  2. Okay ladies – I’m not interesting in fighting about this. I thought we could discuss it. You guys are argumentative, at least with me and my challenges.

    I don’t think you’re really interested in dialoging this through and considering a broader Christian perspective on this whole ugly debacle.

    I’ll leave you to encouraging one another in your shared viewpoint.


  3. Mick, you came here, questioned the motives of three people and used the word ‘should’ three times. You weren’t engaging in argumention? That was a discussion?


  4. “I don’t think you’re really interested in dialoging this through and considering a broader Christian perspective on this whole ugly debacle.”

    If you were interested in “dialoguing” you certainly have a strange way of approaching that concept. And the problem is some of us do not think YOU have a “broader Christian perspective”. Again this is not a “dispute” and “Christians” do not consistently harm others. They can’t.


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