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Did Former Vision Forum President Doug Phillips Play Hide-and-Seek with Process Server?

Former Vision Forum President and prominent Christian homeschool leader, Doug Phillips, apparently made attempts to evade process server

doug phillips Screen Shot 2015-04-02 at 10.56.51 AM

So . . . the other day, I was sent something interesting about Doug Phillips – a public court document. I shared with Kathi the gist of it and asked if she had any ideas of background music to help set the mood. She sent me this and it’s just perfect.

In order to get into the right groove and get a full experience when reading the legalese, you really must hit “play” on the following YouTube video.

Evidently a process server tried to serve Doug Phillips last year and you will read details of the process server’s attempts and summary. Attempts is the key word there.
Even though this document is publicly available, I have decided to blacken the process server’s name, personal addresses, etc., for obvious reasons.

Process Server doug Phillips  2015-04-01 at 10.38.32 PM

Ok, here is the fun part. Turn up the volume:

doug phillips process se

I’m not sure if Phillips was ever successfully served, but perhaps the they might want to try this method for serving Phillips next time:

One has to wonder how the judge in his case will think about Doug Phillips, who is a lawyer, trying to evade being served.


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Phillips resigned from Vision Forum Ministries late October of 2013. He is currently in the middle of a lawsuit (Lourdes Torres, Alleged Victim in the Doug Phillips (Vision Forum) Sex Abuse Scandals Files Lawsuit).

You can find more information about why Assurance insurance company went after Phillips in this article: 

27 thoughts on “Did Former Vision Forum President Doug Phillips Play Hide-and-Seek with Process Server?”

  1. Nice Julie Anne!

    I found it interesting to read the descriptions of what the people were wearing in the notes. “Kids in their night clothes.” I guess even the fine details help to determine location and identification.

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  2. I’m reading this slightly differently; it means he’s sold the house (or is selling) and has moved. The third time, he was avoiding service probably; the first two reflect him trying to sell assets to pay for food and lawyers, IMO. I could be wrong.

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  3. If he’s so above board as he has presented himself publicly in an interview and starting up at a new mega church, why does he need to hide?

    What kind of example is this setting for his kids? For that matter, what is he telling his kids: Don’t answer the door, don’t trust civil authority???

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  4. Great mood music!! Doug Phillips running from the law!! Shocking!! You can run, but you can’t hide.


  5. Lydia beat me to it with her comment.

    Is this the same guy (Phillips) who was into the Titanic, and at that, because the men sacrificed themselves to save women?

    And he cannot be manly enough to face a server (who may or may not be a woman)?

    Even if he’s not the Christian patriarchist who’s into the Titanic story (Maybe I’m getting him confused with someone else), he still promotes that cariactured notion of manhood, that men should be tough guys and wrestle alligators with one arm tied behind their backs, and so on.

    It doesn’t look very tough or he-mannish for a guy to hide behind closed doors, refusing to face consequences of his actions.

    I was fully prepared to link to a You Tube video of a scene from South Park called “You Got Served,” but You Tube has yanked all the audio from most of those files. Bummer.


  6. It is a bit ironic that it was the internet that well, nevermind. This clip is so packed with “Doug”- ites.


  7. Such a fine example of MANliness and personal responsibility to set for one’s wife and children! When Dougie resigned his position as head of Boerne Christian Assembly and said he was just going to “lead a quiet life focusing on my family and serving as a foot soldier,” he should have mentioned that there would be actual running involved.

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  8. Yes, happymom4, I noticed that, too. I’m wondering if she paid $1 each to transfer the ownership to her name. They probably didn’t want DP to have it in his name to be counted as his assets.

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  9. Haha…it’s a good thing I wasn’t trying to swallow coffee while reading this. I wonder if that process server will try the megachurch next. It’d be easy to blend in and sneak up on DP, or so I would think.

    Along with refugee, I am also wondering if there are any legal penalties for deliberately avoiding a process server.


  10. I once had three process servers show up to serve little ole me. Apparently Scientology told them I was dangerous or something. As it turned out, the summons was defective for lack of a witness fee. So I ended up evading the testimony AND the turnover of my hard drive to Scientology. And yes, I have been to law school and was licensed to practice law in Texas. However, I took it for the letter of the law, if they didn’t pay the required witness fee, I sure wasn’t showing up for a Scieno grilling.


  11. Awwwww….
    I would have liked to see Douggie ESQUIRE(TM) answer the door in cosplay mode as General Patton or an 18th Century nobleman and try to pull rank on the server.

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  12. Saw this on Pinterest, because I follow your board there. I’m not a fan of Doug Phillips, and never have been, but I still view him as a human being in need of a Savior. Jesus once said that before you take the speck out of your brother’s eye, take the blank out of your own first. Think about what that means. There was a time for speaking out against Doug Phillips to make clear what he did was wrong and it is not condoned, but now I’m only seeing gossip in an effort to give Doug Phillips his just reward of humiliation for what he has done. Remember, God said it was not for us to remit consequences for the sins of others. If someone is in the current act of sin, we should intervene on behalf of the innocent and the sinner. However, once we are past that, allow the law to do what it needs to, if the sin requires that. Anything we do beyond that is justifying our own sin to give our own consequences where God said we are not to do that. Adding Benny Hill music is proof this has gone over to the point of sin by mocking him. Do you trust God to give Doug Phillips his just punishment? If not, why not?

    I’m only concerned for you, as a sister in Christ, that’s all. Please reconsider how you are approaching this Doug Phillips issue at this point. His sin is known, as it should be. Now it is time to do as Jesus said, “treat him as you would a tax collector.” In the meantime, pray for him that he would truly repent. He needs a Savior, just like you and I do.


  13. @No One Important:

    How do we know you’re legit? The “I’m only concerned for you…” line has also been recited to us by abusers and manipulators, the bulk of your comment sounds like backhanded passive-aggressive accusations of how Sinful WE are, and as for your handle do you remember Cee Jay Mahaney, aka The HUMBLE One (chuckle chuckle), with liveried armorbearers blowing long trumpets before him to announce how HUMBLE He is.

    This is similar to how a Douggie ESQUIRE fanboy or sock puppet would smear his accusers, so again, how do we know you’re legit when you sound like abusers’ defenders we’ve heard before?

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  14. @HappyMom:

    Ironically, look at who all the vehicles appear to be registered to . . . .

    Remember when O.J.Simpson lost the civil proceeding and was liable for over $3meg in Weregild? Suddenly he was completely penniless, with absolutely NO assets to his name?

    Except here Commander Douggie (ESQUIRE) is hiding his assets (and his manly-man self) behind the skirts of his Widdle Christian Wifey. (“Woman, Submit!”)

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