Guest Post: If “Jane” from TMU were to seek “Biblical counseling” #DoYouSeeUs

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Rebecca Davis, who writes at Here’s the Joy blog, has graciously allowed me to post her new article here. She has been a long-time friend of SSB. I really appreciate this article because in it, Rebecca describes the nouthetic, aka “Biblical counseling,” process that was likely used with Jane. Note: It is my understanding that Biblical counseling is the accepted counseling by John MacArthur.

In Rebecca’s article, take special note how nouthetic counseling works with abuse victims, and contemplate how it might fail to work. It’s one thing to use nouthetic counseling in a normal relationship situation where there is sin on both sides; however, in Jane’s story, she is the victim of rape. A victim is not in sin when they are raped. In nouthetic counseling, part of the counselor’s job is to discover the counselee’s sin and repent of it. So, Jane, a rape victim, would need to discover her sin!


No victim chooses to be raped. If a woman were to walk down the street naked, it still does not give a man the right to rape her. In order to have sex with someone, there must be consent, or else it is rape. There is no consent when date rape drugs are used, period (in Jane’s story, the date rape drug was used).

Before getting started with Rebecca’s article, I want to share a quote that Jane texted me about the “counseling” she received from Leslie Davis, her resident director. Keep this in mind as you read the article:

“Leslie confronted me on multiple occasions over numerous days attempting to find fault, blame, and dissect my account of my rape. She focused on my “heart issues” and constantly accused me of lying to cover up what she thought was consensual, and initiated by hidden sins of lust.” ~”Jane”

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Heath Lambert, Albert Mohler, and SBTS Draw Line in Sand on Christian Counseling and Dr. Eric Johnson

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There has been an ugly conflict in social media these last few days regarding the apparent firing of Dr. Eric Johnson from Southern Baptist Theological Seminary (SBTS). This petition – Petition Against the Wrongful Firing of Dr. Eric Johnson  – has been circulating and thus far has collected 636 signatures.

The introductory paragraph from the petition reads:

The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, under the leadership of Dr. Albert Mohler, has decided to fire Dr. Eric Johnson after 17 years of ministry in Christian scholarship and soul-care. His termination was not due to differing Christian beliefs or failed morality but rather due to pressure from an outside organization, the Association of Certified Biblical Counselors (ACBC), and its leader, Heath Lambert.

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