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Response to Pulpit and Pen and the Death of Rachel Held Evans

My heart remains heavy for those wounded by leaders whose arrogance use the Bible as a weapon to harm instead of to heal. I've been on the receiving end of that arrogance and it is not pleasant.

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J.D. Hall Has Not Learned His Lesson on Twitter: Bully Behavior

JD Hall and his Bully Behavior on Twitter   It seems Jordan (JD) Hall is showing his true colors today. He got all worked up after someone appropriately gave him some corrective criticism. Apparently, from the Twitter conversation that I read, JD Hall did not clearly cite an author's works on his recent blog article .… Continue reading J.D. Hall Has Not Learned His Lesson on Twitter: Bully Behavior

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Indoctrinating Your Children with Doctrine

*     *     * Someone sent me a link to this book for children.  The book was just recently published - just over a month ago - April 2013. Here is the book description from Amazon: Come along on a journey with Mitchell, as he recalls his nightmare for his mother. Mitchell… Continue reading Indoctrinating Your Children with Doctrine