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Pastor Chuck O’Neal Badgers and Berates an Abortion Clinic Escort about His Manhood

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Someone alerted me to the following video just yesterday. Last month, Pastor Chuck O’Neal of Beaverton Grace Bible Church went to the Lovejoy Surgicenter in Portland, Oregon. O’Neal and members from his church are frequent visitors outside the clinic “evangelizing.” On this video, we can hear Chuck O’Neal’s voice as he talks to the escort who works for the clinic.

Women who receive any kind of medical services at the clinic have to walk by Chuck O’Neal and his entourage when they are there, so it makes sense that the clinic would hire escorts. O’Neal is intimidating, loud, and obnoxious. Can you imagine a mom with a couple of young children wanting to pick up birth control at the clinic and having to walk by that commotion?

This seems to be a new tactic my ex-pastor is using as he is “evangelizing” at the abortion clinic. In this video, there is 9+ minutes of a recorded “one-sided conversation,” whereby O’Neal attempts to lecture the escort on how to be a man, yes, a man.

Now, when we were at Beaverton Grace Bible Church, we did hear some preaching about men and manhood. There was even preaching about what men could and couldn’t wear, which I detailed in this article: Some Pastors Think They Get to Control the Details of Your Lives, Even the Colors of Clothes You Wear  Hint:  he doesn’t like the color pink on guys.

Chuck O'Neal, pastor, Beaverton Grace Bible Church, street evangelist, spiritual abuse, bully

Back to the topic at hand, I do not believe that the escort asked for advice on how to be a man. I have a hunch that it probably never occurred to him that he wasn’t a man.

Amazingly, the calm and patient escort stood expressionless the entire time he was berated. The video begins while O’Neal is already talking, so who knows how long O’Neal had already been talking to this guy (notice I said talking to and not talking with) beyond the 9+ minutes.

When watching this video and observing positive character traits (or lack thereof), the escort showed far more character by not lashing out at the constant badgering and belittling of his personhood by Chuck O’Neal. Here are just a few things that were said by Chuck O’Neal:

“Why don’t you be a man and sign up for the Marine Corps?”

“Put on some real boots, combat boots, and go fight for real causes.”

“Everyone thinks you’re a man because of your beard and boots.”

“You don’t have to continue to be a non-man.”

At the end of the video, the very last sentence, he says, “Turn to Christ, my friend.” Did the escort feel that Pastor O’Neal was his friend? Was there any indication whatsoever that these two men were friends? I didn’t see any. What odd language to use.

Somehow, I do not believe Jesus would have evangelized like this. In fact, I would label this as anti-evangelism. Who would want to come to Christ if this is how Christ’s people behave?

Here is the video summary provided on YouTube:

“A strong, but essential message on manhood for cowardly men that help murder babies. This one sided conversation took place on Mother’s Day Eve at the front doors of the Lovejoy Surgicenter baby murdering abortuary.”

I’m concerned about the progression I am seeing in O’Neal. I don’t remember him singling out someone’s manhood before. It seems to me that if he said these words to the wrong person, he could find himself in harm’s way. I hope it never escalates to that level, but there are many men who wouldn’t put up with this kind of talk. Frankly, it showed much more manhood to have such strength and resolve as this escort in remaining unmoved rather than the loose lips and flapping tongue of a spiritual tyrant.



Disclaimer: I consider myself to be pro-life. I value all life. I believe that this kind of “evangelism” does far more harm than good. We should follow Christ’s example. Did He berate unbelievers? Does this method truly help a woman in a crisis? How would Christ deal with abortion? I’m not sure he would be at a clinic. I have a hunch he would be meeting with those in a crisis far before they ever got to a clinic, and would be helping them emotionally, spiritually, and practically. In fact, in scripture, many times we saw Christ meet people’s physical needs before anything spiritual.


29 thoughts on “Pastor Chuck O’Neal Badgers and Berates an Abortion Clinic Escort about His Manhood”

  1. This tells us all we need to know about Chucky. And his “church” members are accountable too because they pay his salary. This is not Jesus Christ, but is a counterfeit.

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  2. Hah! A real man does not sue a woman who tells the truth about his character. A real man doesn’t hide behind his lawyer. A real man does not send out his congregation to put flyers on cars to shame said woman. Wait a minute-Julie Ann must be a real man!!!

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  3. Oh, I’ve been called a man before, and it’s lashed out as an horrific insult – you know, because I’m supposed to be all quiet and in the kitchen barefoot, making sammiches for the husband. You have such a great memory about my old lawsuit, Ann!

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  4. Well, it’s certainly obvious why this clinic needed escorts. The man with the beard showed incredible self control which, last time I looked, is a fruit of the spirit. CON’s behavior, otoh, was juvenile. He even titles this video “. . . Gets Manhood Lesson.” He’s obviously very proud of his childish, bullying behavior.

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  5. Right, BTDT, as if CON is the epitome of manhood. No, he showed he was weak in the video. He showed he was weak when he sued 3 moms and their 2 adult children. It seems the escort could school him on true manhood.

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  6. GAG again sorry JA I have had that problem alot. I love the list of Manly-man talk about mowing the lawn, fixing the car bla bla, or my favorite standing against the hordes of Islam – that is classic overcompensation.

    I also don’t blame the clinic escort for not giving his name, then these true crusaders for Jesus will call his work, home, and other fun stuff to make his life miserable. I stood against abortion by working in crisis clinics when younger and we got women help all throughout the process. I also raised a kid for 17 years and I got treated like human filth from the true believers who were the same ones that were so pro-birth but wanted nothing at all to do with the children after they were born. I loathe abortion personally, but this might sound tripe, I am a male so well I think that is where that stops. I could be wrong on that, but women have been trashed by the right-to-lifers just as bad as the other crowd.

    This is the same guy that sued a bunch of people who said uncomplimentary things about him, just like he was doing to that clinic escort. Its ok for them to trash talk, but not others — typical take no responsibility for their actions type while decrying others for the same thing.

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  7. Real men don’t pick on women at all. I guess mamma never got around to telling him that. He’s looking a bit too militant, too in the photo. Haven’t watched the video yet. But the photo looks like the type of guy that would blow up an abortion clinic. There are many anarchists in a certain sect of Christianity these days. He looks like an anarchist. And, for someone who served in the military, this is exactly a profile of a killer himself. A Veteran anarchist casing out an abortion clinic.

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  8. Most people, when they realize that their attempts to interact with someone are being ignored, back off and leave a person alone. Not CON. He can’t seem to let it go. And how he thinks he’s winning someone to Christ by telling him he’s “not a man” is beyond comprehension.

    I’m not a licensed psychologist, but based on this video alone, I would label CON with narcissistic personality disorder. He has no empathy for the other person and he is using him for his own benefit – especially by uploading a video of the one-sided conversation to YouTube. Imagine if the other guy came back with questioning CON’s manhood. I would guess that CON would not have reacted so calmly and words would have flown.

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  9. Exactly, Kathi. And this guy is likely an unbeliever. And now pretend you are a teen who got caught doing something sexually immoral. Imagine how the teen would feel with 2 hours of verbal beatings in a closed church office. There’s nothing you can say. You are essentially stripped down naked, vulnerable. You are a “nothing” in his eyes if you have done something wrong. Can you imagine the psychological and spiritual damage people in our church faced? Yes, we were in a cult. Nothing has changed. Except now he’s so brazen to post his bad behavior on YouTube for all to see.

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  10. This is all he is.
    Though I speak with the tongues of men and of angels, but have not love, I have become sounding brass or a clanging cymbal. And though I have the gift of prophecy, and understand all mysteries and all knowledge, and though I have all faith, so that I could remove mountains, but have not love, I am nothing. And though I bestow all my goods to feed the poor, and though I give my body to be burned, but have not love, it profits me nothing.
    I Corinthians 13:1‭-‬3

    I’m sure the man is going to rush right out and claim the Jesus he represents! The Jesus of self love. Disgusting!


  11. “I’m concerned about the progression I am seeing in O’Neal.”

    JA, I think that is the truly scary thing – people don’t remain static, they progress on the trajectory they have chosen. People who choose to attack and berate other people for not living up to their own religious standards, presumably think they are acting on God’s behalf. What I have observed is that if left unchecked, they become more and more delusional about how important they are and they seem to fall into a habit of equating their own words for those of God. Eventually they become so far gone, that they no longer even feel the need to pretend to be loving (or even rational) – they have become god in their own eyes. I think maybe the story King Nebuchadnezzar’s madness stands as a warning to us all in this regard.

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  12. I’m staunchly pro-life, but this video makes me want to volunteer to protect women on their way to clinics. I think real men don’t mix in insults with real love. It’s not love. He’s patronizing. He’s putting on a show that he actually cares about this person.

    What I think is interesting is, at the very end of the video, you can see a sign for the church placed by the road. So, the whole thing is an advertisement. I don’t think he really cares about anything except making himself look better. He wants people to drive by and see his works and get their approval and attendance.

    I did protest a clinic once. The leaders, I think, were very wise. We were making a statement, not harassing people. We weren’t supposed to engage people or block people in any way. We were supposed to be cordial with anyone who passed. We were just making a statement.

    The fact that the clinic feels the need for men to escort the women makes me concerned that the protesters are harassing and menacing the women in their most vulnerable moments. This is not the work of Jesus. Yes, Jesus does not want babies to be murdered, but I think his heart would reach out to the pain and hurt these women have experienced, rather than heaping on abuse. I think it’s akin to the woman caught in adultery. He knew she was an adulterer and yet, instead of heaping on the abuse like her accusers, he pled her cause and set her free.

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  13. @Don, spot on. True love engages and brings closer. False love accuses, harasses and belittles. True love draws someone towards a higher purpose.

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  14. Mr. O’Neal tells the man to turn to Christ after berating him? The Bible says we turn to Christ in response to God’s kindness. I think Mr. O’Neal should Bible more and berate less.

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  15. A Christian crises-pregnancy center I volunteered at once-upon-a-time, required all volunteers to sign a pledge, promising they would NOT protest outside of abortion clinics. Even more significant was the fact there was an abortion clinic maybe 1 mile up, on the same road!

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  16. Mark, a Portland city commissioner drove by when he and his group were there. The commissioner actually pulled his vehicle over to watch what was going on and was appalled. He thought it looked like harassment and was wondering if it violated any laws. This was covered in the news. That alone should tell you this behavior is not Christian. You don’t make a scene and give the presentation of harassment.

    I don’t recall escorts there before Chuck started this “ministry.” He wasn’t doing this when we were there.


  17. He’s clearly out of line and so full of judgement and condemnation toward others. Do you think there is anyone in this man’s life that could speak into it with a Matt. 18 approach? Would he even let any person in that far?


  18. I doubt it, it’s obvious that he’s trying to surround himself with like-minded people, and I would be surprised if anyone with sense would find a way to talk to him.


  19. ” Do you think there is anyone in this man’s life that could speak into it with a Matt. 18 approach? Would he even let any person in that far?”

    No, Monique. He’d question their salvation and tell them to repent.


  20. Well, he sure is seriously messed up. So glad you got out when you did. So sorry he has an audience that listens to this 😦


  21. I’ve heard from a couple of people who visited the church and then later looked him up and contacted me because they felt “something not quite right.” I will never regret going public with my story and using his full name and church name. I consider it a cult. No pastor who loves the lost treats them like that.

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  22. When I first read this post it reminded me of something. In one of the last scenes in Jurassic World, Claire is getting ready to lead the T-rex to fight the Indominus rex.

    Claire: [Outside a paddock and telling Lowery to open it] Lowery, man up and do something for once in your life!
    Lowery: Why did you have to make it personal?

    And that’s exactly what CON did here. He made it inappropriately personal. Which really just made it all about him.

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  23. Revilers revile.
    Abusers abuse.
    The emotionally emasculated challenge other men’s manhood.
    The greedy for attention publicly expose themselves for who they are, likely claiming extra credit for the revulsion they provoke.

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  24. This sort of thing gives a black eye to all those who do go to abortion clinics to pray and offer help to those seeking abortions which is not any kind of answer to “unplanned” pregnancies. What a total shame and complete embarrassment. I’ve prayed peacefully outside of abortion clinics and this sort of behavior is just as harmful as what goes on in abortion clinics. And BTW, one of my sons who is very much a guy’s guy like to wear pink! He owns a pink tie and pink formal shirt. I think if he was approached by this bozo, my son would punch his lights out. REAL men DO wear pink!


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