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Doug Phillips Update, and Beall Phillips Publicly Responds to Michael Farris’ Recent Statement

Doug Phillips and family-integrated churches, his family’s new church, and Beall Phillips’ response to HSLDA’s Michael Farris’ statement


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Attention:  All of you families who may have abandoned life-long friends and stopped going to traditional age-segregated churches, proclaiming them anti-Biblical because of the teachings by Doug Phillips and Vision Forum . . . . . . . your ringleader has abandoned you.

We haven’t had an update on Doug Phillips in a while. The last we heard was from the current teaching elders at his former church, Boerne Christian Assembly (BCA). As you may recall, the Phillips family did not follow the church guidelines that Doug Phillips himself helped establish. He was an elder and member at BCA, and members there don’t just get to leave BCA when they want to find a new church home – again, those were the rules he helped to establish. But according to the current elders, he failed to get the required “letter of transfer” from BCA before becoming a new member at another church. Here is part of the public statement from the current leaders at BCA:

As previously noted, Boerne Christian Assembly has sought to exercise oversight and accountability with our former Elder, Doug Phillips, who last year publicly confessed to an inappropriate, long-term relationship with a woman other than his wife and verbally expressed his repentance for his behavior. Recently, contrary to the position established many years ago at Boerne Christian Assembly under his Eldership and which he reaffirmed on multiple occasions, Doug Phillips has left Boerne Christian Assembly and advised that he has become a member of another Church without a letter of transfer from Boerne Christian Assembly.  (Source)


But wait . . . .what happened to the family-integraged church mantra, Doug?


Those who have followed Doug Phillips’ teachings for any length of time will certainly remember this important part of his core teachings:  family-integrated churches.  Phillips was strongly opposed to age-segregated churches, Sunday schools, youth groups, etc, the “biblical” way was to have the family remain together at church. Many new family-integrated churches popped up all over the States because of his teachings.

In the beginning of August, I was sent information easily verified on the internet that four members of the Phillips family have indeed become members of a new church. Doug Phillips, his wife, Beall, and two sons, were listed on a church posting online. I’m unclear why his older daughters have not become members. Do they do not have voices to become members?

For privacy reasons, I will not be naming the church, but it’s important to note the kind of church he and his family is now attending.  On the church website, I noted a section, “Age Group Ministries.”

Beneath that column heading were the following listings:

  • Children
  • Students
  • University Students
  • Young Professionals
  • Single Adults
  • Young Adult Families
  • Median Adults
  • Senior Adults

Now, my church probably has around 400 attendees on an average Sunday and there’s no way our church could provide the same variety of groups and have them fully staffed. That should give you an idea of the size of the church the Phillips family is now attending. I’m not sure what numbers define a mega church, but I suspect Doug Phillips’ new church would be identified as a mega church.

So, apparently, while Phillips has been on the run from his former church – having left BCA without following the guidelines that he established and strictly enforced on everyone else, he seems to have ditched at least some of his own teachings that thousands of homeschooling families followed and from which their lives were shaped. Take a look at what Phillips previously taught thousands of families:

It is obvious that the normative practice for Israel and the early church was to integrate children into the normal practices of the gatherings of the people. Nowhere do we find a trace of teaching or example of our modern age-graded approach to the church.

Let’s bring our children back into the meetings of the church. I sincerely believe that if the Lord Jesus Christ were here in the twenty-first century, He would be the first to invite them back.   (Source)

That is the lite version. Now here is where we Phillips says what he really means (emphasis is mine):

At a time when God is turning the hearts of many fathers to their children, and where biblical patterns of Hebrew discipleship are being rediscovered and implemented in the homes of many families who have embraced home education, a glaring dichotomy still exists in those churches which practice unbiblical family-segregating, and teen-culture driven philosophies of church life.  (Source)

Did you catch the word unbiblical? Yea, so evidently, the Doug Phillips family is being unbiblical as they attend their new age-segregated church, that is, unless he has changed his core beliefs. But if he had a change of heart and truly believed he was wrong in his former teaching, wouldn’t he retract his old teachings? Wouldn’t he be repenting of his erroneous teachings? Maybe not. What we’ve seen of his public statement(s) of repentance has been lacking.

But wait, there’s more: not only does this new church offer age-segregated church activities and groups, it also offers a :::::gasp::::: a school. A school would certainly go against the teachings from Phillips/Vision Forum that only parents should train their children in the way in which they go. So how could he attend such a “heathen” church?  Has he lost his mind? . . . or has he finally come to his senses?

The hypocrisy in all of this is astounding. I hope that homeschool parents who read this really challenge themselves to test his old teachings. Has this man gone astray by bringing his family with him to attend this more contemporary church?  Or was his original teaching baseless and extra-biblical?

It’s very important to understand how many people changed their lives, from how they raised their children, to where they went to church, because of Doug Phillips. Some families were so swayed by his “biblical” ideologies they quit jobs, sold  homes, left family and friends to be closer to San Antonio and the Vision Forum empire. They wanted to parent their family biblically. I have actually spoken with someone who made the move and have heard of many more.

And now Doug Phillips is kissing all of that “biblical” teaching good-bye with nary a word to his followers?  That is so wrong.  I’ve heard from scores of people who have been harmed by his errant extra-biblical teachings.  My heart goes out to them as they try to put pieces back together and hold their family together. I find it ironic that in the attempt to keep families together, the very opposite has happened for many families.

 Beall Phillips Publicly Responds to Michael Farris’ Recent Statement


Moving along to other related matters, with the recent statement from Michael Farris of Homeschool Legal Defense Association (HSLDA) in which he discussed the ideologies perpetuated by Doug Phillips and Bill Gothard that have caused harm to families, a surprise commenter appeared on the HSLDA’s Facebook page. The comment came from Doug Phillips’ wife, Beall Phillips.

Note:  I have heard from multiple sources that Beall’s words actually resemble wording that Doug would use, so keep that in mind when reading. Here’s an excerpt I wanted to discuss, keep in mind, Beall’s words are directed to Michael Farris:

Your caricature of our views would be humorous if it were not so grossly offensive.

Let me help you with a couple of things. I have voted as my conscience dictated since I was 18. So do my sons and so will my daughters. I’m glad for Vickie that she is not under Dennis Rodman’s authority. And I am glad that I am not under your authority. I would choose my husband again any day.

Ok, that’s interesting. Let’s take a look at what was posted on the Vision Forum website in 2005. This quote comes from an article written by Brian Abshire. You can be sure that whatever was posted on the Vision Forum website was fully endorsed by Doug Phillips:

In regards to a woman’s right to vote; if husband and wife are truly “one flesh” and the husband is doing his duty to represent the family to the wider community, then what PRACTICAL benefit does allowing women to vote provide? If husband and wife agree on an issue, then one has simply doubled the number of votes; but the result is the same. Women’s voting only makes a difference when the husband and wife disagree; a wife, who does not trust the judgment of her husband, can nullify his vote. Thus, the immediate consequence is to enshrine the will of the individual OVER the good of the family thus creating divisions WITHIN the family.

Karen Campbell, of blog, has done extensive research on the Patriarchy Movement, including Doug Phillipsresponded to Beall Phillips and also noticed the hypocrisy in Beall Phillips’ comment:

 I am sorry to say that what has been taught on the pages of Vision Forum is very different than what you are now saying. VF posted an article by Jennie Chancey where it is made very clear that women ought not to vote. This author has also declared that women working outside the home is “blasphemy” also on VF and in the book she co-authored with Stacy McDonald (also published by VF) made it clear that women only have one acceptable role, that of being wives and mothers. VF has also made it very clear through the years that daughters are to remain home under their father’s authority until they are given in marriage and are not to work outside the home. Did you not watch The Return of the Daughters film?

It’s interesting that some leaders will express certain ideologies for their own congregants, while living a completely different lifestyle. We have a word for that: hypocrisy. Perhaps that is the case here.

There were responses posted on Beall Phillips’ public Facebook page where she also posted a copy of her note to Michael Farris. Take a look at some of the responses to Beall:

I’m so sorry you are having to go through this, Beall. 

Our family has listened to your husband in many forums, at conferences, on CD and DVD. We have never witnessed him teaching or advocating any of these ideologies. August 28 at 10:26am


‘”Gross misrepresentation” was the phrase I was thinking when I read Mike’s post.’ August 28 at 10:29am


“I remain thankful for your husband’s many years of contending for the faith, for his wise interpretation of Scripture, and for his bravery in sharing in a day and age when so many were and yet are inclined to disagree with even the most clear and simple reading of the Word.” August 28 at 10:34am


 “My heart just breaks. The responses of several cultural feminists in sharing their glee over this hit piece is even sadder. They are now circling the wagons, hopeful that others who teach a biblical view of the family like Kevin Swanson will be condemned next. Will it stop there or will Voddie Baucham, Paul Washer, Scott Brown, Peter Bradrick, Geoff Botkin (and his daughters) and hundreds of other fine pastors and teachers be in line to take their shot from a brother and friend? Our family has benefited greatly from the teachings of all these men, Doug Phillips and Vision Forum certainly included. We use them daily and greatly miss the wonderful resource that VF was, helping to fill our home with love, peace, joy, laughter, world history, obedience, and a better understanding of sin, confession, repentance, grace and restoration.” August 28 at 6:37pm


There certainly is confusion in the Homeschool Movement camp.


Stay tuned, I’m working on a new development with Doug Phillips/Vision Forum and hope to get the post up sometime today.

40 thoughts on “Doug Phillips Update, and Beall Phillips Publicly Responds to Michael Farris’ Recent Statement”

  1. One thing Phillips seems to have finally gotten right is that you don’t need a church’s permission to leave. If a church is healthy and strong and I leave for the wrong reasons, that’s on me. If it’s unhealthy and weakens its members and I leave for the right reasons, that’s on them. But either way nothing in the Bible says I need their permission to leave.

    Too bad Phillips didn’t tell everyone that long ago, but perhaps those who follow his abhorrent teachings will note his example on this one.

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  2. Exactly, Tim. I don’t have a problem with him leaving his old church, nor do I have a problem with him going to an age-segregated church, but it is the hypocrisy that is disturbing. He forced people to follow the rules he established. He guilted them that if they weren’t going to family-integrated churches, they were doing it unbiblically.

    I wonder how many people changed their ways due to him. I wonder how many people were harmed with his teachings? Actually, sometimes I’d rather bury my head in the sand rather than think about it because I know the price and the pain. It is so disturbing to me.

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  3. his rules were fine by him as long as he was using them to keep other people in line. As soon as it was him, he chose no to follow those pesky rules. After all, rules are for peasants, right?

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  4. P.S. Thanks for linking to that interview I did with Doug Bursch yesterday. It was a last minute thing. Doug’s a good interviewer and made me sound a lot more intelligent that I expected to sound.


  5. You’re welcome, it was fun listening to both of you 🙂

    Doug is a great interviewer. He interviewed me a while back on spiritual abuse and his tender heart for victims of spiritual abuse was evident. I think it’s one of the best interviews I’ve done – not because I was on it, but because the sensitivity that he has towards those who have been hurt. And it was especially meaningful to me because he is also a pastor who cares.


  6. But wait . . . .what happened to the family-integraged church mantra, Doug?



  7. “Our Church Youth Program Doug Phillips

    I have the privilege of worshiping in a small, family-integrated church. When asked about our various church programs, I explain that we are blessed with more than thirty different organizations to which our members belong — they are called families. I further explain that we have more than sixty youth directors — they are called parents. In fact, we have such a full schedule of events that there is a mandatory activity every day of the week — it is called family worship. When the household is functioning according to these God-directed purposes, it becomes the most powerful instrument available for the Church of Jesus Christ, next to the Bible itself, in its arsenal of culture-transforming, kingdom-building tools.
    When properly understood, the doctrine of the Christian household is the antidote to the palsied, family- fragmenting efforts of modern churches to resist the world through man-centered programs which do little more than bring the philosophies and methodologies of the world into the Church of Jesus Christ.
    Long live the Christian family! Long live biblical patriarchy and the victorious household!”,d.aWw

    JA~ from what you posted under the church’s Age Group Ministries, it sounds like his new church may just have some of those “palsied, family-fragmented efforts to resist the world through man-centered programs.” Do you think Doug is aware of this travesty? After all, he did write “long live biblical patriarchy.”


  8. The “church youth program” used to link to a photo of the Phillips family in the Brown home (or barn) with some Brown kids, an intern, and — wait for it– the other woman!


  9. I think Beall is taking her anger out on the wrong man. Not only did Doug influence homeschooling and FICs, but he profited financially from his teachings. I understand a mother and wife wanting to defend her family, but how can she enjoy the benefits of being an influential leader’s wife, then play victim when her husband’s hypocrisy is uncovered? Beall’s children will have a hard time learning personal accountability and responsibility with parents who act so entitled! JA, great article!

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  10. @ChelleBelle:

    Any idea when Doug goes to court?
    (I’m assuming there’s still a court proceeding/trial with the charges against him?)

    And whether he is actually up on criminal charges or just civilly liable.
    (I think it’s the latter; still has to appear, though.)


  11. The Doug and Vision Forum Miseries are named in civil litigation. No criminal charges have been filed as of yet and probably won’t be. When someone waits so long to complain about a perv ejaculating on them without their consent it makes a successful criminal prosecution all but impossible. Next time the victim needs to take up the role of Lorena Bobbitt or Mary Winkler and see how well Little Lord Fauntleroy ( emphasis on little as in Evil Midget of San Antonia) likes that role.


  12. From the facebook page comments on HSLDA – what do we say to folks like this who blame the victims/hearers of the false teaching?

    Melanie “It is from their stories that I have learned that these men’s teachings are being applied in ways that are clearly unwise and damaging from any reasonable vantage point—Christian or secular.”
    I think here you sum it up well… it is in the misunderstanding and wrong application that a lot of the hurt has come from. When people try to make formula’s out of man’s opinions. I would say the majority of my friends that have been hurt have had that as the problem, misapplication/understanding of what was being taught and a lack of love and God’s grace in the family. What would prevent people doing the same thing with what they learn from HSLDA? People could be hurt by the home school teachings from HSLDA just as much, if they twist what they hear/read. I’m thankful my parents had my siblings and me glean from many men who have taught us so much over the years while also teaching us to have the Bible be the final authority… which may mean at times you “eat the watermelon and spit out the seeds” of man’s teaching. We need to be responsible to take all teachings we hear, and see how they line up with scripture for our final standard and remember that we’re all sinners saved by grace in different places along the road of sanctification.


  13. Eliza,

    I know it’s so frustrating, but there’s been plenty of research done by concerned homeschoolers for years about this movement that is available if they would just check it out.

    “ which may mean at times you “eat the watermelon and spit out the seeds” of man’s teaching. We need to be responsible to take all teachings we hear, and see how they line up with scripture for our final standard “

    Yes, they can spit out the seeds, but that would mean that they are able to make those distinctions. This is hard to do when lots these teachings are taught as universal standards.

    I’m glad you had parents that gave you the tools to use, but it sounds like there are many who don’t have that ability and swallow the whole thing.


  14. I also think that it will be awhile till Beall sees the full implications of both her marriage and her husbands’ teachings. It is one )thing to “stand by your man” but quite another to publicly defend hypocrisy as then she is also responsible for it. It would be better for her to just stay quiet, like a nice little submissive wife…..her children will pay the price for the problems inherent in their thinking.


  15. So true, annie. The Phillips kids are the ones I am most concerned about. The parents will have to deal with the drama they created, but the kids had no choice in their upbringing. Hopefully they will have an opportunity to test the culture in which they were raised. I’m glad they are now at a traditional church and hope they will get to mingle with others outside their homeschool circles. Perhaps this scandal and Phillips’ escaping BCA and moving to the mega church will be the Phillips’ children’s best hope for normalcy.

    Welcome to SSB, by the way 🙂 ~ja


  16. George Orwell said it best in “Animal Farm:”

    “All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.”


  17. I caught Doug teaching women’s suffrage was bad too, while doing the Big Box series. As you’ve shown, it really is painfully easy to document that he (and others) taught this. Some anti-patriocentric bloggers are taking issue with Farris’ characterization of certain patriarchal teachings in that white paper, but not with this one, because it’s not a caricature at all.

    …women are as intelligent as men. Women are as capable as men. Every bit. That’s not the issue. What happened when we adopted the nineteenth amendment was we stopped being a nation of families and we became a nation of individuals. Prior to that, the family was represented in the gates of the land by the head of the home. Now the wife cancels the husband, the husband cancels the wife. And you see, this is what feminism has done to you. Instead of thinking as a family unit, thinking as one, where the two become one and they colabor together, you think of yourself as I’m the wife, and he’s the husband, and I’ve got my deal and he’s got his deal, and the twain shall never come together. This is the egalitarian spirit of feminism.

    Per Beall voting, the only attempt at an explanation I’ve seen is that it was pragmatic – i.e., women’s suffrage is bad, but nowadays conservative women have to vote because liberal women are voting too. Since Doug would have been the first to denounce pragmatism (and I’ve heard him do that too), it’s hard for me to see this as anything but a double standard and/or a privilege afforded to the guru’s wife and daughters but not to the rest of us.

    Personally, I was a bit shocked when I read that in Beall’s comment (though maybe I shouldn’t have been?), and then it made me a little mad. Not because she was voting (which she has every right to do), but because her husband was teaching everyone else not to, while apparently not stopping her.


  18. Hester, this is the way it worked for the Phillips. What he preached was not necessarily what he practiced at his own home. It seems his wife enjoyed her life. They were living in a 7,000 SF home.


  19. On how big a tract of land?
    (Have to keep up with the Furticks, you know…)

    Now that VF’s insurance carrier is bailing (“YOU’RE ON YOUR OWN!”), that’s a LOT of a$$et$ that can be seized to pay the judgment. Hope Douggie ESQUIRE is better at hiding assets than Imelda Marcos or O.J.Simpson (both suddenly poor as a church mouse once the court came in against them).

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  20. The hypocrisy and double standards are pretty disgusting.
    When I think about the patriarchy homeschool movement I’m reminded of Proverbs 16:18:
    “Pride goes before destruction, a haughty spirit before a fall.”


  21. Hester said:

    “Per Beall voting, the only attempt at an explanation I’ve seen is that it was pragmatic – i.e., women’s suffrage is bad, but nowadays conservative women have to vote because liberal women are voting too.”

    In other words, it’s fine and dandy to cancel out the votes of liberal women, but not husbands. Unless your husband votes liberal, God forbid.

    I remember when it came out that when Matt Chancey ran for local political office, his wife Jen went to the polls and voted for him. She was asked on the Ladies Against Feminism blog if she had changed her mind on women voting. Granting that this was years ago, to the best of my knowledge she never answered the question.


  22. When this all broke with Doug, I got to know someone who was at one time very close to Doug – very. He said that how Doug lived, dressed, etc. was very different (more casual/liberal) than the movement itself that sprung forth. His take was that people took some of the teachings and ran with them – extrapolating out things that Doug never intended. Whether that’s true or not, I have no idea – but – I can kind of see it in the same way that many women are actually the ones pushing their husbands into the movement (ironically). That makes sense, because it’s the moms checking out curriculum, generally speaking, and they find what is appealing to them… Maybe these things got even crazier when people were not only following Doug, but adding to the mix, Gothard, Swanson, etc. They’re like the Trio of Spiritual Death.


  23. dmaxell
    SEPTEMBER 3, 2014 @ 6:17 PM
    Is it just my imagination, or has Beall lost a lot of weight and colored her hair? It’s not your imagination……’s all true……..I noticed that as well when we saw them in 2012…….but she’s been doing it more and more of late……including running marathons etc

    You guys are focusing in on where they are going to church and their hypocrisy. I can see why……..but one thing you guys aren’t seeing, is that I can’t see Doug sitting back and being quiet for very long. He will be there…….be semi quiet, calm and kind of melt into the congregation. He’s a VERY VERY manipulative man, He knows very well how to get what HE wants. An unsuspecting, passive pastor without much knowledge of Doug or discernment of his intentions, would eventually be devoured. When you are in a large mega church, it can allow for people like Doug to “rise through the ranks” and literally cause division and split a church.


  24. I have written this- as someone who has first hand experience with Doug Phillips false doctrine that I address below:
    Please read – concerning our sons and daughters…
    And the Theology Doug taught known as :Christian Reconstructionism.
    Why has their not been any voices about the many years of Doctrine taught by Doug and his ministry.
    They used vision forum , for the ” Trojan horse” to carry in a political agenda-
    ( that we *now are living in God’s Millinum reign on Earth ) known as reconstructionism.
    Please take the time to research – what Doug taught: Christian reconstructionism- Rushdoony…
    Our family: spent thousands of dollars on Doug Phillips Law materials- only after 16 years later to find all of Dougs material for bible, history, law, curriculum-
    Was from this ” reconstruction theology” that he taught and followed…
    His deception in this is evil!
    All the generation brought up under this teaching (- known as reconstruction theology) ~~~that doug always taught – went under the radar) Doug never showed his hand….
    Like a political poker game-
    As we desperately desired to serve God as Parents- training our Children to Godliness – we fell into a deceitful political Campaign Web.
    Hidden in plain sight.
    Coupled with all the ” history” books-
    Doug conditioned a whole generation of young people- thinking that they are * now living in the millinuim reign of God- and they are brain washed to believe that ( patriots must DIE ) for America if they are REAL Christians.
    The political agenda behind this false doctrine ( reconstructionism) has been and is – propaganda so that
    ( for such a time as this~~~ our sons and daughters, will be Fodder for Their Cannons!!!) as Doug and those teachers with him- act as ” The Generals” that they idolize- and taught our children to idolize!
    This propagation- is seen by our childrens generation – who have been proselytizes — even now they have came out with the Movie ( behind the mask)
    This is nothing more than
    ( Doug Philips ) and those mens teachings he endorsed- political propaganda !
    The Trogen horse-=vision forum
    Propaganda = reconstruction theology covertly taught for ***political ends
    Fruit= our sons and daughters brainwashed into believing –
    Patriots= Godliness
    Patriots= allegence to America to ” death”
    Why?? Because reconstructionism theology teaches – we the church are called to die now – because we live in the millinuim reign of God- and this is our duty…
    As seen in = behind the mask movie
    And the TONS of material- books, tapes, movies that were political by nature- being feed to the homeschooling moms and dads- under the guise of ” American History”)
    This Theology is wicked- and was brought in – by deception by Vision Forum- as Doug and His Dad- Howard
    We’re very political – who pushed
    ( Rushdoonys) teachings on law and theology- known as reconstructionism.
    This generation was taught to – fight the 2 revolution war .. Under the radar— so to speak!! Yes the whole generation!!
    Book after book of ” Heroes” we’re read by sons and daughters –
    Not- the bible taught- to imitate Christ-
    But- instead–
    These Generals who fought and their submissive wives by their sides!
    That was propagated.
    Vision forum taught a wicked, perverted , doctrine- that has gone basically undetected.
    It has given birth to a generation of brainwashed- young men a women-
    Believing we live now in the Millinuim Reign of Christ-
    And we MUST be HEROES- and be Glorious Fodder For The Cannons
    Of Doug Philips-
    And even though – Doug has stepped down-
    This allegence was taught- and remains imbedded in the generation – he groomed!
    He was extremely successful in this:
    Military campaign of His
    That has gone undetected by the majority- as we lick our wounds-
    Deception runs deep in many levels.
    He may not have bore a child out of wedlock with his mistress –
    But he has bore fruit of another sort –
    Many sons and daughters!!
    Under his banner –
    And it is so sad- these young people – have no idea they were brainwashed – victims- of another sort-
    Undetected –
    Just as his nanny was used
    So to
    This generation was used – political campaign- look into Howard Philips politics-
    Doug was carrying out his fathers agenda.
    Thanks for reading
    Yes- we are angry and hurt and disappointed deeply!
    Thousands of dollars spent on this- just to find out in the end – when our son is nearly 30 years old-
    After law schools and teachings- this is what was actually going on!
    Betrayed! We were so blind!
    See below the Political Campaign of Doug Phillips and that was also His Fathers!
    It’s all actually about government agenda.
    Christian Reconstructionism is a fundamentalist[1] Calvinisttheonomicmovement, founded by Rousas John Rushdoony, that has had an important influence on the Christian Right in the United States.[2][3] Reconstructionists advocate theocracy and the restoration of Mosaic law, such as the Biblical admonition to stone homosexuals to death; thus, Reconstructionists are generally characterized as political radicals. The movement declined in the 1990s and was declared dead in a 2008 Church History journal article,[4]although Christian Reconstructionist organizations such as the Chalcedon Foundation and American Vision are active today.[5][6][7] Christian Reconstructionists are usually postmillennialists and followers of the presuppositional apologetics of Cornelius Van Til.[citation needed]
    Sounds much like Sharia Law
    Sent from my iPhone


  25. I think we all should be careful not to demonize absolutely everything Doug Phillips taught. For example, the fact that people used to vote as families in early America is true, and if everyone did that, we’d be fine. The fact is that now women can vote, and we should. But it’s still true that it just doubles the amount of votes, and that if the marriage isn’t together, the spouses just cancel out each other’s votes. There isn’t anything wrong with saying that. The problem was that he was hypocritical, not that every single thing he taught was wrong. He should have just admitted that he didn’t follow this teaching, and maybe he did admit it, I don’t know. What I’m seeing in all of these comments is that people from hundreds of years back, like John Calvin, are being dragged into this debate, along with every other person who hints at patriarchy. There is a problem with doing that! You could have a following just as easily as Doug Phillips, with hordes of people throwing out all of the teachings ever taught by the religious right, and turning to whatever they feel is the opposite. If Christians are that gullible, and may be hurt by false teachings, then where are they supposed to turn now? Should they all become left leaning liberals? Because I can show you lots of problems with liberal beliefs too.

    It’s so true what the above commenter said, that we are supposed to imitate Christ, who tells us to love one another. Let’s weigh what we hear and not blindly follow every wind of doctrine. And let’s stop blaming Doug Phillips for our own mistakes in judgement. I was happy to listen to him too, at one time, and it wasn’t until a dear homeschooling friend told me Love is the real law, not rules, that I was able to stop following blindly. I stopped wearing skirts all the time! Little by little, I learned to tell the truth in many areas of my life. God is still showing me daily, more areas that I have to turn over to His loving control. That’s really hard to do when you live so much by ideologies and not by love. I actually believed my ideologies would make me acceptable to God. I felt like judging everyone who didn’t do whatever I did. I really hadn’t experienced grace at all. No wonder I loved patriarch teaching. It seemed to say that I was absolved of my responsibility. I was happy to blame my husband for everything, and I often left him struggling in his sins without sharing the truth with him so he could be free. I don’t know if it’s the patriarchy movement that teaches this, or if I was just reading it all into that. Legalists will look for arguments anywhere.

    In all of this turmoil, God will only be glorified if Christian brothers and sisters deal with each other and with themselves in truth and love.


  26. Hi Yolanda,

    I read your post and immediately thought of all the warnings about false teachers who devour Jesus’ sheep (Jesus being the One Shepherd/Pastor) from His Church which He is building.

    “What’s wrong with the family integrated church?”

    Depends on how you define the church.

    If you’re talking about religious social clubs called Churches then I guess that system of religion is no better or worse than the alternative.

    i do favour the ‘church that is in thy house’ concept.

    And desperately wish we harness that simple kind of ‘assembling together’, without facilitation required by a learned man who more often than not isn’t overly hospitable (one of the qualifications, so I’m told).

    Thankfully never got subjected to any of those teachings. Heard some of Voddie’s.

    Works well… If you have a family to begin with.

    (I’ll be sitting in the corner over there… With the divorcees and single parents)


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