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Scott Brown Discusses: Jackson Brothers Alleged Sex Abuse, Brother Responds to Preaching, and Love Your Wives Webinar


Scott Brown on the Jackson brothers sex abuse case, the gospel message, and Husbands Love Your Wives webinar


Scott Brown, Director of the National Center for Family-Integrated Churches (NCFIC), is also a pastor of 2 of the 6 Jackson brothers who were recently arrested for allegedly sexually assaulting their younger sister for approximately 10 years (Six Homeschool Brothers Arrested for Alleged Sex Abuse against Younger Sister). This week, Brown published an article, Eric Jackson and The Power of the Gospel, regarding the Jackson sex abuse scandal and shared how Eric Jackson, the eldest Jackson and how he came to repentance.

Brown wrote about how Jackson came to discover the sin in his life and wanted to walk in the truth:

By now, you may have heard that Hope Baptist has two of her members in jail on sex offenses against their sister. The tragic family life of the Jacksons is almost overwhelming. It is a story we will never forget.

But how did this come to light? The reason this story is in the national news right now is because of the power of the gospel. Eric Jackson came to the church, responded to the preaching of the Word of God, recognized that he was a false convert, embraced the true gospel, and was born again. His new heart compelled him want to walk in the light. As a result, he confessed his sin.

Brown claims that Eric Jackson “responded to the preaching of the Word of God.”  It’s hard to say if it was the actual preaching that softened his heart.  Scripture tells us there are several ways in which God can speak to our hearts:  through people, through His Word, through the Holy Spirit, through the Words of Jesus Christ, and even through a donkey!

Then the LORD opened the mouth of the donkey, and she said to Balaam, “What have I done to you, that you have struck me these three times?” Number 22:28

Brown may have been the vessel by which God used to speak his truth to Eric Jackson, or maybe not.  We’ll never know. But we do know that pastor’s words are powerful and influencing.

That brings me to a recent mailing sent from Scott Brown’s family-integrated church organization, NCFIC.  I’ve taken a screen shot of the top of the mailing.


Scott Brown, Patriarchy, Screen Shot 2014-05-16 at 8.55.38 AM


This e-mail was sent out to promote a webinar: “Husbands Love Your Wives.”

At the webinar website, the top line reads:

Husbands, This is for you! Would you like to sit under the instruction of the foremost voice on family life during the Puritan era?

There are a lot of people who really like material from the Puritan era.  I’m not sure why that specific time period is so important  – even more than other times for Christians. Maybe someone can clue me in. There is one thing I like about the Puritan era – I do like virtue names (Hope, Faith, hey, I just saw Modesty as a virtue name – can you imagine? ok, enough of that.)

Back to the webinar. There is a cost involved to listen to this webinar of how husbands ought to love their wives.

But is all of that teaching really good and godly?

Scott Brown says in his bio that he is very interested in the church and family: **

Scott Brown, family-integrated church, Screen Shot 2014-05-16 at 11.11.20 AM


So, just what is he promoting for family?  And is it good teaching?

Brown praises Puritan author William Gouge.  He uses an excerpt from Gouge’s “classic work” (Brown’s words, not mine), Domestical Duties. Actually, if you look it up, there are a couple of variations to the title which I assume to be the same:  Domestical Duties, Of Domestical Duties, and this old spelling, Domesticall Duties, all by William Gouge. Brown states:

For years, William Gouge’s Domestical Duties has stood as the foremost Puritan treatment of Christian family life.” ~Brown

Joel R. Beeke and Scott Brown have rewritten Gouge’s works into modern language into three volumes. Here is the volume recommended in the webinar:  Building a Godly Home, Vol. 2.

But if you want to go really old school, here’s an excerpt.  (You can get the pdf of Domestical Duties at  Those who are fond of Old English (Ed, I’m looking at you) will have no problems understanding:

Fifthly, I may further add as a truth, which is too manifest by experience in all places, that among all other parties of whom the Holy Ghost requireth subjection, wives for the most part are most backward (see Treatise 3, Section 4) in yielding sub- jection to their husbands. But ye wives that fear God, be careful to your duty: and though it may seem somewhat contrary to the common course and practise of wives, yet follow not a multitude to do evil (Exo 23:2). Though it be harsh to corrupt na- ture, yet beat down that corruption: yea though your husbands be backward in their duties, yet be ye forward, and strive to go before them in yours: remembering what the Lord saith (Matt 5:46,47). If you love them which love you, what singular thing do ye? Yea remembering also what the Apostle saith, (1 Tim 2:14) The woman was first in the transgression (Gen 3:16), and first had her duty given unto her, and was made for the man, and not man for the woman (1 Cor 11:9).

1. As an head is more eminent and excellent than the body, and placed above it, so is an husand [sic] to his wife.

Ok, I think you get the idea. But I’d like you to take a look at the following excerpt which was taken from the NCFIC e-mail pictured above.

Now think about this. When you are sending a mass e-mail to your subscribers, you want something that is profound, that reflects the message you want to portray, something that will draw people in and compel them to get on board, right?  This is an appeal to get you to participate in the webinar (the one that costs $$ to listen to others’ interpretation of scripture).

Look carefully at this part of the e-mail.  The first paragraph is from Brown, the 2nd is another excerpt from William Gouge’s Domestical Duties.  Brown begins:

William Gouge casts a vision of spousal love that is unparalleled compared to the other literature I have read on the husband/wife relationship. He uses such beautiful language and imagery. In a section for the webinar this week we read of the depth of a husbands [sic] love, and how she should experience it.

“A wife then beholding gentleness and amiableness in her husband’s face, beholds it as the face of God, and as in a looking glass beholds the kindness and love of his heart, and so has her heart more firmly knit to him, and is moved to respect him more.”

Brown is talking about Gouge’s beautiful language and imagery in marriage – the depth of a husband’s love and how the wife should experience it.  What kind of imagery?  Is this Biblical?  You tell me. Keep in mind this is a family-integrated church, predominantly homeschool families. I think you’ve got the picture. Ok, have at it.


110 thoughts on “Scott Brown Discusses: Jackson Brothers Alleged Sex Abuse, Brother Responds to Preaching, and Love Your Wives Webinar”

  1. MissDaisyFlower: “The Bible does not say that “the (nuclear) family” (which is most likely what this guy means) is one of God’s greatest creations. Some of these family-crazed pastors just assume it is so.”

    I know. I was floored when I heard one of them solemnly proclaim that the family (nuclear family, that is) is God’s main tool for growing the Kingdom of God. Not evangelism (what about “Go out into the world and…”?). Nope. It’s having lots and lots of kids and raising them according to the Formula


  2. NJ,

    I absolutely loved your reference to Matthew Henry’s commentary, and, I couldn’t agree with you more on the rest that you said, too.




  3. IamMyBeloved’s,

    You had said: ” I have heard Scott Brown say that he respected a young man, for looking up to, listening to, and respecting his “spiritual fathers”, of course one of which was Brown, and the other of which was Phillips. He was stating that the young man looking up to them, was a sign of spiritual maturity. So, it seems that perhaps there is credit taking here by Brown on the Jackson story, because Jackson came to Brown for counsel (or at least to Horn)?”

    I see a major problem with this.  Scott Brown is patting himself on the back here.  Scott Brown is elevating himself as a “spiritual father” as well (For ONE is your Father, in Heaven). 

    What Scott Brown needs to be doing is ensuring that people “look up” to Jesus only.  But before they can look up to Jesus, they need to look down to the law, Scott Brown, included.

    In order for God to lift people up, they first must be brought down.  I see a bit of self praising by Scott Brown.  That is not good.  God resists the proud, and gives grace to the humble. 




  4. chapmaned24: That is why I posted that. It is ridiculous and I just wanted people to know that Brown (and the rest of the patriarch leaders/churches) see themselves as spiritual fathers to the young men. That was my point — that Brown was elevating himself and because the offender was at HIS church when alleged repentance happened, Brown was taking credit for the good stuff. Funny, how he does not see his own teachings as even a part and parcel of the bad stuff that happened prior to the offender coming to HIS church. The arrogance among these patriarch leaders is sickening. I have my own story with being viciously and heinously abused by a particular patriarch leader and his wife, so I get it. I get it very well.


  5. @IAMB:

    That was my point — that Brown was elevating himself and because the offender was at HIS church when alleged repentance happened, Brown was taking credit for the good stuff.

    Madly in love with the smell of his own farts.


  6. HUG,

    I don’t know, man, some people thinks that theirs don’t stink, therefore, no smell!!!  LOL.




  7. Good morning,
    How do you preach the gospel of Christ and abandon your responsibilities to your wife and children before God? This was such a problem in the early Church that Church leaders had to speak out against abandoning your family. I believe you are called an infidel for not taking care of your own family. Societies are built on families. (nuclear) Families that do not have the nuclear structure are less than what Gods perfect design intended but no less loved by Him. Should nuclear families apologize to those that are not simply because those that are not are struggling with pride or conviction of sin? I have no pride in the family that God has blessed me with and instead seek to use that family as a tool to evangelize. My neighbour needs the gospel, my kids piano teacher, their homeschool teacher (online), their co-workers, their grandparents/cousins etc…. You cannot see a future for our society without God’s design for family. (even the UN recognizes that) Yes, it is sometimes broken because of mans sin but that does not mean we get to create a new norm for God’s perfect design.


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