Review of Children’s Book,”God’s Design” – Examples of Complementarian Manhood and More Doublespeak

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Paul & Jesus: Examples of Complementarian Manhood


African boy – Image from Pixabay

-by Kathi

This series is a review of God’s Design, a children’s book which teaches children about complementarity. For an introduction of the book, click here. All of the underlined subtitles below are chapters from the book.

Today, boy children will learn about biblical complementarian manhood from two godly examples that were not even married. Girls, it would be wise for you to listen up, too, so you are aware of what husband material godly manhood looks like. Continue reading

ESV Gospel Transformation Bible: Complementarian Conflict of Colossal Proportions

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Oh boy.  I did not know this.   There is a new ESV Bible by Crossway to be released later this month:  Gospel Transformation Bible.   Look at this quote:

A team of over 50 pastors and scholars contributed to the Gospel Transformation Bible notes and book introductions.

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