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BREAKING: Lawsuit against Bill Gothard and The Institute in Basic Life Principles Dismissed

Bill Gothard, IBLP, Sex Abuse, Lawsuit


I have received the following statement from the plaintiffs in the lawsuit against Bill Gothard and The Institute in Basic Life Principles.




The statement reads:

Our Statement

Due to the unique complexities of this case, including the statutes
of limitation, we have made the difficult decision to voluntarily
dismiss our lawsuit against Bill Gothard and The Institute in Basic
Life Principles. We want to make it abundantly clear that by
dismissing our lawsuit at this time, we are not recanting our
experiences or dismissing the incalculable damage that we believe
Gothard has done by his actions and certain teachings. Nor are we
disregarding that his organization chose to protect themselves
instead of those under their care.

Signed by Former Plaintiffs:
Rachel Glader Frost
Rachel Lees
Charis Wood Barker
Megan Lind
Joy Simmons
Jane Doe VI
Melody Ruth
Emily Jaeger (Jane Doe III)
Jane Doe IV
Jane Doe V
Helen Lucius (Jane Doe)
Carmen Okhmatovski
Daniel S. Dorsett Sr.
Jamie Becker Deering
Gretchen Wilkinson
Ruth Copley Burger




8 thoughts on “BREAKING: Lawsuit against Bill Gothard and The Institute in Basic Life Principles Dismissed”

  1. Excuse my changing the verse slightly. Bill Gothard’s favorite verse, “Proverbs 30:20 NKJV  This is the way of an adulterous man: he eats and wipes his mouth, And says, “I have done no wickedness.” Praise God for these courageous people who, like Prophet Nathan of old, expose wickedness. Emily is right in her post that this has been transferred to a higher court.


  2. Every abused child or young adult runs into the Statutes of Limitations as their second worst enemy after their abuser. This breaks my heart. I hope these beautiful young ladies will always know that I BELIEVE THEM AND I AM PROUD OF THEM!

    God is ridding our Country of abusers like Bill Gothard and Dr. Larry Nassar and Jerry Sandusky. But, He needs us to continue the fight for the abused victims while blowing the whistle on these evil predators.

    The people that still believe Bill Gothard didn’t abuse young women remain the other half of this evil crime called Predator/Pedophile. For every Predator/Pedophile there are multiple Enablers. Shame on You if you are an Enabler! You will have your day in court….the Highest Court in Creation!


  3. While all the Gothardites and Dominionists chorus “AAAAAAAA-MENNNNN!”

    Expect the dismissal to be quoted as SCRIPTURE regarding the impotence of the Heathen raging against The LOOOOOOORD and His Anointed.


  4. I am so very sorry.

    My own experiences with litigation involving the Episcopal Church have made clear to me that it’s a difficult slog. Even worse, the courts are very deferential to clergy, and there is little the courts can do to actually make it right.

    Wishing all involved health and healing.


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