Sex Abuse Victim Natalie Rose Greenfield, the Timeline, Doug Wilson’s Attempt to Shift Focus off the Real Story

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With Natalie’s permission, I am once again cross-posting her most recent article which gives further clarification on her sex abuse case. Why? Because Pastor Doug Wilson is trying to push his narrative using his public platform which has a larger following than Natalie. What I do here at SSB is give survivors a platform and hopefully social media will even out the voices so that a survivor’s voice is heard and believed.

Here’s the deal. Why are we even listening to Doug Wilson? Why are we listening to his narrative? The court has already convicted Jamin Wight and we know that Natalie is telling the truth, so why is Doug Wilson speaking up now? It is not his story to tell. He mishandled the case and neglected care for Natalie and now Natalie is rightly speaking out so that others will not be afraid to do so.

Take a look at Doug Wilson’s replies on Twitter. On many of his replies, he is responding to Natalie’s case giving short, obscure answers from his perspective and trying to shift the focus off Natalie’s account and place blame on her parents or anything that holds him culpable of protecting and defending this young sex abuse victim. It is so important to note that DOUG WILSON WAS NOT THERE WHEN NATALIE WAS ABUSED! He doesn’t know what went on in her home, the involvement of her parents, the threats and pressure of Jamin Wight.

Notice how Doug Wilson changes the direction of the conversation to something entirely irrelevant.

Here’s an example of a recent exchange with me. Notice the diversion tactics:


Now we move on to Natalie’s timeline.  Thank you, once again, Natalie, for allowing me to share your story here. ~ja 

(***Trigger warning:  sex abuse***)

natalie rose greenfield, jamin wight, doug wilson, crec, christ church, sex abuse,

For The Sake Of Clarity – The Timeline

by Natalie Rose Greenfield

“It was a foolish parent-approved relationship which led to statutory rape, as was shown in the court.” – @douglaswils

This is a recent tweet from Doug Wilson concerning the long-term sexual abuse I experienced as a young teenager. In light of the level of blame that is being placed on my parents, I feel that a timeline of the events might be helpful in offering some clarity for those that were not directly involved in the situation.

Summer 2000: I met Jamin at a local nursing home where a group of church members were singing hymns for the residents. He introduced himself to me. I was thirteen years old. He was 23.

A few weeks later: I sat at a local coffeehouse and Jamin showed up, sat down across the table from me and asked if I wanted to play cards. He flirted heavily and tossed pretzels into my mouth.

Fall 2000: Jamin came to our house for dinner along with a couple of his roommates, who were longtime friends of our family. He played footsie with me under the table. Our whole family thought he was a pretty great guy and began to consider him a genuine family friend.

Winter 2000: Jamin was over for family dinner a second time and during a movie after dinner, when others had left the room for a moment, Jamin moved close to me, touched my cheek with his hand and told me I was beautiful.

Spring 2001: Jamin moved into our mansion on B Street and lived there along with 4-5 other boarders. At some point during this process Jamin expressed an interest in getting to know me. My parents discussed what they should do and ultimately my father told him he could wait around for me until I was older, if he wanted, and strictly forbade any development of a physical or romantic relationship. We were allowed to be friends. Two weeks later Jamin kissed me for the first time.

Spring 2001: Summer/Fall 2002: Jamin began more serious abuse, this included sexual, physical, verbal and emotional abuse. He was wildly jealous of me, he spied on me, he gave me a strict set of rules to follow regarding my behavior, dress, and social life, he forced me to perform oral sex on him on a regular basis, he oiled the hinges of the doors in our home and frequently snuck into my room in the middle of the night, he limited when I was allowed to leave the house and where I was allowed to go (he did this by privately bullying me, as far as anyone else knew the decisions were my own), he demeaned me constantly and convinced me never to tell anyone about what was happening because he said they’d all know I was a slut and no one else would ever love me, he told me I should not go to college or develop any career or interests because I was to be his wife and the mother of his children someday and would have no need for continued education or a career path, he lectured me constantly on my flirtatious, sinful, tempting ways and convinced me I was an abhorrent girl with few redeemable qualities

I was literally a prisoner in my own home. (I should mention that I was behaving like a textbook abuse victim throughout all of this – I was infatuated, obsessed with my abuser, and the single most important thing in my life was to please him.) To maintain the facade Jamin would occasionally approach my parents and humbly ask their forgiveness for something like squeezing my hand to comfort me or patting my shoulder. He’d promise it would never happen again. This helped him to maintain trust with my parents so he could continue living in our home.

Fall 2002: My father began to notice Jamin behaving in a jealous way around me, and caught him spying on me from outside in the bushes during a dinner party one night (he did this often to monitor my interaction with other people). He was asked to move out.

Late Fall 2002: Jamin no longer lived with us but still occasionally stopped by to grab belongings he’d left, and during these brief visits would rendezvous with me in the basement or in a car for sex favors. One time, I stopped him on the front porch and quietly asked him if I was still a virgin because I didn’t know if fisting constituted penetration. He laughed at me, then walked inside. This was one of the last times we ever spoke.

Fall 2002-Spring 2005: The abuse had finally ended and the effects began to set in. I experienced PTSD, nightmares, flashbacks, eating problems, difficulties with school, depression, insomnia, anger issues, stomach ulcers, social anxiety, and severe self loathing and shame. I graduated from high school during this and was attending the University of Idaho, my academic performance suffered, as did any friendships or relationships I had. The quality of my relationship with my parents was very poor as well.

Spring 2005: I told a friend a little about what had happened years earlier . She urged me to go to my parents or to the police and I told her she was crazy. Over the following month she approached me several times and begged me to tell someone else. She asked that I please do it before I turned 18 later that summer. Her words sank in over the weeks and one night I was overwhelmed with the need to say something, I nervously told my parents about the abuse. Knowing the police would be contacted, Jamin would be arrested, and a legal process would ensue, I was terrified but also hopeful that I could begin to find some peace as justice was carried out. The morning after I told my parents about the abuse they reported it to the police and Jamin was arrested on charges of sexual abuse of a child and lewd conduct with a minor.

Fall/Winter 2005: After an incredibly trying Summer of legal proceedings, multiple police reports and intense health problems, I began slowly phasing out of attending Christ Church. The support and resources that I so desperately needed were not offered to me. The silence was deafening and succeeded in magnifying my shame and sadness. I remember sitting at church week after week and longing to feel loved and supported, aching for something or someone to help me soothe the deep sadness and despair I felt, and it never came. Not everyone at church was aware of what had happened to me and I knew that. In reality, probably only a handful of people were aware at this point, but surely a couple of the elder’s wives must have known and if they didn’t they certainly should have so that I could be ministered to. Sadly, it didn’t happen. I didn’t leave the church angry or bitter, I left wounded. This was the church I’d attended for most of my life and leaving was one of the hardest and saddest things I’d ever done. I’ve written about the rest of this here, so there’s really no need to re-hash what’s already been said.

My story is not about my parents. And though some people are trying awfully hard to make it about my parents and not about the criminal and what he got away with and how people stood behind him and trusted him and welcomed him back into their circles while a girl wasted away in sadness and shame, it’s simply not plausible. The attempt to pin this on my parents isn’t just morally wrong, it’s based on twisted information. I may end up saying it a thousand times, but here it is again: I was not in a relationship with Jamin Wight. I was targeted by him, groomed by him, and abused by him for nearly 2 years, but I was not in a relationship with him. A relationship is something that happens between 2 consenting adults, not between a child and a man.

My goal in sharing my story of abuse is not to point out my parent’s naivety or to shame them for any foolishness they exhibited. We don’t need to discuss how close bedrooms were or how many boarders lived in our giant home or how many times my parents urged Jamin to respect me and interrogated him to make sure he was doing so. I know beyond all doubt that my parents loved me dearly and were doing so in the best way that they knew how. They didn’t have all the answers, but they did not wish for me to be hurt.

My story is about the man who hurt me and the church who defended him. It’s about him going on to hurt more innocent people because no one believed I was telling the whole truth. And within my story are parallels to countless other eerily similar stories that haven’t been told because it’s really hard to tell them, but they need to be heard anyhow so I’ll give them a voice.

That’s all this has ever been about. I’m still waiting to be heard.

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134 comments on “Sex Abuse Victim Natalie Rose Greenfield, the Timeline, Doug Wilson’s Attempt to Shift Focus off the Real Story

  1. In my opinion, Doug Wilson is not a Christian.
    In my opinion, Doug Wilson doesn’t qualify as human.
    In my opinion, Doug Wilson is a worthless, useless sack of s%^t and he can’t die from natural causes soon enough, as far as I’m concerned.

    Although maybe if we all wait long enough, he’ll drink himself to death on the Laphroaig he loves so much. That’d suit me just fine. What a depraved, twisted scumbag he is.

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  2. Natalie, Doug Wilson and his “church” might never hear you, but the rest of us hear you loud and clear. What Doug Wilson did to you and continues to do to you by equivocating on behalf of Jamin Wight is, in my opinion, the work of a true psychopath. The only person who failed abhorrently in this entire scenario is Doug Wilson. And he continues to not only fail, but commit unspeakable injustice by attempting to lay the blame at the feet of your family.

    Doug Wilson claims to speak on behalf of God and scripture. He does no such thing. He lies damnably. He distorts Christ out of motives of pure, unfettered evil. Anyone with even an inkling of sanity can see that.

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  3. As I recall, Jamin’s original charge was L&L. Then it became a plea deal. What he did was worse than statutory rape. Still makes me sick that the prosecutor gave him a deal instead of prosecuting the Hell out of him!

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  4. Natalie, I wish I could go back in time and be one of those adults in the church and acknowledge your pain and that of your parents. Doug Wilson’s guilt is obvious, thus his rewriting of the story. Parents don’t know everything, as much as we wish we did. And a child who is bullied and abused can be very good at hiding abuse even though they want it to stop. Abusers are clever and know how to manipulate.


  5. Jackie, good to “see” you!

    And a child who is bullied and abused can be very good at hiding abuse even though they want it to stop.

    This is so true. What a confusing ordeal for a young teen, especially in the purity culture where she would likely have conflicting emotions about being dirty and assuming guilt that was never hers.

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  6. I would like to make one more statement to those sycophants who post on Doug’s blog, trying to help him prop up his distorted theology and claiming that those of us who are furious with him are “unregenerate” or “unforgiving” or “don’t know the whole story”:

    Run. Flee. Get thee hence. Remove yourselves. Get away from Doug Wilson, as fast and as far as you can. You are doing a monstrous and horrific injustice to the victims of Wight and Sitler by obstinately remaining at Doug’s feet, licking up his crumbs and polishing his boots and kissing his throne and praising his every twisted evil word. Flee, lest Doug drag you into hell’s mouth with him. Do you think Christ will judge you by your “forgiveness” of two appallingly depraved sex offenders?? HE WILL NOT. Christ will judge you by the zero compassion you have shown to those victims who were cut to the bone by the acts of sickened criminals.

    Get thee behind us. Stop siding with the perpetrators of evil. Show mercy to the victims. You have no idea, none whatsoever, of the immensity and towering breadth of the inferno of wrath that you bring down upon yourselves by protecting Wight and Sitler. You have no concept of the vengeance that you invite upon yourselves by licking Doug Wilson’s shoe soles. Run. Get out while you still can. This is all likely to end very very badly, and you should not be a part of it.

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  7. I appreciate Dash’s concern and passion. For those who do not know, he is a victim of Bill Gothard’s teachings and was horribly abused by his parents. He knows what it is like to be betrayed by Christian leaders and I so value his voice as one who cares for victims and also wants to protect those who may find themselves trapped in a system with a leader who does not care for victims.

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  8. I know that abuse drives people to death, whether by their own hand or by their abusers makes no difference. I have fought it my whole life. I know what it means to want to die.

    I know that what Doug Wilson is doing likewise makes people want to die, myself included. On behalf od Wight and Sitler’s victims, I want to die so that I don’t have to feel their pain anymore. What is the use of living in a world where Doug Wilson’s Christ means salvation for depraved criminals and damnation for their victims? And it is for that reason that I scream as loud as I do. I won’t have it. Doug Wilson’s lies will not be met with silence.

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  9. Dear Natalie, I am so sorry for what was done to you. Blaming your parents exposes the pure evil behind those who should have loved justice. We hear you and thank you for speaking up for those who can’t speak for themselves yet.


  10. I’m wondering how old Natalie is today. In most states a child victim has until at least their 21st birthday to initiate legal action. In some states it’s longer. Natalie, if you have not spoken to an attorney yet I would suggest Gloria Allred of Allred, Maroko, Goldberg. They have offices on both coasts and litigate nationally. LA office 323-302-4773 & New York office 323-302-4773 Even if you have reached the age of majority you may have a malpractice case. Gloria is exactly the kind of attorney Doug Wilson needs to become intimately familiar with. Her office folks are top flight and would be happy to talk with you. Natalie, Please call them.

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  11. Additionally Mr . Wilson’s continued discussion of you and the issues around your case, may have extended the statute of limitations on a malpractice case or created a whole new case ( harassment, witness intimidation, libel) . Please call Gloria’s office ASAP.

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  12. I hope from the bottom of my heart that this story will move those at DW’s church to public questioning of him. He needs to be made intensely uncomfortable in his own building (understatement of the year), not just in the public eye. He shouldn’t be able to retreat to a safe place – not until he repents.

    Isn’t it striking that those at the Kirk who will see mutual blame here between Natalie and Wight are themselves victims of DW’s grooming? Didn’t I see a woman speak out (as a good thing!!) about the “100’s of hours” DW has counseled her and her husband? They’ve been groomed by him to depend on him – his narrative, his “truth”, his vision, his knowledge, his authority. And they’re blind.

    Except they’re darned adults and should know better. They want to blame one who was a child at the time for being groomed and exploited and abused.

    I can’t imagine how hard this was to write, Natalie. I hope you will continue to find healing from this.

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  13. First, I adore Natalie! And YES to every word Natalie said here:

    “The abuse had finally ended and the effects began to set in. I experienced PTSD, nightmares, flashbacks, eating problems, difficulties with school, depression, insomnia, anger issues, stomach ulcers, social anxiety, and severe self loathing and shame.”

    This is the aftermath of abuse, and stupid so called biblical counseling, doesn’t help at all. O and to add to the list, the false guilt I felt because my body did what it was intended to do when touched.

    Damn you Doug Wilson. Shut your pie hole. And stop drowning us in your sea of words.

    Dash, I almost didn’t make it, not to make this about me, but I made several attempts to leave this world because it hurt so much to be alive.

    We stand with you Natalie, you are light to darkness, a voice for the voiceless, a friend to all the wounded hearts who have lived the horror of perverted, vile abuse, including spiritual abuse.

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  14. Oh, man. How I would love to see someone bring a clergy malpractice suit to Doug Wilson and make it stick. If even Tim Bayly can’t get him to see reason, this may be the only way to get past his pride and penetrate, conquer, colonize, and plant the truth into his massive skull.

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  15. I think the most important thing to remember is that many (most?) sexual predators are master manipulators.
    I think the important thing to remember about Doug Wilson’s stance in all of this is that he is still touting (and presumably still believes) the version of these events fed to him by Jamin Wight, i.e., that it was a “consensual” relationship. Doug WIlson’s massive ego cannot let him fathom the extent to which he was snookered, manipulated and generally had by master manipulators Jamin Wight and Steven Sitler, who both stroked, stoked and generally inflamed Doug’s ego by claiming sincere repentance under his tutelage. The payoff for both Jamin and Steven? Influential letters written by Doug to prosecutors and judges, Doug discouraging a family from taking charges to trial. The result? Two sexual predators walking free. Doug claiming he knows the “real” story.

    Natalie, as you write the difficult words of the truth of what happened, may we all join together to each take a share of the burden of this from your shoulders and may this be a balm to your pain and a support for your courage.
    Natalie, may we all join together to carry the burden of your pain from all this.

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  16. We stand with you Natalie, you are light to darkness, a voice for the voiceless, a friend to all the wounded hearts who have lived the horror of perverted, vile abuse, including spiritual abuse.

    All the things that Doug Wilson is not.

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  17. Reading the accounts from not only Natalie, but also Dash and Gail, makes me sick at heart. It’s an important reminder to me of how fortunate I’ve been, never to have suffered this kind of trauma, not to have these kinds of scars on my heart.

    If Wilson won’t listen to how much these precious souls are hurting — how it’s been a struggle for some of them just to decide to keep living — then I can’t imagine what will move him.

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  18. To All

    I love it here, your voices are soothing and full of compassion. I love the fierce cries for justice & the tender comments. I have joked with Julie Anne that she is my pastor & y’all here are my church. I am a done, so why not! I made a wonderful friend here at SSB, though she doesn’t chime in much, she along with many here have helped me in my spiritual recovery. You guys & gals are the best! I feel a little silly liking every comment, so, I thought I would share what is on my heart.

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  19. I was looking through Wilson’s Twitter feed this morning – a whole lot of correcting “wrongs,” attempting to clarify, telling outsiders we don’t have all the information, but I couldn’t see anything about loving/comforting/protecting Natalie. That is all the evidence we need. This man is not a shepherd.

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  20. I got into a lot of trouble for asking too many questions at church. Was taught to never question God or pastor, well, too bad dudes I love to ask questions, and no I don’t always get answers. I wrote this 20 some years ago. Sadly, I still deal with some of the fallout from the traumas in my childhood.

    Why did my innocence get soiled within?
    Why do I carry the the damage of my abusers sin?

    He destroyed my ability to know how to trust,
    by using me, a child, to satisfy his lust.

    Why do I still pay for what he did?
    Shame, worthlessness and fear have
    been my companions since I was a kid.

    Will I ever be free from the past?
    Released from the filth that amassed?

    How do I stop the tormenting shame?
    Sometimes, I wonder if I am going insane?

    I am exhausted from living under guilt’s hood,
    what I would give for one minute just to feel good.

    Why I wonder why?
    You were silent, Lord
    while I prayed and cried.

    Where were You God?
    When I was trembling and scared?
    My helplessness left me totally impaired.

    I had no power to overcome
    Were you blind, deaf and dumb?

    How Lord, am I now to trust You?
    When you didn’t protect me
    from what I went through.

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  21. For Natalie and all those who have shared their stories of abuse here, even though I have not experienced what you all have had to endure, please know my admiration for your courage and prayers and support are with you all as much as my heart can ache, grieve, and hate the injustice of it all. I pray that someone who is able will hold DW accountable. May the men who have authority or say in DW’s leadership (elders?) hold him accountable. Are there any men like that out there?


  22. “Why I wonder why?
    You were silent, Lord
    while I prayed and cried.

    Where were You God?
    When I was trembling and scared?
    My helplessness left me totally impaired.

    I had no power to overcome
    Were you blind, deaf and dumb?

    How Lord, am I now to trust You?
    When you didn’t protect me
    from what I went through”

    One has to wonder what God has in store for anyone that produces this response, to Him, in a child. It would be better to have a millstone tied around his neck………

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  23. Monique said: “I pray that someone who is able will hold DW accountable. May the men who have authority or say in DW’s leadership (elders?) hold him accountable. Are there any men like that out there?”

    Perhaps not but the God of the universe will.

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  24. Over and over we see the tremendous growth of people like Natalie and the folks here who have been abused as they find their voice and comfort others and speak truth to power. I admire all of you so much! To deal with the affects of abuse and to overcome false teachings is not easy and takes real courage.

    Then we see people like Doug Wilson who can never ever apologize or admit his mistakes. The energy he must spend twisting himself into knots to avoid seeing the truth about himself! He would be pathetic if he wasn’t doing so much damage. Grow up, Doug!

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  25. This timeline is very helpful. Thank you for sharing it Natalie.

    Since Wilson is trying to spin the blame back on the parents, I can only assume that he would accept blame if it had been his daughter that had been sexually abused. Right? Uh huh.

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  26. I think the most important thing to remember is that many (most?) sexual predators are master manipulators.

    ALL the successful ones are.
    AND masters of camouflaging what they are (i.e. “appearing as an Angel of Light”).
    Otherwise, they would have been exposed and caught long ago.
    We only hear about the ones dumb enough to slip up and get caught.

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  27. May the men who have authority or say in DW’s leadership (elders?) hold him accountable. Are there any men like that out there?

    Every “man of authority” in the Kirk has been hand-picked by Pastor for the proper shade of brown on their noses. And the strength and depth of their Love for the smell of Pastor’s farts.

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  28. JA said:

    The court has already convicted Jamin Wight and we know that Natalie is telling the truth, so why is Doug Wilson speaking up now?

    Natalie said:

    A relationship is something that happens between 2 consenting adults, not between a child and a man.

    This ↑↑↑ What Jamin did was against the law. Try as Wilson might, there is simply no other way to spin this. There is no “other side of the story.” Natalie’s parents were never on trial. Wilson is speaking up now in an attempt to CYA.

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  29. Does Doug Wilson have any daughters? If so, he must view them as an extension of his own ego. I assume he would believe such crimes would never happen to them. Wilson treats Natalie’s situation as if it were an academic debate instead of a serious soul crushing crime visited on a young teen.
    Unfortunately individuals who behave like Wilson believe that they (and their family members) are exempt from the heinous events that can happen to victims of crime. He minimizes and twists the situation to fit his own view of the world. I wouldn’t be surprised if he would dismiss any situation that doesn’t fit his world view. Such men are often willing to sacrifice their own wives and children to maintain their narcissistic ego. (ie, bury any personal pain they may carry).
    Natalie, thank you for speaking out. No young woman should be dismissed after such trauma. I wonder what secrets and pain his wife and children carry inside to support Wilson’s warped world. Hopefully finding your voice will not only help towards your own healing, but may allow other church members to speak out against Wilson and his twisted view of women. Wilson’s toxic world view must continue to be challenged.


  30. @Gail❤

    Why I wonder why?
    You were silent, Lord
    while I prayed and cried.

    This just kills me. I understand that people have free will, but I’ve also been taught that God answers prayers.


  31. Doug Wilson has always reminded me of my self -worshipping, sexually-sadistic, extremely-misogynistic father.

    Doug Wilson does not hate rape.
    Doug Wilson does not hate child sexual abuse.
    Doug Wilson is protective of sexual abusers.
    Doug Wilson hates women with a bloody passion.

    Doug Wilson loves talking about what all is wrong with women, but the little spoilt hateful immature boy cant handle women talking about what all is wrong with Doug Wilson.

    Nobody that hates child sexual abuse or loves women would take up for Doug Wilson.
    Nobody that loved their little girls would take their daughters to his cult.

    Doug Wilson has always said sexually sadistic sexually demeaning thing about women, of course he is going to try and blame a thirteen year old girl. That is what misogynist, sexually sadistic, sexually deranged men have done for centuries.

    Doug Wilson is embarrassing, and he is to drunk in love with his self-worshipping self to know it.

    All of these men are gods of their on little loser man cults/clubs, and surprise, surprise they are sexually sadistic men that are terrified women are going to say no to them and try to escape them.

    My father and the man that sexually terrorized me as a child were terrified of any women or little girl being able to tell them NO! And that is why the UNWANTED flaming misogynistic perverts were Christian men.

    Natalie I am so sorry. In my family it was considered worse to say I was raped then it was to rape someone. We knew as children that if we told our own parents would be mad at us, we were right.

    The few people that get mad about sexual abuse bring relief to sexual abuse victims. You are much needed. Thank you.

    Dash you ROCK;)

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  32. BeenThereDoneThat,

    He does… In hindsight, I can say He has been gracious to me. Though it was in His time and His time wasn’t my time, if that makes sense. I wrote poems as part of my therapy. I know I might sound dramatic but I believe that helped me keep my sanity. I remember starting to pray to God around nine years old that He would let me die. That breaks my heart today, I am so glad to be alive, I am having the time of my life with my 2 & 4 year old granddaughters, they are such sweet gifts from above. (J.A. can vouch on their cuteness factor) Grandchild # 3 arrives next March. They center me in the here & now & fill my heart with a wild love. Love U BTDT.


  33. To Doug Wilson:

    I know you read this blog. I’ve seen it. You’re here poking around, looking for vulnerabilities and weak spots. You won’t find any.

    Quoting scripture won’t protect you from what’s coming to your doorstep. Even the devil can quote scripture to suit his purpose, and you are no different. You can’t shame us into silence because you have no real authority in this world. You’re a self-appointed fake pastor in a self-appointed fake pulpit, running a self-aggrandizing fake church, and you don’t fool me or anyone else. Take your Biblical distortions and shove them right up your fat ass. You don’t matter.

    Have a drink, Doug. Crack open that whiskey bottle and have a drink. Have a double. Have three, or four, or five. Tip it up and drink straight from the bottle, Doug. Drink until you can’t remember your own name. You won’t find any sympathy from me. My grandfather was an alcoholic asshole, and I don’t miss him either.

    You don’t have a good name because you forfeited your good name to whine and weasel and protect pedophiles while ostracizing their victims. This is all on you, Doug. It’s your fault. You brought it on yourself.

    Justice is coming for you, Doug. You can’t twist enough scripture quotes to stop it.

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  34. 100pinkapples: Thank you, dear. I call it like I see it. 🙂

    When you accept hell as a possible fate, as I have, *truly* accept it, it becomes very easy to know what to do. Why not petition God for anything and everything at that point? As long as I’m going to burn in hell anyway, what have I left to lose?


  35. Dash, you are not going to hell. Really.

    You know, I think there is a point with these spiritually abusive pastors when more and more people see them for who they are. We saw a turning point with Mark Driscoll after he had just thrown too many people under the bus and he couldn’t recover from it. Doug just keeps spinning and spinning, contradicting himself, telling lies that can be easily disproven, and sounding more and more incoherent. I think his career is about to implode.

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  36. As I read these comments my heart breaks for those readers who suffered (and continue to suffer) from sexual and spiritual abuse. As we read these stories I hope we share a common purpose to never allow the perpetrators and their enablers (I mean you, Doug Wilson) avoid responsibility for their reprehensible, malignant jackassery . .

    It is vital that readers understand that Doug NEVER takes responsibility or apologizes. i have watched and confronted his nastiness for more than fifteen years. He is an attention seeking narcissist, possibly a sociopath (I’d be happy to pay for a pysc’ eval Doug, if I can read the results), and without doubt a bully. However, he does not work alone. He has surrounded himself with weak, economically dependent men who bend to his will without a murmur. It is also telling that as a former enlisted man in the Navy, he has chosen a few former naval officers to take orders from him. The following Roster of Shame is comprised of the elders who were (and still are) “on board” (anchors aweigh you pathetic swabbies). Every time you post or re-post a message about the loathsome leadership of Christ Church please be sure to include these names. Let the world know who stands with Doug Wilson.

    Note: Not every man pictured in the link below was a church officers when the abusers Wight and Sitler were molesting children. But they are certainly complicit in their continuing failure to protect the sheep (however belatedly) and refusing to call out the villains now. Trinity Reformed Elders ( ) who were and are still maintaining silence and were at least tangentially if not fully cognizant of the situation at the time must be lumped in with Christ Church elders (aka Toadies) who continue to defend Doug Wilson at the cost of their own integrity, and arguably their souls.

    Photos of the miscreants are found here:
    Notice the economic links to Wilson’s evil empire.

    Csaba Leidenfrost: minister/missionary supported by Christ Church

    Gordon Wilson: Doug’s brother

    Matt Gray: Doug’s neighbor
    College outreach program,

    John Carnahan:
    Logos School, Activity Director,

    Bill Church: Key Properties Realty company

    Ed Iverson: man who introduced Katie Travis to Steven Siter
    Former librarian at New Saint Andrews, currently serving as minister to Holy Trinity Church, Colville, Washington

    John Grauke: physician,

    Wes Struble: Logos School science teacher (page 2)

    John Sawyer: Head of recruitment NSA, wife teaches at Logos page 8

    Dale Courtney:

    Ben Merkle: Doug’s son-in-law, President of NSA, Greyfriars educated, minister Christ Church

    Spread the names, share the blame.

    Rose Huskey

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  37. Dash: I am not an “Evangelical”, but would like to say to you that these abusers don’t have salvation locked up in a box somewhere to withold from you. They are just bags of bone and offal like the rest of us. Don’t let them tell you that you are going to hell.

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  38. Yes govpappy! Only it is Gail Marie ( :

    Julie Anne, how ridiculous is John Piper, I am so grateful that he explained about breasts, NOT. What a perv. I didn’t need his sex education. #WHYJOHN

    Dash, Please Tweet! Love a real man who takes on the bullies, I know, I said this last week. Please pretty please, you would knock it out of the park.

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  39. Dash –

    Thanks for posting the link to kbotkin’s article. This is a comment that I left there.
    This story, and the articles surrounding it, has been so sad to read about. It is another mishandled pastoral situation that when brought into the public sphere has not caused any second thoughts, nor repentance, from the pastor who mishandled sexual abuse in his congregation.

    I find the information in this paragraph especially sickening.

    “Doug has been using the “proof” he claimed he had as a threat to shut Natalie up, and actually wrote her a letter in which he the first thing he asks is “Did your mom hurt you or wrong you in some way that makes you want to get back at her like this? Is there something we don’t know? Are you aware that my central reason for not talking publicly about all this has been to protect your mom from accusations of parental negligence?” K. Botkin

    “Doug’s concern is for Natalie’s mother? Really? Why? Is it because she is still in his congregation? She stuck with Doug’s church instead of with her own husband. Why the hell isn’t Doug Wilson concerned, much more concerned, for the girl (now woman) who was abused by someone he supported? Again, Doug Wilson is only thinking about himself, not Natalie, and not possible future victims of Wight.

    With this revelation, it appears to me (feel free to tell me if I’m off here) that Doug was simply trying to USE Natalie’s love and concern for her own mother to *emotionally blackmail* her into not sharing her story publicly. Doug Wilson is continuing to abuse Natalie! He is vile. How he convinced Natalie’s mother to stay in his church and trust him is beyond me. He has been manipulating Natalie’s entire family.” Me

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  40. From Katie Botkin via Bridget:

    Doug has been using the “proof” he claimed he had as a threat to shut Natalie up, and actually wrote her a letter in which he the first thing he asks is “Did your mom hurt you or wrong you in some way that makes you want to get back at her like this? Is there something we don’t know? Are you aware that my central reason for not talking publicly about all this has been to protect your mom from accusations of parental negligence?”

    Katie goes on to say:

    Translation: if you don’t stop talking about this, I’m going to have to try to vilify your mother publicly, even though, legally speaking, she had nothing to do with the case. So stop talking!

    This is emotional blackmail.

    I know another ex-member of my former cult who was sexually abused from the age of 6 by someone 10 years older than her. When she finally told some friends what was going on, she was disciplined for her “sin.” Nothing was ever reported. This friend actually signed the cult’s petition stating they would never condone nor cover up the sexual abuse of children. When I asked her why, she said she hoped it would make things easier for her mother.

    Emotional blackmail.

    It’s despicable, Doug. Truly despicable. But, we’re not surprised.


  41. He is definitely using emotional blackmail. Most definitely. But he is squirming and grasping at straws trying to get Natalie to break.

    Give it up, Doug. I’ve seen your true colors. They are ugly and you might want to start examining yourself. Your new tactics aren’t going to work. We can see through them. That’s all I will say for now. But you better know that I’m on to you. I strongly dislike bullies who prey on innocent victims. Might want to take another look at Ezekiel 34 with new eyes and get really acquainted with how God sees people like you.

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  42. This is a comment I posted on Katie Botkin’s website.

    I am a tax accountant, licensed by the IRS. If you rent a room n your house you are required to account for rental income on Schedule E on the 1040. When a property is sold you must report any allowed or ALLOWABLE depreciation. Some people may be in a world of hurt by the IRS. Elliott Ness brought down Al Capone through the IRS.

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  43. Thank you for the information, Leslie, The trick of course is knowing who runs a boarding house. And that information is known only to NSA and Greyfriars Hall members. Or, alternatively, Doug Wilson the head of Greyfriars, and his son-in-law Ben Merkle, the President of NSA. Is it possible that the officers and members of boards of those organizations who that hide the information (since they facilitate the arrangements) could have a liability? If so, the following posse members might want to take a second look at their membership.

    Board of Directors NSA
    Csaba Leidenfrost Elder – Christ Church, Moscow
    Chairman and Permanent Member
    Missionary, Ivory Coast
    Moscow, Idaho

    William Church – Elder – Christ Chruch
    Permanent Member and Board Secretary
    Church’s Lumber Yards and Key Properties
    Lapeer, Michigan, and Moscow, Idaho

    Douglas J. Wilson, M.A.- Pastor (more of less) Christ Church Greyfriar Faculty
    Permanent Member and Senior Fellow
    Minister, Christ Church, Moscow
    Moscow, Idaho

    Joost Nixon, D.Min.
    Permanent Member
    Senior Pastor, Christ Church, Spokane
    Spokane, Washington

    Randy Booth
    Permanent Member
    Senior Pastor, Grace Covenant Church
    Nacogdoches, TX

    Luke Jankovic (Doug’s son-in-law married to Rachel aka Lizzie)
    Permanent Member
    Sales Representative, Economic Modeling Specialists, Inc.
    Moscow, Idaho

    John Lewis
    Elected Term Member
    Vice President, Goldman Sachs
    Dallas, Texas

    Stuart Bryan, M.A.
    Elected Term Member
    Pastor, Trinity Church
    Coeur d’Alene, Idaho

    Andrew Crapuchettes Deacon – Christ Chrch
    Elected Term Member
    CEO, Economic Modeling Specialists, Inc.
    Moscow, Idaho

    Arnold Abens, Jr.
    Elected Term Member
    President/CEO, Abens Financial Services
    Minnetrista, MN

    Mike Church
    Elected Term Member
    Real Estate Executive, Key Properties
    Moscow, ID

    Jess Monnette, J.D., L.L.M. (Taxation)
    Elected Term Member
    Associate Attorney
    Wenatchee, WA

    Ken Trotter, M.Ed.
    Elected Term Member
    Administrator, Trinitas Christian School
    Pensacola, FL

    Greyfriars Hall Faculty
    Ben Merkle (Doug’s son-in-law married to Rebecca) also President NSA,
    Mike Lawyer also Biblical Counseling (sharing your thinly veiled painful stories on his crappy website )
    Toby Sumpter, Pastor, Trinity Reformed Church
    and of course the Center of the Universe and Puppet Master Extraordinaire
    Doug Wilson,
    Blessings to all of you
    just plain, old, not very smart, and clearly the world’s worst proof reader,
    Rose Huskey

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  44. Oh please, pleasepleaseplease let the IRS go after Doug Wilson and the Christ Church community. DW hates the government, that would be the most satisfying possible attack on his cowardice imaginable. Is there some way to submit a formal complaint and set the IRS on Doug?

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  45. I tweeted Leslie’s comment and tagged DW, as well as New Saint Andrews. Doug Wilson may not be sleeping well. It’s one thing when everything is all neat and tidy in your small town, it’s a whole other thing when info is spread through social media and you have no control over the distribution of information.

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  46. Rose, it doesn’t matter if it is a formal boarding house or if you are just renting out a room, it is still considered rental income and needs to be reported as such. With a college involved this definitely would be considered a business.


    These things can be reported to the IRS. You better be sure your tax reporting is clean because they will look at you also.

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  47. If I rented out a room in my house it would definitely be reportable income. Sure, people can slide under the radar. Not so easily if reported by others. Just saying.


  48. These things can be reported to the IRS. You better be sure your tax reporting is clean because they will look at you also.

    My tax reporting is clean. The question is who best to submit such a report? Who can get the IRS’ attention the fastest? I will probably take a crack at submitting an inquest myself, but they’d pay more attention to multiple complaints.

    Fire from the skies, Doug. Fire from the skies.

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  49. It seems Mr. Wilson is also an expert on geology, cosmology, genetics, paleontology, and 14 or so other scientific specialties seeing how he tries to prove a young earth and deny evolution, as well as being a theologian, preacher, and a heretic, in some people’s eyes. Doug better hope us universalists are right about redemption and salvation. Just saying.

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  50. Wondering about parent abuse? A story I know:

    Sexual abuse was happening with an adult male and teenage female.

    When abuse was reported, the church accused/threatened concern of inappropriate relations with child due to sharing a room with dressers dividing the space, to provide some level of safety from abuser.

    When a medical issue arose, accusation of medical abuse and munchausen by proxy and report to child protective services, because they were convinced there was nothing wrong…as reported by abuser.

    Abuser is innocent and so they have collected “documentation” to take kids away.

    If a church wants to terrorize a parent, they can make up all sorts of things, report it to the authorities, and leave the victim to sort out their innocence with the legal system, while the abuser sits back and verbally swayed the rest of the church of their own victimhood.

    As you can guess, the victim no longer attends this church. The church will not let go of their membership so as to continue to “discipline” them until they reunite with the abuser.


  51. You know dash your first post made me chuckle a bit, it encompasses what the Christian religion has taught me about me
    “Brian is not a Christian.
    Brian doesn’t qualify as human.
    Brian is a worthless, useless sack of s%^t and he can’t die from natural causes soon enough” I did edit it a bit. Yup that about sums up my real world and most of my online experience in the evangelical religion. Thanks to some very kind people on and off line I am actually starting to see past that. I actually still wish to be a Christian, now more than ever.


  52. You know what, Brian and Dash – – I see your responses and behavior far more Christian than those who claim to shepherd. You show compassion towards victims, and appropriate anger towards abusers.

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  53. Brian, replace my name for any of that. I feel the same way. It’s why I accept hell as my possible fate: If I freely admit that I’m probably going to burn in hell for all eternity and then cheerfully go on about my business, it puts idiot asshats like Doug Wilson up against a brick wall, because they have nothing left to threaten me with. Suits me.


  54. Nonprofits are required to file a 990 with the IRS. The 990 is public. It shows income and outgo and salaries of key staff and consultants. Since nonprofits don’t pay taxes, the idea is that the public has an interest in seeing how well the nonprofit is spending its mission money. Churches are exempt. I don’t think this would be a popular political campaign platform item but I think that churches should also be required to file 990s.

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  55. JA, thank you for your kind words.

    I’m going to stick to my guns regarding what I said above, to wit: It is entirely possible that I am going to burn in hell for all eternity, and that’s fine. That being the case, there’s nothing more I can possibly lose by fighting tooth and nail for the things I think are right. It means I can laugh uproariously in Doug Wilson’s face and fight to take him down all the same, because there’s nothing he can possibly do to me that’s worse than what I already have. What earthly punishment could possibly intimidate me when have an eternity of hell to look forward to?


  56. Dash, I think when you meet Jesus , He is going to say to you “. Well done good and faithful servant”. You are are faithful advocate for the abused and a voice for those who do not have a voice.

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  57. Dash, you don’t live too far from me. One day I hope to meet you. I will tell you and show you from Scripture why I believe you are mistaken. I know there are some who will have you forever questioning your faith. You have little faith, yet you said a prayer on behalf of the victims for justice. Your prayer which also expressed some doubt showed more sincerity and faith than I’ve ever seen displayed by DW and spiritual bullies like him. Dude, you have a mustard seed!!

    hugs to you from over the Cascades!

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  58. You know dash I became a “universalist” because I could not see any other way to balance God’s Justice and Mercy. I mean a literal reading of the scriptures are clear those that continue to sin are not of God, or at least that is what I was taught, now the big sins like impure thoughts, teenage crushes, swearing, the big M, not praying, or praying the wrong way not reading your bible, not doing what the elders said, reading the wrong material, having the wrong doctrine being catholic, being catholic and being catholic, etc. You were on your way to hell with a vengeance. The folks I worked with well they had all those strikes against them, they did not pray as far as I could tell because they were usually so violent, they did the big M a great deal of the time, they swore though they did not truly understand the meaning of the words, they did not read nor could they understand the correct doctrines. It was all one could do to convince some of them their head was still attached to their body or some such delusion.

    Being the arrogant piece of trash, I was I thought I had all the spiritual answers, casting out satan, praying the prayer of faith and all that other nonsense. It did not work at all, they still pulled out their hair, bit, tried to put out their eyes, fling all sorts of body waste etc. But in all that, in a glimpse almost a whisper I would see the divine spark, learn the history and the horrid abuse and violence many of these fine people endured on top of their developmental disability. The bible says nothing of this at all, it basically says that if you know Christ you will stop sinning as in 1 john etc. Well, I came to learn that Jesus is not just the bible, and in reality the bible does not say a whole bunch about a great deal of things.

    Some in the faith would tell me well God waits until an age of accountability, well that is not really in the bible unless you read it through a lens of 20th-century western world view. Well its been 35 years and I am looking at the back side of my working years over the years I have had so much trauma do to this type of work I am paying a very steep price for it. Not just the physical assault which do not happen at all as I work with a different population but the pulling lifting changing etc. takes its toll. I am blessed, I have seen Jesus in the face of people often overlooked which has allowed me to see Jesus in others save the professional evangelical types. This group I cannot seem to show grace to only rage, even hatred. I guess that is my prayer, to show the same forgiveness if that makes any sense.

    This is a bit disjointed and lacks all the scriptural reasons along with the historic and philosophical. Offered for what it is worth.

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  59. Very interesting development: Doug has removed all comments on his blog starting with September 16th, 2015 and all blog posts prior. He appears to be attempting to wipe the record.

    Some of those posts had in excess of 400+ comments, including several comments by Natalie Greenfield and responses by Doug.

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  60. And so it begins, eh?

    “Oh we do a routine purging of comments to save space on our servers blah blah limited space blah blah why do you feminazis care blah blah when you’re a king you have to know these things blah blah what comments?”

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  61. I have a few notions of my own as to why DW is being so mouthy……Not saying–though I think that there are others who are thinking the same thingsThat ole boy is in a deep, deep plie of theat stuff you get on your shoes when you follow to close to the south end of a northbound horse.
    AND he’s too much of a dang fool narcisistic bully to shut up & take cover…..


  62. Very interesting development: Doug has removed all comments on his blog starting with September 16th, 2015 and all blog posts prior. He appears to be attempting to wipe the record.

    He’s awfully stupid for being such a smart fella. Doesn’t he know The Internet Is Forever?


  63. Marsha, does exempt mean exempt from the 990 filing? I’m reflecting back on my former church…and how many “pastor appreciation days” and “pastor’s wife appreciation days” netted untold pricey gifts. I’m also recalling how many private medical visits I was called upon to make for him and his family “as a friend,” and a friend still in the church has a husband who is a mechanic who is often called upon to perform discounted work for the pastor and elders. I suspect “gifts” netted due to one’s pastoral position should be unethical to receive (example: REAL therapists don’t use their clients as cash cows), and those gifts and discounts should be listed as income for tax purposes. Sorry to veer off-topic, but I think I will be contacting my congressman soon or starting a petition somewhere.

    As for Doug…I suspect something is afoot. I think at some point he will be answering to someone with authority outside the church (big and little c’s), whom his slippery verbiage will fail to impress. We are not rooting here for the downfall of a man; we are pleading for the truth to be made known and for a genuine sorrow that leads to repentance.


  64. I’m rooting for justice for the victims of two pedophiles and a pastor who helped cover up their crimes. If Doug Wilson goes down hard in the process, so be it. He’s long past the point of “a genuine sorrow that leads to repentance” as far as I’m concerned, and is in need of a severe and thorough ass-kicking before the law.

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  65. Brian says, “. . . I became a ‘universalist’ because I could not see any other way to balance God’s Justice and Mercy.”

    Although I have not formed a firm conviction, I have come to hope that a modified form of universalism is the correct view. I cannot believe that everybody dies and goes to heaven to be with Jesus, because people like Joseph Stalin and Doug Wilson would escape accountability. Neither can I accept the notion that a child who has never heard of Jesus and who dies one day after reaching the age of accountability will suffer eternal conscious torment. There is simply no justice in either prospect. Even the secular law recognizes that punishment must come to an end, with the term of incarceration being in keeping with the seriousness of the crime. Are we to suppose that God, on the other hand, would impose a life sentence to imprisonment and hard labor for a minor traffic infraction? I think not.

    It may be that the likes of DW (though I suspect not Joseph Stalin) will escape judgment. It is said that such is the power of the Cross and the nature of justification. I am skeptical. I have come to believe that the power of the Cross is the power to transform as we submit ourselves in faithful, obedient love to Jesus. Justification then becomes the process of being made actually righteous, as opposed to some legal fiction whereby righteousness is imputed to us. Even Christians will be judged by their works.

    Still, I am sure I would rather see DW escape the accountability of the age to come than to be held fully accountable for my own transgressions. In the meantime, may DW’s depredations be brought to a screeching halt–by whatever means our Lord deems just. Surely those of you who are bringing his abominable practices to light are playing a part.


  66. What kind of a coward would attempt to purge an exchange of views that has become uncomfortable to themselves? A man of courage would not retreat to avoid the heat.


  67. Yes, a church is exempt from filing a 990. I don’t see why a church is thought to be more trustworthy than a charity. Before I give to one, I go to Guidestar, review their 990, and see if they are managing their money wisely. Why can’t I do that for a church?

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  68. I guess we can see that Doug Wilson is not a man of courage. Purging comments on his blog that would prove faulty logic and faulty pastoral care is cowardly. He may also be trying to purge his own words that could come back to be used against him. Too many words are foolish. Doug should know that, even though he can’t seem to help himself.


  69. Wept through almost the entire reading.

    If Doug Wilson thinks he can obfuscate his way back to a position of respect, he’s got another think coming.

    That man could not be any lower in my esteem, and by *his* *own* *words* he is condemned.

    Is that a millstone I see before me? (to borrow a bit from the Bard)


  70. O and to add to the list, the false guilt I felt because my body did what it was intended to do when touched.
    Thank you, gm. I still struggle with that. And with the guilt that I never told my parents, because they would have been devastated, and it would have broken our family apart, and so it was “better” to remain silent.

    It took a long time for the self-hatred to die down to a background burble.

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  71. Organizations that call themselves churches may be exempt from the requirement of filing IRS Form 990. However, I don’t suppose there is anything that keeps a church from filing and publicly disclosing this form. Marsha may correct me if I am mistaken.

    Either way, it doesn’t matter to me personally. While giving is a good thing, I quit giving to organizations calling themselves churches several years ago.


  72. Brian and Gary W, I’ve found Greg Boyd’s perspective on eternity useful with regard to good/evil (he’s an anabaptist/annihilationist, so this isn’t the Evangelical view):

    Boyd posits that encountering God is like encountering a fire that purifies us of our sin, shame, fear, etc., leaving only the good intact. The suffering and vulnerable and flawed (most of us) continue on into glory, free of those impediments. Some, however, have no spiritual fruit or goodness left, so there’s nothing left to save. Not saying this is the “right” way to believe; it’s just been a comfort to me lately when considering both the vulnerable and the evil aggressors of the world.


  73. Boarding Houses

    (Thank you Saundra Lund for retaining records that I have long since tossed out.)

    In 2006 Christ Church and Trinity Reformed Church stopped publishing the addresses of New Saint Andrews College and Greyfriar Hall students. (Prior to that time students were identified by the initials NSA (or Greyfriar) next to their name and included the address of their host (boarding house owner). In 2006 a complaint was filed (by my husband, Don Huskey) with the City of Moscow asking that boarding house owners abide by the ordinance requiring boarding house to apply for a Conditional Use Permit. No Christ Church or Trinity Reformed Church member (then nor now, eleven years later), despite the existing regulations throughout the time period, has ever purchased the required Boarding House Conditional Use Permit. They still run boarding houses but there is no public record of their money making scheme. Records that would indicate the existence of boarding houses are hidden from official oversight and public scrutiny.
    Does this plain old fashioned sneakiness mean they cheat the state/nation on reporting revenue on tax forms? I can’t say. However, I would suggest that if they are willing to hide the address of students to avoid obtaining a CUP from the city, it would not be surprising if they hide thousands of dollars of undeclared revenue from the IRS. It would also be interesting to learn if any elders or deacons are granted ministerial housing allowances based on their church offices

    I have collected (very quickly and I may have missed some boarders) the following list of some of the students who boarded in Christ Church and Trinity Reform homes in 2004 -2005. This list is not inclusive. I did not add non-officers in this list. Not every church member had boarders. Many non-officer church members had four or more boarders, while others limited themselves to one or two.

    Church Officers or employees who were boarding house proprietors 2004 – 2005

    NSA Faculty Member Stan Miller – 2
    Elder Jim Nance – 1
    Elder Wes Struble 1
    Elder Matt Whitling 1
    Pastor Douglas Wilson – 4
    Dale Courtney – 4 (not at officer at the time but an elder for several years now)
    NSA President Roy Atwood -2
    John Grauke 2 (not at officer at the time but an elder for several years now)
    Elder – Chris Schlect – 3

    Like an iceberg, this list represents only the tip of the extent of boarders. After all, if the leadership ignores the law why shouldn’t the rank and file? Please note: if there is money to be made Doug Wilson is there demanding his cut! He sets a fine example for his congregation, doesn’t he?

    Rosemary Huskey

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  74. refugee SEPTEMBER 29, 2015 @ 8:50 AM
    I hope you have been able to find someone safe, understanding & wise to tell your secrets to. My heart is with you, I know all to well about “self-hatred” I use to blame myself for everything, but, NO freakin more. It was not our fault! I know, you know that, it just empowers me to remind myself that none of it was my fault.

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  75. I am in awe at the raw honesty of Natalie’s post and so thankful for her valiant bravery.
    How small DW looks compared to her. Following his elaborate posts on the beauty of Christian women I have visualized “the smirk on the jerk in the kirk.” He limits so much of the beauty of the Lord!
    I have so much appreciation for the commenters. Brian–I was most touched by your sharing of seeing God in unexpected places. Jael–I am glad that you accidentally gave us the video of Greg Boyd instead of the link. I watched it and was blessed by hearing many of my own bits and pieces of thinking strung together into a coherent communication. Altho i have mentioned some people by name I by no means exclude you others for your faithful participation in what I believe is a work of God in exposing serious error in “leadership.” Especially Julie Ann!!

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  77. I found this text on Facebook, and it says it all.

    Ezekiel 34:1-10

    The word of the Lord came to me: “Son of man, prophesy against the shepherds of Israel; prophesy and say to them: ‘This is what the Sovereign Lord says: Woe to you shepherds of Israel who only take care of yourselves! Should not shepherds take care of the flock? You eat the curds, clothe yourselves with the wool and slaughter the choice animals, but you do not take care of the flock. You have not strengthened the weak or healed the sick or bound up the injured. You have not brought back the strays or searched for the lost. You have ruled them harshly and brutally. So they were scattered because there was no shepherd, and when they were scattered they became food for all the wild animals. My sheep wandered over all the mountains and on every high hill. They were scattered over the whole earth, and no one searched or looked for them. “ ‘Therefore, you shepherds, hear the word of the Lord: As surely as I live, declares the Sovereign Lord, because my flock lacks a shepherd and so has been plundered and has become food for all the wild animals, and because my shepherds did not search for my flock but cared for themselves rather than for my flock, therefore, you shepherds, hear the word of the Lord: This is what the Sovereign Lord says: I am against the shepherds and will hold them accountable for my flock. I will remove them from tending the flock so that the shepherds can no longer feed themselves. I will rescue my flock from their mouths, and it will no longer be food for them.



  78. @Scott (and other readers),

    You mentioned child sexual abuse litigation in your post. Here is a favorable ruling that was just handed down very recently – August 2015 – by the Idaho Supreme Court to that state’s sexual abuse victims permitting them greater latitude to sue organizations that got them sexually abused.

    I hope that Doug Wilson’s church and school, etc. are all sued by victims.

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  79. Rose, thank you for sharing that scripture. I’ve been meditating on Ezekiel 34 this week, and am also encouraged by the verses that follow:

    11 “‘For this is what the Sovereign Lord says: I myself will search for my sheep and look after them. 12 As a shepherd looks after his scattered flock when he is with them, so will I look after my sheep. I will rescue them from all the places where they were scattered on a day of clouds and darkness. 13 I will bring them out from the nations and gather them from the countries, and I will bring them into their own land. I will pasture them on the mountains of Israel, in the ravines and in all the settlements in the land. 14 I will tend them in a good pasture, and the mountain heights of Israel will be their grazing land. There they will lie down in good grazing land, and there they will feed in a rich pasture on the mountains of Israel. 15 I myself will tend my sheep and have them lie down, declares the Sovereign Lord. 16 I will search for the lost and bring back the strays. I will bind up the injured and strengthen the weak, but the sleek and the strong I will destroy. I will shepherd the flock with justice.”

    For those of us who are spiritual refugees living outside of organized churches, this is a beautiful promise. No matter what other Christians may say, or how they might accuse us of sinning by stepping away from structured religion…It’s okay. God is with us.


  80. And I still can’t get over that sneer/smirk expression on Jamin Wight’s face.
    The expression of a sociopath when he takes off the Angel of Light mask.


  81. So re: The Scandal in Moscow article:

    I loved the author’s response (Rod Dreher) after a comment from a Wilson supporter. The first part is the comment to RD and below that is RD’s response.

    I have profited from your writing/speaking on the Benedict Option. So, thank you for that and for many other things you’ve written over the years that I’ve found helpful.
    But, this is wrong and I believe you know it’s wrong. Before publishing something you knew included serious charges and could result in real harm to someone who, by your own admission in the piece, you had respect for (not to mention the many others involved in this situation), you should have done a little investigation and spoken to Doug. As it is, this is nothing more than slander, even if parts of it, by chance, happen to be accurate.
    So, Doug might or might not have done things in this situation that require repentance (I’m sure he would acknowledge that he has although they might not be the things others are clamoring about) but the one thing that’s clear is that, due to this piece, you’ve now placed yourself in the “needing to repent” camp because you’ve slandered a Christian brother without even making the smallest effort to determine if what you were saying (to the world) was true.
    All that said, I hope the best in Christ for you and your family.
    [NFR: “Slander” by definition is something that is untrue. If I have linked to something untrue, by all means correct me. Truth is an absolute defense against libel and slander. Not one of you has pointed out an untruth in my post. You seem to take the point of view that even if it’s true — and you will note that I linked to primary documents in the public record, as well as to Wilson’s defense — it still ought not to be talked about, because … why, exactly? It causes people to reflect critically on Doug Wilson and his ministry? I committed journalism. Journalism is not a sin. If you want to defend Wilson’s actions here, then defend them. But I’m not interested in listening to you tell me or anybody else to shut up about sexual abuse within the church because it is inconvenient for some who bloody well ought to be inconvenienced. I have been down that miserable and long road with the Catholic hierarchy and its defenders. This is all too familiar. — RD]

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  82. Not surprised to find Christians who think it is worse to talk about abuse than to abuse. There is no sin, no crime too heinous that some Christians won’t say that it should be handled privately within the church. I read about a pastor who found out that that a member of his congregation had raped his son. He had been providing respite care to the mentally and physically disabled young man for a couple hours each week so his mother could run errands. He called the police and the man was arrested. Some people actually left the church because supposedly the man was repentant and they felt the crime should have been handled privately. While on bail, the perpetrator murdered the pastor’s wife and son. I have nothing but contempt for people that think it is wrong to bring evil to the light.

    Liked by 1 person

  83. Following his elaborate posts on the beauty of Christian women I have visualized “the smirk on the jerk in the kirk.”

    “Smirk on the Jerk in the Kirk” — THAT IS ONE GOOD LINE!


  84. I’m really, really enjoying watching Doug squirm over this. We’re not done yet, though. This has to end with him forced to step down.


  85. On top of Dash’s posts about Doug Wilson, I concur with Dash, I am only hoping that somebody knows Christ Church’s insurance company and the college’s insurance company and turns them in. This is such a huge liability for insurance companies, the sexual abuse of minors (it’s the No. 1 reason that churches are sued every year according to insurance companies and attorneys who research and write about legal issues involving churches) that many insurance companies are dropping coverage for churches that don’t adhere to strict policies involving sex offenders. Other insurance companies are no longer willing to cover churches because the liability is too great for these cases (and churches are too irresponsible).

    Liked by 1 person

  86. The American Conservative has posted a response from Doug. It is beyond heart breaking how he is blaming the parents. Besides that, small facts are omitted here and there which paint a different picture. He is truly despicable.


  87. Wilson is spinning with his response. He makes much of the Greenbergs’ error of judgment in letting young men board with the family – but Wilson ASKED families to help out in this way. Why didn’t he think about the potential for trouble? Why didn’t he suggest a different arrangement in all the years Wight resided with the Greenbergs?

    Wilson alleges that the Greenbergs approved a chaste courtship but Natalie and her father say that that is not true. I believe the Greenbergs.

    Notice how Wilson insists that he did not minimize Wight’s offense but only wanted it made clear that Wight was not a pedophile. In this, he is using pedophile in the current clinical sense of being attracted to prepubescent children. There are two problems with this.

    First, that is not what he said, he said that Wight was not a sexual predator. That is untrue. He groomed her, he hid his behavior from others, and he did things to her that she did not like for his own satisfaction. He knowingly broke the law. He is a sexual predator.

    The second problem with this is that Wilson assumes that a man victimizing a teen has normal sexual desires since teens are physically mature. Maybe an immature 19 year old with a 15 year old girlfriend might have normal sexual desires but there was a ten year difference. That leaves us with two possibilities, that Wight is an ephebephile, someone attracted to young pubescent girls rather than mature women or that Wight is a controlling abuser who looks for vulnerability in a ‘partner’ so he can control her. The latter appears to be the case given his abuse if his wife. Wight is a manipulative predator. Either way, Wilson could have expected further bad behavior from Wight and indeed that is what happened.

    Wilson seems just astonished that his usual rhetoric is not working. Just keep talking, Wilson. You are telling everyone who you are.


  88. It is so immature how Doug Wilson keeps saying the internet mob. Cry, cry, people are not kissing my bottom on the internet.

    Doug Wilson is so spoilt he wants to be the only one on the internet judging and criticizing people. Doug Wilson cant take his own medicine.

    And those people posting at The American Conservative do not care what Natalie says or how Natalie feels, all that matters to them is how poor little Doug Wilson feels.

    “I might be able to help minimize the hurt that is careening around the Internet.”

    If Doug Wilson wanted to minimize hurt he would not be coddling pedophiles, and dismissing what the actual victim (Natalie) has said. Doug Wilson is selfish, he comes before sexual abuse victims.

    Doug Wilson has been saying hateful, selfish, heartless, dismissive things on the internet about Natalie’s feelings.

    Doug Wilson can dish it out, but he cant take it.

    I have fourteen year old cousins with more maturity, compassion, and comprehension of abuse victims feelings then Doug Wilson. Why doesn’t his cult just start taking the advice of the fourteen year old boys in my family, their morality trumps Doug Wilsons on their worse days, and they go to public school.


  89. Doug Wilson has now said things about the boarding situation involving Jamin Wight that remarkably diverge from Natalie’s account. Apparently the *real* reason he was boarded by the Greenfields was so he could have a covert romantic relationship with Natalie that no one else at Christ Church would know about. Even though her parents knew and approved the relationship, including handholding, etc.

    I am seriously looking forward to Natalie’s response.


  90. Here is part of a comment left in defense of Steven Sitler on the American Conservative Blog:


    “Is there any such evidence in the case of Sitler? It is said, apparently on the basis of a polygraph examination, that Sitler “had contact with his child that resulted in actual sexual stimulation.” What does this mean? That he acknowledged that he had experienced sexual arousal in the presence of his child? That he denied it, but the polygraph examiner interpreted that as an evasive answer? What it does not say is that his encounter with his child resulted in the “actual sexual stimulation” of the child. There is no evidence he has engaged in any sexual misconduct since his marriage, much less with his own child. And now he is being denied the right to live with his own wife and child, the most fundamental right I can imagine in a non-totalitarian state, and without any evidence of wrong-doing on his part. This is all a product of a pattern of unwarranted intrusiveness of the American legal system into American marriages and families. What, because we no longer allow courts to punish most crimes of a sexual nature, we give them license to double down on those we do permit them to police, even in the absence of evidence to do so?

    How many fathers have not, at some time, experienced an erection looking at their comely daughter? This is human nature. There is no crime unless unlawful feelings precipitate unlawful actions. Most men who experience sexual arousal in the presence of their adult daughters control themselves. Why should our expectations be any different of the man who experiences sexual arousal in the presence of his infant child, if that, indeed, is what has happened in Sitler’s case?”

    First of all, if this idiot would read the court documents he would see that while taking the polygraph test Sitler ADMITTED that he was sexually aroused by his infant son. What is not clear is if there was anything MORE to confess since he failed the polygraph on this second point. His sexual response to his infant son is NOT in dispute.

    Second, being sexually aroused by one’s children is NOT normal, infant or adult, Siter is clearly not the only person with a problem.

    Third, there has already been recidivism in that Sitler admitted to peeping into a window at a young girl in 2007..

    It was evil to request leniency for Sitler. It was evil to match him with a young woman. It was evil to officiate at a marriage where the pedophile and his wife indicated that they wanted children. This was not a misunderstanding of pedophilia, this was not confusion, this was not hoping that the Holy Spirit would work a miracle for Sitler. If it was, there would be abject apologies. If it was, nobody would be trying to normalize sexual arousal to one’s own children. As shown by what Wilson and his followers are writing in defense of what was done, this is just plain evil.


  91. Marsha, Wilson complains that we are all misunderstanding the wording regarding leniency. For a man who prides himself on the use of English language, see how he gets to manipulate our understanding of basic English? What a guy!


  92. @Marsha,
    Excellent post about the evils at Doug Wilson’s church in Idaho.
    The Idaho legislature needs to also kick it in gear and change their state’s laws.
    Because Sitler shouldn’t be permitted to walk the streets, nor other sex offenders.


  93. How many fathers have not, at some time, experienced an erection looking at their comely daughter? This is human nature.

    Whoa, dude! That’s a little TMI, Is he sure he wants to admit to that? Assuming the man who left that comment is a Christian, it’s no wonder that churches are such unsafe places for kids. Exactly when did perversion become “human nature?”

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  94. I am seeing a fair number of comments on TAC that are quite critical of Mr. Wilson. This is a good thing. Dreher and his magazine have an audience which needs to know about this situation.

    Liked by 1 person

  95. @Velour, thank you for saying that. I’m glad the Ezekiel verses were an encouragement!

    @Dash, at first I found your posts a bit jarring–so raw and heartfelt. And then I understood what a gift they are to me. Those jarring words knocked me off center and gave me a different view, allowed me to really feel through what is happening here, rather than just addressing the situation from an objective/practical/logical perspective. Thank you for being emotional and alive, and giving us permission to feel it too. I pray that justice will be yours in abundance.


  96. @BTDT:

    Whoa, dude! That’s a little TMI, Is he sure he wants to admit to that? Assuming the man who left that comment is a Christian, it’s no wonder that churches are such unsafe places for kids. Exactly when did perversion become “human nature?”

    Since you could start claiming “It’s all Under the Blood”.

    It’s the same racket as Manichaean Dualists — since sin only stains The Flesh(TM), you can rape your own daughters yet still be Spiritually and Morally Superior to that filthy publican over there.


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