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Disagreeing with Someone’s Opinion Makes You Like Satan?

It really is okay for you to have a differing opinion with a Christian leader!


There is so much tension in the media regarding the Ferguson fiasco. I wish everyone could just hold up a “free hugs” sign like this young 12-yr old in Portland and it would all get better:



Sometimes pastors put themselves in the political spotlight by commenting on popular news stories. It concerns me when pastors speak out about these issues because of their spiritual position, for the primary reason that many people will hold their opinion as gospel when it has little to do with the gospel.

We have to be careful that we don’t interpret a Christian leader’s opinion as something more than an opinion and I especially appreciate it when a pastor is humble enough to admit that his opinion is just that, an opinion.

Pastors Thabiti Anyabile and Voddie Baucham recently published articles regarding the Ferguson case at The Gospel Coalition website:

Thabiti Anyabwile – The Ferguson Grand Jury Has Given Us Our Marching Orders
Voddie Baucham – Thoughts on Ferguson – Baucham posted the same article on his Facebook page and as of now there are over 4,000 “likes” and 8,000 “shares.”

If you read the articles, pay attention to how these pastors come across in tone. Do they identify that the article is their opinion? That’s important.


Now, you might think I want to make this post about the Ferguson situation. I do not. I repeat – this article is not about the Ferguson situation, but about behavior in response to the Ferguson situation. 

Take a look at this. Open air preacher, Tony Miano, clearly likes Voddie Baucham’s article. That’s fine. He’s entitled to his opinion.


Tony Miano on Twitter   Thank you Pastor  VoddieBaucham for this article. For me  it is the definitive piece regarding  Ferguson. Nuff said. http   t.co KNvR2ZmuFZ


However, now look at how Tony Miano goes after Thabiti Anyabwile publicly on Twitter. Keep in mind that Tony Miano has been tweeting a lot about this case, occasionally mentioning his prior job as deputy sheriff as if to bolster his words.


Christian Janeway on Twitter    ThabitiAnyabwil  sir  this gentleman is well known for stirring up conflict. I d recommend shields up and warp 6.


Gotta love it when Twitter Super-heroine Christian Janeway comes to the defense of Anyabwile with a warning. And kudos to Pastor Anyabwile for handling Miano’s aggressive and divisive behavior with grace.
In the following Twitter exchange, you see someone arguing with Tony Miano. Look what happens when @Cvofromthemo dares to disagree with Miano:


Screen shot 2014-11-27 at 11.49.48 PM

Lest you be like Satan?????  Did Tony Miano really say that?

It’s one thing to have an opinion about a political situation, it’s a whole other thing to apply your spiritual interpretation of what is going on politically and then insist that your interpretation is the only correct interpretation. It really crosses the line when someone is so convinced they are right about their interpretation that they accuse someone who doesn’t agree with you that they are like Satan. Give me a break. This is bully behavior.

Thank God Tony Miano is no pastor, but there are pastors who behave just like this. If you question them and their opinion, you may be accused of being divisive, a Jezebel, or even Satan. Watch out for spiritual bullies!

I had to laugh at this last tweet from Tony Miano:


173 thoughts on “Disagreeing with Someone’s Opinion Makes You Like Satan?”

  1. Julie Anne,

    And you don’t think that is in the Bible? We’ve discussed that authority word in numerous blog posts before. A Amos Love makes it a point to discuss it in almost every comment. I as well. Maybe I am missing something, I don’t know.



  2. Ed – time out. White flag. I’m spent. Just got home from my evening math class that I’ve spent so many hours studying for.

    Sure, abuse of authority is in the Bible. I was talking about those other specific topics to debate. I”m not going there.


  3. Oh, sorry…When we both have some more time, let’s talk on email. I was unaware of your schoolwork/test. I’m back to being busy again, as well. It’s really hard to keep up with your blog these days. Many posts and comments I haven’t had time to get to. Hopefully you have a beer and relax!!


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  4. This is how Miano spends his day, arguing on twitter, and people send him money to stay home and do this?!? The blindness and ignorance are amazing.

    Here’s more of Miano’s bullying….

    Tony Miano ‏@TonyMiano 10h10 hours ago
    @between2worlds and @TGC: For whom should I have empathy? http://twitchy.com/2014/12/01/san-francisco-police-show-injuries-to-officer-protesters-peaceful-demonstration-tools/

    . @between2worlds @TGC See. You can’t bring yourself 2 show support for law enforcement. Don’t worry, though. They’ll still come when u call
    Reply Retweet Favorite

    BetweenTwoWorlds ‏@between2worlds 10h10 hours ago
    @TonyMiano what??

    BetweenTwoWorlds ‏@between2worlds 10h10 hours ago
    @TonyMiano @TGC sorry, Tony. I misunderstood your tweet as a good-faith q (and my answer includes POs) instead of trolling.

    Tony Miano ‏@TonyMiano 10h10 hours ago
    @between2worlds @TGC Ahh. That’s convenient, isn’t it.

    BetweenTwoWorlds ‏@between2worlds 10h10 hours ago
    @TonyMiano @TGC sorry–no point in dialoging if you’re going to misunderstand and misconstrue everything I say.

    Miano is also using the Ferguson incident to speak of his support of law enforcement and continues to lie about how he is a retired 20 year vet, even though he quit his full time position after 13 years – http://www.police-writers.com/miano.html. From the article – “Tony Miano has been a deputy sheriff for the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department since 1987. He served full-time until 2000, when he left full-time duty to pursue the ministry and to become a law enforcement chaplain. Since then he has continued to work as a police officer, serving as a reserve deputy sheriff. ” { a reserve deputy sheriff is a voluntary position which does NOT count towards years of actual active full-time service; this is a non-paying position}
    Why is he no longer a law enforcement chaplain? What happened there? Here’s the thing, Miano has a lot of ‘irons in the fire’ and when that doesn’t pan out, he never mentions it again. For example, he speaks of attending Master’s College, but he never tells the whole story. Miano never completed his studies there, he quit. Does anyone else see a pattern here? Here’s another example, he bought an $800.00 recording system to use to record dead men’s sermons and sell them, which is quite disturbing. That didn’t go so well either, which is no surprise. You can get Spurgeon’s sermons on the internet for free, why pay somebody?He does not follow through with things. That shows up in his twitter exchanges, he confronts others foolishly and picks a fight, and instead of following the argument through to the end, he either blocks his victim or he throws out a Paul Washer cliche.
    This is how he gets out of his own messes that HE creates- @TonyMiano
    @Menn0knight @fredpricejr I blocked him. Too easy to stumble with guys like him.
    Notice how he throws the blame back on his victim! He doesn’t want to ‘stumble’, so he blocks the man. Isn’t that telling? So much for caring about the eternal state of those he deems to be lost sinners. Is that how an evangelist is supposed to think?!

    Miano thinks he is the sole authority of all truth, his way of thinking is superior and supersedes everyone else’s. In reality, what he presents as ‘truth’ is often twisted, tainted, and motivated by pride and arrogance. He WILL win every argument he starts, that’s his goal. He gets much delight in thinking he rules the twitter world. He could care less about lovingly correcting a brother or sister in error, nor does he care if someone’s beliefs are erroneous, which may lead them into danger. He attacks the PERSON, and NOT their error. His only goal to to prove himself right, so he can exalt himself as ‘king of the hill’. This is some sick game to him; what’s even scarier are those who support, defend and befriend him – men like Phil Johnson, Dr. James White, Chuck O’Neal {birds of a feather}, Bjorn Storm and a handful of others. Is it any wonder the Bible warns us NOT to follow or put our trust in man? If this is what evangelism looks like, America is in dire straits! This type of bullying is not what Christ commands and must be shunned. It certainly is not worthy of financial backing and support, Mr. Miano needs to quit using God as an excuse to NOT work so he can spend his day picking fights on twitter. He also needs to quit telling others what to do and follow his own ‘set of standards’, considering he frequents Starbucks, which is pro-gay marriage and pro-abortion – wouldn’t that cause him to possibly ‘stumble’? His hypocrisy is astounding.


  5. Wow. Palau is an enemy of Christ. Isn’t that the same as calling someone Satan?

    I would argue that it would suggest that the accused is an “antichrist”, and 1 John makes clear that there are many antichrists and one Antichrist.

    So it’s close to calling Palau Satan, but not quite. And not being terribly familiar with Palau’s work, I personally take no position on whether he is an antichrist of any kind, let alone “the” Antichrist.

    On a hopefully constructive note, I would argue that the “twitter wars” (and you need “twit” to spell “twitter”, no?) really release what is worst in the “prooftexting” culture of evangelicalism. If we can’t say it in 140 characters, or at most a Chick tract, all too many of us are incapable of comprehending. And if this characterization of Mr. Miano is fair, I do hope that those around him start to say “Tony, you need to try some decaf and learn some theology.”

    Or a glass of wine, like our gracious hostess. The Nouveau is nice this year.

    And I will confess that it strikes me as odd that we have 45 minute sermons in “fundagelical” churches, but an attention span that won’t get us through a commercial for Coca-Cola. Go figure. And pray. And try some of what He made from water.


  6. @lyn:

    This is how Miano spends his day, arguing on twitter, and people send him money to stay home and do this?!?

    All I can say is NICE RACKET.

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  7. “Tony Miano has been a deputy sheriff for the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department since 1987. He served full-time until 2000, when he left full-time duty to pursue the ministry and to become a law enforcement chaplain. Since then he has continued to work as a police officer, serving as a reserve deputy sheriff. ” { a reserve deputy sheriff is a voluntary position which does NOT count towards years of actual active full-time service; this is a non-paying position}

    “Los Angeles County Sheriff” is one county over from me, and during the years 1987-2000 they did NOT have a good reputation. Ended up with some major shakeups.


  8. @BrendaR:

    I’m not at all sure what “gamers, Furries, and Bronies,” are…

    They’re fandoms I’ve been involved with that are looked at askance by “mundanes” and have rep of being major losers.


  9. Brenda, oh, you are delightfully humorous. Love , love, love that….please stick to the country bumpkin phraseologies for we redneck losers out in the middle of no where understand them beautifully! Although it is an interesting experience to learn of the dealings of man within the urban and suburban environments, that’s for sure.

    Personally, not familiar with the preaching and teaching of Tony Miano, for lately there is a calling for me not to aggrandize nor embrace any big name, big celebrity, nor big business preacher or teacher of Christianity any longer. This personal choice is not because I am so special, nor so holy, nor do I know more…..it is because I have been slashed and burned at the stake within the 501c. 3 church system for far too long, following the furrows of man’s opinions.

    One begs to ask the question, “Just who exactly are we worshiping in the church these days?” (Permission granted to roll thy eyeballs, or laugh out loud, or yell at the computer calling thee names, and the like…..have experienced all of that and then some in every 501c. 3.) No, really, here folks…..in the everyday conversations within the church system, the average pew sitter NEVER talks about Jesus, or the wonderful, life saving truths they are learning form God’s Word (maybe perhaps they never crack open their Bibles and could grow a healthy crop of sweet corn from the dirt and dust compiled on its cover. And maybe deep down believing their own infant baptism, weekly church building attendance, signed church covenant, glossy membership card, and believing they are “good people”, or perhaps expecting the pastors salvation to cover him when Jesus returns for His Second Coming.) Talk about Jesus in your churches and most attendees will avoid you like the plague for you are one of those “Jesus freaks.”

    1 John 2:24-27
    “Therefore let that abide in you which you heard from the beginning. If what you heard from the beginning abides in you, you will also abide in the Son and in the Father. And this is the promise He has promised us — eternal life. These things I have written to you concerning those who try to deceive you. But the annointing which you have received from Him abides in you, and you do not need that anyone
    teach you; but as the same annointing teaches you concerning all things, and is true, and is not a lie, and just as it has taught you, you will abide in Him.”

    I haven’t been called satan lately, but have been referred to as having a “jezebel spirit” from a pastor of a charismatice/pentecostal church. On that very Sunday morning, as he proudly paced back and forth from this pulpiteer stage talking about spirits, he smuggly made eye contact with me and another woman in the congregation who did not subscribe to his “signs and wonders/prophetic annointing” and the “we are little gods” belief system (Joyce Meyers/Kenneth Copeland/Benny Hinn trilogy). So was it possible he was calling me out as a jezebel or having a jezebel spirit? I believe he was and that was the very last time I set foot in that church, sitting under his authority.

    God is always merciful and He is always faithful to those that completely trust in Him. BTW, that abusive pastor was relieved of his duty a couple of weeks following his “jezebel sermon” for making inappropriate sexual advances to a few of the married women under his watch. And the leadership covered his back with what is called in the secular as “damage control”; no public admittance of sin, nor humble repentance to those he chose to “lord over.” And like Tony Miano above, the pride and arrogance portrays more darkness than light.

    It has taken this sinner/saint several years to heal from the fallout of this church/pastor/leadership system, but in the end, I can be very thankful this happened to me, for I ran to the Scriptures for truth instead of placing my hope in a man/woman/or religious system of which I was accustomed to do given the fact that I was taught to “be submissive” from a charimatic/pentecostal viewpoint, not God’s truth in context. Praise our Father still today, for He truly loves those of us who call upon His Son, our Savior, for redemption, mercy, and grace. Oh, what a Savior we have.

    Psalm 118:8 “It is better to trust in the LORD than to put confidence in man.”
    Psalm 118:9 “It is better to trust in the LORD than to put confidence in princes.”

    .Sorry, Julie Anne, for this lengthy post. It is my hope that it doesn’t sound too soap boxish.

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  10. (I have not yet read this comment thread.) This last year I’ve learned about Narcissistic personality disorder. There are about 100 (“many”) different behaviors that are commonly associated with each person who could be considered in this category (cluster B in the DSM V). One of the behaviors is that they are extremely emotionally/ verbally abusive towards anyone who will not submit to them/ admire them/ capitulate to them/ obey them/ agree with them/ and are thus (potentially) psychologically/emotionally dangerous and harmful to anyone in their vicinity: family, friends, co-workers, acquaintances. In my opinion, it seems that many religious leaders in Evangelicaldom are thus emotionally cruel and abusive and are unsafe for being involved in any kind of work that involves caring for the emotional and spiritual needs of people.


  11. It’s true, religion drives you mad. Miano is going off the deep end, attack any and all he sees fit to attack. He’s setting himself up as the sole possessor of what he deems to be truth, and making himself the judge of men. This is so dangerous, and extremely sinful. However, I believe he’s nearing the end of his run; his schtick is about over and his ministry will soon topple down to what it truly is….nothing. God will not be mocked.

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  12. Who is he that anyone should be concerned if they’ve lost his ‘respect’? He is using the ferguson situation to exalt himself – he continually references to his ’20 years of service’, even though he quit after 13 years, as if that mattered now. He was a bully as a deputy sheriff, that hasn’t changed. This man is cruel, evil and should be shunned. He has no authority and he does not speak for Christ. His ‘religion’ is dangerous, destructive, forceful and driven by his own pride. It’s sad that Miano is steeped in sin himself, and yet, he has the audacity to dare attempt to remove the specks of others. This is what outward religion looks like, it drives its followers to the point of madness.

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  13. I don’t understand that need to put this in such stark terms on either side of the divide. I disagree with many folks about Ferguson and wish we would only look at individual behavior of people and stop trying to make it a race war. On one side, you are a racist of you don’t agree and on the other side you are not a Christian if you don’t agree. I saw some saying that if you don’t agree it is the same as supporting slavery in the confederacy. Now Tony is saying not agreeing with his view is not being a real Christian.

    Where are the folks who can discuss and sharpen iron? It is obvious with this sort of vitriol on both sides there can be no real progress on solutions. Only one side winning and another losing. That is what a class and race war brings. And you can only have race and class wars when we ignore individual responsibility and accountability no matter the color or position.

    Ferguson is one reason I no longer read twitter.


  14. I was lurking through Miano’s account to see if he has posted anything about the Eric Garner death. He hasn’t posted much, but had a conversation with someone stating that because he resisted arrest, that was enough for the officer to take the action he did.


  15. And who is Miano that he should determine resisting arrest is enough for an officer to take the action he took? Miano knows NOTHING of the entire situation, other than what the media provides. To make a definite decision based solely on that is foolishness, which is typical ‘Miano fashion’. He goes off half-cocked and determines his view is the only accurate one without even knowing for certain. He was not there, so he has no right to make any decisive statements, nor does he have a right to claim loss of respect for those who differ. His arrogance truly is astonishing.


  16. “If you question them and their opinion, you may be accused of being divisive, a Jezebel, or even Satan. Watch out for spiritual bullies!” Yea, this sentence sums up my experience. I disagreed with one pastor (actually, “pastor”…they gave themselves the title) and 4 of them attacked me! I know you understand, Julie Anne. I need to get back to reading this again. Sorry I’ve been away.

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