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Is Someone Manipulating YouTube Search for Steve Baughman’s Video: “The Case Against Ravi Zacharias?”

The Case Against Ravi Zacharias?, Steve Baughman, Clergy Sexual Misconduct, Misleading Credentials

Ravi Zacharias, sex scandal, falsified credentials, lawsuit
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Steve Baughman, the attorney who has been attempting to get Ravi Zacharias to come clean on his academic credentials, just contacted me and told me that for the SECOND time, something/someone has been monkeying around with his YouTube account.From


About two months ago, my video called “Ravi Zacharias Online Sex Scandal” was taken down. A notice from YouTube said that I was given a strike. Three strikes and your channel goes.

I appealed to YouTube and it came back a few hours later.

Then tonight, I noticed that my new video, “The Case Against Ravi Zacharias” is no longer searchable. Nobody can find it. I know it’s there because I can find it through my channel. But nobody else can.

Somebody is playing dirty pool.


He’s correct. I tried searching “The Case Against Ravi Zacharias,” and I got pages of Mr. Zacharias’ own videos. Then scrolling down, I finally saw Steve’s channel (in the middle of the photo).




But the search engine should be showing the video. The actual video is nowhere to be found on the search. Someone is clearly manipulating the search engine.

You can, however, find the video, but only by clicking on the FriendlyBanjoAtheist channel. This screen shot shows the search I did. I had to scroll way down until I finally got to FriendlyBanjoAtheist channel. If I didn’t know the video was in that channel, I never would have found it. This is ridiculous.

Go ahead and check for yourself on YouTube. Search for “The Case Against Ravi Zacharias,” and let me know what you find.

So, does anyone find it “coincidental” that:

  1. RZIM came out this week with a statement saying they would update it, but there’s been silence?
  2. I was asked to take down emails? (This may or may not be from the Zacharias camp, but I’m still going to include it here as a possibility.)
  3. For the second time, Steve Baughman’s YouTube account has been manipulated in different ways?

What do all three of the above have in common?

Ravi Zacharias, The Case Against Ravi Zacharias


The more they can keep the victim silent, and Steve silent, and me silent, the more they can continue doing what they’ve been doing and hide . . . . THIS.MUST.STOP!! 







photo credit: Jarbas Ribeiro ▲ shhh… via photopin (license)

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