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Is Tony Miano showing hatred towards a child by not telling her to repent of her murderous and hateful heart?


Tony Miano, open air preacher, UK, contrast between “Angry man, loving child”


Tony Miano believes he is loving strangers when he tells them they are haters and murderers at heart. He typically speaks very loudly in a megaphone and singles out people to tell them they are haters and murderers. He doesn’t seem to ask if they are Believers. He just assumes they are on their way to hell.

Tony Miano is in UK right now and just today uploaded this YouTube.  It’s only a few minutes long. Here is the YouTube description:

Published on Jun 16, 2015

As Chuck Bosio preached the gospel, at the Tower of London, Tony found himself in a brief confrontation with an employee of the Tower of London who had been heckling the team throughout the day. After that brief exchange, a precious little two-year-old approached Chuck while he was preaching.

The contrast between the angry man and the loving child was both stark and beautiful.


Notice that Mr. Miano chooses to soften his posture and demeanor when a little child comes up to the other open air preacher, Mr. Bosio.  Miano treats her kindly. His voice softens, he shows love to this mother and child. (This is normal behavior that we’d expect from Christians and unbelievers alike, right?)

And then as the mother and child walk away, as if a switch was flipped, Miano sees a gentleman he recognized earlier and accuses him of being a murderer and hater.

This is messed up, folks!  But what it does show, and now we have record of it, is that Tony Miano is in full control of his behavior, his tone of voice, and the words he chooses.

So, if we follow Mr. Miano’s logic on evangelism, did he miss an opportunity and actually show hate towards this child and mother by not telling them they are murderers and haters?  If he really loved them, wouldn’t he have told them about their hateful hearts?

Using Tony Miano logic, my conclusion is this:  Tony Miano hates this mother and child.  He must not care if they are going to hell.



43 thoughts on “Is Tony Miano showing hatred towards a child by not telling her to repent of her murderous and hateful heart?”

  1. I watched it. It was hard, as the way he was talking to a man he had never met was unbelievable.That anyone would respond in a positive way to this is beyond me


  2. I guess he gets to choose who he’ll treat as a murderer in this life, even though we all are.

    Or maybe he knows that if he’s on video shouting at a woman and child, he’ll never recover from the backlash. It’s not about consistency, it’s about image, career.

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  3. He sounds completely fake to me throughout the whole video. Like he’s not a real person and his personality is made out of plastic. I wonder where the real Tony is and what kind of person he is and how long he’s been gone, because this one is not a real person that I can tell. I don’t think he’s any safer to that child than he is to that man. Actually, I find him kind of scary.

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  4. I am sick at heart watching Tony baloney. What a f******* nutcase. He is off his rocker. Bless you for sharing J.A. However, I am crying & full of agony that these sickos are out there.


  5. When is he going to be in London ? Maybe I’ll call in a terrorist tip to MI5

    Admin note: I’m not exactly sure what is meant by this comment, but let’s refrain from posting comments that may come across as endorsing harm to someone. Thanks!


  6. Perhaps Miano was kind to the child because of his belief in the age of accountability?

    Got to see Left Behind starting Nicholas Cage and Lea Thompson. Don’t ask me why. I was feeling weak and vulnerable on a dateless Saturday night.

    In the movie, all children regardless of religious affiliation vanish in the blink of an eye. This falls inline the “age of accountability” which says all children under a certain age go to heaven. The cut off in the movie appears to be about 8 or 9. Can you imagine not making the cut by a second?

    As children vanished, I was hoping to see pregnant women’s bellies deflate in the blink of an eye. That would have added not just some humor, but a not-so-subtle pro-life message as well. Spoiler: It does not happen. Sigh.

    The biggest cringing moment happens when Cage wades through the belongings of his vanished coworkers to figure out what has happened to them. A light bulb goes off when he discovers Christian merchandise such as cross and fish necklaces and a watch with a “John 3:16”. That is when he realizes that The Rapture is finally here.

    The moral of the story? Get yourself decked up with Christian merchandize products from head to toe. Because they will be left behind as witnesses to those left behind. Support the Christian Industrial Complex!


  7. He’s got to be nice to someone. That way he can develop some more prospects to help him “pay his expenses through the end of the month.” I haven’t seen one of those pitches lately. Of course he blocked me even though I don’t even recall sending a message to him to merit that.


  8. I had a hard time watching this man shame the Gospel and make it difficult for anyone to reach anyone that this hate preacher has touched.

    For me, it was a basic lesson on what not to do.

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  9. @brian

    You are right in stating these men have the same playbook as Ray Comfort. I used to listen to him as well and you are spot on. Since Miano is calling out people as murderers, I have to wonder what murderous thoughts go through his mind on a daily basis and what does having a “pure heart” mean to him?

    Does he confess his sins and show true, genuine repentance for the masses to see, so that they will do the same and turn to Jesus, the Christ, for true salvation? Jesus began His ministry, as did John the Baptist, with “Repent, for the kingdom of God is at hand,” so where is the brokenness in man and the victory in Christ?

    Does Tony Miano really know Jesus, the Christ, as His Savior? Is this what humble evangelism really looks like here in America? At the end of the day, I would rather break bread/fellowship with a former repentant prostitute who loves and serves Jesus as her Master, instead of men who love to hear the groaning syllables of their own voices. And she would have a genuine testimony that would Glory in Christ, Praise our Living God.

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  10. “Me, me, me!” Why didn’t he call out that child’s selfish sinful behavior? She needs to repent! Come on, TM. You’re losing your touch.

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  11. Where is the delete button? Sorry about being over dramatic in my comment. Guess who had a glass of wine (or more like whine) last night. My apologies to any that I offended with my language.


  12. It’s okay. Sometimes a glass of wine (or whine) helps make these things a bit more bearable to listen to. At least that’s how I get through listening to a Kevin Swanson radio show.

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  13. Thank-you Kathi!
    The way Tony impacts /harms people breaks my heart & makes me angry. I don’t know how you can listen to Kevin Swanson wine or no wine. I assume you listen so you can report back to us what wacky things he is spewing.


  14. That style of preaching misrepresents Jesus and his gospel. It is kindness that leads to repentance (Romans 2:4) and grace that leads us to right living (Titus 2:11-12).

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  15. Kathi, Keep it up. We all need to laugh. JA I laugh like a crazy person in my car quite often. Enjoy it!! Then when you are in the car with your kids, remember what made you laugh and do it again. I so love to embarrass my kids.

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  16. Tim,
    Amen!! Thinking back to one of the pastors I had as a child, I’m amazed that I ever accepted Christ. Hell fire and brimstone, you murderous evil person doesn’t cut it for me at all. Jesus was soft spoken, kind and gentle. Are we to be Christ-like or not TM??

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  17. “Why are you guys saying such mean things about Tony Miano? Why are you so judgmental, hateful and bigoted? Hypocrites”



  18. Apparently leaving a comment that says “That style of preaching misrepresents Jesus and his gospel. It is kindness that leads to repentance (Romans 2:4) and grace that leads us to right living (Titus 2:11-12)” is a sign of bigotry, judgmentalism, hatred and hypocrisy.

    Now I know.


  19. Waving to the P&P Bunker folks who are reading this article and comment thread. Evidently they are concerned for my soul and hoping that eventually by watching enough Miano’s videos, I will repent and come to faith.

    There is nothing that I could say or do that would convince them of my saving faith in Christ. So I won’t even try.

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  20. Evidently they are concerned for my soul and hoping that eventually by watching enough Miano’s videos, I will repent and come to faith.

    Fat chance of that. Whenever I hear Miano’s harangue or read his dreck, all I can think of is this line by Bruce Hornsby: “Mister, I’m not in a hurry, and I don’t want to be like you.”

    JA, you mentioned something about P&P on Twitter, too. I tried checking them out on FaceBook, out of curiosity and a half-baked idea of confronting them. But I can’t seem to find their page anywhere. Maybe that’s for the best — J.D. Hall’s attitude tends to drive me up the wall.

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  21. Why are you guys saying such mean things about Tony Miano?

    We’re saying mean things? Miano’s the one screaming at total strangers that they’re murderers and haters of God. Has anyone here accused him like that?

    Or is Miano’s verbal abuse OK with you because he happens to have The Right Theology™?

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  22. “Or is Miano’s verbal abuse OK with you because he happens to have The Right Theology™?”

    Serving Kids – Yep! It doesn’t matter how it’s said or presented because it’s all done in “love.”


  23. @ServingKidsInJapan:

    Or is Miano’s verbal abuse OK with you because he happens to have The Right Theology™?

    The proper word is “Purity of Ideology”, Comrade.

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  24. Serving, after JD invited me to request to join the Bunker, I sent in a request and I got notification that my request was pending admin approval. Weird thing. Now I cannot even access the page. Normally, even if you are not a member, you can access the page. It comes up in the search, but when I click on it, I’m prevented from accessing the entire page (not the inside group, just the page that you can request to join). Weird.

    Oh, and JD said he never received my request. I don’t know what is going on.


  25. They now have your IP address and they blocked you. (That address) Try accessing it on someone else’s computer. Looks like they invited you just to block you. Neat trick.


  26. Here’s Miano interacting with a woman from Texas.

    He is polite with her and doesn’t badger her down the street. However, did you notice the title of this video?

    “‘Hallelujah’ with No Care for the People Going to Hell”

    He is making a judgement on her because she doesn’t want to take one of his tracts to pass out on the street.


  27. Just saw this from John Piper on mommy Facebook feed: “Half-hearted Christians are not happy Christians.”

    I scratch my head and respond: I know a surprising (to John Piper, perhaps) number of miserable whole-hearted Christians. And an awful lot of happy, contented, kind and generous atheists and agnostics.


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