Public Apology


Early this morning, I posted an article (now removed) sent by a guest poster regarding the ongoing situation at The Bridge Fellowship. The article implicated a popular Christian country radio station, HLE.

After the article was published, I received an e-mail from Hunter Logan of HLE who said they (HLE) have never had any affiliation with The Bridge.  Yikes!  What had I done?  This sent me on a wild goose chase this morning going over the information I had.

The Social Media Director for HLE, Brian Carpenter, is a member of The Bridge. While he does promote his church, The Bridge, from his social media sites (I verified this yesterday), I have been unable to make the conclusion that there is indeed a business relationship established with HLE and The Bridge, as the article suggested.

This seems to be a case where an employee has been using his own social media accounts to promote his own church.  He is not representing his employer.  This was MY oversight. I should have caught this and I am deeply sorry.

I have reached out to Hunter Logan via e-mail and Twitter and offered an apology and also would like to publicly apologize here for this misleading article.  While I am troubled with the events surrounding The Bridge, Pastor David McGee and those attempting to silence former members who have their personal accounts to tell, I don’t ever want to cross the bounds of impropriety and wrongly assume something by speculation of motives.

To HLE, Hunter Logan, and my readers, I apologize for the words on my blog that were accusatory, misleading, and hurtful. I take full responsibility for them. Please forgive me.

11 thoughts on “Public Apology”

  1. JA, Now this is what a sincere apology looks like. No excuses. No projecting. No blaming. Plus, you immediately took the post down to limit the damage. Maybe you could get a job teaching “apologetics” 🙂 to students at Southeastern Seminary!!!

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  2. This is one of the things that makes this site so credible. Mistakes are made and they are apologized for in a timely fashion when the author becomes aware of the mistake, puts JA on top of the bloggers list.

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  3. Well you have more class than CNN, FOX News, MSN and all those other ” once major ” News sources. I’m not sure I would want my social media director defending such a scumbag if I owned a Christian radio station, but that’s their business decision for them to make. If it was mine he would be unemployed right now. As the owner of five separate enterprises If I was paying to advertise on that station that would be over too. They are employing a false teachers mouth piece, that would be all it would take for me to pull my account. I bet you 10-1 they loose accounts over his defense of MR. Magoo. People have short fuses for bogus pastors that treat people the way Calvary Chapel trained them to.


  4. And I notice you didn’t put the retraction in tiny print at the bottom of page 15 in the Classifieds section either. 🙂

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  5. Tim is right. Good job Julie Anne.

    Scott is right. HLE seems to have an employee who is creating at least the appearance of a nexus between The Bridge and HLE. In my opinion it would behoove HLE to do something about this.


  6. Julie Anne,

    Thank-you for showing us what humility and godly actions look like in the Body of Christ. I have sincere respect for you as a daughter of the Most High and am so grateful you are living the faith. This has really touched my heart today. God be with you, JA.


  7. But, Julie Anne! You should follow the example of so many “Christian” leaders. Just remove the wrong post, and pretend it never happened. It’s good enough for T4G, WombTomb Swanson and others.

    Just kidding. This shows you have a conscience and a heart.


  8. We’re all still awaiting apologies for the slanderous accusations against David McGee and others that were accused by the now MIA @IdolExp who promised Watergate but now can’t even find the proverbial stain on the blue dress.


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