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Tony Miano’s New Digs: Grace Community Church

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Street Evangelist Tony Miano announced he’s leaving Faith Community Church and will be attending Grace Community Church.

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Thanks to those who have sent me updates on Tony Miano, I have a bit of information to pass along.  One thing Miano is very clear about is the importance of having church backing for his ministry work.  I’ve read and heard him discuss about open air preachers who do not belong to a home church and have no accountability for their ministry efforts.  That makes sense.

Along those lines, we have new news from Mr. Miano with regard to his church backing his ministry efforts.  He released an announcement detailing his move from Faith Community Church to his new church, John MacArthur’s Grace Community Church.  Miano discussed below how he went to his elders after they would not “lay hands” or commission him to serve as an evangelist.

I benefited greatly from this process with my elders. I learned how seriously, thoughtfully, and prayerfully my elders make important decisions. . . . The elders were also very helpful by pointing out areas in my life and ministry that needed maturing. They were always quick to encourage, quick to listen, and were never afraid to offer their collective and individual wisdom, discernment and, when warranted, correction.

The process drew to a close in December of 2013. In the end, my elders affirmed what they believe is God’s call on my life to serve Him as an evangelist. At the same time, they found aspects of my evangelistic gifting and ministry (namely, open-air preaching) philosophically incompatible with the evangelistic direction the elders have set forth for the Faith Community Church family. That being the case, the elders determined they could not lay hands on me and commission me to serve Faith Community Church as an evangelist. (Source)

This begs the question:  WHY?   What exactly about open air preaching did Faith Community Church find incompatible?  Could it be the very things that we have been noting all along here?  Ya think?

So, apparently, he has new digs this Sunday at Grace Community and has already met with pastors at Grace Community.  I think it’s important to note that he has had long-established relationships with people from Grace Community.  Phil Johnson is John MacArthur’s right-hand man and is frequently tagged in Miano’s tweets.

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Not only that, a name we’re familiar with here, Fred Butler, is also friends with Miano as we can easily see on Twitter.  Now they can tag each other AND rub shoulders on Sunday mornings.

As my family and I seek membership at Grace Community Church, I will also seek to bring myself and my ministry as an evangelist/open-air preacher under the authority and accountability of my pastors/elders. How long this will take, what processes will be involved, and exactly what all of this will look like will be determined by the elders of Grace Community Church. (Source)

Miano’s family was only at Faith Community Church a little over two years, so we’ll see how long this lasts.  He’s already got a great Grace Community Twitter support network, and he’s been a Masters Seminary and Shepherd’s Conference fan for quite some time, so GCC might just be a perfect fit.

So, we sit back and watch.

As I was in the process of putting this article together, a reader informed me she had done a post on her blog, so I decided to cut this one short.  You can get even more info on how Miano’s asking for $1,600 in donation money and see how he spends his time on Twitter bantering back and forth with unbelievers in his typical “loving” fashion.  Today was quite a doozy.  Take a look:   Would You Call This Evangelism? 


97 thoughts on “Tony Miano’s New Digs: Grace Community Church”

  1. JA wrote~

    “Phil Johnson is John MacArthur’s right-hand man and is frequently tagged in Miano’s tweets.”

    Phil professed his love for Miano too-remember this tweet? I wonder what some of these guys’ definition of humility is.

    “Phil Johnson ‏@Phil_Johnson_ · Jan 28
    Open-air ministers who are faithful to Christ have my utmost respect. I love @TonyMiano for his zeal & his humility:
    Retweets 22
    Favorites 20
    12:40 PM – 28 Jan 2014 from California, US · Details “


  2. Don’t forget, he left ANOTHER church prior to Faith Community…with no explanation. So, he’s a ‘church hopper’; but we don’t know the whole story as to why. Anyone who’s investigated his flimsy ministry knows this guy is always trying to re-invent himself {i.e. no more ‘lawman’!}. He goes on trends, and not on God’s word. He wants to be one thing one moment and something else the next.

    He will fit right in at MacArthur’s church because he holds to a ‘right doctrine’ and he’s made the right connections. MacArthur only calls out Charismatics, so Miano is safe. It doesn’t matter that he belittles and attacks sinners who need to hear of Christ, it doesn’t matter that he spends his days on the internet, like some housewife {I in no way mean to belittle housewives}. It doesn’t matter that he is so elusive when it comes to accountability concerning why he needs 2400.00, or 1600.00…just give and shut up already. It doesn’t matter that he targets abortion clinics and homosexuals, and yet, cannot see his own sin of pride! It’s shameful that no one has eyes to see this man is NOT fit for evangelism, or for any type of ministry! Why isn’t someone discipling him? Could it be because he doesn’t stay in one church long enough?

    And why leave his former church? Could it be because he’d have to get a j-o-b? They weren’t going to support his street preaching, so he would of had to go back to work!!

    Thank you for the link Julie Anne, now take a break!


  3. Others have already alluded to this, but I just HAD to look up the scripture.
    “But if anyone does not provide for his own, and especially for those of his household, he has denied the faith and is worse than an unbeliever.” 1Tim 5:8
    Seems to me that the Lord would look more unfavorably on Miano than the unbelievers he is so fond of bashing. Just sayin’.
    (And to the stay-at-home Dads out there, taking care of your kids IS a job. Childcare is expensive!)


  4. Here’s one thing I know, MacArthur won’t be fooled, I’m guessing his time at Grace will be short lived.


  5. There’s also 2 Thessalonians 3:10 – “For even when we were with you, we gave you this rule: ‘If a man will not work, he will not eat.'”

    The commentary in my Bible says this: The Christian must not be a loafer.

    Hahahahaha! Oh my!

    BTW – I only remembered this verse because a friend of mine had it taped on her refrigerator for her three sons to see. I always thought that was hilarious.


  6. Diane – I don’t think MacArthur will be fooled because Miano will be in like company with MacArthur, Butler and Johnson around him. I doubt that there will be an accountability to the pastors/elders that Miano is claiming will happen.


  7. There are a lot of pastors there. I highly doubt JMac will even see Miano. But the one thing that occurs to me with so many of these guys is they like being the top dog.

    Since Parenthood hasn’t been good about giving new shows, maybe this will be my new drama to watch.


  8. Oh, Kathi, that is too funny. 🙂 I may just have to borrow that idea, and put that scripture on my refrigerator, too. (And the pantry door, and the freezer . . .)


  9. Ok let me rephrase that. If MacArthur spends any amount of time with him and Miano is a phony, MacArthur will see thru him, especially of Miano starts asking for money.


  10. Someone e-mailed their comment to me and gave me permission to post it:

    So i was over at Gospel spam reading his part 3 of “qualifications”… and got to this


    ” am not calling for the disbanding of open-air preaching ministries (although some of them should simply drift away). I am not calling for the end of open-air preaching conferences (although I think there are too many). But the open-air preaching subculture must come to know its place. Every open-air preacher must be a serving, loving member of a local assembly of believers. Every open-air preacher must live in submission to his pastors/elders and live accountable to them and his Christian brethren. Again, the open-air preaching subculture, with all of its para-church ministries and conferences, has absolutely no ecclesiastic authority—none; not a speck.”

    And I’m thinking, IF he is so into submitting to the authority of the local church and ecclesiastical authority, then he would
    have “sit down and shut up” at the Church he was in for the last 2 years, after they told him “no, you cannot street preach in our name/ we
    do not approve of how you preach/ what you preach” etc (or whatever they said to him as a reason for not laying hands on him
    and annointing him Church Street Preacher). If TM was applying his RULES to himself (not applying his rules to himself? That’s called
    being a hypocrite) then he would obey the pastors and elders of that last community Church and he would submit to that “ecclesiastical
    authority”.. lol ! He would accept their decision concerning him, since they are OVER him, and that would be the end of that.

    So since he does not like the decision they made about him, he packs it up and moves to another Church to try them out.


  11. Julie Anne, that was exactly what I was thinking. If the elders told him they would not back him street preaching, then he should have stopped, not moved to a new church … at least, according to his statement of the need to submit to the elders.

    But I suspect Miano has to say that he believes in submission to leadership because that is a big issue in JohnnyMac churches. We see many young missionary single female missionary candidates who are told they must stay home under their father and churches care and not minister in another culture/country while they are single. I think those young women have a right to not obey such overbearing authoritative elders. The elders are not pointing out sin, or real issues of concern, just that they are single and female.

    Another point: What does one do when they have a problematic issue? The proclaim loud and clear the exact opposite of what’s true to be true.

    For example:
    A murderer says, “I highly value human life.”
    A church that has weak relationships says, “We’re close like family.”
    An evangelist who has issues with submission says, “I believe strongly in being in submission to the church elders.”

    It’s not always true, of course; but it often is and worth keeping one eye open.


  12. Katie, when you refer to “JohnnyMac churches” who deter or prevent single women from going off to the foreign mission field, which churches do you mean? And are these Grace Advance churches or are they churches whose leaders and congregants follow MacArthur’s teachings? Trying to clarify your statement..Thanks!


  13. “Ok let me rephrase that. If MacArthur spends any amount of time with him and Miano is a phony, MacArthur will see thru him, especially of Miano starts asking for money.”

    Sarah, You are not familiar with how things work at mega’s with long time celebrity leaders, are you? You remind me of those who said ‘our great father Stalin would not approve. If only he knew”…..’

    People really do think that way about many Christian “leaders” they do not know personally. They think they ‘know’ them. They think their stage persona’s are who they are. The celebrity counts on that because it works.


  14. Sarah wrote~

    “Ok let me rephrase that. If MacArthur spends any amount of time with him and Miano is a phony, MacArthur will see thru him, especially of Miano starts asking for money.”

    I agree that is possible, but I don’t think I share your confidence. If there is some kind of agreement (I don’t know how these things work) that financial support comes with getting hands laid on you to go be an evangelist for a particular church, like he failed to obtain at his old church and consequently left, Miano won’t have to repeatedly ask for $. He will be a “missionary” for GCC…like he is at CON’s church 🙂 and, perhaps, automatically getting financial support (although CON needs to step up his giving to his dear, missionary friend Tony, since he was short $1600 for the month of March).
    I also wonder about the frequent begging for money Miano does online. People see that…maybe Phil and Fred see that and perhaps have no qualms about how often he asks for money. I am convinced some professing Christian “leaders” see what they wish to see and nothing more,


  15. Kathi wrote~

    “Diane – I don’t think MacArthur will be fooled because Miano will be in like company with MacArthur, Butler and Johnson around him. I doubt that there will be an accountability to the pastors/elders that Miano is claiming will happen.”

    I agree. They are in Miano’s “inner circle.” 🙂


  16. Keep in mind, Miano’s got this lauding thing down. This worked very well for CJ, too.

    Here’s how it works: if you (™) publicly praise your wannabe leader friends, and if those wanna be leader friends are truly weak leaders), those leaders will become your BFFs and they in turn will have YOUR back. It’s a disgusting system of camaraderie based on a false adulation of others which benefits yourself in the public eye. It is not based on what normal people would look at: public and private behavior.


  17. JA, They are called Sycophants. What really blew me away is how easily the great Al Mohler fell for CJ’s constant adoration. It was syrupy, sickening and everywhere. In sermons, tweets, books, articles, etc. It was OTT but it seems in their world to be normal and expected.


  18. Thank goodness he’s not moving to Beaverton. So far I’ve managed to avoid CON. I hate to even think of running into him around here!


  19. @JulieAnne:

    Keep in mind, Miano’s got this lauding thing down. This worked very well for CJ, too.

    “With a ruler, you can lay the flattery on with a trowel.”
    — Benjamin Disraeli

    “One Hand Washes the Other…”


  20. I wonder if TM leaving Living Waters last year is for similar issues as he had at FCC? Though he seemed to leave on good terms, and LW described it as more like downsizing staff.


  21. Christianity in most churches in America has nothing to do with Christ…it’s man-centered. Men following, exalting, and upholding men. Can ANYBODY in Miano’s ‘inner circle’ show us from God’s word where a ministry like Miano’s is biblical? Where a man sends his wife out to work while HE STAYS HOME and plays on the internet, or reads sermons from dead guys and then has the audacity to charge money for them? I think it’s very telling that Miano has to keep dragging his one-man dog and pony show from place to place, like a gypsy act. If a church refuses to support your street preaching, that says it all doesn’t it?
    His continual pleas for money grows old; he NEVER specifically states what he needs money for. He did say, back in December, it was for ‘payroll’. Where’s that same plea for payroll in January? February? Last November? You won’t find it, so why was there one in December? Very, very telling. Yet, he has the audacity to continue seeking money, just recently 1600.00 in three days, no less. Why? So he can sit at home and target homosexuals and pro-abortion folks on twitter? And why does he explicitly target homosexuality and abortion? Again….very telling.

    Tony Miano has NOT been called by God to preach His truth, just examine his ‘fruit’. He enrages sinners, he attacks them, he returns evil for evil, he uses little Scripture in his exchanges, and he seldom mentions the ONLY HOPE they have…CHRIST! Compare Miano’s ‘preaching’ with that of any of the Apostles, you will not find anything similar. Apparently, some are seeing he hasn’t been called.
    The sad part is this; the sinful pride of Miano and his friends who defend this rubbish will attack any and all who expose him and his ministry. It appears Miano just wants to get out of working and supporting his family, and he’s using his ‘ministry’ as a means of doing so. If anyone in his camp truly loves this man, then set him down and show him his sin! Stop condoning him, or you too will be ‘guilty by association’.


  22. Here are the wisest words I’ve read, and they don’t come from one of Miano’s ‘friends’…

    Ellen Mandeville ‏@EllenMandeville 3m
    @TonyMiano There’s nothing more loving than knowing that God loves me in spite of my sin. That Jesus died for me while I was a rebel

    Ellen Mandeville ‏@EllenMandeville 2m
    @TonyMiano @NBCLA Being rude and harping on select sins won’t win you any listeners. What are your sins, Tony? What have you been forgiven?

    Ellen Mandeville ‏@EllenMandeville 1m
    @TonyMiano @NBCLA Show how God has loved you in spite of your own sin and people might want to listen to you rather than arrest you.


  23. And how does ole tonester respond??

    Tony Miano ‏@TonyMiano 46s
    . @EllenMandeville @NBCLA The fact that you think I’m rude doesn’t mean I’m rude. How judgmental of you–you who says do not judge.

    He’s hopeless!!!


  24. Meanwhile – – – – he could use some more $$ and Walmart gift cards because donations are down. Oh, and doncha know he’s going to need money for that airfare back to Scotland to defend his manner of evangelism on the streets in which it was necessary to bring up the sin of homosexuality in his Gospel presentation.


  25. As is typical Miano fashion, when he CAN’T defend biblically, he uses the coward’s way out..

    Tony Miano ‏@TonyMiano 31s
    @LisaGray191 @EllenMandeville I’ll let you take it from here, Lisa. I’ve got to get back to writing an article. Thanks. 🙂

    He used the same tactic yesterday, when he argued with a supporter of homosexuality…

    Tony Miano ‏@TonyMiano 21h
    @Coreyt7383 @ESPN_Colin Strawman. Been nice chatting with all of you. Gotta errands to run. Talk to you later. @theonerayman

    What I noticed was, about 23 minutes later, he tweeted again! Short ‘errand’!


  26. this has already been posted, it needs to be posted again..

    “But if anyone does not provide for his relatives, and especially for members of his household, he has denied the faith and is worse than an unbeliever. ” 1Tim 5:8

    Since he has no church backing, shouldn’t he be looking for a job and working with his hands? He has no church backing, so he has NO reason NOT to be seeking employment {not that he ever had a reason before}. It’s amazing how these men twist God’s word to justify their ‘dealings’…not to mention…it is a sin.


  27. You are welcome Ellen, I was impressed with the love and kindness you have shown; as usual, the unwarranted attacks and accusations that were returned are no surprise. If we have no compassion for sinners, as Miano doesn’t, then we better examine our own hearts.

    Tony Miano needs to learn what ‘I desire mercy’ means. He has no clue what it means to ‘die to self’. His pride will not allow him to receive rebuke or correction; the fact that he left his most recent church is evidence of that.

    Miano did a nice job of twisting your words, he is notorious for that. There must be balance in a believer….not all love and not all wrath. Those who’ve been saved will understand that balance as we grow in the grace and knowledge of Him.

    How sad that, in our day, these words of Jesus are all but forgotten, “By this shall all men know that ye are my disciples, if ye have love one to another.” John 13:35

    I wonder, what did God save Tony Miano from?


  28. @Lydia:

    JA, They are called Sycophants. What really blew me away is how easily the great Al Mohler fell for CJ’s constant adoration. It was syrupy, sickening and everywhere. In sermons, tweets, books, articles, etc.

    If anyone doesn’t know what “sycophant” means, the modern word is “brown-noser”.

    Because if you throw enough flattery towards the Big Man, he might make you his Court Favorite. Tabaqui the Jackal, flattering Shere Khan for the scraps from the tiger’s kill.


  29. Thanks for your kind words, Lyn. Found it strange when he would turn the conversation in weird ways, tangential style. He seems to have a few sound bites that he turns to. Is that the case?


  30. Just thought I would share with you one of my memorable GCC moments.

    Since Ukraine has been in the news lately, this one stands out. A few years after I left GCC, a friend called to ask for support for his upcoming mission trip to Ukraine. It was a 2 week long mission trip.

    So what are you going to do?, I asked. Realistically how much can you accomplish in two weeks in a foreign country? He and three other men would be teaching a seminar on “godly parenting.” The conference would last 5 full days at a church, and he was allotted 3 hours to speak and also run various workshops.

    He wasn’t a pastor at GCC. He was just a house Bible study group leader.

    This was not too long after the fall of the Soviet Union and Ukraine’s liberation from the grip of Communism. If I had an opportunity to spend two weeks in the post Communist Ukraine, I would have used most of the time picking the people’s brains on how they lived through the years of Communism as Christians.

    With. my. mouth. shut.

    They had lived through so much persecution under Communist rule. I bet they had some harrowing stories to share from having braved through intense persecution. I would have loved the stories.

    With. my. mouth. shut. Like Job, place my hand over my mouth.

    But GCC would send laymen to a continent away to lecture people. Obviously their proximity to JMac made them eminently qualified to lecture the survivors of Communism on “godly parenting.”

    Besides, parenting is rife with cultural issues. Somehow I don’t think very many Ukrainian teenagers would demand a Ferrari for their 16th birthday. But hey, being under the tutelage of JMac makes you well qualified to lecture on any topic to anybody anywhere in the world. It’s like having a Harvard degree. You can take it anywhere in the world and gain instant respect.


  31. Pretty much Ellen. When he’s backed into a corner, he responds with the usual ‘why are you judging me’, or ‘you aren’t saved’ or ‘you are a man, go ask your husband’ or ‘ad-hom’ or ‘strawman’ response. He brings NO biblical presentation to debate because he has just enough ‘head knowledge’ to be dangerous…and he is. He would do well to fall on his face before God, asking for his sins to be made known to him. He is an example of who the Apostle Paul was referring to when he said “Though I speak with the tongues of men and of angels, and have not charity, I am become as sounding brass, or a tinkling cymbal.”…. Being rude and confrontational is not what we are called to be. Tony has forgotten the sewer God pulled him out of.

    I find it very telling that he did NOT respond to this tweet from you…

    Ellen Mandeville ‏@EllenMandeville 3h
    @TonyMiano @NBCLA Being rude and harping on select sins won’t win you any listeners. What are your sins, Tony? What have you been forgiven?

    He is very quick to attack homosexuals, and NOT present the Gospel. He is very quick to stalk abortion clinics, and NOT present the Gospel as he screams at women, ‘don’t kill your baby!’ That is NOT EVEN the Gospel! He’s very quick to engage in a debate, and attack sinners. He hands out BAMH dvds, but that isn’t the Gospel either – it borders a ‘Fred Phelps’ type ministry. Why are these men obsesses with abortion clinics and homosexuals? Sin comes in many vast different forms…including pride. Pride blinds the eye.


  32. “He seems to have a few sound bites that he turns to. Is that the case?’

    I think so…such as:

    *Why are you judging me?
    *Why are you being so judgmental?
    *Ad hominem…next.
    *Category mistake.
    *Why are you being so hateful?
    *Twist not scripture lest ye be like satan (a steal from Paul Washer lol)

    And this he says frequently as well:

    Tony Miano ‏@TonyMiano · Feb 26
    @theonerayman You know not God and you blaspheme Him by creating a god in your imagination to suit yourself. Repent of your idolatry.
    2:32 PM – 26 Feb 2014 · Details


  33. Welp, couldn’t quite resist:

    Ellen Mandeville ‏@EllenMandeville 2h
    . @TonyMiano @NBCLA Thanks for the conversation. Jesus said others will know we are His disciples when we ____ each other. 😉

    Tony Miano ‏@TonyMiano 1h
    . @EllenMandeville @NBCLA It is very judgmental of u 2 suggest I am not loving toward people, simply because I might do it like u.

    Ellen Mandeville ‏@EllenMandeville 6m
    . @TonyMiano You misinterpreted my statement. I was merely reiterating that Jesus came out of love and compassion to save us from His wrath.

    Ellen Mandeville ‏@EllenMandeville 1m
    . @TonyMiano And that He expects his disciples to do the same. No judgement intended. Perhaps you have a guilty conscience?


  34. Gee, I wonder which one of his favorite sayings he’ll pull out of his hat to use against you Ellen? lol

    If I were a ‘betting’ person, I say he will take a stab at your gender and insist you go get your husband…pronto!


  35. So – – while he spent much of the day doing useless debating on Twitter, he did happen to write a draft of a new article on “Character Counts.” Was he reading the article about him over here as we discussed character? Can you say projection?

    Projection is a defense mechanism that involves taking our own unacceptable qualities or feelings and ascribing them to other people. For example, if you have a strong dislike for someone, you might instead believe that he or she does not like you. Projection works by allowing the expression of the desire or impulse, but in a way that the ego cannot recognize, therefore reducing anxiety. (

    This guy is dangerous.

    And look how he “advertises” his new Character Counts article. The guys that he is tagging already follow his Twitter feed, but he wants to make sure they read it and so he tags them. Familiar names – – people from Grace Community, people he continually builds up with compliments and they in turn overlook his blatant hypocrisy when he writes about character.

    Oh, and is this a new ministry opportunity?


  36. Well said JA…how can he accept any ministry opportunities since he presently isn’t under the ‘umbrella’ of a church? The Lord does NOT use men who are filled with pride, so Miano’s assumption is incorrect. It’s obvious God is not backing his ministry, nor has He called him to preach…he’s left WOTM and two churches. That says it all.

    The Bible says we will know them by their ‘fruit’. ” But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, meekness, temperance.” Galatians 5:22,23 None of this fruit is displayed in Miano’s twitter exchanges with the defenders of homosexuality and abortion.

    These men play games and they suck up to others; what does the Bible state about flattering others? “A lying tongue hates its victims, and a flattering mouth works ruin.” Proverbs 26:28 – ‘men betray themselves by being credulous of their own praises and the compliments that are passed upon them. A wise man therefore will be more afraid of a flatterer that kisses and kills than of a slanderer’. M.H.

    “A man who flatters his neighbor spreads a net for his feet.” Proverbs 29:5 – ‘wherefore flatterers should be avoided as pernicious persons’ J.G.

    It’s very telling how Miano says he is so very humble…if you have to try and convince others how humble you are, then you really aren’t humble! Humility is shown in what you DO {without sounding a trumpet to announce your ‘humble’ acts} and NOT what you say. Miano is always using an outward means of trying to convince others there’s something going on inwardly, like the ditching of the lawman post. This outward religion was what Christ detested in the Pharisees, He called them hypocrites. To walk humbly with your God is something he simply doesn’t understand.

    As for all those he ‘tags’, I don’t think some appreciate it…

    Tony Miano ‏@TonyMiano Feb 20
    Imposing, once again, on friends to share this article, if they can affirm it: … @mriccardi23 @jarbitro @PastorJoshW

    Josh Williamson ‏@PastorJoshW Feb 20
    @TonyMiano @mriccardi23 @jarbitro You push us into a corner mate. If we don’t RT now it looks like we don’t affirm what you said. 🙂


  37. This is a hoot!
    From Miano’s latest post…

    Open-air preaching? How could open-air preaching ever become a negative, life-dominating influence in a man’s life? In a word: easy.
    He skips work to preach.
    His friends are almost exclusively……open-air preachers.
    I’ve been guilty of allowing open-air preaching to become a negative, life-dominating influence. I’ve been guilty of doing some of the above-listed things. I thank God for His kindness that leads me to repentance (Romans 2:4). Miano, from

    Let me just add one more to his ‘list’ – ‘HE DOESN’T WORK AT ALL!!! Good grief, this guy should consider taking his routine to a comedy club somewhere.


  38. wait!! there’s more…

    “The open-air preacher who reviles when he is reviled, who displays an angry heart, who intentionally antagonizes to get a response and to draw a crowd is not respectable. {then why does he do it on twitter all day long? And in front of the ‘abortuary’}
    The open-air preacher who does not love his neighbor or his enemy and shows his hate for them with his words is not respectable. {so Tony, when you belittle others, like you did yesterday, you are admitting your hatred for them}
    The respectable open-air preacher is far from perfect, contrary to what some of the above open-air preachers self-righteously claim about themselves. But he does what he can to remain above reproach. {OH REALLY?!?}
    The respectable open-air preacher tries to love his enemies (Matthew 5:43-48). {Miano hasn’t ‘mastered’ this yet!}

    Here we go again, another attempt at ‘reinvention of self’ by Miano…the ‘expert’ on OAP. May God steer all OAP away from this propaganda by this lazy deadbeat who should be working instead of fighting on twitter and writing stupid senseless posts like this one.


  39. lyn – – that’s why I said this whole article is him projecting his own issues. He needs to read his article to himself. The very sad and dangerous thing is that he and his BFFs are blinded to see the truth because they like the attaboys, the Twitter tags, the endorsements. These are a bunch of men who are all about puffing up their ego rather than truth and integrity of Christ. I’m disgusted.


  40. Re: Joyelle asked, “Katie, when you refer to “JohnnyMac churches” who deter or prevent single women from going off to the foreign mission field, which churches do you mean? And are these Grace Advance churches or are they churches whose leaders and congregants follow MacArthur’s teachings?”

    Joyelle, I honestly don’t know.

    I don’t read the candidates church responses, so I don’t know who exactly their churches are connected to. But it’s, at least, a church where there is a strong influence from MacArthur, enough that it’s named or implied as being the reason the church leaders want to keep the young women home. I also think that it’s been seen enough that some may simply fit the pattern, even if Mac isn’t named or implied.


  41. Thanks, Katie. Yes, I agree with you, and I have seen this pattern amongst a number of people who follow MacArthur. Was asking to try to get some hard facts about MacArthur-ish churches and church leaders who espouse this teaching. Although insofar as I have studied his teachings (and questioned mutual friends of MacArthur), MacArthur does not teach any such thing about single women staying home under their father’s authority, or not being encouraged to go off to the mission field. I am finding that many people who adhere to Patriarchy doctrines are apt to drag JMac’s name into that mire. They use John MacArthur’s name to lend some sort of credibility to their extra-biblical beliefs. While JMac is strong about his understanding of women’s roles in the church, he does not advocate that women must always stay home, whether single or married.


  42. “It appears, with an unexpected phone call from Sri Lanka, the Lord has presented a possible opportunity for me to teach evangelism to house churches in a closed country, in the Summer of 2015.
    Prayers appreciated.”

    I won’t hold my breath that this will occur. I am still waiting for news that donations came in for his new-ish 40 thousand dollar SUV and the Christ Across America tour that was supposed to begin this spring. Remember that, anyone?

    Not to mention the “meet at Bethel with his oa friends and oa preach to the lost” gig that is also supposed to be happening this spring, iirc. Haven’t heard a word about that. Is it still happening? He wrote a while back that he couldn’t go to Bethel until spring 2014 and there would be a group he would meet there and they would do their thing.

    But as much as he blogs/tweets about Bethel/Bill Johnson and how people are deceived and perishing in their sins and what not, you would think he would be concerned enough to GO there already. It’s even in the same state for heaven’s sake…he doesn’t even have to leave the country. Just drive up there already…why wait for friends? Can’t he go there alone to preach? Isn’t he concerned about all the people he could be presenting the gospel to that are missing out because he is waiting?


  43. I tried to find the donors page or info on the ministry van that was supposed to go with the Christ Across America tour but I could not find the information anywhere on his site anymore. I guess the ministry vanChrist Across Anerica is no more?

    This is from a comment I made here on December 8, 2013 @ 12:04 PM–

    “Cross Encounters Ministry Van

    Part of our vision for bringing Christ across America by land is the purchase of a ministry vehicle. We have set our hearts, minds, and sights set on purchasing a 2013/2014 Nissan NV3500 SL Passenger Van. We believe this van will meet our many specifications for accommodating passengers, luggage, and equipment, while providing us with the best possible fuel efficiency for a vehicle of its kind, as well as vehicle dependability and longevity.

    We currently estimate the cost of the Cross Encounters Ministry Van to be in the range of $42,000-$45,000. Yes, we know this is a huge undertaking. But we know that God is more than able to accomplish the purchase of this van. We trust Him!

    We have determined six levels of giving:

    Red – $50
    Donor receives honorable mention on the Website’s “Donor Page”
    Blue – $100
    Donor receives honorable mention on the Website’s “Donor Page,” which will include a hyperlink to their website (blog, ministry, church)
    Green – $500
    Donor receives honorable mention on the Website’s “Donor Page,” with a link to their site, and a banner on the “Donor Page.”
    Bronze – $1,000
    Donor receives all the before mentioned benefits, plus a banner on the Website’s home page.
    Silver – $2,500
    Donor receives all the before mentioned benefits, plus a small decal or magnetic sign on the ministry van
    Gold – $5,000
    Donor receives all the before-mentioned benefits (red-bronze), plus a large decal or magnetic sign on the ministry van” (end quote)”
    Tony Miano Cross Encounters CAA Support


  44. He’s a chameleon Diane. I do remember his request for a new van, apparently that fell through. He doesn’t seem to be able to stick with any one particular thing…including a church.

    Here is some of the ‘fruit’ of Miano’s style of ‘ministry’, left on my recent post concerning Miano…

    Anonymous said…
    Having had interference in my personal life by Mr.Miano which was exploitive and hurtful, I would just like to express my appreciation to this blog/ blog owner for validating my perceptions. It is very validating that others can see just how toxic this man is. The SBB blog/blogger has also been helpful. You all are correct that his machinations turn people away from Christianity rather than drawing them nearer to Christ. It can,also, be damaging when exposed to this type of behavior. There are some fragile people in this world that need hope, not made to feel fear rather than love and kindness.

    I stress the last sentence, ‘there are some FRAGILE people in this world that need hope, not made to feel fear rather than love and kindness’.
    Miano has no business being in ministry at any level, for he is dangerous and harmful.


  45. Regarding the ministry van: Yes, I remember it, too. That’s a good reminder to keep links. If we had the link, we might have been able to find the original article on a cache site.

    I stress the last sentence, ‘there are some FRAGILE people in this world that need hope, not made to feel fear rather than love and kindness’.
    Miano has no business being in ministry at any level, for he is dangerous and harmful.

    Here’s the deal – – these guys don’t care about fragile feelings or feelings at all, for that matter. All they care about is that the gospel is presented. The magic message is in the Gospel. They use the verse: the Word of God is sharper than any 2-edged sword – – so they want to throw out verses AND the Gospel. That’s why so many were counting how many times Ken Ham said the Gospel during the Ham/Nye creation debate. All the other words don’t matter. Behavior doesn’t matter. Tone doesn’t matter. Just say a clear Gospel message and they have the check in the box. It’s their fast track and proven ticket to heaven. But since you don’t do it like them, watch out, you unregenerates!

    And please don’t get me wrong (for people who don’t know me and my sarcasm). People need the Gospel and they need the Word of God, but not hurled at them like a weapon. That’s the difference.


  46. Well then, we can quit supporting all ministries and simply program robots to deliver ‘the Gospel’ can’t we?! Granted, we don’t save people, however, being rude, crude and obnoxious is a huge deterrent to sinners.
    Miano needs to study Christ, and the Apostles. The Lord wept over Jerusalem, he sat at the well and spoke with the immoral woman, He met with Nicodemus at night, in secret, and instructed him on the new birth. He reached out, He had compassion! The ‘Miano’ types have forgotten 1 Corinthians 13, IF they ever knew it at all. They are not fit for ministry, none of them. God will not use proud, arrogant men/women.
    It is evident in our day, wolves come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, from all different theological backgrounds.


  47. FYI-This is the month Bethel gets Tony! I think!
    (On the calendar on his website the dates of March 10-16 say TBD, not Redding, where Bethel is.)
    Mon Mar 10 – Sun Mar 16, 2014
    TBD (map)”

    “What’s on the Calendar for 2014
    I thought 2013 has been a busy year. Well, it appears the Lord has much more in store for me in 2014. Here are the trips I’ve already confirmed for next year.
    Jan 5-14 Pert, Scotland
    Jan 14-27 Stavanger, Norway
    Feb 4-7 Escondido, CA
    Mar 5-7 Sun Valley, CA
    Mar 10-16 Redding, CA
    Apr 6-19 Sydney, Australia
    Jul 7-14 Calgary, Canada
    Jul 18-28 Jakobstad, Finland
    Aug 11-17 Beaverton, OR
    Oct TBD St. Louis, MO
    Nov – Will Not Travel, Staying Close to Home
    Dec – Will Not Travel, Staying Close to Home
    Other trips in the United States are in the works. They will be added to the calendar as soon as they are confirmed.”


  48. He makes his own agenda, and claims it’s ‘the Lord’s’. He really is sad and pathetic. I don’t see his court date included here.

    Aren’t many of these locations home to his circle of friends? For example, Chuck O. In Beaverton, Geoff Kirkland in St. Louis, Bjorn Storm in Norway? Not that Miano should be considered seriously as a ministry anyway….


  49. “Street preacher Tony Miano, who was arrested yesterday (8th January), has been released on bail to appear before Dundee Sheriff Court on 7th April. Police in Scotland arrested the Christian street evangelist after a woman complained that he had spoken about sexual sin.”

    According to his schedule, he will be in Sydney, Australia Apr 6-19, but has to appear in Scotland on April 7. ? He has been silent about his court date as of late. He said he really wants to go back to Scotland and take his wife…he MUST go back to declare his innocence. I guess we’ll see.


  50. Joyelle, my personal observation over the years has been that when the followers appear to be taking a teaching farther than the teacher is publicly known for teaching it, then one can usually find the lesson being either taught behind the scenes, or caught through the culture of the group. There is some way in which the followers are getting the message that this is what is expected, or the best way, it seems to me.

    I could be wrong; but it’s the pattern I’ve seen in the IFB, in Calvary Chapel, and in a school setting. Those catching the message certainly believe the leader is intending for them to do it the way they are doing it. Without a leader correcting the followers perception and application, then I think it’s safe to assume the leader approves of it.

    Just a thought to consider.


  51. my personal observation over the years has been that when the followers appear to be taking a teaching farther than the teacher is publicly known for teaching it, then one can usually find the lesson being either taught behind the scenes, or caught through the culture of the group. There is some way in which the followers are getting the message that this is what is expected, or the best way, it seems to me.

    Katie, this is very insightful – -and the key word is “publicly.” I think this is how CON has been able to get credibility among popular names because he knows how to say the right things publicly. He knows what to say publicly and what not to say. Those of us who sat under his teachings had many more opportunities to hear him when his words were not being recorded (Sunday School, 2 hours of teaching on Sunday afternoon, etc).

    One of the key issues that we all had (those who left) was that he did not preach Christ and grace and so his gospel is not right. If you listen to his stuff, you will hear a small amount of grace and Christ thrown in for good measure, but that’s not what he lives and what he preaches off the record. Consequently, his “followers” do not exemplify grace at all (just follow Chuck or his wife, Tonya’s Twitter feed and you just do not see grace at all.)


  52. Excellent point JA, there are many who are one person in private, and another in public. You are right, they know how to say ‘all the right things’ when there’s a mike or a camera in front of them.

    As for the tweets from Chuck and his wife….simply appalling! To read what comes out of a supposed ‘man of God’s’ mind, and his wife!! Her accusation towards Hannah is the most sin-filled tweet I’ve read. An unregenerate has nicer tweets. You will know them by their fruit, and that fruit is revealed in their speech. ” The good man out of the good treasure of his heart bringeth forth that which is good; and the evil man out of the evil treasure bringeth forth that which is evil: for out of the abundance of the heart his mouth speaketh.” Luke 6:45 You can tell what fills a man’s/woman’s heart by what spews out of their mouth; false accusations, hateful speech, etc. prove their ‘fruit’.


  53. I thought of Chuck, Miano, JMac, and multitudes of others as I read 1 Peter 5 last night, “shepherd the flock of God among you, exercising oversight not under compulsion, but voluntarily, according to the will of God; and not for sordid gain, but with eagerness; nor yet as lording it over those allotted to your charge, but proving to be examples to the flock.” These two verses are the most abused verses in all of the Bible! And it’s the so-called ‘pastors’ who are abusing them. There is so much pride and arrogance in the pulpits, such a desire for power and control over people, especially women, it’s shameful. If you dare speak out, they falsely accuse and attack you. I don’t find that ANYWHERE in the Bible. Chuck and his wife are a disgrace to Christ, he has NO BUSINESS standing in a pulpit and taking God’s word on his lips. Instead of setting an example of love and forgiveness, he fights, sues, holds grudges, and attacks. Is this how our Lord reacted at any time during His earthly ministry? I think not. How often does the Bible speak of loving one another, forgiving one another, serving one another? If continual abusive and hateful speech is the ‘pattern’, then these people need to examine themselves to see IF they are in the faith. They need to recall 1 John, “the one who practices sin is of the devil; for the devil has sinned from the beginning. The Son of God appeared for this purpose, to destroy the works of the devil. No one who is born of God practices sin, because His seed abides in him; and he cannot sin, because he is born of God.”
    Their pattern of habitual sin says a LOT about the fruit they bear.

    As for Jmac and this from his sermon ‘the subordination and equality of women’- .” Man has authority over woman. He’s not just speaking of marriage, people, He is speaking of every dimension of living in general.” I treasure the response a male brother in Christ left on my blog…
    “… as a woman she must have a spirit of submission to all men.” This is no where to be found in Scripture. Beside this fact, it would be a practical impossibility for a woman to submit to “all men” simultaneously as JM demands here. [How is a woman to know which ‘man’ to submit to when their ‘demands’ are in conflict with each other or worse, with Scripture?] Even a woman’s submission to the elders of the church is done as a member of the Body of Christ and not simply “as a woman”. His comment “Man has authority over women” is a good start to being a faithful muslim.

    The key for this may be found in Eph. 5:21-33. “Submit to one another in the fear of God…” There is no superiority of ‘man’ in this verse, we all are equally saved in heart of God and commanded to show due respect for our fellow believers. The submission of a wife to her own husband is in accordance with the church submitting to her Lord (v. 32). If men (JM especially) would get off their soap box of women submitting to men and realize the duty of a man in regard to his wife, then all of this ‘submission’ rhetoric would stop quickly. V.25 “Husbands, love your wives, just as Christ loved the church and gave Himself for her.” Husbands, can you say that was ever a moment in time when you loved your wife THE SAME as Christ loved His church? Have you given yourself for your wife as Christ did (not the dying for her sins, but the meeting of her every need)? Is she the center of life as you know it? Everything that Christ has done was to procure the salvation of His chosen ones and the ultimate glory of His Father. To be sure, no man will ever be able to love his wife as Christ loved the church, but in small and growing ways it is possible to do this on a smaller scale. May the Lord give His wisdom to husbands in this matter.

    As for JM, the pattern of speaking to those whose ears itch and giving them what they want to hear is being exposed in his over forty years of teaching his gospel-which is no Gospel at all. Contradictions are becoming apparent, leading to confusion in the minds of those who truly love the Lord and yet look to this man as a genuine, qualified teacher of Scripture-which he is not.”


  54. lyn – – I could have lots to say about that exchange on Twitter. This Mama bear was not a happy camper and once again, Chuck and Tonya, who should have used kindness and grace towards my daughter, instead decided to be absolutely cruel towards her.

    But – – it’s all out there – in public for the world to see.


  55. Julie Anne,

    It speaks VOLUMES about their style of ‘evangelism’ as well as their lack of compassion, humility, and love…all of which God commands His people to show.
    I pray for your daughter, and I think it’s safe to say she understands these two do NOT represent Christ. They remind me of this from our Lord, “Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy by thy name, and by thy name cast out devils, and by thy name do many mighty works? And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity.” Continual habitual sin, including hateful speech and accusations, is very telling.


  56. I believe Tony Miano is a pompous hypocrite and a hateful dangerous cult leader and false teacher, oppressing, controlling, silencing, abusing and lording it over the sheep of Jesus. Jesus called out this this exact type of religious leader to their faces, and Jesus compassionately, out of love, warned us to beware of this very kind.


  57. Hold on just a minute! Miano’s latest church refused to lay hands on him and set him apart for the ministry? Hello? This is not the first time. Have you seen this?

    There’s a word for preachers who have ‘ministries’ but who cannot, and never have been set apart – and sent, biblically speaking – by the Church: They’re called frauds. Mark them my brethren.


  58. Joel, on Twitter yesterday or the day before, Tony was specifically naming an open air preacher he deems as a nomad because he has no “covering.”


  59. No kidding, Joel. I just went to Twitter to retrieve the tweet and post it, but it looks like Twitter is down? Weird. Yes, this is one of his pet topics and he has done articles about it, too. He essentially was ridiculing this person who was open air preaching at the same time he was at UCLA campus (if memory serves). I wonder what the public statement would be from his former church as to his justification for leaving and if it lines up with Miano’s statement?


  60. With regard to Tony not working have you considered that since he spent 20 plus yrs as a police officer he retired and is receiving a pension? Thus he doesn’t need to work 50 hrs a week since he is on a pension……as far as his focus on homosexuality is it possible he focus’s on it since you can’t read a paper, watch a tv show, go on the internet, see a commercial without homosexuality being forced down our throats? No pun intended. Furthermore homosexuality is the vehicle which is being used to silence Christians, and christians business owners and will soon be used to shut down churches and remove bibles from store shelves. Jesus Christ said we will be hated because of Him…..well it’s here and getting worse…..


  61. I’m not sure he is receiving a pension from his police work. It seems I’ve read that he was a volunteer chaplain during much if that time and does not receive a pension.


  62. Looks like he gets about $70,000.00 in pension for his 20 yrs of work . Even as a dept. Chaplain they get paid since the chaplain work is voluntary by a deputy. So looks like he can be choosy about wha the does with his time.


  63. Lou, if Miano has a pension and considering that his wife works, why is he constantly begging for money?

    And please, churches are not going to be shut down and Bibles taken off the shelves at bookstores. Christians are being slaughtered for their faith in the Middle East and instead of being glad that we are free to practice our religion in this country, you seem to regret that we are not persecuted.


  64. I didn’t know you knew what is in my heart….. I have been reading this blog a while now and I know who you are… are one of the many we are warned about, the one who grows discord, the one who creates doubt, the one who gossips, the one who creates division, you are a prideful one, and an arrogant one, you are the one who takes pleasure in turmoil, and you foster and spread hate……you try to turn the church inside out, you turn pastor against parishioner, mother against daughter, son against father, you spread lies and half truths, you are deception, you are an enemy of Jesus Christ because you despise Jesus Christ…. I pray for your redemption, repent of the sin you committed against those who follow Jesus Christ and Jesus Himself….. For if you continue in the manner in which you are going you will loose the opportunity for salvation…..


  65. Lou must be contemplating his own navel. He needs to quit being so hard on his navel.

    Marsha is just making an observation about how we are a bit spoiled here in the USA and that we often look for boogie men where there are none. The truth is that there are elements of the “Christian family” that do far more damage to the faith than non-Christians could ever hope to. Of course, those who try to point out those elements of truth are going to be persecuted – not by anti-Christians, but by those who want to hide from the truth or blame others for our not delivering the message.

    Homosexuality is silencing Christians? You can’t be serious. If that were true then how embarrassing is that to the Christian community? Homosexuality is just another boogie man. Refocus brethren!


  66. “With regard to Tony not working have you considered that since he spent 20 plus yrs as a police officer he retired and is receiving a pension?”

    1) Miano admitted in a twitter response from someone who was challenging him about receiving a pension that he does NOT receive one. This tweet occurred last year iirc. I do not have the tweet, but if you asked Miano, he would say this is true. I do believe he mentioned he gets a very small monetary amount from the Sheriffs dept. once he turns 50 (I believe he is 50 currently), but it was not much at all…a very small amount.

    He did NOT spend 20 plus years as a sheriff. He quit ( did not “retire” but quit) after 13 years. The next seven years he worked as a volunteer (special deputy/reserve?) and we have no idea how many hours per month he was volunteering, nor do we know what kind of duties he was doing to qualify as his service hours. To assume he was doing the exact kind of work as a reserve that he did as a deputy sheriff would be an ignorant assumption. So, it is a bit deceptive to claim one is a 20 year “retired” vet as he does when he quit at 13 years, in my opinion.


  67. “Thus he doesn’t need to work 50 hrs a week since he is on a pension”

    This is not true as I stated he himself admitted he is not on a retirement pension.

    He doesn’t need to ask for money (or work) because he has many income streams coming into his household. Until recently, he had at least 3 sources of income. His wife and his two eldest daughters. They all live with him in his home, except the middle daughter that very recently got married. Now he just has his wife and two daughters, all adults, with his wife and oldest daughter working outside jobs.


  68. “Looks like he gets about $70,000.00 in pension for his 20 yrs of work . Even as a dept. Chaplain they get paid since the chaplain work is voluntary by a deputy. So looks like he can be choosy about wha the does with his time.”

    He does not have 20 years of service. He has 13 years of FT service. He started there in 1987 and quit in 2000. Volunteer/reserve service hours do not count towards retirement, afaik. Where di you get this &70,000 figure? Perhaps you can tweet Tony Miano and ask him if this is true…I would love to know.

    If it is true, why on earth does he beg for money on the internet saying he is $1400 or $1200 short for the month, as he has been known to frequently do?


  69. “In most states you have to put a minimum of 20 yrs in as an officer to,qualify for pension.”

    Quite true…but he quit the department after only 13 years.


  70. Lou–if you have documentation that Miano is receiving a full, monthly pension from the LA Sheriffs, we would love to know. Otherwise, you are just guessing and guessing incorrectly.


  71. “But Diane – it sounds a lot better to say “I worked on the police force for 20 years,” doesn’t it?”

    Yes–he describes himself as a retired 20-year veteran of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, It is a bit misleading since he quit after 13 years. I guess it does sound better…but why does he have to sound better? Especially since the reason he quit was to go into ministry and that is a legitimate reason. Who would care about how it appears whether he worked 13 or 20 years except maybe him?


  72. “Tony Miano has been a deputy sheriff for the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department since 1987. He served full-time until 2000, when he left full-time duty to pursue the ministry and to become a law enforcement chaplain. Since then he has continued to work as a police officer, serving as a reserve deputy sheriff.”


  73. “Even as a dept. Chaplain they get paid since the chaplain work is voluntary by a deputy. So looks like he can be choosy about wha the does with his time.”

    Volunteer/reserve sheriffs/officers do not, in any shape or form, get paid anywhere close to what they got paid as FT employees. In my neck of the woods, a volunteer sheriff/police officer gets paid $1.00 per month. Yes, $1.00. It’s a formality is all.

    I see in the link I provided below that “all Chaplains associated with the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department jail system, work on a strictly volunteer basis.” I do not think you can automatically assume he got paid for volunteering in this capacity as an already reserve volunteer, but if you have a link to share I would be interested.


  74. Thank you, Diane. You are sleuth queen. I don’t ever want to get on your bad side. Here are Tony’s own words from the above link:

    “Retirement: Many of you know that I am a retired deputy sheriff. What many of you don’t know is that I do not have a pension that provides our family with income. A lot of people assume that I have a steady retirement income from my 20-year law enforcement career. Only 13 of my years contributed to my retirement. The last eight years of my career, I was a reserve deputy and a chaplain, with an annual salary of $1. You read that right: One Dollar. I won’t begin to receive my retirement pay for another five years, and it won’t be much.”


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