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BREAKING: Janet Mefferd Removes Tweets and Blog Material Regarding Mark Driscoll and Alleged Plagiarism

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BREAKING:  Janet Mefferd Removes Tweets and Blog Material Regarding Mark Driscoll and Alleged Plagiarism

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Ok, I just got home and something is going down with Mefferd regarding the allegations of Mark  plagiarism by Mark Driscoll in several books.  Dee of Wartburg Watch tagged me in a tweet that Mefferd removed all of her tweets and blog material related to the Driscoll/plagiarism situation.  I also received an e-mail that Mefferd was going to be saying something about this on her show today.

I found the following tweets.  The top tweet is the most recent.  As I find more information, I will update.

Screen Shot 2013-12-04 at 12.15.13 PM

My gut response is that someone is forcing her to do this and that is not sitting right with me at all.

You can follow along with the latest here:   Janet Mefferd Removes Blog Posts and Tweets Related to Mark Driscoll’s Alleged Plagiarism.  *     *     *

310 thoughts on “BREAKING: Janet Mefferd Removes Tweets and Blog Material Regarding Mark Driscoll and Alleged Plagiarism”

  1. Calvin was spoken of in my old church and some quote him often on FB but I never heard of these issues about him that some of you are bringing up. This is disturbing to me that this side of him is never spoken of.


  2. Checking into the history of denominations and confessions can be eye opening. I also have a difficult time when people hold up the Westminster Confession as a landmark document. It was written as a means to enforce the religion of choice at the time. The ruling party and the religious leaders combined to bring conformity and consolidate power religiously and governmentally. It was expected that all subjects nine years and older would confess to the WCF. If they didn’t, they might well be persecuted religiously and as subjects of England or Scotland. At some point men and women will need to come to the conclusion that you can’t force God upon mankind. Faith is a work of the Spirit in each individual. Jesus knew this well and didn’t force himself on anyone.


  3. Gary W, Thanks for the information on the book. Looks interesting. Here is another interesting read:

    One of the challenges with reading about Calvin is so much of history was written by the Reformers…those in power which makes their evil look more normal as it was to them. Thankfully they kept pretty good records so we can see how one sided their “trials” were and no longer think burning “heretics” pleases God.


  4. Make sure if your going to be in the sunlight to bring POLARIZED sunglasses… Tints do not work and wont block the sunlight… Plus they look amazing in the pictures and no squinting or shut eyes!!! We bought ours at cheap as {dirt|heck| but great quality…


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