14 thoughts on “Is Calvary Chapel Visalia Pastor Bob Grenier Tweeting about Lawsuit?”

  1. Par for the course… that's Calvary Chapel Code for no discussion among the sheeple in the pews will be tolerated, no questions should be asked, everyone needs to just wait and trust that the anointed mini moses will do all that is right in the sight of the lord. CC Survivor with family members & friends who still drink the kool aid.


  2. Welcome, Another CC Survivor – – – I'm sorry to read that you have been a victim of this kind of false shepherding – and especially about the strained relationships with those who remain. That is tough! I get it and so many readers here do as well, sadly.


  3. Maybe "Another CC Survivor" and any other former CC attendees can answer this. How consistently "the same" are Calvary churches? Are all of the Calvary churches the same when it comes to how members are "dealt with?" How about the CC churches in foreign countries? I'm especially curious here as my daughter and I done a couple of mission trips with a CC in Russia and we're planning on going again next year. I know that they are very conservative in Russia, especially in comparing with churches in the Portland, OR area. I assumed that was due to cultural issues and not necessarily CC issues. I will say, though, the Russian Christians we know through CC restored my faith in Christianity. They are wonderful, loving people.


  4. Kathi,I led worship in 4 of the 5 CC's in the Las Vegas valley for 7 plus years. My wife and I were exposed to most, if not all of the worst that this group has to offer. We experienced most of it first hand and and knew of many situations happening within the "church" behind closed doors. We also are "survivors" only by the grace of God. Many of us took our complaints directly to Roger Wing of CC headquarters but got instantly rejected. There is no accountability in that "non-denomination". We soon after left and have never looked back. I can honestly say it is the best thing we have done for our Biblical growth and maturing process. I encourage you to continue to investigate for yourself and compare all you see and hear to the word of God! God bless you.Brian


  5. Brian – Thank you for sharing your experience with CC. It seems like CCs work like independent churches. Your experience and so many that I have read are troubling. Why does church have to be so complicated?! yea, I know . . . . .


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