On the Road!

Well, we’re short on posts this week if you didn’t notice. Kathi and I attended The Courage Conference in Orlando last weekend (Thurs-Monday). We got into Portland in the evening, so I spent the night at Kathi’s and drove home on Tuesday (4-hour drive). I had one day to catch up on errands, and today I’m headed to Spokane for an early flight tomorrow morning to Michigan to meet with a small group of advocates for the weekend.

In Orlando, Kathi and I met many people! We spent a lot of time listening to stories from survivors. And we also spent time connecting with advocates with whom we network. It was wonderful to meet people I’ve networked with since the early days of the blog in 2012!

Here are some pics from The Courage Conference:

Julie Anne and Kathi
I was part of a panel discussing spiritual abuse.
Kathi chatting with Mike Sloan of GRACE
Julie Anne and Ashley Easter, founder of The Courage Conference

We’ll get back to blogging soon! As you know, comments always remain open!