SSB Sunday Gathering

SSB Sunday Gathering – May 26, 2019

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Image courtesy of Nanea Hoffman at Sweatpants and Coffee

-by Kathi

This will not be the typical Sunday post. These last two days have been a roller coaster of emotions and I don’t have it in me to do a full post. Sometimes a break is necessary, and I hope you understand. Actually, I know you all do, so thank you!

Friday went from one swing of things to celebrate: half-day summer Fridays at work, our 27th anniversary complete with one of the best dinners I’ve ever had in my life, and helping fill response bags for 14 new victim advocates at our police department.

The low end of the swing was learning that a well loved co-worker who has been battling cancer for almost a year is in her final hours of life. We are all devastated at work. It’s Saturday while I’m writing this out and I’m headed to the hospital to sit with others who are there while she passes.

Life brings us all challenges. The coming in and passing on of life are what we all have in common. Then there are the unique challenges that everyone faces that we sometimes can’t even begin to comprehend. If you have it within you, take time to walk along someone’s unique challenges. Extend an extra bit of compassion, grace, and kindness. If you don’t have the energy to extend to others, then offer it to yourself because life is hard and you’re doing the best you can to get through it.

This weekend we also take time to remember those lost in service for our country. For those of you who have lost a loved one in service, my condolences go out to you.

May you all have moments of rest and peace this weekend.

7 thoughts on “SSB Sunday Gathering – May 26, 2019”

  1. Praying for peace for you during this time of transition. Know that the gift of your presence for your friend at this time is one of the greatest gifts. Praying for both your friend and the community that loves her.

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  2. Kathi

    Thanks for sharing…

    A Happy Anniversary…

    Congratulations – 27 years – Cool

    And Praying for you…
    His Peace… And His Commfort…

    As you mourn the passing of your friend.

    Yes – Life can be a battle…

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  3. Thank you, everyone. I was able to spend a few hours at the hospital on Saturday and Diane passed shortly after I left. It was nice to be with other co-workers today as we checked in on each other. I went to her house on Sunday and Diane’s mom gave me a scarf that was started before she got too sick. My plan is to connect with the knitting group she attended to see if they want to take turns finishing it for her mom.

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  4. Some good news I want to share. Did #churchtoo start here, or somewhere else? Well, we know it went viral in one way, and my denomination of origin is having a such-named conference in my city this very moment. As they’ve said, we need to talk about it. We need to do better. We need to learn to love as Jesus loved, and commanded us to love each other. That does not leave room for abuse. The results, I will share when I see them. If all goes well, may such conferences get done in every city. Maybe every year so we can see how we are doing with it? After all, abuse can be a tricky subject.

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  5. JPU – Thanks for sharing! Let us know what you think of the conference and if you see any results. I know it may not be anything immediate, but hopefully down the road you will see changes.


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