Crazy Things Church Leaders Say & Do, Troubling Tweets

Liberty University President Jerry Fallwell, Jr. and His Tireless Twitter Tirades

My dear brothers and sisters,
take note of this:
Everyone should be quick to listen,

slow to speak and slow to become angry,
James 1:19

Ruth Graham tweeted: “This man is a college president and one of the most prominent evangelical Christians in America.”

The tongue also is a fire,
a world of evil among the parts of the body.
It corrupts the whole body,

sets the whole course of one’s life on fire,
and is itself set on fire by hell.
James 3:6

To fear the LORD is to hate evil;
I hate pride and arrogance,
evil behavior and perverse speech.
Proverbs 8:13

30 thoughts on “Liberty University President Jerry Fallwell, Jr. and His Tireless Twitter Tirades”

  1. Jerry Fallwell, Jr. and His Tireless Twitter Tirades

    “Just like Trump Twitterstorms, Except CHRISTIAN(TM)!”
    (How can you tell? They’re ALL Single-Verse Proof Texts!)

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  2. People are so Unbelievably Insanely rude in online culture sometimes in a way that they might, might! balk at in person. It’s crazy to see the way even grown, older men pick up this way of talking and cannot seemingly how bad it makes them look to normal people.

    I completely believe we should be slow to anger, but even more than that, anger does not necessitate this kind of dismal, dismissive language to be used towards others who have done little to deserve it. Are you righteously angry because someone has hurt, raped, abused? As well you should be! But what is falwell angry about here really? Because someone disagreed with him? Had a different political opinion? This is WILDLY disproportionate to the (perceived) offense.

    These same guys are all measured and calm and dispassionate when their buddies have actively been hurting people, but this is what they get really angry about. It tells us so much. Along with the casual rudeness of it all.


  3. Wow! I’m sure glad Jesus is my pastor and good shepherd as He never, ever, ever, ever, lies to me.

    So much for the Nicolaitan system that man worships! Some of these guys are like the vipers Jesus spoke of (He probably would have been called out as “abusive” towards religious leaders of His day), they sink their teeth in and never let go!

    I wonder if Jesus and Jerry would get along very well of our LORD were still walking this earth?
    No need to respond, I already know the answer. 🙂


  4. This guy comes across as being kind of a jerk, but.

    (I know the Falwell Jr. has been pretty vocal about supporting Trump, which drives anti-Trump Christians bonkers. That is another reason he’s on people’s radars.)

    I too have snapped at people on social media severely when they attack me, or they play dense.

    I’m not usually one for arguing. I just like to zip in, make my point, and zip out. Maybe he has that same temperament.

    I’ve had liberal people bite my head off for disagreeing with liberal pet causes. (Doesn’t matter how polite I am about it, if I don’t believe in or agree with “X,” I’ve been met with all sorts of accusations that I’m a hater, or have been met with insult.)

    I’ve seen a lot of rank and file Christians who verbally abuse and insult anyone, especially Christians, who voted for Trump or who support Trump. They view any evangelical who voted for Trump as being a Traitor.

    I guess we can argue that maybe Falwell Jr. needs to be extra special careful to be polite on his social media since he’s in a more visible place.(?)
    But the Anti Trump Christians are just as hateful, bad, and obnoxious about politics.

    Some progressive Christians are just as snappish and surly on Twitter over other topics as this guy is responding to his detractors.

    (My disclaimer: I sat out the 2016 Presidential elections. Nobody got my vote in 2016.)


  5. No one can be blamed for Falwell’s sinful words and attitude but Falwell. He is a big boy, desiring to be in a leadership position. Leadership requires self control, respect in communication, exemplifiying Christlike behavior.

    If he’s tired of behaving like a man of God, he ought to step down, give up his extravagant paycheck.

    I wonder if his peers will step up and do the right thing to stop him.


  6. Falwell does not get a pass from me because he is Pro-Trump. It should not matter what others do-IMO. He should set a better example.


  7. From the Liberty University website… “Training Champions for Christ”

    Laughable and tragic (because people send their children there for a “Christian” education).

    What are young people learning by watching their university president act in a childish, name-calling, belligerent, undignified fashion? JF Jr seems to be obsessed with arguing over ridiculous political nonsense and fighting to get the last nasty, demeaning word in like a bully. Why is he getting involved in this garbage? Maybe because he thinks he’s really a mover and shaker in this world system, and that his clever, powerful insults to random people are so earth-shattering that he needs to copy the POTUS on each and every one.


  8. Sigh. How does he not realize that this looks terrible? He’s not just representing himself — Ruth Graham noted that he’s a prominent evangelical. Liberty University is one of the most influential Christian colleges in the US. But that’s not all. As a professing believer, he represents his Lord, other believers, and the visible church. (We all do if we’re Christians!) The first thing that came to mind was this verse from Romans 2:24 (NKJV)–
    For “the name of God is blasphemed among the Gentiles because of you,” as it is written. One more thing. Can’t someone around him reign him in? Like his wife? Or daughter? If I had let something like THAT (“dummy” or “idiot”) slip out, I would have heard about it. Hoo boy. DWCF

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  9. It really is toxic.

    I agree. Also, there is a difference in being sharp with people who are themselves being toxic, and habitually calling everyone ‘dummy’. I’ve seen that before, it seems to be common among a certain set, and it’s just very irritating but also stupid. I know it makes me think more poorly of anyone who uses it.


  10. To Doo Wop: It’s not his wife or daughter’s job to rein him in. This isn’t their fault. And for all we know, they might be talking to him about it, but it’s his Twitter feed, and he decides what goes on it.

    Nobody can rein in Trump on Twitter either, although many have tried.


  11. To R: It wasn’t my intent to imply that his wife or daughter are at fault. My point was that if I had “run off at the mouth” on Twitter like Falwell Jr., people around me would have called me on it. And I would have been embarrassed. I don’t understand a person in Falwell Jr’s position not having people to whom he is accountable who can “rein him in.” (Sorry I misspelled “rein” in my first post!) Or, if he does, having no shame. The thought of bringing reproach on loved ones or the church makes me shudder. DWCF.

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  12. Trump and Falwell, Jr, (R) very poor examples of “(christians) imo. It amazes me most evangelicals give them a pass. Why??


  13. IIRC, Falwell Sr. created the “Religious Right” which was trying to politicize the Evangelical movement. Frankie(sp?) Schaeffer talked about how his father, Francis Schaeffer, got hoodwinked into being on stage for their rallies and how it really flew in the face of all he had stood for – L’Abri was meant to be non-combative and loving, which was the opposite of these rallies.

    Unfortunately, when something becomes political rather than religious, then it becomes about supporting your guy through thick and thin rather than taking a stand for what is right. I should say it becomes about finding a way to turn your followers into votes you can deliver to a candidate, so that the candidate appreciates your effort and gives you POWER. So, politics is primarily about how to manipulate opinion to get power, which, ironically, is what many churches are about these days.

    So, why these guys get a pass is simple. If you’re Jerry Falwell or Franklin Graham or James Dobson or any of the other Evangelicals with a following, you know that your only chance to “make lasting change” in the way that Evangelicals tend to think that change must be made (top-down) is to steer public policy, and that can only happen with a president who is favorable to Evangelicals, and since Evangelicals are major Republican voting bloc, then you put 2 and 2 together. If you stand for “righteousness”, then the Democrat wins and it’s four years until there’s a chance to “make lasting change”, and you have a pretty good chance of alienating your financial support as well. If you wave it away, then perhaps the Republican can win and you can be one of the people who made it happen and get to push your policies. And, honestly, with as much back-and-forth name calling and shaming people with their own words four years ago, chances are that if the next (D) is caught in the same situations, they can say that God told them marital fidelity was important after all and no one will bat an eye.


  14. I find it fascinating, infuriating, and down right disturbing when the Name of our LORD Jesus Christ is used and abused for any kind of personal gain on both sides of the political conundrum, whether it be for the ideologies/philosophies/causes of the Democrats or the Republicans. And neither political party is purer than the whitest of snow. We must remember this truth.

    Infidelity in leadership knows no particular political party, religious affiliation, or economical business model………infidelity/adultery is quite prolific in all spheres of this life, and yet we focus on only those who we have chronic halitosis for, the most.

    So how did our LORD Jesus confront Pontius Pilate?


  15. From the Liberty University website… “Training Champions for Christ”

    — Ralph bakshi, Wizards


  16. Scott, this must be a defining and disappointing moment for you. I admire your courage. Leaders’ poor choices impact a lot of people in so many ways. You are wise, continue on your journey with confidence.

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  17. If he puts these kinds of statements in writing and posts them publicly, what must he be like in private?

    Liberty U had another black eye recently, when it was made known that the Liberty IT director was paid by Michael Cohen to write code to rig polls.

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  18. Mark said, “Unfortunately, when something becomes political rather than religious, then it becomes about supporting your guy through thick and thin rather than taking a stand for what is right.”

    Mark, this is so true. As soon as your allegiance to a party surpasses your allegiance to Christ, it will make a liar out of you, because then you have to support your side regardless of what they say or do, and you have to disparage the other side even when they make sense or represent a higher value in some area. It degrades people as they start looking at other individuals as just members of a group and not individuals loved and valued by Christ.

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  19. The excuse you will hear for the harsh language Christian leaders use is Jesus’ testy exchanges with the Pharisees and the cleansing of the temple.

    The trouble is, Jesus never punched down. He always stood up to the elite religious establishment never never punched down to the marginalized (Gentiles, tax collectors, prostitutes, sinners, Samaritans). When he cleansed the temple, his anger was directed at the money changers.

    Jerry Farwell always punches down. And he kisses up (Trump’s behind and the rich and powerful). He does what spiritual abusers do. They punch down (the powerless in the church) and kiss up (prominent Christian leaders such as John MacArthur).

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  20. I have officially dropped out of the Liberty University doctoral program due to ethic issues with Falwell’s treatment of others. I am choosing Grand Canyon University instead. I feel a weight lifted off me today.

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  21. @DooWopCokeMan:

    My point was that if I had “run off at the mouth” on Twitter like Falwell Jr., people around me would have called me on it. And I would have been embarrassed.

    The Rules of CELEBRITY are in effect.
    NOBODY tells The CELEBRITY anything other than what the CELEBRITY Wants to Hear.


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