Spam Alert

I was just informed that spam comments were posted on the blog. I get literally hundreds of these a day. I may have hit a wrong button when I was in the process of deleting spam earlier. Yikes. 

These are VERY BAD spam links. Trust me. Don’t click.  Just hit refresh and hopefully you won’t receive them!  I’m so sorry if you clicked on one of the links!  Oh boy, this is bad.  ~ja

15 thoughts on “Spam Alert”

  1. Well this is certainly weird!

    I visited the home page of your blog just to see this phrase repeated in Recent Comments:
    “Julie Anne Spam Alert”
    LOL. I’m glad you explained what was going on, or I may have wondered if you were okay or flipped your lid or something. 🙂


  2. I also briefly (very briefly) wondered if you were having a conversation with yourself over here.
    I thought if that’s the case, it must be a great one, or else a heated argument broke out 🙂


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