Does it matter to you that Ravi Zacharias has been a chronic liar for decades?

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I care about the truth. Does it bother me that the video below was produced by an atheist? You bet. I have spoken with Steve Baughman, the producer, at length a number of times. I understand his angst against Ravi. Steve is a life-long student of philosophy. So when he ran across Ravi’s name portrayed an academic scholar, using the title of Dr. in his books, website, etc., he expected Ravi to truly be an academic scholar. Think about it. Steve Baughman is a San Francisco attorney. He has put in the time and toil to achieve the necessary education and passed exams to become an attorney. Of course Steve Baughman would expect that someone whose sole ministry involves speaking and writing on philosophy and apologetics, would be above board. Guys . . . in his own ministry . . . which seeks donation$ . . . Ravi is telling you he knows the truth . . . . yet . . . . he’s been lying to us all for freakin’ decades!

Imagine Steve’s surprise and shock when he discovered Ravi Zacharias was a scam, and not only that, had millions of people influenced by his ministry. Where were the Christians who should have caught this? When confronted with this information, why do Christians blow Steve Baughman off? Just because he’s an atheist? Give me a break.

Truth is truth. It shouldn’t matter the source. We all have a responsibility to seek truth and test it. Don’t blow off something when you’ve been given compelling evidence. Check it out for yourself. Ravi Zacharias may been influential in your Christian faith – but has he been telling you the truth about himself? If he hasn’t, why are you following him?  The sad thing is that if he has lied about himself, could he be lying about other ideas he has taught? That is why he needs to step down. When someone lies . . lies for decades . . . it is too confusing to tell what is now truth. This is not a person who should be in public ministry.

Those of you who have followed Ravi Zacharias, does it matter to you that he has been a chronic liar for decades?

Isn’t lying one of the sins God hates the most? Hmm . . .



42 thoughts on “Does it matter to you that Ravi Zacharias has been a chronic liar for decades?”

  1. Just imagine. Atheists having happy marriages, well-adjusted children, contributing to their communities, holding important positions, speculating intelligently on political events, running for office ( hell, even becoming Prime Ministers ) . . . (fill in as many activities as you can conjure) . . . and unearthing dishonest men. Who’d-a-thunk it??

    (JA, this is tongue in cheek, as you realize all this and – news flash! – the fact that atheists are just like everyone else; the only difference being, they don’t believe in god(s). ) That’s it.

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  2. It matters to me! “Dr.” Z is a fraud about truth like Bill Hybels is to leadership and Andy Savage is to purity teaching. So when Ravi claims he knew nothing about the sexting he threatened suicide over we are to simply believe him? Christians can be as gullible and dumb as a box of rocks. He admits to lying about the doctorate and teaching at Oxford when under enough pressure but expects to be believed in his narrative about sexting in Christianity Today. He admits to the suicide threat but no one asks why a powerful, influential, wealthy, happily married Christian celebrity would ever threaten suicide. Seriously, people! How many lies is this fraud of God allowed to confess in dribs and drabs before it matters?!

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  3. What scares me the most is people who follow these people like Ravi don’t care. They just don’t care.
    When is lying a fruit of the spirit? It isn’t. The spirit of God is the spirit of truth.

    It says Satan is the father of lies.
    John 8:44
    I think it is that simple. Discernment is not that hard when scripture is in front of you in black and white. And yet people will fall all over themselves to defend the liar.

    Lying is a big deal. It was one of the 10 commandments.
    Rev. 21:8 says ALL LIARS go to the lske that burns with fire and sulfur.

    Lying is obviously a fundamental Christian no no. And yet the sheep will dismiss it because it’s not that bad. All his good things cancel out his bad. Right?

    Wrong. These are earmarks of things to look for in discernment.
    So if he is willing to lie, and his heart has turned away from God in unrighteousness it is not a big step into other sin, like immorality.

    The problem is the sheep don’t care and have swallowed the lie that lying just ins’t that bad. How foolish. When Satan has been a liar since the beginning.

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  4. It bothers me that he has lied over the years. I’m also bothered by the fact that his ardent supporters don’t care that he has lied over the years.

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  5. It bothers me that groups that have used him as a spokesperson (I’m thinking he was in the Truth Project videos, and others) don’t come out and condemn this. And redo their videos.

    How do you talk about living a godly life with integrity and then use someone like this in your videos?

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  6. I have found the same willful blindness in those who object to the truth about a long time icon of the Jesus Movement, Chuck Smith. He has now been outed as an adulterer and a liar. I suppose, if we keep our eyes upward, we may be sad–but we shouldn’t be moved away from a genuine faith.


  7. “Imagine Steve’s surprise and shock when he discovered Ravi Zacharias was a scam, and not only that, had millions of people influenced by his ministry.”

    I can imagine it… I can also imagine his disgust at the complete lack of integrity shown not only by a man who claimed to speak for God, but by the people who, when confronted with the truth, simply shrug and continue to venerate a fraud.

    No wonder Thomas Merton said, “Do not be too quick to condemn the man who no longer believes in God: For it is perhaps your own coldness and avarice and mediocrity and materialism and selfishness that have chilled his faith.”


  8. Exactly, livingliminal. It’s the epitome of hypocrisy. Steve has been very respectful and polite when bringing this to the attention of church leaders. So much for Christian witness!

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  9. Yes, it matters a lot to me. Alongside, is the comment I would receive in turn if I were to try to discuss this in some circles. I would be rebuked harshly saying I should not slander a man used of God.

    It is very convoluted.


  10. I am truly baffled at the blasé response on the part of senior church leaders to the Ravi revelations. 35 years of lying about his credentials and then a suicide threat in writing to cover up an online relationship with a married woman (to persuade her not to confess to her husband and begin healing her own marriage.) Despite this he has a new book deal with HarperCollins Christian, a prestigious lifetime Ministry award from the Southern Baptists in January, he spoke again at their convention in June, he keeps getting speaking gigs at RC Sproul’s Ministry and elsewhere, and got a clean bill of health from his church disciplinary investigators, the Christian and Missionary Alliance. The list goes on.

    I don’t get it.

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  11. Lying for Jesus was one of the commandments that was allowed in my years inside the evangelical ways. Quite normative actually.

    Integrity and arrogant entitlement don’t mix.

    But oh well, he gets heaven. I get hell.


  12. As an apologist, what he is supposed to be doing is giving the faithful ammo to help make faith stronger (I am not of that opinion — I tend to think that certainty is the opposite of faith).

    Being exposed as a liar in little things could start the collapse of a house of cards.


  13. “Being exposed as a liar in little things could start the collapse of a house of cards.”
    Hopefully before Pence creates a theocracy, on which many fundagelicals are hanging their theological hopes. 😦


  14. Lying about your credentials is not “a little thing” at large, secular Universities. I haver personally witnessed a talk given by Mr. Z. and it was presented to us that he had a “Ph.D.” I, like many others, were decieved, and I am very disgusted…

    P.S. I would be fired for claiming a false degree/title…..

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  15. It’s just the same two-faced hypocrisy seen in the Evangelical world. It’s horrible for a presidential candidate to have marital infidelity… unless he’s the candidate the Evangelicals want. It’s horrible for some person to falsify credentials, unless he’s proclaiming the Evangelical gospel. It’s horrible for a woman to preach… unless she’s preaching Evangelical complementarianism.

    I don’t think Jesus ever added an asterisk about standing up for the truth. I don’t think Jesus ever said the ends justify the means, but here we are in the Evangelical world bending the truth and ignoring victims simply because it doesn’t make the church richer and more powerful to do so.


  16. I am completely disgusted with the response of the “Christian” world. It is as if truth and facts are irrelevant. Not only that, there is no repentance or ownership by these wolves other than the little parts they can’t deny like Bill Hybels apologizing for being angry at the first family meeting. Are you kidding me?!? That is why I am so passionate that thinking people learn to recognize these deceitful and destructive tactics and strategies. Truly evil!

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  17. “Thinking people”. That’s interesting. His 15-minute features on my Christian radio station are called “Just Thinking”. I stopped listening to them a long time ago. I made a comment to them once on social media when there was an article about him, and mixed comments.
    Maybe my next question should be, how do you choose your features? They have Focus on the Family(I think this ministry has had mixed reviews here) and Chuck Swindoll(haven’t heard anything bad about him on here yet(?) ) and some local Christian professionals in the health field. But thankfully Ravi doesn’t come up much in local conversations. So, people, keep thinking, so we can know who’s legit and who’s not. And pray for those who seem legit; any big-name Christian is at risk of slipping, right?


  18. You guys should read over these comments. I’m not for or against him because I haven’t really checked it out but you guys are an angry bunch. Get the pole out of your eye so you can see the splinter in someone else’s. God bless.


  19. Elbert:
    Well, as someone who is NOT angry, let me ask you a question. I’m not really a pastor. I’m a pretender– a fake– a liar. Knowing that, how much would you like to pay me to come shepherd your flock?

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  20. Dear Elbert,

    There are many a Christian taken it by these charlatans……I used to be one of them, paying big bucks for their books, and such. Perhaps John 2:15 doesn’t speak to you in the same way He speaks to me, after reading, studying, and meditating upon His Precepts for meself. I used to worship folks like Zacharias, with my faith hinging on their every words…..instead of on Jesus’ Word and His Ways. Paying these wolves in sheep’s clothing big bucks for their own personal “insight to a jesus of their own understanding,” is pure idolatry as well as taking the Name of our LORD in vain, for their own personal kingdoms of fame, glory, and mammon……it is truly a religious racket that has nothing to do with our LORD Jesus Christ. Jesus never promoted his false credentials…..He didn’t have too…..He’s our only LORD and Savior, never speaking out of both side of His mouth.

    Are we, as believer Berean, required to judge? Oh yes…..said lovingly here, not in anger as to “stir up god’s police force regarding anger issues :).”

    Should be more discernment going on within the “Christian industrial complex.”

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  21. Dear Elbert,

    I’m not for or against him because I haven’t really checked it out but you guys are an angry bunch.

    Well, I have checked out the claims against Zacharias. And as a believer, I think I have plenty to be angry about. He has found fame and fortune touting himself as an expert and a spokesman for all Christians, and it turns out he’s been lying about his credentials for years.

    This gives both Jesus and His followers a bad name. Why shouldn’t we be angry about that?

    Get the pole out of your eye so you can see the splinter in someone else’s.

    What are you saying? That no believer is allowed to criticize another believer — or anyone else — simply because none of us is perfect? If that’s what you mean, then how are we supposed to hold each other accountable? How can we confront each other about our sins, as Jesus commanded us to do?

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  22. [D]Elbert: I’m not for or against him because I haven’t really checked it out

    It is so funny that people attempting to ‘defend’ these pastors who have been caught lying, cheating and so on and so forth, think a good way to defend them is to begin by saying ‘I have no idea what I’m actually talking about because I haven’t bothered to become even a teensy bit informed but I’m gonna to accuse you all of being terrible because reasons’. Why do they think this tactic will be effective?

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  23. The biggest (and pretty much the only) criticism I get from Ravi Zacharias defenders is not that I have my facts wrong. They almost never say that. Instead they accuse me of wanting to attack him personally because I can’t deal with his message.

    This is a troubling bit of evasion. Surely we all agree that pointing out that someone has built a career on false credentials and lies is a worthy endeavor in and of itself. Yet Ravi defenders use the line to avoid looking at his systematic misdeeds. Very cult-like.

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  24. I do think any Christian can slip and in major ways. One way we know if our faith is genuine is if we admit the truth of our sin, willingly make amends and take drastic action in repentance because we experience true conviction. What has stunned me is these men who refuse to admit their sin even in the face of overwhelming evidence, seem to have no remorse or conviction and attempt to maintain their image no matter the damage done to others. I am so grateful for Steve’s concern for the truth. I am gobsmacked at the reaction of those claiming to be followers of Christ.


  25. What has stunned me is these men who refuse to admit their sin even in the face of overwhelming evidence

    It doesn’t stun me, but it is surprising that people will accept that as repentence – when they won’t even truly admit guilt or apologize and make restitution! They accept a handwave as if everyone else should just drop it already.

    You’re right Deborah, that only works if you’re deep in the cult.


  26. @Elbert: I have read over the comments. Did you know that anger is the appropriate emotional response to evil? I don’t call Ravi using his role as a pastor/leader to sexually, emotionally and spiritually abuse a woman a “speck” of a matter. Ravi’s continued lies in the face of the evidence is not a speck. I contend that many of the willfully blind such as yourself are not being “spiritual” in your response. Your lack of desire for the truth is not the mark of a Christian. It is time the Body learned to get angry about things that are evil and destructive. Namby pamby platitudes allow sin to flourish and sin destroys. Sir, do your realize how often people like you who don’t engage the facts but toss judgement on truth tellers use the anger/log/speck argument? Not to mention the jarring “God bless” at the end of social media hits? It is actually a part of the spiritually abusive pattern. Have you read about clergy sexual abuse or spiritual abuse? There are clear indicators and common tactics and misuse of Scripture. Willful blindness is not a virtue. Would it be too disruptive to your wold view and spiritual state for Ravi to be proven a deceiver, abuser, and charlatan? And I have never known a lying predator to only have one victim by the time he is 72. This was not a fall-this is a predator being caught preying. Yes, I said that to him directly but got blocked.

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  27. “Sir, do your realize how often people like you who don’t engage the facts but toss judgement on truth tellers use the anger/log/speck argument? Not to mention the jarring “God bless” at the end of social media hits? It is actually a part of the spiritually abusive pattern.”

    Spot on, Deborah. These are exactly the tactics used by enablers of abuse. The accusations of being angry, bitter and unforgiving are a sleight of hand to get people to look away from the evil of the abuse itself. And the addition of a “God bless” at the end is a slimy move to give the enabler a sense of spiritual superiority over all those they have just dumped on.

    As you say, anger is an entirely appropriate response to evil. And the cover-up and enabling of abuse warrants the same response.


  28. “I’m not for or against him because I haven’t really checked it out” – is this being held out as the more spiritual approach to the problem? Just don’t find out what happened so you don’t have to make a judgment? Don’t check it out and you won’t have to risk rocking the boat? Don’t look into it so you don’t have to face the ugly truth? If Christians prefer ignorant bliss to dealing with uncomfortable facts, it lends credence to the argument that their faith is only a crutch, only a way to stay in la-la land and avoid dealing with real life.


  29. Canadian apologist and philosopher Randall Rauser posted this interview with me where he had me systematically go thru the credential fraud evidence with hyperlink support. We are fortunate that all the evidence is in writing. That makes it quite easy to see that Ravi Zacharias was willfully deceptive for nearly forty years.


    I did not know “fabulist” was a word. 😳


  30. Check out Julie Anne’s tweet about the real Mr Rogers… He maintained a years-long friendship with a woman, and never once asked her for nekkid pictures or threatened to kiss this world goodbye. Also, despite some 43 honorary doctorates, he never encouraged the kids to call him Doctor Rogers. He was real. This other guy— not so much.


  31. It just takes a trip to Wikipedia: “By convention, recipients of honorary doctorates do not use the title “Dr” in general correspondence, although in formal correspondence from the university issuing the honorary degree it is normal to address the recipient by the title. However, this social convention is not always scrupulously observed. Notable people who have used the honorary prefix include:” Maya Angelou, Stephen Colbert, Benjamin Franklin, Billy Graham and Richard Stallman.

    What they said, “In earlier years, “Dr.” did appear before Ravi’s name in some of our materials, including on our website, which is an appropriate and acceptable practice with honorary doctorates.”

    It is NOT an acceptable practice. It is only officially accepted within the bounds of the granting institution to refer to the person as a doctor. It is not an “accredited” degree by any stretch of the imagination, and referring to oneself as “Dr.” in light of an honorary degree outside that institution is about as welcome as my kid trying to get into the cockpit of a jet with the free plastic wings.

    As someone who has earned multiple degrees by actually meeting the degree requirements of the granting institutions, I’m offended that RZIM would not apologize for their participation in academic fraud.


  32. Lets be clear on something. There is no one other than Jesus who is righteous, NO – NOT ONE (romans 3:10)! It is easy for everyone here to cast stones but before you do, take the plank of wood out of your own eye before focusing on the splinter in others (Matthew 7:5), and if anyone of you is without sin you then can be the first to cast the stone.

    Ravi is a human. Humans have flaws. Christians admit they have flaws and need a savior. That does not mean that you are now perfect, it means you are on a journey of sanctification. Instead of praying for him, you judge him. Brood of vipers!

    An atheist thinks they do not need a savior, that they are a product of time + matter + chance. Its a very depressing world view and lacks any validity or purpose in life.


  33. Gee Dan, pass judgement much? Gotta love some Christians, eh? ;). Thankfully they’re all not like you. Just like atheists, there’s pleasant ones and unpleasant ones. Wait a minute. ..sounds like all ‘human beans’! 🙂


  34. Dan said – It is easy for everyone here to cast stones … if anyone of you is without sin you then can be the first to cast the stone.
    This is then followed by a stone emanating from Dan and bearing the following inscription:
    Brood of vipers!

    Comment is superfluous.

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