17 thoughts on “Owen is famous this week – unintentionally – while I am working out technical issues. Please be patient with me. ~ja”

  1. That is an awesome dog. I hope you share more pictures of Owen, he is too cool to keep the pictures to yourself.


  2. You better hope that people don’t follow the rules, Scott! Or maybe I can post the rules more often. haha

    This thread reminds me of the time I did an unintentional butt-dialed post while shopping at JC Penneys. People were worried that my site got hacked (funny especially now because I just got my degree in Cyber Security). All kinds of people commented and e-mailed worried about me and the site. I guess every once we need to change subjects to Owen and butt-dialed posts 🙂

    PS – I moved that app to the 2nd page on my iPhone so it won’t happen again!

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  3. Awww, cute doggie. I had a dog, and he liked to bark to the rhythm of music. A family member had a dog who would bark along to How Much is That Doggie in the Window. Feel free to tell stories about what Owen does. And other pet stories are welcome, right?


  4. JPU – It’s good to have some light-hearted discussion so sure, we can make this a pet thread.

    We love to tell how we got Owen. We were kid free one week and went out shopping one night for cell phones. We came home with a dog instead. He was in the pet store next door – one that later closed for bad practices so we feel like we rescued him. He was cute and we could tell he wasn’t being treated well. We also had the thought of how fun it would be for the kids to come home and find a dog.

    He’s 10 now. He will eat anything but especially loves carrots and eggs. He is constantly tormented by the squirrels that run through the back yard. I only let him chase them when they’re after my blueberries. He is not a dog friendly dog – I’ve only know 2 dogs that he has liked.

    He has a love-hate relationship with my daughter which is funny because she’s the one who loves him the most. But, he prefers me over all. My son will let him jump on him and lick all over his face – he’s the only one he’ll play play aggressively with. He can do some tricks – spin on his hind legs, roll over, high five, shake, and occasionally play dead.

    It’s going to be very tough when he dies. I think I’ll need to take bereavement leave from work (Not available, but would be nice.). I’ll post some more pictures in this thread.


  5. Awwwww, Owen is adorable!
    We have 3 dogs that we adopted from the animal shelter ….. then we aquired 2 more that were dropped on our dead end country road.
    Now, 2 of our neighbor’s dog have decided that they want to live at our house ………


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