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Rachael Denhollander Challenges Sovereign Grace Churches to Respond Appropriately to Sex Abuse Cases

Rachael Denhollander, Sovereign Grace, Sex Abuse, Pedophiles



Rachael Denhollendar (the Christian attorney and sex abuse survivor who brought down Dr. Larry Nassar) has been very busy since the recent case of convicted pedophile Dr. Larry Nassar.

She is now taking on the task of drawing attention to how the church, specifically the leaders at Sovereign Grace Churches, have failed to handle sex abuse cases properly.

Here is a recent interview she gave on Fox news. And further down is a Facebook note with more links. Go, Rachael!!!


Here is the direct link to Rachael’s note on Facebook if you do not see the note embedded here. Some people have let me know they are not able to see Facebook notes on SSB.

Rachael has stressed that “an independent investigation of the organization’s handling of sexual and domestic violence should be required before supporting SGC.”


Posted by Rachael Denhollander on Friday, March 16, 2018

7 thoughts on “Rachael Denhollander Challenges Sovereign Grace Churches to Respond Appropriately to Sex Abuse Cases”

  1. It really pisses me off to no end that C.J. Mahaney allows this kind of abuse to go on right under his nose. What kind of a man permits sexual abuse of the young, the weak and the vulnerable? A spineless, cowardly jellyfish of a “man,” that’s what kind.

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  2. Also, GO RACHAEL. Boy, she has got their number, hahahaha. She’s researched, she’s calm, she’s well-spoken. She is an absolute bulldozer. I’m going to enjoy watching the progress of this campaign.

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  3. Altho I am not a viewer of Fox TV, I am aware that there are many Conservative Christians who are. I am so glad that this interview with Rachael will be seen by many people who may not have been exposed to the controversy regarding the child sex abuse cover-up at SGM/SGC.

    I hope that this continuing exposure will finally lead to a responsible response on the part of SGM/SGC and other Protestant churches that may be prone to sweep such crimes under the carpet. I grieve for the continued wounding of the survivors by the willful blindness and deafness of many church leaders who will one day have to account for this before the Supreme Judge.

    I respect and admire all who support the efforts to bring a godly transparency to this overdue accounting on this earth. And special kudos to the courageous survivors who have stepped forward and risked their privacy by confronting their abusers. May they experience the peace that comes from true justice and the true repentance of those who have sinned against them.

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  4. My thought exactly, Nancy regarding Foxnews.

    I always die a little on the inside every time I watch Foxnews. But what a brilliant move by Rachael to use Foxnews to get her message out. If she had gone on MSNBC or CNN, she would have been easily dismissed as a lackey for the “far leftist Christ hating radical media.” She knows the culture and she knows exactly where to go to reach the audience. Hello, Mike Huckabee.

    I am guessing that Christian leaders will try to call Foxnews executives on the carpet to silence Rachael.


  5. What I wish Rachael had done is mention who specifically supports CJ Mahaney and SGM. Many viewers of that interview have probably never heard of either. Bringing up the SBC, the big name supporters at T4G and the Gospel Coalition might start to hit home, so that people will realize how deep the cover up really goes.

    Hopefully she can do so in future interviews.


  6. She’s already got SGM’s attention, as they’ve gone, as a denomination, to work quite a bit with something called MinistrySafe, which is attempting to be along the lines of what Boz Tchividjian is doing with GRACE. The big question is whether people are going to fess up to what’s gone on before.

    And in my view–after seeing the debacles at New Tribes, ABWE, BJU, and SGM–is that just like my alma mater (MSU, yes, THAT MSU), and just like a lot of other groups, being found to have had views of how to handle things that are just insufficient. At this point, I almost think it’s best that a lot of us admit what at least was in our “organizational DNA” and more or less beg for mercy while we try to mend what’s torn. The comfort “we” have is that (again, Penn State, Michigan State, SAG, others) we’re not alone.


  7. One other thing; those of you who still pray, pray for the Denhollanders. Now I have ZERO reason to believe anything is wrong for them, and their Twitter feeds are a delight that suggests that they’ve held up better than really well. But that said, I dare say they’ve been through the wringer, and that kind of thing can leave a mark.


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