BREAKING: Pastor Trey Brunson threatened to call security on Q&A questioner re: Ravi Zacharias’ suicide email and online sexual relationship with married woman

Ravi Zacharias, Jacksonville Pastors’ Conference 2018, Threats




THIS AFTERNOON Pastor Trey Brunson threatened to call security on Q&A questioner who wished to ask about Ravi Zacharias’ admitted suicide threat and online affair with married Canadian woman.

The organizers of this event are using police tactics to keep the information from reaching the flock about their speaker, who tonight will be honored with the Lindsay Award.

Please insist that they address this issue before confirming this award on a man who threatened suicide to cover up an online affair he had with a married woman from home he received nude photos. Ravi Zacharias put his public image above the marital well-being of a Christian woman.

This may disrupt the show, but that’s the price of integrity.


UPDATE:  The person threatened was removed from the conference!

25 thoughts on “BREAKING: Pastor Trey Brunson threatened to call security on Q&A questioner re: Ravi Zacharias’ suicide email and online sexual relationship with married woman”

  1. Maybe not, Bill. For some reason, I still default to believing the best in people and hope beyond all hope that people will do the right thing – – you know, for Christ’s sake!


  2. Who was that person sayin’ things that upset the smug, privileged religious leaders and their cushy applecart, their mutual admiration society…?

    Who was that tenacious person asking a lot of pertinent questions of those self-satisfied men-of-“god” while in front of a crowd, and getting blank stares and hate in return…? Oh, they didn’t want to hear his questions… hands over ears, gnashing their teeth. Then finally they sent their thugs out after him.

    Yes, that was JESUS.

    To the brave person who asked an honest, pertinent question regarding Ravi Zacharias at FBC Jacksonville… You are in good company.

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  3. Integrity


    Real men have integrity. Integrity is attractive. People who have integrity are brave and confident.

    I think this huge group of conmen are afraid they might actually have to go out in the real world and get real jobs like real men. We see Mark Driscoll can’t do it. My seventh-grade cheerleader little cousins are tougher and smarter than all these men.

    If you can get people to buy Britney Spears, The Kardashians, and Justin Timberlake and can get them to buy anything.


  4. This is starting to look like these folks are covering up something much more serious than sexual misconduct and threats of suicide.

    Amazing how these bums fall all over the place to protect each other.


  5. @Kathi:

    Oh for goodness sake! Why does this man need so much protecting?

    He’s a CELEBRITY.
    Just like the Kardashians.


  6. @JulieAnne:

    Kathi, armed guards escorted this guy out of the conference. ARMED guards!!! From what I was told, he hadn’t even asked a question! What is going on???

    if I remember right (either on this blog or Wartburg Watch), a Calvary Chapel did the same to someone who objected to guest speaker Ergun Caner’s qualifications.

    It came out that a lot of Pastor/Dictators hire off-duty cops as their security guards/Enforcers — it’s considered a well-paying “cream puff” job. And other Pastor/Dictators have made sure to “groom” the local cops as their Enforcers under the “Code of Blue — Cop will always side with Cop against Not-Cop”.


  7. Back in the day, it was an FBC Jax armed thug who was trying to dig up dirt on on Tom Rich, illegally accessing police records, IIRC.
    As for Brunson III, I wonder if there’s more to his “Story”. In 2015 he moved from Jacksonville to LA with much fanfare to help in the “planting” of “The Story Church”. Just a year later he quietly moved again to Louisville to work at a parachurch ministry. I’m so cynical I wonder what happened in between.


  8. Unbeliviable that they even pull this. In Virginia you can’t be arrested for trespassing at a church while services are being held. There are two trespass statues , one for churches and one for everywhere else. Not sure what these thugs would charge a person with for asking a question. If there is no valid charge and you go hands on , cop or usher you are screwed. Could end up with assault charges or being sued along with the “ church” . That church has already been sued several times, will they ever learn.

    Maybe we need a armed survivors Corp to learn a few force multiplier tactics.
    (Just kidding on that, kind of sort of … )


  9. For one thing interrupting a church service is a misdemeanor, and as it’s obvious this blog is run by the pack of nuts that stalk church either because they’re disgruntled, have an ax to grind or maybe social justice warriors. I do have a question. Why is it that Calvary Chapels have always attracted weirdos like you people? Just curious. I’ll hold my breath waiting for an answer.


  10. To make matters worse, the man who was thrown out was Jim Lutzweiler, former archivist for a Baptist seminary. Several of us had been sending all the pastors and as many of the employees of the First Baptist Church of Jacksonville info on Ravi in the hopes that it might stir a discussion of integrity in business.

    Jim was part of that effort to inform them.

    When he attended their PUBLIC Q&A last weekend Trey Brunson knew he was going to ask about Ravi and warned him not to on pain of being removed by security. So Jim did not make a scene. But an hour later as he sat in the auditorium waiting to watch Ravi speak, armed security guards removed him.

    Was Trey Brunson acting alone in protecting his daddy (lead pastor Mac Brunson)? Or was it church policy to keep the sheep in a state of Ravignorance?

    They have refused to answer questions about it, but I hopefully some of us will keep the pressure on them. Here’s is their executive pastor’s email. John Blount: johnb@fbcjax.com


  11. Was Trey Brunson acting alone in protecting his daddy (lead pastor Mac Brunson)?

    Ah is that the kind of nutty guy on twitter? ( realize that doesn’t narrow it down!)


  12. Oh, Keith. I wouldn’t set foot in a Calvary Chapel church or follow its pet doctrines for all of the riches in the world. So I would encourage you to please not label the wonderful Body of Christ here, on Julie Anne’s blog, a bunch of Calvary Chapel weirdos.

    What religious denomination do you belong too, Keith? And what do you label yourself? For the record, I personally haven’t used an ax in years; we are blessed to operate chain saws in this day and age to lighten our work load a wee bit!

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  13. Katy – I attend a Calvary Chapel church, though am not a member. I don’t think I am a weirdo …. (Keith please note.)

    In any church you have to spit the pips out, of which there are a few. At least the teaching is good, and the church does not appear to be authoritarian. When dealing with the gifts of the Spirit the pastor testified to having a word of knowledge about a sexual predator, who disappeared the minute he realised he was being suitably watched. That’s healthy. Local churches with any level of discernment are all too few.

    The only doctrinal quibble I have had so far is that so American doctrine of the pre-tribulation rapture. I’d rather be wrong my way than their way!


  14. I apologize to you KAS. I hope my comment didn’t hurt you as this was not my intention. I agree with your statement, “Local churches with any level of discernment are all too few.” As well as you comment “The only doctrinal quibble I have had so far is that so American doctrine of the pre-tribulation rapture. I’d rather be wrong my way than their way! Yes, you touched upon something there. I find no conclusive Scriptural evidence of a pre-trib rapture, and many comings of Jesus Christ, only the Second Coming as spoken of.

    I believe articles such as these are crucial, Keith, in defending our faith in Jesus Christ as well as protecting others against sexual predators, perverts, and a host of other sexual perversions that are hidden beneath layers of leadership within the institutional church. Our children attended youth group with a teenage rapist, which was hidden from all of us pew sitters for at least a year. The teenage son, to his benefit, had a father who was the church board president and has held board leadership for years, and his mother, a deaconess and church board member for years, plus the fact, they had that “inner circle” friendship with the charismatic pastor man. The teenage rapist was finally brought to justice in a court of law and imprisoned for crime, after he chose to exhibit his own “leadership” position back within the church, and the victim’s family finally did the right thing a pressed charges. Apparently the “back door” agreement didn’t appeal to that self important teenage rapist amongst us; he was entitled to his lofty youth leadership position.

    It is leadership such as this, Keith, as well as the leadership of Ravi Zacharias, that we are not to listen too, sit under, nor take “wise counsel from.” Jesus said in His own words, “there will be wolves amongst us.”


  15. Katy – thank you for your apology, I appreciate it but it really wasn’t necessary, I wasn’t at all offended. In fact you rather made me smile!

    I can understand if you have had grief from a Calvary Chapel church or know people who have, the only two I have had anything to do with have been OK, barring spitting out the pips, which is true of all churches. I think you can only go by a local church and its actual practices even if as a denomination or church grouping there may be things you don’t particularly like. And it’s true that some churches do tend to attract, if I may put it this way, more than their fair share of ‘eccentrics’ . 🙂

    I’m having to learn, in my old age, not to be too choosy. These days there are often greater differences within denominations than between them if you think of liberal v evangelical, for example.


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