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Is this normal?

I’ve been out of commission a bit this week, having out-of-town visitors, and a quick trip to Portland for a wedding.

I had to drive down Walker Road a few minutes ago to pick up my son, and drove by my old church, Beaverton Grace Bible Church. As I drove by the church, I  noticed something that seemed odd. I couldn’t find the sign that shows the name of the church. I also did not see any sign listing the time for church services. 

Does this seem odd to anyone else?  If someone wanted to attend this church, they’d have to call the church office, but they don’t know what name to look up.  My creepo meter is going off. I guess they don’t want new people. So much for evangelism, huh?

Why would a church not have a sign with the church name and times of services?  Can you think of any reason?

33 thoughts on “Is this normal?”

  1. He has been sued in the past, and he could feel threatened, or actually threatened if he had done something he shouldn’t. What I would really prefer to think is that he ran out of funds to operate the church so that a nice group of folks could move in. This man is the living defenition of someone who is paranoid and delusional.

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  2. Don’t try to comprehend the rationale for what a vicious cult leader does or doesn’t do. Will drive you crazy trying to make sense of it. Best just to assume that one given over to a reprobate mind in the Romans I sense will do the most idiotic things imaginable. They almost invariably self destruct.

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  3. Julie Anne, I’m sorry for the mixup. I knew that he sued you, but I thought that someone had sued him somewhere down the line as well. It will happen someday. I went to school for a year in Portland in 1981, and Beaverton Grace Bible Church was just another nice little Northwest church. I was absolutely floored when I read about what happened there.

    The church web site is full of information, but it doesn’t look like it has been updated in quite a while.

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  4. I attended one church that was located in a residential neighborhood that could not get a permit to put a sign up for decades. They finally did get a permit.

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  5. Linn, I know the webpage was updated during the lawsuit or shortly thereafter. He used to have info about the lawsuit posted and his justification for suing. Also, the site showed a plethora of Roman-looking soldiers with shields. We used to talk about that here and the fighting image he always liked to present. It seems much more family-friendly now.

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  6. No one lives there anymore. I’m going to have to look at the sign where I attend and see what it says. My car knows the way now..


  7. Perhaps they are listed as a PokéStop and they’ve taken down their signage in a desperate bid to dissuade rogue Pokémon Go players from coming inside? Seriously though, their Google reviews rating is one star, they might not want to be associated with their own brand…

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  8. Julie Anne, I just found an article in Willamette Week from three years ago. They mention the absence of a sign:

    His church is far more subdued than its pastor. Its drab gray building, located on Northwest 180th Avenue, is tucked into a quiet residential area north of Walker Road. There’s no sign with Bible verses or hours of service—or even noting the name Beaverton Grace.

    Only a white cross on the south side of the building marks it as a church at all.

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  9. There’s a church in my neighbourhood, built a few years ago, in place of an old house where the congregation used to meet. There’s never been a sign and there’s a chain that goes across the entry to the parking lot. It’s a certain sect that meets there…or a better word, a cult.

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  10. Thanks, Ted. I forgot about that article.

    I found some information from people who left after us. The church owned property which was sold to developers. The property was next to the church. The church sign was removed by the contractor, and the contractor was supposed to replace the sign. That did not happen, and the property was sold to someone else who did not honor the original agreement.

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  11. Ha!! You are funny, Lee Botha. When the story got out about pastor suing because I left negative Google review, hundreds of people left more negative reviews chewing him out for his behavior. Some of them challenged him to sue THEM! Lol. Google has since removed most of those. If I recall, there were over 900 reviews left after the publicity of the lawsuit.

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  12. Every Sunday they have sandwich board signs on 185th and Walker directing people to the church. Odd that they don’t have any on the actual property, unless they set out signs on Sunday only. Otherwise, people would drive right by.

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  13. If they sold off property, they should have enough to put a new sign up.


    But Brenda, you see, it’s the principle. If someone agreed to replace the sign, it should be replaced by that party, by golly. If Chuck were to have to $$ for a sign, it would be a sign (punny!) of weakness and admitting defeat. That’s just not Chuck. Better to have no sign at all, than ruin his reputation.


  14. Julie Anne,
    Now that is funny!! Chuck truly is delusional. His reputation was already ruined.


  15. The sign on 185th & Walker. One Sunday I’ll drive by and see if they have one out in front of the church.

    It reads:

    -Christ Exalting
    -Exegetical Preaching
    -Gospel Proclaiming


  16. @LeeBotha:

    Perhaps they are listed as a PokéStop and they’ve taken down their signage in a desperate bid to dissuade rogue Pokémon Go players from coming inside?

    When my writing partner found his church was not just a PokeStop but a PokeGym, he put up this church sign:


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  17. New sign in the works:

    —-> The Chuck Miano Centre for unwanted babies <—

    They realised that abusing women outside of abortion clinics wasn’t Jesus’ style.

    Changing diapers and washing the feet of God’s little babies seemed more appropriate in light of the New Testament teachings of Jesus.

    Instead of using the facility for religious meetings they’re going to use it for actual service.

    har har.


  18. You are funny. I’m not sure if it was intentional, but Chuck’s last name is O’Neal. Tony Miano is his BFF. That would be a great sign, though. It would be good if they would offer to help pregnant women who think abortion is their only answer rather than yelling at them and calling them baby killers.

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  19. Maybe they took down the sign, because Chuck is afraid of “devilish” protesters coming to picket his church! You know there may be dangerous pro-abortion people out there who have decided to copy Chuck’s tactics!
    We all know the Lord is on Chuck’s side so he, being the MAN o’ God that he is, needs to show the rest of us ( especially womenfolk) how to live our own wretched sinful lives his way. Unfortunately, us women are too stubborn and stupid to understand that and we think copying his behavior of protesting will redeem us.
    Or as they say, “what goes around, comes around!”

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  20. “It reads:

    -Christ Exalting
    -Exegetical Preaching
    -Gospel Proclaiming”

    Nowadays, whenever I see a reference to “Christ exalting”, I think if you have to say it, it’s probably because you don’t do it; whenever I see a reference to “exegetical preaching”, it raises images of a full blooded narcissist under a spotlight who thinks he alone has the authority to tell it like it is; whenever I see a reference to the word “Gospel”, I assume the last thing that will be proclaimed will be the true Gospel: the words of Jesus. These are most certainly true of Chuck’s little cult.

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  21. truth detector:

    Couldn’t agree more.

    The only ‘church’ sign I’ve ever seen and liked said this:

    “We preach Christ crucified, buried, living and returning”.

    What did Paul say?

    “For I determined to know nothing among you except Jesus Christ and him crucified”.

    Jesus is the main event people.

    The main event.

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